Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Russian Media: US Preparing Chaos in Macedonia, Serbia and Greece to Prevent Turkish Stream

Serbian daily Informer, citing Russian media has stated the nations of Macedonia, Serbia and Greece are "screwed" after the latest pact between Putn and Erdogan which decided to get the Turkish stream project back on track.

The only way for the United States to let the three Balkan nations live in peace is if they give up on their business partnership with Russia, regardless of how beneficial it may be for all three.
- US has their own gas project called Trans-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) which is in competition with the Russo-Turkish project. The gas would come from Baku, Azerbaijan. The US wishes to see Russia isolated in every field, particularly in business and wants the three Balkan nations to be under Washington's auspices.
The US nearly created a war in Macedonia which was used as a message to Belgrade that the same destiny awaits them unless they fulfill Washington's requests - reports Informer, citing Russian media.
Moscow and Ankara signed a contract in which they would finance the gas pipeline 50-50. The pipeline will go underneath the Black Sea and would find its way through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, all the way to Austria and the EU. Meanwhile, Turkey and Russia have arranged to do their multi bullion trade in their local currencies, which is yet another dagger to the heart of Washington's empire and the dominance of the dollar. Russia is trading in local currencies with few dozen nations including China, Iran and India.
The US made it very clear that it will do anything in its power to prevent the Turkish stream project as showcased a year ago in Macedonia, and few weeks ago n Turkey.

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