Sunday, 21 August 2016

Donald Trump: 'The Establishment Media Doesn't Cover What Really Matters In This Country'

Republican Donald Trump told a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday that the media spends too much time covering him, and not enough time covering the things that matter: "The establishment media doesn’t cover what really matters in this country, or what’s really going on in people’s lives. They will take words of mine out of context and spend a week obsessing over every single syllable, and then pretend to discover some hidden meaning in what I said. "Just imagine for a second if the media spent this energy holding the politicians accountable who got innocent Americans like Kate Steinle killed – she was gunned down by an illegal immigrant (in San Francisco) who had been deported five times. "Just imagine if the media spent time, and lots of time investigating the poverty and joblessness in our inner cities.

"Just think about how much different things would be if the media in this country sent their cameras to our border, or to our closing factories, or to our failing schools. Or if the media focused on what dark secrets must be hidden in the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton illegally deleted."

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 21st, 2016.]

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