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Obama Knows That Turkey Is Buying Oil From ISIS And He Isn’t Doing Anything To Stop It

At this point, is there anyone that still doesn’t know that ISIS is selling hundreds of millions of dollars of stolen oil in Turkey?

As you will see below, this is very much an open secret, but the mainstream media in the United States is being strangely silent about this. Why? Well, because if the truth came out Turkey would have to be kicked out of NATO and Barack Obama would probably be facing impeachment proceedings. He claims to be fighting ISIS, and yet an endless parade of trucks carrying oil that ISIS has stolen goes back and forth over the Turkish border with his full knowledge and approval. Barack Obama is very much aware that Turkey is buying oil from ISIS and he refuses to do anything about it. If the Republicans are looking for a scandal which could completely wreck Obama’s presidency and essentially secure the 2016 election for them, this is it.

Do you want to know why the Turkish government ordered the shooting down of a Russian Su-24 bomber on Tuesday?

It is because the Russians have been bombing the trucks that transport oil from ISIS into Turkey.

The Turks claim that the Russian aircraft violated their airspace for approximately 17 seconds. But as Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out, in order for the SU-24 to fly only 1.15 miles in 17 seconds would mean that it was flying at stall speed the entire time, which is ridiculous. Clearly there is something very fishy with the official story, and the Russians say that they never violated Turkey’s airspace at any time.

But no matter who was right and who was wrong, normally countries go out of their way to avoid an international incident. Instead, it appeared that the Turks were quite eager to shoot down the SU-24, and since that time Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has refused to apologize.
If the Russians can see this very clearly, do you think that the U.S. military and U.S. intelligence agencies can see this too?

Of course we can. We have even better surveillance capabilities than the Russians do.
Without a doubt, Obama knows exactly what is going on.

The SU-24 was shot down over an area that is used to transport ISIS oil into Turkey. This is a point that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been careful to highlight.

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The Covert Origins of ISIS

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Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President

As Sputnik transcribes, according to a press release from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lavrov pointed out that, "by shooting down a Russian plane on a counter-terrorist mission of the Russian Aerospace Force in Syria, and one that did not violate Turkey’s airspace, the Turkish government has in effect sided with ISIS."

It was in this context when Lavrov added that "Turkey’s actions appear premeditated, planned, and undertaken with a specific objective."

More importantly, Lavrov pointed to Turkey’s role in the propping up the terror network through the oil trade. Per the Russian statement:
"The Russian Minister reminded his counterpart about Turkey’s involvement in the ISIS’ illegal trade in oil, which is transported via the area where the Russian plane was shot down, and about the terrorist infrastructure, arms and munitions depots and control centers that are also located there."
Others reaffirmed Lavrov's stance, such as retired French General Dominique Trinquand, who said that "Turkey is either not fighting ISIL at all or very little, and does not interfere with different types of smuggling that takes place on its border, be it oil, phosphate, cotton or people," he said.

The reason we find this line of questioning fascinating is that just last week in the aftermath of the French terror attack but long before the Turkish downing of the Russian jet, we wrote about "The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking" in which we asked who is the one "breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various "western alliance" governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding ISIS for as long as it has?"

Precisely one week later, in even more tragic circumstances, suddenly everyone is asking this question.

And while we patiently dig to find who the on and offshore "commodity trading" middleman are, who cart away ISIS oil to European and other international markets in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars, one name keeps popping up as the primary culprit of regional demand for the Islamic State's "terrorist oil" - that of Turkish president Recep Erdogan's son: Bilal Erdogan.

It's not just Bilal Erdogan that helps to fund ISIS but other nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are acting in their own interests and as proxies for the USA and Israel. 

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Turkish Government Caught Helping ISIS [TYT struggling to catch up with the proxy war reality]

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International Military Review - Syria, Nov. 26-27

On November 25 Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed Turkish convoy arrived in border Syrian town Azaz from Turkey. Azaz is under control of pro-Turkish terrorist groups. According to reports, Russian warplanes destroyed 20 trucks and 7 militants, 10 militants wee injured

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U.S. Claims Turkey Shooting Down Russian Plane was "Defense"

Hear what U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner tells journalist Gayane Chichakyan about Turkey shooting down the Russian plane. And see what he isn't saying.

Representative Press needs support - see the video.

Note, the White House spokesperson said that Russia should be acting as part of the US coalition. However, Russia is invited to act in Syria on behalf of the legitimate Government whereas the coalition's actions are an illegal violation of Syrian Sovereignty.

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Keiser Report (E841): Government Giving Burgerly Bad Name

In this special episode of the Keiser Report from New York City Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert carry two bucks with them in case they get shaken down by the police. They also discuss New York regulators fining recidivist bankster, Barclays, for ripping off clients with the Last Look algorithm which automatically cancelled trades unfavourable to the bank’s own positions. In the second half Max interviews Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Group about bitcoin, blockchain and the near future prospects for both.

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

‘Everything the West Has Done Was to Create ISIS’ – John Pilger

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with John Pilger. Award winning journalist and author, John Pilger talks to us about how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS-Daesh. Plus we examine the media's role in spreading disinformation ahead of a vote in Parliament for UK bombing of Syria. Afshin looks at the Autumn Statement and why in a time of high alert we are cutting the police force and buying drones. Also we look at which companies are benefitting from the budget. Plus Afshin is joined once again by former MP and broadcaster, Lembit Opik, to look at the weeks news from a cyber sinking feeling over Trident to budget boosts for the BBC.

Pilger points out that the West is supporting the the extremists in Syria - the US, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar - in order to remove the Assad Government. He also points out that the press, as a whole, operates as a war facilitating propaganda machine - both the left and right leaning media.

To to stop the wars the truth about what is happening must become common knowledge.

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Who Is Protecting ISIS And Why?

It's no longer a "conspiracy theory" to say that there are elements of western governments who are protecting ISIS and other extremists in Syria. Why is Turkey doing so much business in black market oil? Why up until last week did the US do nothing to thwart the ISIS oil business. Why are they protecting ISIS?

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Turkey Intel Chief: Putin's Intervention in Syria Is Against Islam, ISIS Is a Reality That We Accept

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Trump and Carson have Backwards 911 Claims

Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks explained.

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The Syrian War What You're Not Being Told (Sep 2013 RECAP)

What's really going on in Syria? Let's look at the evidence (showing that the rebels are extremist and that they were the ones using chemical weapons, and that one objective is to lure Iran into a war).

This video was put up before the release of the DIA document that openly admitted "The West, Gulf Countries and Turkey" were arming the extremists.

