Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Still Report #1096/1097 - How Clinton Rigs the Polls/Trump Tromps Clinton in Social Media Support

For example, yesterday’s headline on “FiveThirtyEight” was “Trump’s Slump Deepens in Polls.”
Therein, 538 head, Nate Silver, notes that Trump is trailing Clinton by 9 to 14 point margins now in the majority of big national polls, and he is predicting a Clinton win by 4 points on Nov. 8 and projects the odds of a Clinton win at 74% - her highest mark yet. This despite the latest USC Daybreak poll showing a less than 1% margin. How is this possible?
Well, the insider gives us our first peek under the tent of Poll Control Central.
He tells a different story - one of nation-wide collusion with the Clinton machine and poll-buying, first whispered of during Trump’s primary run.

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