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We Restarted the Cold War: The Real Story About the NATO Buildup that the New York Times Won’t Tell You

You would think it something close to a magician’s trickery to conduct a century and more’s worth of coups, political subterfuge and military interventions and keep Americans convinced that all done in their names is done in the name of good. But we live through a case in point. We now witness an aggressive military advance toward Russia’s borders on a nearly astonishing scale, yet very few Americans are able to see it for what it is.

Such is the power of our golden rule.

The theme of new Russian aggression sounded over the past couple of months reeked of orchestration from the first, as suggested in this space when it was first sounded. It was too consistent in language, tone and implication, whether it came from the Pentagon, NATO or Times news reports—which are, naturally, based on Pentagon and NATO sources.

Anything counted: Russia’s military exercises within its own borders were aggressive. Russian air defense systems on its borders were aggressive. Russia’s military presence in Kaliningrad, Russian territory lying between Lithuania and Poland, was an aggressive threat.

The caker came 10 days ago, when Putin promised his generals 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles. Aggressive times 10, we heard over and over. “Loose rhetoric” was the incessantly repeated phrase.

In this connection I loved Ashton Carter in an exclusive interview on CBS Tuesday morning. Announcing NATO’s new plans for deployments in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, the defense secretary cited Putin’s “loose rhetoric.” The correspondent must have lost the playbook and had the temerity to ask him to explain. Whereupon the wrong-footed Carter mumbled, “Well, it’s… it’s… it’s loose rhetoric, that’s what it is.”

Got it, Ash. Loose rhetoric.

Does the secretary mind if we spend a few minutes in the forbidden kingdom known as historical reality?

Putin has not uttered a syllable of rhetoric—no need of it—since the Bush II White House floored him with its 2002 announcement that it would unilaterally abandon Nixon’s 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. “This, in fact, pushes us to a new round of the arms race, because it changes the global security system,” the Russian leader said subsequently. Whereupon Russia set about rebuilding its greatly reduced nuclear arsenal, of which the 40 new ICBMs are an exceedingly small addition.

There are no secrets here—only chronology and causality. In the context, I view the 40 new missiles as a very measured message—and of little consequence in themselves—in reply to the immodest lunge into frontline nations Carter disclosed in Estonia this week.

Where did President Obama get the idea to name this guy to head Defense? He outdoes Rumsfeld in certain respects. Not only is he deploying weapons and rotating troops in and out of six of NATO’s easterly members—the three Baltics, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. He now advances a number of bluntly escalating nuclear “options.”

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ISIS Promised Day Of Bloodshed Has Arrived

If you are concerned with the recent terrorist attacks overseas, and the increased frequency of such events, then it helps to be interested in what has caused them. Unlike what Bush and co. had said, it is not simply because they 'hate us for our freedoms'.

ISIS didn't exist until the secular, albeit corrupt, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian states were subject to western intervention via trumped up charges of a WMD threat, or via Proxy Wars (in Syria and Libya). There is strong evidence showing western involvement in supporting the extremists in ongoing proxy wars which is a war crime (aggressive war) according to Nuremburg.

The US has a long history of using fundamentalists to conduct war. It began in Afghanistan against the Soviets and never ended. The jihadists are simply tools for foreign policy. The fact that tourists and civilians in the west end up as collateral damage is not a problem for these people. Terror blowback is used to justify further interventions and it helps Governments advance Police State powers (whilst the amnesic and misled public forgets the contributing factors that gave rise to such an environment).

Yes, there are usually crazy fundamentalists that do exist within society in any event, but without war and destabilisation, they have little support. Promoting and expanding conflict create more of these people - and thus we end up with various massacres of innocent people outside the conflict zone.

The recently declassified US DIA report stated that "The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" were supporting the opposition in Syria where the leading fighting groups were 'Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda' - all extremists. The other group admittedly supported by the West is the 'moderate' Free Syrian Army which admits (in interviews appearing in the US media) to working closely with Al Qaeda and sometimes with ISIS (go and Google that if you don't believe me).