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With Ice Growing at Both Poles, Global Warming Theories Implode

In the Southern Hemisphere, sea-ice levels just smashed through the previous record highs across Antarctica, where there is now more ice than at any point since records began. In the Arctic, where global-warming theorists preferred to keep the public focused due to some decreases in ice levels over recent years, scientists said sea-ice melt in 2014 fell below the long-term mean. Global temperatures, meanwhile, have remained steady for some 18 years and counting, contrary to United Nations models predicting more warming as carbon dioxide levels increased.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics

Don't you hate when Fox News and the other MSM spin-meisters use simple tricks to skew and misrepresent data and statistics? How about when the World Meteorological Organization does it? Or NASA? Or the Journal of Climate? Or GISS? Join James for today's thought for the day as he shows you some of the grade school level parlour tricks the global warming alarmists use to misrepresent their data and bamboozle the public.

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Friday, 27 November 2015

Russian Jet Shoot Down: What They're Not Telling You

Turkey shot down the Russian jet because it is butt-hurt that Russia has been obliterating ISIS for the past two months.

The video at the end supposedly shows extremists shooting at one of the pilots, but the terrain is flat and the parachute is of a different colour. Otherwise, the points raised in the clip are good ones - where Turkey is trying to protect ISIS rather than stop them.

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Russian SU-24 downed in "Turkmen" area, less than a year ago Christian Armenians lived there
Once a haven from Syria’s civil war, nestled in the hills of Latakia province, Kessab gained international fame when it was captured by rebels last spring in a surprise offensive that forced the town’s 2,500 Armenian Christians to flee.
Turkey was widely accused of helping the insurgents to capture Kessab, despite the participation in the attack of Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaeda.
The desecration of Kessab’s churches contradicts the claims of Syrian rebels that their fighters are non-sectarian protectors of Christian residents and heritage

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Have You Heard The HORRIBLE TRUTH About ISIS?

Peace activist Ken O'Keefe and Journalist Gearóid ó Colmáinl explain why the "war on terror" and ISIS attacks like the one in Paris are the creation of Western governments and the global elite. Please spread this truth like wildfire.

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International Military Review - Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 24-25

The Syrian forces backed up by the Russian warplanes, pushed back the militant groups from nearly 200 kilometers of land in the coastal province of Lattakia, military sources said Monday. On Sunday, the Syrian army and popular forces purged the terrorists and advanced to areas near the Turkish borders. The ground reports argue that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) took control of Zahia heights, 2km from the joint borders with Turkey.

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Global Warming? Record Cold for Many - Michael Rivero

What is government doing about radioactive Fukushima fish? the Paris attacks and terrror drills with faux terrorists, Ukraine and Russia, ISIS, the US neocon agenda in the Middle East
Guest's website:

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YouTube "Sensitive" Topics Like Politics Can't Be Monetized (Censorship)

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation — Paul Craig Roberts

Turkey’s unprovoked shoot-down of a Russian military aircraft over Syria raises interesting questions. It seems unlikely that the Turkish government would commit an act of war against a much more powerful neighbor unless Washington had cleared the attack. Turkey’s government is not very competent, but even the incompetent know better than to put themselves into a position of facing Russia alone.

If the attack was cleared with Washington, was Obama bypassed by the neocons who control his government, or is Obama himself complicit? Clearly the neoconservatives are disturbed by the French president’s call for unity with Russia against ISIL and easily could have used their connections to Turkey to stage an event that Washington can use to prevent cooperation with Russia.

Washington’s complicity is certainly indicated, but it is not completely out of the question that the well-placed Turks who are purchasing oil from ISIL took revenge against Russia for destroying their oil tanker investments and profitable business. But if the attack has a private or semi-private origin in connections between gangsters and military, would Turkey’s president have defended the shoot-down on such spurious grounds as “national defense”? No one can believe that one Russian jet is a threat to Turkey’s security.
Throughout the entire Washington orchestrated conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine, the Russian government has spoken reasonably and responded in a diplomatic manner to the many provocations. The Russian government relied on European governments realizing that Europe does not benefit from conflicts generated by Washington and separating themselves from a policy that is against their interests. But Europe proved to be a collection of American vassals, not independent countries capable of independent foreign policies.

In its campaign against ISIL in Syria, the Russian government relied on the agreement made with NATO countries to avoid engaging in the air. Now Turkey has violated this agreement.

I will be surprised if the Russian government any longer places any trust in the words of the West and any hope in diplomacy with the West. By now the Russian government and the Russian people will have learned that the Wolfowitz doctrine means what it says and is in force against Russia.

It makes sense that this attack from Turkey was planned, at some (neocon-militarist) level, in order to cause divisions between Russia and NATO member countries (where NATO leaders have defacto supported Turkey - pushing the meme that Russia is not striking ISIS but 'moderate rebels' and violating international borders).

It seems like this is a repeat of the terrorist tactics used in Syria, where they commit a heinous crime and then blame the victim.

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Not only Ankara Backs Daesh but Offers also Logistical Support - Pepe Escobar

A Russian warplane has gone down near the Turkish-Syrian border after an apparent attack. Turkish and Russian sources have given conflicting reports about the incident, which has the potential to escalate the tension between Russia and NATO member Turkey.

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Second pilot of downed Russian Su-24 rescued from behind enemy lines, RT confirms

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Texas is Continuing Making His Videos From Donbas:

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Foreign Policy Diary - Ukraine Launches Energy War Against Crimea

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Keiser Report (E840): Struggle with Old Enemies of Peace

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Japan falling into recession as US businesses are stockpiling at recession era levels. In the second half, Max continues his interview with chartered accountant, tax justice campaigner, professor and definitely NOT Jeremy Corbyn’s paid adviser, Richard Murphy about QE, tax reform and property bubbles.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Putin: Downing of Russian Jet Over Syria Stab in the Back by Terrorist Accomplices (Turkey)

The Russian President is making a statement on the Russian Su-24 warplane recently downed over Syria after meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah in Moscow.

All the BRICS countries should actively join the fight in Syria in support of Russia. A criminal investigation into the shoot down should also be enacted. Turkey should be labelled as a Nation State supporter of extremist terrorists, with the appropriate sanctions put in place.

And it does not matter if the Russian aircraft violated Turkish air space. There is no reason for Turkey to conduct this attack because Russia is fighting against the extremists - UNLESS Turkey is a direct supporter of these extremist groups (which it is).


This is the radar track of the Russian plane.

