Saturday, 25 July 2015

Israel Could Use Dirty Nuke in False Flag Attack in US: Ex-CIA Contractor

Israel is testing dirty nuclear bombs in its deserts which could be used in a "false flag" attack in the United States to implicate Iran, a former CIA and NSA contractor says.

“One has to wonder if they [Israelis] feel that the momentum for realizing ‘greater Israel’ is going away, and if the world opinion is shifting, which clearly it seems to be… [then] we have to be concerned with a false flag attack on the United States in order to justify a retaliatory strike against Iran,” said Steven D Kelley.

“We know that this Israel is actually testing dirty nuclear devices in their desert right now, and we know this has no strategic value other than to be used as a terrorist device in a false flag attack,” he added. “So this is a very dangerous time.”

They could also import ISIS stooges with AK-47s or chemical weapons. False flags of all kinds remain on the table since a large portion of the public has yet to recognise 911 as one:

911 and War by Deception

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