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A Letter to ABC News Radio [The Public Broadcaster in Australia] Explaining that Trump is Right about Obama and Hillary's Support for ISIS

Dear lie-pushing dipshits,

Trump is right about Hillary and Obama supporting ISIS. It is an open secret backed by many sources of information. [This is a reaction to criticism of Trump aired on News Radio on 12/8].

The support has largely been organised via proxy although the US directly supported pre-cursor groups to ISIS in 2012 in Jordan (where, according to Reuters, US, British and French trainers taught them to use Anti-Tank weapons).

I have sent multiple emails providing information, which you seem to have wilfully ignored.

Here is clipped text I sent to you on 17/2 in relation to an interview you did with counter-insurgency expert David Kilcullen:

QUOTE: Furthermore, in terms of the present sectarian fighting, now led by ISIS and Al Nusra, Kilcullen should be aware that this has come about because of direct intervention by various Nation States - something pointed out by General Wesley Clark in multiple interviews on US Television networks.

 Clark, in a recent Fox News interview said that the US, in conjunction with states such as Saudi Arabia, 'uses radical Islamists for foreign policy objectives' and this is part of geopolitical machinations stretching back to operations against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

 A recently declassified Defence Intelligence Agency document, ignored by the mainstream press, confirmed Clark's assessment.

 In 2012 the DIA wrote that "The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" were actively supporting the opposition groups in Syria where the leading elements consisted of 'Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [Al Qaeda in Iraq]'. The document addressed the fact that arms were being shipped from NATO-destroyed Libya, through Turkey, escalating the Syrian conflict all under the watch of the CIA (who claimed they were not directly involved in the arms running). The document said that the powers behind the opposition groups in Syria had envisioned the rise of a Salafist State that would act as a blocking force to expanding Shia (Iranian) influence in the region. END QUOTE.
[Here is a link showing the document:]

In another letter sent late last year to the 7:30 program I explained what has been happening in some detail:

QUOTE: We will never be able to stop attacks from extremists as long as Nation States continue to use these people for geopolitical goals.

 A recently declassified US Defence Intelligence Agency document from August 2012 stated that "the West, Gulf Countries and Turkey" were supporting 'Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda in Iraq' to oppose the Government of Bashar al Assad.

 The document also stated that arms from Libya had been shipped to Syria via Turkey and that the CIA was aware of what was happening (although it did not state if this agency was involved in the operation).

 The content of the DIA document was confirmed by the former head of the DIA, General Michael Flynn, who was interviewed by Al Jazeera.

 Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of online news followers are already aware of this fact. The involvement of nation states in support of extremists, including ISIS, is well known.

 Confirmation of this corrupt circumstance is found easily from a number of separate sources. Unfortunately this narrative is not widely reported in the mainstream press - which is losing credibility because of such omissions. We only get snippets of what is really going on.
 Consider this German TV news report that shows how Turkey allows extremists from all over the world to use its land as a base in order to fight the Syrian government:

 Consider another German TV news clip that shows a wide open Turkish border where trucks and fighters are free to cross into ISIS controlled territory:

 Consider the words of veteran journalist Robert Fisk who stated on the Lateline TV program that ISIS was receiving arms from Turkey with the help of Turkish intelligence, and that Saudi Arabia was actively backing such groups:

 Consider the simple fact that US arms supplies to 'moderate' rebels continually fall into the hands of extremists groups, that admit to working with Al Qaeda and ISIS, and that such a policy has been repeated continually during the conflict.

 Consider that 'pre-ISIS' extremists were given training in anti-tank weapon use by US, UK and French advisers according to both Der Spiegel and The Guardian newspapers in early 2013:

 And finally consider the words of General Wesley Clark appearing on Fox News where he said: "We use radical Islamists for foreign policy objectives"

 Dear journalists, to stop further attacks on civilians in western countries you need to report on 'our' involvement in stoking the war in Syria. Report that the unnecessary war is a heinous proxy conflict that has turned Syria into an extremist-producing factory.

 If it was not for outside intervention, with the co-operation of countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, the USA, the UK, and France, there would be no war.

 Report the truth about the proxy war and western military/intelligence links to extremists - who are used as pawns on the geopolitical stage. Address these facts in order to end the conflict in the Middle East. Such reporting will help stop acts of terrorism at home.

 The lives of many innocent people are in your hands. The outcome here depends on what sort of story you wish to tell the public.

 Thanks for your time.

 ps. The talking head intelligence chiefs and 'terrorism experts' you interview on TV that omit the narrative outlined above are either ignorant of the real situation or lying (especially the intelligence-connected people). END QUOTE

Guess who was President and Secretary of State during this time? Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is actually correct when he makes comments saying that these two are responsible for supporting ISIS. This is not even controversial. It is a fact. You people at News Radio are running around as if such statements are outrageous untruths.

You mainstream 'journalists' are a disgrace and facilitate war (murder). You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Looking back to the start of the 21st century, the proxy war obfuscating lies being pushed by those in the Western media will be seen as one of the most heinous episodes in modern human history - ranking up there with the deliberate lies that were pushed to start the 2003 Iraq War.   

Also, the polls ARE being rigged in favour of Hillary. And Khizr Khan has legal and financial connections to the Clintons. He is part of a visa purchase business where rich Muslim migrants can pay their way to USA residency. Trump's policies threaten his business interests. Where the hell are ABC researchers on these matters? You are little better than the US corporate media propagandists.

Correct your 'mistakes.'

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 14th, 2016.]

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