The Russian plane appears to fly over a tiny sliver of Turkey. However the map is misleading, as Turkey unilaterally extended its border 5 miles into Syria for a "security buffer", which this map shows as the border. But the real internationally recognized border is 5 miles to the north. This is why Turkey insists Russia violated its airspace while Russia insists their plane was in Syria. Regardless of which side of the map line the Russian plane was on, it was clearly on a path that was not a threat to Turkey at all. And Turkey is supposedly on the side against the terrorists! This makes Turkey's shooting down of the aircraft an over-reaction and a dangerous escalation intended to send a message that Russia should stay well clear of Northern Syria where the US backed ISIS has retreated. Sourced from: WRH

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The Russian Plane (shot down by Turkey) Made Two Ten Second Transits of Turkish Territory

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The Dirty War on Syria: The Basics

Pretty accurate summation of the Proxy War in Syria posted at Global Research. It could have mentioned that Washington's early involvement in the conflict heavily involved Turkey.

A pity our media facilitates mass murder and terrorism by ignoring these facts (see link below for further details.)

If you don't care about this 'stuff' - believing that our trustworthy Governments have it all under control - then don't worry. Other people will eventually do something about it - starting with information sharing.

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Correcting the Syrian War Narrative

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International Military Review - Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 23

A recently released video shows an Al-Nusra field commander thanking the so-called moderate terrorist from the Free Syrian Army for giving his forces US-made anti-tank TOW missiles. According to the reports, Saudi Arabia sent 500 TOW missiles to Al-Nusra directly last month, but the US claims that it is just supplying aid and weapons to the FSA or the so-called moderate terrorists in Syria.

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Attack in Paris Will Be Used by US to Block Russia from Protecting Syria – Paul Craig Roberts

Pentagon officials have said they will share military intelligence and information with France in the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris, but critics are curious about America’s lack of action before the terrorist strike. Manila Chan speaks with Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan, about this change in strategy and the US’ refusal to cooperate with Russia in the fight against the Islamic State.

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Exposed! Soros-Backed Group Launches Bid to Keep Syrian Refugees Flowing Into US and Europe

The network outlined here, that enouraged the mass migration via proxies promising better lives in the US and Europe, is a zionist-neocon one.

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A Message to the Environmental Movement [REUPLOAD]

Sadly, we now know how the Climategate scandal referred to in this video was addressed: by sweeping the true nature of its revelations under the rug with fraudulent investigation after fraudulent investigation after fraudulent investigation. As a global carbon treaty comes closer to reality, however, it is more important than ever to remind the well-meaning but severely misinformed environmental activists about how their cause has been hijacked so that the COP21 agenda can be derailed.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Journalist Who Returned From Islamic State HQ Tells RT How Jihadists Can Be Defeated

Todenhofer told RT's Neil Harvey that on ISIS’s territory, he met people from Russia’s Caucasus, but also from Germany, France, Britain and of course he asked all of them why they had come.

He said he had the impression that all the Muslims who joined ISIS used to be completely unimportant in their countries, were not accepted there and were considered second-class citizens.

“They are told that in Islamic State they will fight a historic fight, a final fight between good and evil,” he said.

“Those young people who were completely unimportant in their countries will be very important [here]. And for the first time in their life, somebody is telling them that they are important,” the journalist said.
Also, those who believed they were going to fight American and British troops have realized that in reality they are killing innocent Muslims.

“They are realizing that the story they were told is completely wrong. They don’t live in luxury like they were told in Germany, [instead] they live a very simple life, they don’t have food every day, not even water, it is cold in cheap apartments where they live, so life is completely different – and they have to kill Muslims. This is not what they were promised,” Todenhofer said.
Naturally, the militants did not tell him everything, yet Todenhofer had the impression that Islamic State is still getting money and weapons from Gulf monarchies such as Saudi Arabia.

The weapons are also bought on the black market, where European-made guns are available as well, sometimes those supplied to the Kurdish Peshmerga or the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

“They told me,’Even if we don’t conquer these weapons, we can buy them, because everything has a price. Most of our ammunition we get from the Free Syrian Army.’”

This is the ammunition that Americans supplied to the FSA, which is now not important, or those groups which said they belong to the FSA, Todenhofer said.

ISIS is using guerilla warfare tactics, so bombing them is a hard task, because they disperse when the danger is close.

“I cannot judge the Russian army but I can judge the Western armies. The American Marines and special forces have no chance in a fight against guerilla fighters, because these fighters are ready to die, and Americans Marines do not want to die,” Todenhofer said.

To create real problems for ISIS, the West should do several things: stop the delivery of weapons, ammunition and money from the Gulf monarchies and close the Turkish border used to transit new fighters to ISIS, Todenhofer said, recalling how easy it was to cross the Syrian-Turkish border.

The third important thing is promoting reconciliation between Shia and Sunnis in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, because ISIS finds support among those dissatisfied with the governments and existing state of things.

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Three Stories That Show the War of Terror Is A Fraud

As the terror hysteria kicks into high gear, the phoney war of terror narrative becomes ever more absurd. On today's Thought For The Day video, James breaks down three of the latest stories exposing the fraudulent terrornoia for what it is.

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Poison DUst: Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium Home and Abroad [Full Film]

Poison DUst: Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium Home and Abroad tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't. Of a veteran's young daughter whose birth defect is strikingly similar to birth defects suffered by many Iraqi children. Of thousands of young vets who are suffering from the symptoms of uranium poisoning, and the thousands more who are likely to find themselves with these ailments in the years to come. Of a government unwilling to admit there might be a problem here. Filmmaker Sue Harris skillfully weaves the stories of these young veterans with scientific explanations of the nature of "DU" and its dangers, including interviews with former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, New York Daily News reporter Juan Gonzalez, noted physicist Michio Kaku, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Dr. Helen Caldicott and Major Doug Rokke- the former U.S. Army DU Project head. Every American who cares about our troops should watch this film. Everyone who cares about the innocent civilians who live in the countries where these weapons are used should watch this film. And everyone who cares about the hatred of Americans that may result from the effects of our government's actions in using these weapons, should watch this film. Is there a cover-up?

The USA still uses D.U. weapons which should (and can be) classed as a War Crime. Awareness of this issue is essential if justice is to be served against those that authorised the use of these weapons.

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Bernie Sanders Campaign Confronted On Supporting Syrian Rebels

In this video Luke Rudkowski confronts Ed Schultz, campaigner for Bernie Sanders at a recent democratic debate. Luke brought up controversial stances by Bernie Sanders that highlight some of his more hawkish foreign policy decisions especially with supporting the disastrous U.S Syrian rebel program.

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Keiser Report: Balance of Payments Crisis (E839)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the balance of payments crisis on the horizon as share buybacks trump capital expenditure and the income stream from privatized industries heads overseas. In the second half, Max interviews chartered accountant, tax justice campaigner, professor and definitely not Jeremy Corbyn’s paid adviser, Richard Murphy, about a town in Wales going ‘offshore’ as part of a tax campaign to force the government to make multinationals pay their share of taxes.