If you want an end to the massacres, then some interest in the issue of western intervention in the Middle East, with Turkey/NATO and Saudi Arabia being part of the game, will be useful. Public opinion still counts. If the public are sleep walking, information-absent, zombies then they will fall for any war prolonging rhetoric and we will never see an end to what is happening presently.

Please note: Although there may be some support for ISIS goals in the general Muslim population, most people are not blood thirsty murderers or are in favour of violence (as this video implies). I have little sympathy for people who would advocate murder and mayhem regardless of their backgrounds, whether from The West or Middle East.  

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Paul Craig Roberts Warns Greek Government May Be Assassinated In This Crisis If They Pivot East To Stop World War III

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “The Greek people and the Greek government have before them the unique opportunity to prevent World War III. All the Greek government needs to do, if the Greek people will get behind the government, is to default on the loans, resign from the EU and from NATO, and accept the deal that the Russians have offered them….

“This would begin the unraveling of NATO. Very quickly Spain and Italy would follow. So southern Europe would desert NATO and so would Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. NATO is the mechanism that Washington uses to cause conflict with Russia. So as the EU and NATO unravel, the ability of Washington to produce this conflict disappears.

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Varoufakis: If Europe Wants to Humiliate Greece, Do We Need Such Europe?

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Keiser Report (E776): IMF Failed Greece Long Before Bailout

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss forecasts that go wrong and whether or not Christine Lagarde could forecast her way out of a Dominique Strauss Kahn orgy. In the second half, Max interviews Mark O’Byrne about the gold and silver markets, cryptobullion, the confetti masters on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve which is not federal and has no reserves.

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History is Not a Slogan, Civil War and Flag "Controversy" (It was Not About Slavery)

Why bother with the complexity of history when a offensive mythology based on the victor's war propaganda can take its place? The US put a naval blockade on its own states [before the war started] to prevent them from avoiding the tariffs and forcing them to buy internally. It wasn't about slavery.

I am not an expert on this subject but it seems that those saying that US Civil War came about because of a difference over slavery are wrong. My understanding, thus far, is that slavery was not an issue at the start of the conflict. Instances that mention slavery in Sucessionist Declarations appear to be cherry picked in the current debate whereas such a position at the time was a commonly accepted 'right'. Furthermore five slave states fought on the side of the North, and were not included in the Emancipation Act, while Lincoln himself was a white supremacist - and he admitted that his aim was to keep the United States together, with or without slavery. The war came about because of taxation (tariffs) without representation.

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The Confederate Constitution

Special interests have long used the democratic political process to produce legislation for their own private benefit, and the U.S. Constitution contains flaws that make this easier. One attempt to remedy these flaws was the Confederate Constitution.

The Confederate Constitutional Convention opened in February 1861. Robert Barnwell Rhett of South Carolina, called the "Father of Secession" for initiating his state's breakoff from the union, thought that the U.S. model was the best. The other 50 delegates agreed. He nominated Howell Cobb, a Georgia attorney and former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to preside over the meeting, which was completed by March I 1, 1861. By the end of that year, 13 states had ratified the new Constitution.

In broad outline, the Confederate Constitution is an amended U.S. Constitution. Even on slavery, there is little difference. Whereas the U.S. Constitution ended the importation of slaves after 1808, the Confederate Constitution simply forbade it. Both constitutions allowed slave ownership, of course.

In fact, slavery only became a constitutional issue after the war had begun. In his 1861 inaugural address, Abraham Lincoln said, "Apprehension seems to exist among the people of the Southern States that by the accession of a Republican administration their property [is] to be endangered.... I have no purpose, directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the United States where it exists.... I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclina6on to do so."

But the differences in the documents, small as they are, are extremely important. The people who wrote the Southern Constitution had lived under the federal one. They knew its strengths, which they tried to copy, and its weaknesses, which they tried to eliminate.

One grave weakness in the U.S. Constitution is the "general welfare" clause, which the Confederate Constitution eliminated.

