Sunday, 21 June 2015

Keiser Report (E772): Craft Beer & Crowdfunding

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about transabled economies like the UK where economic policy seems intent on disabling growth, innovation and the economy. Or in the US where bankers pretend they're not able to survive without never-ending infusions of free money. In the second half, Max interviews James Watt of BrewDog about crowdfunding, the craft beer industry and StartCOIN ATMs.

The UK Gov is selling assets for short term gains - "selling the cow to buy the milk" as Max says. The money is going into stock and housing bubbles. This cycle is undermining the Government's ability to provide services, which is the goal - to hasten monopolised privatisation. Ordinary people will still be taxed, as they become more like serfs, while big business will force people to pay a premium for everything.

And the people at the top, like Mark Carney, are linked to banksters, and they are not stupid - which is why I think these strategies are deliberate. It is to allow private individuals or institutions, such as the banks, to own, and make large profits from, everything.

The big problem, conceptually, is that the elite's objectives hinge on 'free market' (private) control of things (which leads to concentration of wealth via 'bigger fish' asset accumulation), rather than a pluralistic economic freedom. This system ends up strangling economic activity and innovation at the low and mid levels of the economy.

The way around the tyranny is political action, via a new Government, and the application of (anti-monopoly) Law for the business and property markets, changes to the stockmarket system (return Glass Steagall Act, void derivatives, no quarterly reporting system, etc), the introduction of Public Banks (like North Dakota's), and the general adherence to the idea of the Public Commons. Companies that do not need to raise capital should not be listed on the stockmarket. A free Internet is essential (which will be the next/continuing target of the elite), in order to go forward with ideas for change and innovation.

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