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“Massively Altered” …German Professor Examines NASA GISS Temperature Datasets

Ederer reports not long ago retired geologist and data computation expert Professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert began looking at the data behind the global warming claims, and especially the datasets of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS).

Ewert painstakingly examined and tabulated the reams of archived data from 1153 stations that go back to 1881 – which NASA has publicly available – data that the UN IPCC uses to base its conclusion that man is heating the Earth’s atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. According to Ederer, what Professor Ewert found is “unbelievable”:
From the publicly available data, Ewert made an unbelievable discovery: Between the years 2010 and 2012 the data measured since 1881 were altered so that they showed a significant warming, especially after 1950. […] A comparison of the data from 2010 with the data of 2012 shows that NASA-GISS had altered its own datasets so that especially after WWII a clear warming appears – although it never existed.”
Ederer writes that Ewert particularly found alterations at stations in the Arctic. Professor Ewert randomly selected 120 stations from all over the world and compared the 2010 archived data to the 2012 data and found that they had been tampered to produce warming.

The old data showed regular cycles of warming and cooling over the period, even as atmospheric CO2 concentration rose from 0.03% to 0.04%. According to the original NASA datasets, Ederer writes, the mean global temperature cooled from 13.8°C in 1881 to 12.9°C in 1895. Then it rose to 14.3°C by 1905 and fell back under 12.9°C by 1920, rose to 13.9°C by 1930, fell to 13° by 1975 before rising to 14°C by 2000. By 2010 the temperature fell back to 13.2°C.

But then came the “massive” altering of data, which also altered the entire overall trend for the period. According to journalist Ederer, Ewert uncovered 10 different methods NASA used to alter the data.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Bashar Al-Assad Interview: “Al Qaeda was Created by the Americans With the Help of Saudi Wahhabi Money”. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Support ISIS

President Assad: If you want to talk about the strength of Daesh, the first thing you have to ask is how much incubator, real incubator, natural incubator, you have in a certain society. Till this moment, I can tell you Daesh doesn’t have the natural incubator, social incubator, within Syria. This is something very good and very assuring, but at the same time, if it’s becoming chronic, this kind of ideology can change the society.
Question 3: Yes, but some of the terrorists were trained here, in Syria, just a few kilometers from here. What does it mean?
President Assad: That’s by the support of the Turks and the Saudi and Qatari and of course the Western policy that supported the terrorists in different ways since the beginning of the crisis, of course, but that’s not the issue. First of all, if you don’t have the incubator, you shouldn’t worry, but second, they can be strong as long as they have strong support from different states, whether Middle Eastern states or Western states.
Question 4: Mr. President, there are speculations in the West, that say that you were one of who supported Daesh in the beginning of the crisis, because of dividing the opposition, because of dividing the rebels. How do you react?
President al-Assad:Al Qaeda was created by the Americans
President Assad: Actually, according to what some American officials said, including Hillary Clinton, Al Qaeda was created by the Americans with the help of Saudi Wahabi money and ideology, and of course, many other officials said the same in the United States. And ISIS and al-Nusra, they are offshoots of Al Qaeda. Regarding ISIS, it started in Iraq, it was established in Iraq in 2006, and the leader was al-Zarqawi who was killed by the American forces then, so it was established under the American supervision in Iraq, and the leader of ISIS today, who is called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he was in the American prisons, and he was put in New York in their prisons, and he was released by them. So, it wasn’t in Syria, it didn’t start in Syria, it started in Iraq, and it started before that in Afghanistan according to what they said, and Tony Blair recently said that yes, the Iraqi war helped create ISIS. So, their confession is the most important evidence regarding your question.
Question 5: Mr. President, watching the map of Syria, it seems that Syrian-Iraqi borders doesn’t exist anymore. Which part of Syria do you really control at the moment?

President Assad: If you’re talking geographically, it’s changing every day, but the most important thing is how much of the population are under the government’s control. Actually, most of the area that’s being controlled by the terrorists has been evacuated either by the terrorists, or because the people fled to the government control. There’s the question of how much of the Syrian population still supports the government? Militarily, you can win ground, you can lose some area, but anyway the army cannot exist everywhere in Syria. But looking to the map that you described, and what I see from time to time in the Western media, when they show you that the government controls 50% or less of their ground, actually 50 or 60% of Syria is empty ground, where you don’t have anyone, so they put it under the control of the terrorists, while it’s empty, fully empty.
Question 6: Yes, I spoke about the borders between Syria and Iraq.
President Assad: Exactly. After Damascus toward Iraq, it’s empty space, it’s empty area, so you cannot talk about its control. But regarding the borders, it’s only related to the terrorists; it’s related to the governments that supported the terrorists like the Turkish government first of all, and the Jordanian government. Both governments support terrorists, that’s why you have loose borders, because when you want to have controlled borders, it needs to be controlled from both sides, not from one sides.

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The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS

The full DIA document, that shows the West was supporting extremist forces in Syria, released to Judicial Watch earlier this year via FOIA request, can be found here:

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Sibel Edmonds: ISIS Is US (RECAP)

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US Pilots Confirm: Obama Regime Blocks 75% of ISIS Strikes

U.S. military pilots who have returned from the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq are confirming that they were blocked from dropping 75 percent of their ordnance on terror targets because they could not get clearance to launch a strike, according to a leading member of Congress.

Strikes against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) targets are often blocked due to an Obama administration policy to prevent civilian deaths and collateral damage, according to Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.), chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The policy is being blamed for allowing Islamic State militants to gain strength across Iraq and continue waging terrorist strikes throughout the region and beyond, according to Royce and former military leaders who spoke Wednesday about flaws in the U.S. campaign to combat the Islamic State.

“You went 12 full months while ISIS was on the march without the U.S. using that air power and now as the pilots come back to talk to us they say three-quarters of our ordnance we can’t drop, we can’t get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us,” Royce said. “I don’t understand this strategy at all because this is what has allowed ISIS the advantage and ability to recruit.”

When asked to address Royce’s statement, a Pentagon official defended the Obama administration’s policy and said that the military is furiously working to prevent civilian casualties.

“The bottom line is that we will not stoop to the level of our enemy and put civilians more in harm’s way than absolutely necessary,” the official told the Washington Free Beacon, explaining that the military often conducts flights “and don’t strike anything.”

Meanwhile the US engaged in drone strikes against 40 terrorist targets which lead to the deaths of over a thousand civilians. The excuse that the Obama Administration was avoiding civilian casualties at all costs is a lie. The US has actually been aiding ISIS sending arms to 'moderates' that work with the extremists and through proxy countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Related Info:


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Jim Garrison Response to Media Smear Campaign - Kennedy Assassination MUST SEE CLIP

On July 15, 1967, NBC allowed New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to respond to an NBC program that was highly critical of Garrison's pursuit of alleged Kennedy assassination conspirators in New Orleans.

