Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Donald Trump FULL Interview with George Stephanopoulos - Stephanopoulos Changes the Subject When He Asks What Sacrifices Trump has Made for the Country - Trump was NOT Denigrating Khizr Khan's Son's Death

In the interview Trump actually wished Khizr Khan the best of luck, although he questioned who wrote his speech. In the ebb and flow of the conversation it appeared that George Stephanopoulos had finished with Khan's personal sacrifice and then asked Trump, implying this was a SEPARATE issue with his change in tone, what sacrifices he had made. Being as honest as he could, Trump talked about his business efforts. Trump was NOT intentionally denigrating the sacrifice of Khizr Khan's son. The media smear campaign against Trump on this issue is a beat up. It's a massive lie (and President Obama is part of this circus).  

Note: Trump also WANTS to debate Hillary. He only has issues with the scheduling, which pits the telecast against the NFL. Various media sources say that Trump does not want to debate Hillary. This is a LIE.

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Hillary Clinton lied (repeatedly) to the mother of a Benghazi attack victim about the security situation in Libya, implying the mother was lying(!):

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