The U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to "lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States."

The Confederate Constitution gave Congress the power "to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, for revenue necessary to pay the debts, provide for the common defense, and carry on the Government of the Confederate States..."

The Southern drafters thought the general welfare clause was an open door for any type of government intervention. They were, of course, right.

Immediately following that clause in the Confederate Constitution is a clause that has no parallel in the U.S. Constitution. It affirms strong support for free trade and opposition to protectionism: "but no bounties shall be granted from the Treasury; nor shall any duties or taxes on importation from foreign nations be laid to promote or foster any branch of industry."

The use of tariffs to shelter domestic industries from foreign competition had been an important issue since tariffs were first adopted in 1816. Southern states had borne heavy costs since tariffs protected northern manufacturing at the expense of Southern imports. The South exported agricultural commodities and imported almost all the goods it consumed, either from abroad or from Northern states. Tariffs drastically raised the cost of goods in the Southern states, while most of the tariff revenue was spent in the North.

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US, NATO Powers Intensify Preparations for Nuclear War in Response to “Russian Aggression”

The claim that discussion about a revision of nuclear weapons policy is in response to Russian aggression turns reality on its head. In the aftermath of the US and NATO-backed coup in Ukraine last year, the major imperialist powers have engaged in a relentless militarization of Eastern Europe, including the establishment of a rapid reaction force of 40,000 troops.

This week, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced that the US would permanently deploy tanks, military vehicles and other equipment to countries bordering Russia. There are also ongoing discussions about directly arming Ukraine, beyond the extensive assistance the right-wing government already receives.

NATO is now planning to respond to any attempt by Russia to maintain or counter US imperialism’s aggressive moves in Eastern Europe with even more massive military response, including nuclear weapons.

An indication of the thinking of NATO strategists was provided by a report in theFinancial Times. In the event of a conflict involving one of the Baltic countries, “Russia might…accuse the alliance of escalating the conflict and threaten to use intermediate range nuclear weapons.” The Times quotes Elbridge Colby, of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS): “NATO does not need a total nuclear rethink. But it needs to be realistic about how it would respond and willing to show Putin that he would not get away with it.”

This scenario builds on allegations from the US that Russia has violated the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), allegations that the Russian government has denied. US officials have stated that the Pentagon is preparing to launch preemptive attacks against missiles or other targets in Russia, including with nuclear weapons, in response to Moscow’s alleged violation of the treaty.

The announcement of major revisions to NATO’s nuclear strategy came just days after the publication of an extensive report, “Project Atom: Defining US Nuclear Strategy and Posture for 2025-2050,” by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The main portions of the report were authored by a career US government strategist and senior CSIS analyst, Clark Murdock, a man who previously worked in high-level strategy jobs at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Department of Defense (DOD), the US Air Force and the National War College. The report included contributions from a large team of researchers and experts, including panels from the CNAS and the National Institution for Public Policy (NIPP).

The thrust of the CSIS analysis is that the US must make its nuclear arsenal easier to use in a war with Russia, China or some other power. The military must adopt “a US nuclear strategy designed for twenty-first century realities,” based on new generations of tactical warheads and delivery systems.

More advanced tactical nuclear weapons will enable Washington to threaten and launch small nuclear wars, without being “self-deterred” by concerns that its actions would lead to a nuclear holocaust, the CSIS report argues.

“The United States needs to develop and deploy more employable nuclear weapons,” the CSIS wrote, including “low collateral damage, enhanced radiation, earth penetration, electromagnetic pulse, and others as technology advances.”

Such advances, the report argues, are the only way to counter the erosion of American technological superiority by the growth of the Chinese and Russian nuclear arsenals, together with the addition of as many as nine new governments to the “nuclear club.”

Under the “Measured Response” theory advocated by the CSIS and Murdock, these types of highly mobile nuclear strike forces could engage in “controlled nuclear operations,” firing “low yield, accurate, special effects” nukes against enemy targets without leading to a full-scale nuclear war.