Jim Garrison points to the fact that the public has been sold 'fairy tales' by 'honourable men' in Government and the media.  His concluding comments provide a warning to the population where he says he discovered things about human nature, government and the media he cared not to have known.

Quote: "Anyone who has done their homework knows that the single assassin theory is totally impossible."

The killing of JFK was a turning point in history. We have lived with the consequences of his death and the consequences of criminals operating in positions of power for many decades. We must seek truth and justice when crimes like this occur or else be condemned to a future of war and inequity where the majority will always be subject to the whims of those that pull the strings of power.

Related Info:

Our Government is the CIA and the Pentagon - Jim Garrison

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Peter Schiff “If The Economy Is Fine, Why Are So Many Large Retailers Imploding?” & Fed Rate Hike Discussion

Fed rate hike discussion.

Peter Schiff “If The Economy Is Fine, Why Are So Many Large Retailers Imploding?”

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria

A newly released Pentagon document proves that the U.S., Saudis, Qatar and other Gulf states wanted a radical, Islamist, fundamentalist group to emerge in Syria. So why would we trust them to now get rid of ISIS?

Ben Swann covers the declassified DIA documents that prove the US and other countries supported extremists in the Proxy War in Syria.

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“Moderate Terrorists”. Deconstructing the NATO Narrative on Syria. (RECAP)

Over the past five years, the increasingly ridiculous propaganda against President al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has ranged from the scripted (OTPOR fomented -“revolution“) “peaceful protesters under fire” rhetoric, to other deceitful lexicon like “civil war,” and “moderate rebels.”

As the intervention campaigns continue with new terrorist and “humanitarian” actors (literally) constantly emerging in the NATO-alliance’s theatre of death squads, it is worth reviewing some of the important points regarding the war on Syria.

Million Person Marches

On March 29, 2011 (less than two weeks into the fantasy “revolution”) over 6 million people across Syria took to the streets in support of President al-Assad. In June, a reported hundreds of thousands marched in Damascus in support of the president, with a 2.3 km long Syrian flag. In November, 2011 (9 months into the chaos), masses again held demonstrations supporting President al-Assad, notably in Homs (the so-called “capital of the ‘revolution’”), Dara’a (the so-called “birthplace of the ‘revolution’”), Deir ez-Zour, Raqqa, Latakia, and Damascus.

Mass demonstrations like this have occurred repeatedly since, including in March 2012, in May 2014 in the lead-up to Presidential elections, and in June 2015, to note just some of the larger rallies.

In May 2013, it was reported that even NATO recognized the Syrian president’s increased popularity. “The data, relayed to NATO over the last month, asserted that 70 percent of Syrians support” the Assad government. At present, the number is now at least 80 percent.

The most telling barometer of Assad’s support base was the Presidential elections in June 2014, which saw 74 percent (11.6 million) of 15.8 million registered Syrian voters vote, with President al-Assad winning 88 percent of the votes. The lengths Syrians outside of Syria went to in order to vote included flooding the Syrian embassy in Beirut for two full days (and walking several kilometres to get there) and flying from countries with closed Syrian embassies to Damascus airport simply to cast their votes. Within Syria,Syrians braved terrorist mortars and rockets designed to keep them from voting; 151 shells were fired on Damascus alone, killing 5 and maiming 33 Syrians.

For a more detailed look at his broad base of popular support, see Professor Tim Anderson’s “Why Syrians Support Bashar al Assad.”

The Reforms

Prior to the events of March 2011 Syrians did have legitimate desires for specific reforms, many of which were implemented from the beginning of the unrest. In fact, President al-Assad made reforms prior to and following March 17, 2011.

Stephen Gowans noted some of those early reforms, including:
  • Canceling the Emergency Law;
  • Amending the the constitution and putting it to a referendum [8.4 million Syrians voted; 7.5 million voted in favour of the constitution];
  • Scheduling, then holding, multi-party parliamentary and presidential elections
The constitution, according to Gowans, “mandated that the government maintain a role in guiding the economy on behalf of Syrian interests, and that the Syrian government would not make Syrians work for the interests of Western banks, oil companies, and other corporations.”

It also included:
  • “security against sickness, disability and old age; access to health care; free education at all levels”
  • a provision “requiring that at minimum half the members of the People’s Assembly are to be drawn from the ranks of peasants and workers.”
Political commentator Jay Tharappel further articulated:
The new constitution introduced a multi-party political system in the sense that the eligibility of political parties to participate isn’t based on the discretionary permission of the Baath party or on reservations, rather on a constitutional criteria….the new constitution forbids political parties that are based on religion, sect or ethnicity, or which are inherently discriminatory towards one’s gender or race. (2012: Art.8)
No surprise that NATO’s exile-Syrian pawns refused the reforms and a constitution which ensures a sovereign Syria secure from the claws of multi-national corporations and Western banks.

In his article, “Decriminalising Bashar – towards a more effective anti-war movement,” writer Carlos Martinez outlined Syria’s positives, including its anti-imperialist, socialist policies; its secularism and multiculturalism; and—poignantly—its continued support for Palestinians and anti-Zionist stance.

These are all points that contradict the lies spewed over the past nearly five years, and shatter the feeble justification for continuing to wage war on Syria.
Much of grassroots “Leftists”’ anti-Syria propaganda is as poisonous as corporate media. Routinely, at ostensibly anti-war/anti-Imperialist gatherings, the anti-Syria narrative is predominant.

For example, at the March 2015 World Social Forum in Tunis, some Syria-specific panels spun the fairy tale of “revolutionaries” in Syria, one panel alleging: “The protests in Syria were peaceful for almost six or seven months; 6-7000 unarmed people were killed; only then did ‘rebels’ eventually take up arms.”

Yet, it is known that from the beginning, in Dara’a and throughout Syria, armed protesters were firing upon, and butchering, security forces and civilians. Tim Anderson’s “Syria: how the violence began, in Daraa” pointed out that police were killed by snipers in the March 17/18 protests; the Syrian army was only brought to Dara’a following the murder of the policemen. Additionally, a storage of protesters’ weapons was found in Dara’a’s al-Omari mosque.

Prem Shankar Jha’s, “Who Fired The First Shot?” described the slaughter of 20 Syrian soldiers outside Dara’a a month later, “by cutting their throats, and cutting off the head of one of the soldiers.” A very “moderate”-rebel practice.

In “Syria: The Hidden Massacre” Sharmine Narwani investigated the early massacres of Syrian soldiers, noting that many of the murders occurred even after the Syrian government had abolished the state security courts, lifted the state of emergency, granted general amnesties, and recognized the right to peaceful protest.

