Friday, 19 February 2016

The Truth About Bernie, or Wake Up Before You #FeelTheBern (OFFICIAL RECORD)

Let Bernie’s record speak for itself.

1) Sanders unequivocally supports Israel and has supported Israel’s aggression against Palestine- Sanders supports full US military support of Israel;
2) Sanders supports an increase in Saudi Arabia’s attacks on Yemen;
3) Sanders supports the US Military Industrial Complex;
4) Sanders supported US attacks on Kosovo; Sanders argued passionately in favor of Bill Clinton’s “humanitarian” intervention which resulted in 78 straight days of bombing Yugoslavia and cost the lives of countless innocent civilians;
5) Sanders supports US attacks on ISIS and the entire narrative;
6) Sanders backed the buildup in the Persian Gulf during GHWB Gulf War;
7) Sanders supported sanctions in Iraq even as the Iraqi body count passed 1.5 million;
8) Sanders supported Bill Clinton when he sent military units to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in October, 1994- Bernie supported this because “we cannot tolerate aggression.”
9) He supported US intervention in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Liberia, Zaire (Congo), Albania, Sudan, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia;
10) Sanders has voted for appropriations bills to fund the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan;
11) Sanders supported pro-war measures–such as a March 21, 2003, resolution stating, “Congress expresses the unequivocal support and appreciation of the nation to the President as Commander-in-Chief for his firm leadership and decisive action in the conduct of military operations in Iraq as part of the ongoing Global War on Terrorism”;
12) Sanders opposed immediate withdrawal from Iraq;
13) Sanders opposed any action on a wave of Bush impeachment resolutions that swept Vermont towns in 2006;
14) Sanders’ supports the troubled F-35 fighter jet, the classic case of a military program that exists only to enrich the military-industrial complex. Although the plane has been plagued with technical difficulties, and has toted up hundreds of billions of dollars in cost overruns, Sanders has stubbornly defended and voted for it because Lockheed-Martin manufactures it in Vermont;
15) Sanders approved a $1 billion aid package to the coup government in Ukraine, aiding and abetting Nazis in Kiev;
16) Sanders supported the objectively racist and mass-incarcerationist Federal Crime bill;
17) Votes with Democrats 96% of the time and caucuses with them actively working against third party candidates who challenge Democrats;
18) Has expressed admiration for Hillary Clinton and has stated he will support her if she gets the nomination;
19) Sanders supports sanctions against Russia. This is an act of war and Sanders does not explain why he is just parroting talking points from former George W Bush advisers and Zbigniew Brezinski;
20) Sanders will continue the racist war on drugs and has only proposed reforms on mandatory minimums already brought up by…..Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush.
21) Sanders has signed declarations for regime change in Iraq and Iran while in Congress;
22) On Iran Sanders, “repeats the discredited mantra that the United States must make war in order to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear nation when even the CIA said that it never had that capability.”;
23) “Sanders has voted for a measure that has advanced urban school privatization, deepened educational race disparities, and deepened the hold of deadening standardized testing pedagogy over minority student: the No Child Left Behind Act. He is a supporter of the state and federal Common Core States Initiative, another key part of the neoliberal-racist schools agenda.” -Paul Street
24) Cast a “Yea” vote for Clinton’s Commodity Futures Modernization Act.
25) While Sanders opposed the Iraq war he proceeded to routinely vote to fund that war: same with Afghanistan.
26) In 2003, at the height of the Iraq war hysteria, then Congressman Sanders voted for a congressional resolution hailing Bush:
“Congress expresses the unequivocal support and appreciation of the nation to the President as Commander-in-Chief for his firm leadership and decisive action in the conduct of military operations in Iraq as part of the ongoing Global War on Terrorism.”;
27) As the drumbeat for war with Iran got louder, Rep. Sanders voted for the Iran Freedom Support Act, which codified sanctions imposed since the fall of the Shah and handed out millions to “pro-freedom” groups seeking the overthrow of the Tehran regime;
28) Sanders labelled Hugo Chavez a “dead Communist dictator;
29) While Sanders voted against the Patriot Act, in 2006 he voted in favor of making fourteen provisions of the Act permanent, including those that codified the FBI’s authority to seize business records and carry out roving wiretaps;
30) Sanders voted no on the legislation establishing the Department of Homeland Security, but by the time he was in the Senate he was regularly voting for that agency’s ever-expanding budget;
31) Sanders voted for an extension of the neo-liberal African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)

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