By “forward deploying a robust set of discriminate nuclear response options,” the US could launch tactical nuclear strikes “at all rungs of the nuclear escalation ladder,” Murdock wrote.

Such “small-scale” nuclear conflicts would inevitably claim tens, if not hundreds of millions of lives, even assuming they did not escalate into a global nuclear war.

The continental US, according to this theory, would be protected from the consequences of regional-scale nuclear warfare by the deterrent effect of Washington’s huge arsenal of high-yield strategic weapons. Any “controlled” nuclear conflicts started by the US government, moreover, would not involve nuclear operations targeting or launched from North America.

“The US homeland would not be engaged in the US response to a nuclear attack on a regional ally,” the CSIS wrote.

In barely veiled language, CSIS is suggesting that the US should utilize allied and client governments as staging areas and arenas for “controlled” atomic warfare.

As the product of collaboration between an extensive network of ruling-class policy theorists, such proposals are extremely ominous and represent a grave warning to the international working class.

I sincerely hope that the Washington analysts are not serious and are looking to simply ramp up a new Cold War that aims to funnel more money into the arms industry.

There needs to be a take over of the US Government, either through the ballot box or via a military coup, whereafter all the various think-tank institutions, such as this one, and large parts of the 'Deep State', are shut down. Media ownership must also be dispersed - and corporate monopolies of all sorts broken down.  

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Hundreds of Saudi Soldiers and Artillery Commander Join Yemeni Popular Forces

300 Saudi soldiers and an artillery commander have joined the Yemeni forces, a senior Yemeni politician announced on Friday.

“The latest blow at the Al Saud came as Hashem al-Ahmar, artillery commander of the Saudi army in al-Wadia border crossing and 300 soldiers joined the Yemeni army and the revolutionary forces,” the Middle East Panorama website quoted Head of Yemen’s Free Army Nasser bin Yahya al-Orujli as saying on Friday.

He noted that the Saudi regime is still in a difficult situation and the Saudi officials know it quite well.

Last Wednesday, tribal forces and activists in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region formed a military and political opposition movement to the Saudi regime, called “Ahrar al-Najran” after the region declared earlier this month that it has separated from Saudi Arabia and joined Yemen in the war on Riyadh.

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Yemen could Starve

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Alleged Boston Bombers' Backpacks Not the Same as Bomb Backpacks - WRH RECAP

This is the official FBI photo of the remains of the BLACK backpack they claimed held the pressure cooker bomb:

In this next photo we see the two Tsarnaev brothers on the left, wearing light and dark GREY backpacks! To the right is a figure known as "military man" who is wearing a BLACK backpack.

The surviving brother is in solitary confinement...without access to the media or to religious services...and is denied the right to confidential communication with his attorney. Even Timothy McVeigh wasn't locked down like that.

Two weeks after the Boston bombing, the government lawyers realize they don't actually have a case against Lee Harvey Tsarnaev, the supposed hospital bed confession turned out to be a media rumor for which no court admissible confirmation exists, so suddenly, two weeks after a "Magic Confession" magically appears (according to the government) on the wall of the boat where Tsarnaev was hiding. Photos of the boat on the day Tsarnaev was captured show no signs of any such note.

And let us not forget how the FBI was trying to coerce Ibragim Todashev into implicating the Tsarnaevs in a drug-murder, to trick the public into believing these were bad guys not worthy of a second thought, which ended with the FBI shooting and killing the reluctant (and unarmed) Todashev when he tried to leave; once in the crown of the head! The cover-up of THAT murder is due out next year.

The text for this post is taken from Whatreallyhappened.com.

Reposted in light of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's recent confession/apology. However, a confession is not necessarily proof of guilt.

The Boston Bombing trial looked to be an instance where the defence team was part of the problem - the defence tactic, of admitting guilt, looks like a plea bargain strategy to avoid the death penalty.

