Friday, 23 October 2015

Sibel Edmonds Exposes Exactly What Could Bring Down This Entire Corrupt System

Sibel Edmonds and Her Team have been singlehandedly covering The Real Hastert Case At Boiling Frogs Post. As we all know the complicit US media has been doing exactly the opposite: blacking out and censoring the real case together with all directly relevant facts and historical context. I believe we have a choice to make: Do we let them win again by shrugging in disgust and going away? Or do we give it our best and use every means and every channel to counter and challenge the institutionalized criminality and cover-up? Sure. They have all the mega print and TV outlets. But we have the power of numbers, resolve and persistence.

Ms. Edmonds worked as a language specialist for the FBI’s Washington Field Office. During her work with the bureau, she discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications. After she reported these acts to FBI management, she was retaliated against and ultimately fired in March 2002. Since that time, court proceedings on her issues have been blocked by the assertion of “State Secrets Privilege”, and the Congress of the United States has been gagged and prevented from any discussion of her case through retroactive re-classification issued by the Department of Justice.

The bottom line is that those in office, like Hastert, are subject to bribes while themselves often being corrupt and therefore also subject to blackmail. Rather than crack down on these occurrence the US State and various lobby groups use this situation as a method of control. The entrenched corruption involves both Democrats and Republicans.

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