Saturday, 19 September 2015

Thoughts on the WTC Artists

A large group of artists were given space and construction access to the World Trade Center in the four years leading up to 9/11.
I want to call your attention to the artist groups (E-TEAM and GELATIN) who were selected to be part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) World Views / Studioscape (slow link) programs that allowed them and other artists to work and live in the WTC in the four years leading up to 9/11 on different floors, including 91 and 92 of the North Tower. Additionally, they were given seven day a week construction access to the WTC that allowed them to freely move all sorts of materials in and out of the complex.
(Note: When you give young artists access to a building and work-live space, they’re going figure out everything they can and can’t get away with in there. I’ve lived in several wild artist buildings and from my experience, once they’re in, they can get anywhere they want...especially with climbing gear & harnesses...see photos below. LMCC and WTC management would know that before approving such a program. For artists to be able to take out windows on the 91st floor and install a makeshift “balcony” (see the NYTimes, August 2001) protruding out of the building should give you some real insight into just how lax WTC security was at that time and how dangerous the LMCC program was. Sounds to me like the WTC was conveniently out of control in the years leading up to 9/11 and that security there was a complete joke as far as these artists and all their friends were concerned...see photos below.)
As you may know, audacity, arrogance and a love of esotericism (“it’s a great piece of just don’t get it”) are common features of the art world, especially among privileged and highly connected, younger artists. Therefore, I think it is plausible that the E-Team might also stand for Explosives Team (amongst themselves, their handlers and sponsors) and that Gelatin’s The B-Thing may also be, not so secretly, referring to explosives (see blasting gelatin & note that Gelatin became Gelitin in ’05...wonder why?). Keep in mind that we gave these foreign groups WTC construction access and allowed them to live directly in the strike zone through the LMCC World Views and Studioscape programs. They would probably look upon most of Americans as complete idiots and that their work was highly sanctioned by the people in charge.

It's important to note that the Israeli spy ring that was (partially) rounded up before the 911 attacks consisted of 'art students' that said they served in "military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or Explosive Ordinance units."

The art student connection to the towers does not look coincidental considering the fact that these buildings and WTC7 were all brought down using explosives on 911:

The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Links

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Bardo said...

The gelatin B art student stuff is very curious. Thanks for posting.

SpookyOne said...

I knew about students inside the towers at some stage, having seen pictures of them at I didn't know how extensive this program was - or I had overlooked those details previously.

When you consider the Fox News story of the 'art student' spy ring, you can see how things were set up in terms of providing 'cover' for personnel involved in the false flag.

Thanks for your comment