The big problem is the Tsarvaev bags which, as far as I can see, are grey and light grey, do not match the FBI's pic of the black bomb bag debris - which is same type of bag as other people present at the crime scene. It does not matter what fairy story has been told about the events surrounding the crime if the bags don't match. I dunno what exactly happened, but when the images and evidence don't add up, I'd like to see a good explanation. ... plus what about the FBI murder of the Tsarnaev brother's friend Ibragim Todashev? 

This is a Rachel Maddow clip on the murder of Todashev, who apparently was executed by the FBI (important elements of the FBI are corrupt - unlike the fantasy you see on TV - which can be found out in simple internet search checks where you can see where they have framed people, killed people, intimidated people, had blackmail files on people, engaged in counterintelligence against peace activists etc). When the FBI tells you a story, there is a possibility, especially if it is related to terrorism or political murder, that it will be false.

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CrossTalk: Greek Pain

Again Athens finds itself at loggerheads with its creditors, particularly the IMF. The Greeks appear to be willing to do only enough to stay in the Eurozone, while the rest of Europe is willing to offer it just enough support to stay afloat – all awhile making the Greek economy almost impossible to grow. Is the Euro a failure? CrossTalking with Mitch Feierstein, Stephen Haseler, and Scheherazade Rehman.

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How they Bleep You - The Military Industrial Complex

How the central bank, and government use war to rob the people and feed themselves and select corporations with corporate welfare. Notice that the media basically ignores this as do schools, and yet it took only about 4 minutes to explain the whole thing.

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US To Begin Invasion of Syria

Unbeknownst to the general public, their elected politicians do not create the policy that binds their national destiny domestically or within the arena of geopolitics. Instead, corporate-financier funded think tanks do – teams of unelected policymakers which transcend elections, and which produce papers that then become the foundation of legislation rubber stamped by “legislators,” as well as the enumerated talking points repeated ad naseum by the corporate-media.

Such a policy paper has been recently written by the notorious US policy think-tank, the Brookings Institution, titled, “Deconstructing Syria: Towards a regionalized strategy for a confederal country.”
The signed and dated open-conspiracy to divide, destroy, then incrementally occupy a sovereign nation thousands of miles from America’s shores serves as a sobering example of how dangerous and enduring modern imperialism is, even in the 21st century.
Pretext ISIS: US Poured Billions Into “Moderates” Who Don’t Exist
The document openly admits that the US has provided billions in arming and training militants fed into the devastating and increasingly regional conflict. It admits that the US maintains – and should expand – operations in Jordan and NATO-member Turkey to provide even more weapons, cash, and fighters to the already catastrophic conflict.
It then recounts the rise of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS), but fails to account from where its money, cash, and weapons came. It should be obvious to readers that if the United States has committed billions in cash, weapons, and training on multiple fronts to alleged “moderates” who for all intents and purposes do not exist on the battlefield, a state-sponsor of greater magnitude would be required to create and sustain ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front who Brookings admits dominates the “opposition” uncontested.
In reality, ISIS’ supply lines lead right into US operational zones in Turkey and Jordan, because it was ISIS and Al Qaeda all along that the West planned to use before the 2011 conflict began, and has based its strategy on ever since – including this most recent leg of the campaign.
The US Invasion of Syria
After arming and funding a literal region-wide army of Al Qaeda terrorists, the United States now plans to use the resulting chaos to justify what it has sought since the beginning of the conflict when it became clear the Syrian government was not to capitulate or collapse – the establishment of buffer zones now called “safe zones” by Brookings.

The original neocon plan, if we consider the PNAC documents, was to weaken Arab states - including the dismemberment of Syria in order to secure 'Israel's security.' We must also understand that the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights will probably be expanded, and this will allow their army to circumvent Hezbollah positions in Southern Lebanon (effectively flanking the militia group positions during the next round of aggression).

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Ukraine Crisis Dr Paul Craig Roberts Interview

Ukraine Crisis Dr Paul Craig Roberts Interview

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) Does Not Prosecute War Criminals - US and Israeli ICC Prosecutions? Don't Bet on It

The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established to prosecute culpable individuals for crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.

