Monday, 11 April 2016

AZLew: Who Is Donald Trump?

Nobody – yet – is talking about a fallback plan for Trump after the con artists get through with denying him the Republican nomination.

A conversation between that Donald Trump and ex governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson who IMHO most likely to be nominated by the Libertarian Party could well create the surprise winning combination that no one expects. That conversation could quickly reach not just Libertarians, but all those who have opted out by choosing to register as Independents or No Party Declared, as well as the other fringe parties that don’t even exist nationally. BUT THEIR MEMBERs DO!!

Not to mention the already frustrated grass roots Republicans who have already vocalized through the various state primaries their preference for Trump.

That’s a lot of numbers that add up to Trump being in the White House, along with Gary Johnson.

If Trump runs third party the two major parties will use vote fraud to make sure he does not gain a majority of votes. They'll rig polling and do anything to keep him out of the race.

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