Saturday, 5 November 2016

Alt Right Media Story by Stephanie March Unfairly Conflated Support for the Alt Right with Racism - A letter to the Australian Lateline program

The story that Stephanie March put together on the US Alt Right media came across as a hit piece. As propaganda.

Rather than explain that the majority of Alt Right media focuses on the US Constitution, the rule of Law, libertarianism, and is a reaction to decades of corruption, including by the media, your reporter chose to focus on a small, highly unrepresentative group of white supremacists.

You juxtaposed these racists to the Trump campaign rather than focus on the more mainstream alt right media groups that now dominate the online media.

And your truncated interview with Milo didn't really explain anything. You announced his sensationalist 'click bait' headlines without asking Milo anything about the content of these articles.
I'm pretty sure that your story here is deliberately intended to mislead (which is against your Code of Practice).

Online alternative media is smashing mainstream media because viewers are not often treated to such distortion. Milo in a recent talk stated about the mainstream media that "Everybody hates you and you lie". The clip is only 3 minutes and undermines your story:

Question: Does the ABC have an agenda here when it comes to reporting on the US Election? Your other correspondent Zoe Daniel has done little better. Even my Facebook page has better reporting on US election issues than your network - where I debunk (Fact Check for real) much of what goes to air on the free to air networks. 

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, November 5th, 2016.]

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