The April 10, 2011 murder of Banyas farmer Nidal Janoud was one of the first horrific murders of Syrian civilians by so-called “unarmed protesters.” Face gashed open, mutilated and bleeding, Janoud was paraded by an armed mob, who then hacked him to death.

Father Frans Van der Ludt—the Dutch priest living in Syria for nearly 5 decades prior to his April 7, 2014 assassination by militants occupying the old city of Homs—wrote (repeatedly) of the “armed demonstrators” he saw in early protests, “who began to shoot at the police first.”

May 2011 video footage of later-resigned Al Jazeera journalist Ali Hashem shows fighters entering Syria from Lebanon, carrying guns and RPGs (Hashem stated he’d likewise seen fighters entering in April). Al Jazeera refused to air the May footage, telling Hashem to ‘forget there are armed men.’ [See: Sharmine Narwani’s “Surprise Video Changes Syria “Timeline””] Unarmed protesters?

The Sectarian Card: Slogans and Massacres

What sectarianism we see in Syria today was delivered primarily by the Wahabi and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and by Turkey, with NATO’s blessing and backing. The cross-sect make-up of both the Syrian State and the Syrian army alone speaks of Syria’s intentional secularism, as well as the prevalent refusal of average Syrians to self-identify along sectarian lines.

On the other hand, from the beginning, the West’s “nonviolent protesters” were chanting sectarian slogans, notably, “Christians to Beirut, Alawis to the grave.” Other popular chants included: calling for the extermination of all Alawis; pledging allegiance to Saudi-based extremist Syrian Sheikh Adnan Arour and to extremist MB supporting Egyptian Sheikh, Yusuf al-Qardawi.

Qatar-based Qaradawi advocates killing Syrian civilians: “It is OK to kill one third of the Syrian population if it leads to the toppling of the heretical regime.” The inflammatory Arour said about Syria’s Alawis: “By Allah we shall mince them in meat grinders and feed their flesh to the dogs.”

The NATO alliance’s terrorists have committed numerous massacres of Syrian civilians and soldiers, many of which were intended to sow sectarianism, including:
  • The June 2011 Jisr al Shugour, Idlib, massacre of up to 120 people (soldiers and civilians) by between 500-600 so-called FSA terrorists; blamed on the SAA as having killed “military deserters”. [see Prem Shankar Jha’s article “Syria – Who fired the first shot?”]
  • The Houla massacre of over 100 civilians on May 25, 2012, which only 2 days later the UN claimed—without an investigation— had been committed by the Syrian Army. [See Tim Anderson’s detailed rebuttal, “The Houla Massacre Revisited: “Official Truth” in the Dirty War on Syria” In the same article, Anderson also looked at the August 2012 Daraya massacre of 245 people and the December 2012 Aqrab massacre of up to 150 villagers.
  • The August 2013 massacre of at least 220 civilians (including a fetus, many children, women, elderly) and kidnapping of at least 100 (mostly women and children) in villages in the Latakia countryside.
  • The December 2013 massacre of at least 80 residents (many “slaughtered like sheep”, decapitated, burned in bakery ovens) in Adra industrial village.
  • The continued terrorist-mortaring of civilian areas and schools; the repeated terrorist-car-bombing of civilian areas and schools. [see: “The Terrorism We Support in Syria: A First-hand Account of the Use of Mortars against Civilians”]
Yet, in spite of outside forces attempts to sow sectarianism in Syria, the vast majority of Syrian people refuse it. Re-visiting Syria in July 2015, Professor Tim Anderson recounted that Latakia alone “has grown from 1.3 million to around 3 million people – they come from all parts, not just Aleppo, also Hama, Deir eZorr, and other areas.” He also visited Sweida, a mainly Druze region, which has accommodated “135,000 families, mainly from Daraa – others from other parts”. Mainly Sunni families.

Notice that the rebel groups (armed gangs) were the ones committing the violence in the opening months of the conflict. The unidentified snipers had targeted police as well as civilians.

Clearly the Syrian Government was REACTING to violence and offering political reforms. From the beginning the Government was fighting against an armed insurgency. This does not mean that the Government was not using violence of its own, and that the secret police were not rounding people up and torturing suspects. 

Presently all the allegedly major 'moderate' rebel groups operating in Syria are working with the extremists. This has been admitted:

The Covert Origins of ISIS

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Ukraine Military Report 21.11.2015

Preparations for war continue in Ukraine.

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JFK: The Chilling Truth


Proof of a JFK Assassination Plot Without Debating a Magic Bullet

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JFK: A Conspiracy Theory

Everything you wanted to know about the JFK assassination in under 5 minutes. The Warren Commission: connecting the dots so you don't have to!

A brief MUST SEE Corbett Report summation of Oswald's movements, the assassination, the Warren Commission investigation, and the media's reporting on what happened.

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JFK: The 'Official' Conspiracy Theory (RECAP)

Why is the establishment so desperate to reinforce the official narrative behind the assassination of JFK 50 years later?

The video above is from 2013 and deals with disinformation surrounding the assassination.

Related Info:

Debunking 'JFK: The Smoking Gun' - A Response to Questions about the Film

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Keiser Report (E838): Radical Ideas to Fix Inequality ft Varoufakis

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert briefly discuss the former financial regulator, warning that we need radical ideas on fixing inequality by looking back on some old ideas about private banks creating too much credit. Max then heads to the South Bank in London near Waterloo to meet Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek Finance Minister. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Varoufakis regarding the Greek financial crisis – and whether or not the bureaucrats of the Troika are incompetent or malicious with their failed programs.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

War on Terror Is a Joke - Pics of ISIS Fighters at McDonald's ... in Turkey

Aside from the extraordinary hamburger revelation, none of this is news. As Business Insider reported back in June:
A US-led raid on the compound housing the Islamic State's “chief financial officer” produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reported recently
The officer killed in the raid, Islamic State official Abu Sayyaf,
was responsible for directing the terror army's oil and gas operations in Syria. The Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) earns up to $10 million a month selling oil on black markets. 
Documents and flash drives seized during the Sayyaf raid reportedly revealed links “so clear” and “undeniable” between Turkey and ISIS “that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara,” senior Western official familiar with the captured intelligence told the Guardian. 
NATO member Turkey has long been accused by experts, Kurds, and even Joe Biden of enabling ISIS by turning a blind eye to the vast smuggling networks of weapons and fighters during the ongoing Syrian war.
As you can clearly see, Turkey isn't just letting nasty beef patties flow across its borders — there's also a lot of “black market oil” and “weapons” and “wounded terrorists” that somehow seem to move between Syria and Turkey without any major hiccups. Coincidence or fate?
Turkey — a NATO member — has been repeatedly caught providing direct and indirect aid to ISIS…so how is this not on the front page of every major western newspaper? Isn't NATO supposed to be “fighting” terrorism?

