Sunday, 9 October 2016

SR 1245–What Should Trump Say Sunday About the Naughty Word Scandal?

Here is my reaction to the new Donald Trump said a naughty word scandal.
Yawn! Sorry, but every guy on the planet has heard it before. I don’t talk that way, but this will come as no surprise to 99% of the males in the U.S.A. Trump has asked me for my advice on what he needs to do – along with probably several thousand other people no doubt.
Here is how he should handle this at the debate on Sunday.
“I’m sorry that my private locker room banter of 11 years ago has offended some, and that’s all I’m saying about it.
Now, let’s move on to real issues.
#1 Russia is threatening to shoot down our fighters if we enter into their no-fly zone in Syria. That could trigger a war.
#2 Our border is wide open and no doubt ISIS terrorists are flowing across that border right now as we speak.
#3. Hillary Clinton has colluded with the FBI and the in-Justice Department to prevent any consequences to herself or her staff for any potential criminal acts that are just now coming to light as a result of her 33,000 deleted emails are slowly being revealed.

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