Its mandate calls for “end(ing) impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern.”
US and Israeli officials are guilty of the highest of high crimes. Yet none of their officials ever were held accountable – not by their own courts or the ICC.

The international body operates on the principle of complementarity. It can only prosecute when governments won’t or can’t – even against officials of non ICC-member countries like America and Israel.

On December 31, 2000, Bill Clinton signed the Rome Statute of the ICC. Over 130 other countries are members. Clinton lied saying “(t)he US has a long history of commitment to the principle of accountability…and for bringing to justice perpetrators of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”

America commits these crimes and others against one country after another, as well as persecuting its own most disadvantaged people in violation of international and constitutional laws.

It partners with the high crimes of key allies like Israel. When Bush succeeded Clinton, his Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton stripped off the mask of US accountability by unsigning the Rome Statute – an unprecedented political act.

More followed, including enactment of the American Service-Members Protection Act (the so-called Hague Invasion Act).

It prohibits providing funds to the ICC and authorized the president to use “all necessary measures (including force) to protect United States military personnel and other elected and appointed officials of the United States government against criminal prosecution by an international criminal court to which the United States is not party.”

At the same time, over 100 other nations were pressured to sign Bilateral Immunity Agreements assuring they’d never surrender a US official or soldier to the ICC.

The court functions as an imperial tool. It targets officials of Western designated states like Sudan’s Omar Hassan al-Bashir, former Libya leader Muammar and his son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

Or special Western tribunals are established to accomplish the same thing – against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Yugoslavia’s Slobodan Milosevic, and Liberia’s Charles Taylor among others.

The principle of universal jurisdiction (UJ) holds that certain crimes are too grave to ignore – including genocide, crimes of war and against humanity.

Under UJ, nations nations may investigate and prosecute foreign nationals when their country of residence or origin won’t, can’t or hasn’t for any reason.

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Dr Mads Gilbert Doctor in Gaza from Norway Exposes and Slams Israel America and UK!

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Exploding the Korean War Lies

On the 65th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War James is joined by James Perloff of jamesperloff.com to discuss his in-depth article, "The Korean War: Another Conflict that Served the Illuminati Agenda." From deals with the Soviets to protection for the Chinese to pulled punches and "missed" opportunities, we examine how the pretext for the war was created, why it was thrown, and who was behind it.

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Keiser Report (E775): Grexodus, Brexit & Too-Big-To-Fail

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Grexodus, Brexit, Too-Big-To-Fail and how to make activism succeed. In the second half, Max interviews Mike Bonanno of the Yes Men about climate change, activism and more.

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Brad Hoff Explains Syria and the DIA Report

The DIA was actually correct on Iraq and Afghanistan too but apparently no one in Washington listens to them.

The person interviewed is an ex-US Marine who recently lived in Syria. 56 minutes (radio) that sheds light on the real situation in Syria before things went off the rails thanks to the current proxy war. They discuss CIA and DIA documents that reveal continuing foreign intervention in the region.

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Crisis News: 2 Civilians Killed in Shelling of DPR, Yemen, US Assassination Policy 24.06.2015

Two civilians were killed in the Ukrainian shelling of the town of Dokuchayevsk and a neighborhood of Donetsk, the defence ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic has reported. Last week, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper told that Canadian military instructors will stay in Ukraine until 31 March 2017. At least six people were killed, including a women and two children, as Saudi jets targeted the district of Saqayn in Sa’ada early on Wednesday. Nine people were also killed and five more injured in Saudi airstrikes targeting the province's Razih district. The Pentagon has released a book of instructions on the “law of war,” detailing acceptable ways of killing the enemy. The manual also states that journalists can be labeled “unprivileged belligerents,” an obscure term that replaced “enemy combatant.” The Pentagon did not specify the exact circumstances under which a journalist might be declared an unprivileged belligerent, however, the manual gives a license to attack or even murder journalists.