The public needs to understand that ISIS are the proxy regime change forces of the west.

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Syrian Army Advances Near Aleppo with Russian Air Force Cover

On the ground in Syria, the Government army enjoys air support from Russia, as it continues to fight terrorists across the country. In the latest offensive, a number of areas in Aleppo province have been reclaimed.

Related Info:

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq battlespace – Nov. 19

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Who Was Really Behind Paris Terrorist Attacks? Michael Rivero

Big Pharma Upset Doctors Want to Ban US Prescription Drug Ads, ISIS created by the US and Allies, the Russian airliner bombing, Israeli False Flags, Over-the-top Political Correctness in the USA, Social Engineering and the rejection of history, US dollar weakness and world trade. 
Guest's website:

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BBC Had Prior Knowledge Of 9/11

Tony Rooke refused to pay a TV license fee because the BBC intentionally misrepresented facts about the 9/11 attacks, he alleged.

The video interview points out that a large number of serving police and emergency workers understand that our Governments have not told the truth about the 911 false flag attacks.

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Hillary Clinton’s War Record – 100% For Genocide

While Bernie Sanders may be tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails,” the recent scandals that have resulted from her Capitol Hill hearings, combined with the virtually non-existent investigation into the State Department funding of terrorist organizations have gone only a short distance in demonstrating the lengths to which Hillary Clinton has acted as the supporter and executioner of warfare since the first day she assumed any national position in government.

In addition to her history regarding the Syrian and Libyan crises, it should never be forgotten that Hillary Clinton has supported virtually every military conflict launched during and since her husband’s own disastrous tenure as President.

Remember, in 2002-2003, Hillary Clinton not only supported the push for war in Iraq, she voted for the invasion. In fact, she was fervent in her support for the war, delivering impassioned speeches on the Senate floor in order to convince members of Congress who might have been on the fence, as well as the general American population and a handful of Democrats and liberals who valued her opinion on the topic, that war was the right choice. Indeed, Hillary’s speech promoting war in Iraq rivaled only George W. Bush who was campaigning night and day on American television.
Although Clinton now attempts to brush off her treasonous assistance to drum up an illegal and immoral war in Iraq as a mistake, the truth is that anyone with any political judgement knew that the war itself was the mistake. While she also attempts to blame the “faulty intelligence” of the Bush administration, it was Hillary Clinton herself who once referred to the intelligence as “undisputed.” [8] Clinton was also an avid supporter of an Afghanistan “surge” that was conducted by Obama during his first year in office. In fact she argued for an even greater surge and suggested that leaving too early “would signal we were abandoning Afghanistan.”[9] Interestingly enough, Clinton opposed the Bush surge in Iraq in 2007, voting against the plan during her tenure in the Senate.[10] This vote marks virtually the only Clinton vote that was opposed to greater use of the US military. However, it was later revealed that her opposition vote was nothing more than political grandstanding due to the fact that the Democratic Primaries were right around the corner. In fact, this much was revealed by former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates who wrote that he witnessed Clinton tell Barack Obama that “she had opposed George W. Bush‘s last-ditch effort to salvage the Iraq war, the 2007 troop “surge,” because the politics of the 2008 Democratic primaries demanded it.”[11] This cynical political maneuvering reveals two things: 1.) That Clinton truly supported increasing the number of US forces in Iraq and 2.) Clinton was willing to sacrifice the lives of American service men and women, the financial future of the country, and the countless lives of innocent people on the line for even a minor political strategic position.

Still, Clinton was a staunch supporter of the war in Afghanistan, yet another in a long list of Clinton-supported wars based on lies, half-truths, and deceit. After all, despite the numerous facts and inconsistencies disproving the official story of 9/11, U.S. intelligence and military connections to al-Qaeda (which Clinton was well aware of), and the known pre-concert to go to war with Afghanistan prior to 9/11, Clinton was an avid supporter of the authorization to use military force in Afghanistan.

Clinton even went so far as to bring in the gender issue – a tactic which she is famous for. Clinton argued that an invasion would not only be a way to fight terrorism, but it would be a way to improve the lives and condition of women who suffered under Taliban leadership.[12] Thus, when it came time for an even more brazen war campaign based on lies and machinations of the ruling administration and its media mouthpieces, Clinton was on board again. Voting for the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, Clinton vociferously promoted the cause for war and, once that war had taken place, she argued against leaving “too soon.”[13] Even on the question of Iran, Clinton has not only pushed the nonsensical line that Iran was developing nuclear weapons and presents a major threat to the world (meaning the United States and Israel) but she also suggested military action against the Persian nation.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Paris Attacks: William Engdahl Explains the Past, Present and Future of the War in Syria

F. William Engdahl of joins us today to give his perspective on the Paris attacks. We discuss the historical background to what is taking place now in Syria, how it plays into the current geopolitical agenda of the US/NATO military powers, and what it means for France, Syria and the world moving forward.

Wait to see the attacks in Paris be used as an excuse to remove Assad from power in Syria, despite the fact his Government is fighting ISIS. Mission creep is likely.

Also, depending on the policies decided by the intelligence agencies of Europe and the Deep State, expect more terrorist attacks that will encourage the strengthening of a Police State. The big question is whether such a circumstance will be used to reverse the influx of refugees - pushing back against the neocon-zionist policy to weaken Europe via the creation of internal divisions.

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Numerous Terror Attacks Go Unnoticed Amid Paris Attacks Buzz

Social media users are embracing the #PrayForNigeria hashtag, criticizing main stream media for ignoring or underreporting the latest terrorist attacks there, as an outpour of prayers and sympathy continues to flow to victims of Islamic State in Paris.

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More Paris Puzzles – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

As I said, the answer is simple: Why assume that the suicide bombers knew who was organizing the attack? There seems to be abundant evidence that ISIL is a US creation, one that is still dependent on US active or passive support—thus the conflict between Putin and Washington over attacking ISIL. ISIL seems to be what Washington used to overthrow the government in Libya and afterward was sent by Washington to Syria to overthrow Assad. Obviously, Washington has ISIL infiltrated. Washington has long proven is ability to use Islamic extremists. As Washington used them in Afghanistan against the Soviets and in Libya and Syria against independent governments, Washington used them in Paris. By my last count, the FBI on 150 occasions has successfully deceived people into participating into FBI orchestrated “terror plots.”

