Tuesday, 16 June 2015

28 Pages are Only a Fraction of the Story - REAL Issues are Not Making News in the Mainstream Press

We had Three huge stories and no media.
1 That the government admits state sponsorship of 911 terrorists.
2 The government admits supporting the creation and ability of ISIS.
3 It was discovered the Federal Reserve spent 16 trillion dollars in secret bailouts.
-- There is basically no reporting on these things.

The mainstream media is deliberately whitewashing high level crimes. It is our press that is literally facilitating mass murder and protecting the crony capitalist system. People are being killed or impoverished by establishment criminals who are protected by media censorship and propaganda.

To create a better world, we must SHARE important information that exposes KEY areas of corruption.

(This extremely important video is also an appeal to support alternative media: "Please support http://www..ancreport.com by becoming a member")

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 16th, 2015.]

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