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Paul Craig Roberts Discusses Armenia Unrest on RT International

An important clip where Paul Craig Roberts explains that protests in countries on the border with Russia, whether internally or externally generated (via fifth columns), will be used by Washington to destabilise those nations to bring them under Western vassalage. He was invited to offer his opinion on RT because he 'predicted' this kind of unrest (in Armenia). Examples of former Russian (Soviet) satellite states, subject to outside interference, where they were encouraged to act aggressively, are Georgia and Ukraine.

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NYT’s Orwellian View of Ukraine

In the up-is-down Orwellian world that is now The New York Times’ editorial page, there was no coup in Ukraine in 2014, no U.S.-driven “regime change,” no provocation on Russia’s border, just Moscow’s aggression — a sign of how propaganda has taken over mainstream U.S. media.

In George Orwell’s 1984, the leaders of Oceania presented “Two Minutes Hate” in which the image of an enemy was put on display and loyal Oceanianians expressed their rage, all the better to prepare them for the country’s endless wars and their own surrender of freedom. And, now, in America, you have The New York Times.

Surely the Times is a bit more subtle than the powers-that-be in Orwell’s Oceania, but the point is the same. The “paper of record” decides who our rotating foreign enemy is and depicts its leader as a demon corrupting whatever he touches. The rest of us aren’t supposed to think for ourselves. We’re just supposed to hate.

As the Times has degenerated from a relatively decent newspaper into a fount of neocon propaganda, its editors also have descended into the practice of simply inventing a narrative of events that serves an ideological purpose, its own version of “Two Minutes Hate.” Like the leaders of Orwell’s Oceania, the Times has become increasingly heavy-handed in its propaganda.

Excluding alternate explanations of events, even if supported by solid evidence, the Times arrogantly creates its own reality and tells us who to hate.

In assessing the Times’s downward spiral into this unethical journalism, one could look back on its false reporting regarding Iraq, Iran, Syria or other Middle East hotspots. But now the Times is putting the lives of ourselves, our children and our grandchildren at risk with its reckless reporting on the Ukraine crisis – by setting up an unnecessary confrontation between nuclear-armed powers, the United States and Russia.

At the center of the Times’ propaganda on Ukraine has been its uncritical – indeed its anti-journalistic – embrace of the Ukrainians coup-makers in late 2013 and early 2014 as they collaborated with neo-Nazi militias to violently overthrow elected President Viktor Yanukovych and hurl Ukraine into a bloody civil war.

Rather than display journalistic professionalism, the Times’ propagandists ignored the evidence of a coup – including an intercepted phone call in which U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt discussed how to “mid-wife” the regime change and handpick the new leaders.

The Times even ignored a national security expert, Statfor founder George Friedman, when he termed the ouster of Ukraine’s elected president “the most blatant coup in history.” The Times just waved a magic wand and pronounced that there was no coup – and anyone who thought so must reside inside “the Russian propaganda bubble.”[See Consortiumnews.com’s “NYT Still Pretends No Coup in Ukraine.”]

Perhaps even more egregiously, the Times has pretended that there were no neo-Nazi militias spearheading the Feb. 22, 2014 coup and then leading the bloody “anti-terrorist operation” against ethnic Russians in the south and east who resisted the coup. The Times explained all this bloodshed as simply “Russian aggression.”

It didn’t even matter when the U.S. House of Representatives – of all groups – unanimously acknowledged the neo-Nazi problem when it prohibited U.S. collaboration in military training of Ukrainian Nazis. The Times simply expunged the vote from its “official history” of the crisis. [See Consortiumnews.com’s “US House Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine.”]

Orwell’s Putin

Yet, for an Orwellian “Two Minute Hate” to work properly, you need to have a villain whose face you can put on display. And, in the case of Ukraine – at least after Yanukovych was driven from the scene – that villain has been Russian President Vladimir Putin, who embodies all evil in the intense hatred sold to the American public.

So, when Putin presents a narrative of the Ukraine crisis, which notes the history of the U.S.-driven expansion of NATO up to Russia’s borders and the evidence of the U.S.-directed Ukrainian coup, the Times editors must dismiss it all as “mythology,” as they did in Monday’s editorial regarding Putin’s remarks to an international economic conference in St. Petersburg.