Now let us move to some bigger questions. Why do terrorists attack ordinary innocent people who have neither awareness of “their” government’s actions or control over them? The victims of 9/11 were not the neocons and members of the Washington establishment, whose policies in the Middle East justified attacks on their persons. Ditto for the Boston Marathon Bombing, and ditto for the Paris attacks. Innocents were the victims, not those who have taken Muslim lives.

Historically, terror attacks are not on the innocent but on the rulers and those who are guilty. For example, it was the Archduke of Austria/Hungary who was assassinated by the Serbian terrorist, not ordinary people blown up or shot down in a street cafe.

It is interesting that terrorists attacks attributed to Muslims only fall upon ordinary people, not upon the political elites who oppress the Muslims. In past years on several occasions I have remarked in my columns on the total vulnerability of the neoconservatives to assassination. Yet there has been not a single attack by terrortists on a neocon life, and the neocons are the source of the violence that Washington has unleashed on the Muslim world. The neocons walk around without threat free as birds.

How believeable is it that Muslim terrorists take their ire out on innocents when the President of France himself, who has sent military forces to murder Muslims, was sitting in the attacked stadium and could easily have been eliminated by a suicide bomber?

I am surprised there has not been a fatwa or a 'wanted dead or alive' announcement made again the neocons world wide. You would think some of the real extremists might think about this - or perhaps they are all brainwashed into only killing other Muslims (heretics). Certainly large sections of the extremist leadership are assets of western intelligence.

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Operation Gladio - Full 1992 Documentary BBC

Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, 'Operation Gladio' reveals 'Gladio', the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe.

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Keiser Report (E837): Earning by Mirage

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss a fictional novel called Stock Options Revisited, in which our economies have run dry and bankers and rentiers have sought to earn by mirage. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Satyajit Das, author of “Extreme Money.” In this segment, they discuss China - from lung-washing tourism to the Great Southern Province of China - aka Australia - where houses and holes make an economy.

A good episode.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Paris Attacks Truth: ISIS is a False Flag

As The Corbett Report community continues to track the latest updates on the Paris attack investigation, let us not forget the essential underlying truth: ISIS is a creation of the US, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States, and they are fostered, funded, equipped, armed, trained and protected by the NATO allies and the GCC, France included.

The most important point is the fact that ISIS has been supported by Nation States to achieve geopolitical goals.

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Saudi Arabia: Friend Or Foe?

Saudi Arabia's desire to be a regional leader in the Middle East has led it to act as a primary conveyor belt of jihadists into Syria, where the Saudis seek the overthrow of the secular Assad government. When Saudi-backed al-Qaeda rebels get hurt in southern Syria, they are patched up in Israeli hospitals. But the head-chopping Saudis are facing slow-motion suicide. Assad did not melt away, and the Saudis' brutal war on Yemen continues to empty the Saudi coffers. The oil glut has shut off the welfare tap to keep its citizens at bay. Still the US continues to coddle the Saudi tyrants, this week announcing that it would sell them $1.3 billion worth of bombs to drop on the suffering Yemenis. More on the US/Saudi dysfunctional relationship on today's Liberty Report:

State sponsors of terrorism.

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Syria What is Really Going On and Why (RECAP)

This video from more than 3 years ago explains why there is a war in Syria. It is about protecting oil monopolies and destroying the Nations State enemies of Israel.

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Targeting ISIS Terrorists in Syria: Grandmaster Putin Beats Uncle Sam at His Own Game

Imagine that you despised your brother-in-law and wanted to kill him. But you didn’t have the guts to do it yourself so you hired a hit-man to do the job for you.

Would you still be guilty of murder?

You’re darn right, you would be.

So let’s apply this same rule to US foreign policy: Would it be just as wrong to invade a country, kill its people and topple its government with militants that you funded, armed and trained as it would be with your own US troops?

Yep, it sure would be. So while some people might think that it was smarter for Obama to use a proxy-army in Syria instead of US soldiers, morally or legally speaking, there’s really no difference between what he did and what Bush did in Iraq. A US invasion is a US invasion. Period. It doesn’t matter if you use for-hire killers or your own guys. It’s all the same. Obama is just as guilty as Bush.

Why does it matter?

It matters because Obama’s Syrian policy has resulted in the deaths of 250,000 people and created 11 million refugees. That’s more refugees than Iraq. And the funny thing is, the media doesn’t even talk about it, in fact, there’s not one major media outlet in the entire country that has stated what everyone knows to be the obvious truth; that the United States is 100 percent responsible for the refugee crisis. 100 percent! Assad had nothing to do with it. US policy and our buck-passing president are entirely to blame.

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Spanish Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu and Senior Israeli Officials

A Spanish court has issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials for their role in the 2010 attack on the Freedom Flotilla heading to Gaza, local media reported on Friday.

Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights said that the Supreme Court in Madrid ordered the arrest of ex-foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, ex-defence minister Ehud Barak, the then-deputy prime ministers Moshe Ya’alon and Eli Yishai, and former state minister Benny Begin, as well as Netanyahu. It also ordered the arrest of Israeli Navy Commander Eliezer Marom, who is among the co-defendants found guilty by the Spanish judge.

According toYaniSafak website, the investigation into this case was launched after Spanish activists on board the main vessel in the flotilla, the Turkish-registered Mavi Marmara, filed a criminal complaint against Israeli officials involved in the raid.

Expect terror attacks on Spain or Spanish airliners in the coming year.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

In this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by "inaction" by the United States government or by "direct" action.

This 12 min info packed video summarises the rise of ISIS and is very close to the mark - pointing out that arms have flowed knowingly to the extremists during the course of the Proxy War in Syria.

The central (and excellent) point is that ISIS was a result of direct US action in the region, not inaction. ISIS supply lines to countries, like Turkey, were never addressed, let alone, shut down. Complicity in proxy wars is a crime. If the mainstream media has not covered this issue they are either incompetent or corrupt (especially when we consider the US corporate media's connections to the defence establishment and the political propaganda about the 'War on Terror').

(A slight correction, the 2009 date cited in the video seems wrong. The conflict in Syria began in early 2011.)

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Putin: ISIS Financed From 40 countries, Including G20 Members

President Vladimir Putin says he’s shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G20 colleagues: the terrorists appear to be financed from 40 countries, including some G20 member states.   

During the summit,I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them,” Putin told the journalists.

Putin also spoke of the urgent need to curb the illegal oil trade by IS.

"I’ve shown our colleagues photos taken from space and from aircraft which clearly demonstrate the scale of the illegal trade in oil and petroleum products," he said.

The motorcade of refueling vehicles stretched for dozens of kilometers, so that from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon," Putin added, comparing the convoy to gas and oil pipeline systems.

It’s not the right time to try and figure out which country is more and which is less effective in the battle with Islamic State, as now a united international effort is needed against the terrorist group, Putin said.


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