The article concludes with material taken from an interview with Putin concerning the events in Ukraine.

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Greek Film Shows Way Out of Debt Bind

"Debtocracy" a 75-minute documentary made for $15K has inflamed popular resistance in Greece by casting the debt crisis in a new light.

Seen on the Internet by over a million Greeks, the film convincingly argues that the debt is a neo-liberal ("Economic Hitman") scam and there are strong precedents for repudiating it.

The brainchild of Costas Lapavitsas, an economist and professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, the film introduces the concept of "odious debt" which the US used in 2003 to renounce Saddam Hussein's $120 B debt to Russia and France.

Defined in the 1920's by Russian economist Alexander Sacks, "odious debt" is incurred by a despotic power, "not for the needs or in the interest of the State, but to strengthen its despotic regime, to repress the population that fights against it, etc. This debt is odious for the population of all the State."

He went on. "This debt is not an obligation for the nation; it is a regime's debt." Sack called it "a personal debt of the power that has incurred it." When this power falls, that debt "consequently . . . falls with the fall of this power."

Sack also considered a debt odious when, "the loans incurred by members of the government or by persons or groups associated with the government to serve interests manifestly personal - interests that are unrelated to the interests of the State." A bribe is an example of a manifestly personal interest.

Now, in order for a debt to be deemed "odious," Sack said that the lender must also be aware that the loan is "contrary to the interests of the nation."

In this case, Professor Sack said, "the creditors have committed a hostile act" against the people. They can't therefore expect that a nation freed from a despotic power will assume the 'odious' debts, which he called "personal debts of that power."

As we shall see, these criteria apply to Greece. But first the film looks at:


The 'Illuminati' banker-IMF method of absorbing the world's wealth is well documented. They bribe corrupt regimes to incur huge debts for costly boondoggles built by companies owned by the same bankers. Then the bankers make their targets repay these "loans" (created out of thin air) by accepting severe "austerity" programs and privatizing national enterprises and resources.

At first we thought this predatory behavior was reserved for the Third World, but now it's clear Europe and America are also in their cross-hairs.

Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador didn't think most of his government's income should be used to service the national debt. He ordered an "audit committee" to investigate how this debt was incurred and discovered that 70% was due to the corruption of prior regimes.

He renounced that debt. Equador's bonds fell to 20 cents on the dollar. His government secretly bought it back and saved seven billion dollars in interest.

Interestingly, many civil servants at the Ministry of Finance refused to cooperate with the audit committee. There is always a class which is in cahoots with the bankers and profits at the expense of the people.

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Friday, 26 June 2015

CrossTalk: Kiev Cul-de-Sac

Cul-de-sacs and fault lines: There is no shortage of either in today’s Ukraine. The government in Kiev appears to be losing its ability to rule as international creditors grimly await the conditions of Ukraine's financial default. As rumored, is Washington now looking for a way out?

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BBC Explains Cuts in Yanukovych Interview on Crimea as Not 'Newsworthy

A spokesperson from the BBC explained to Sputnik why certain portions of its Yanukovych interview, such as dealing with his personal zoo were aired while those dealing with political issues such as Crimea were not.

The BBC spokesperson told Sputnik on Tuesday that it did not include ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's views on Crimea's 2014 reunification with Russia because they were not considered "most newsworthy."

The BBC instead featured remarks by Yanukovych on ostriches he maintained in his residence's zoo in his first ever interview to the Western media since the coup which ousted him. Yanukovych stated in the interview that residents of Crimea decided to break away from Ukraine and join Russia in March 2014, because they were shocked by the violence of the coup that ousted the former Ukraine president.

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Richard Dolan and Peter Robbins on The Current State of the UFO Field - June 13, 2015

They importantly discuss the issue as part of the corrupt National Security state system referring to examples of disinformation and official documentation. People who dismiss the issue of UFO sightings do not have any appreciation of the data.

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Self-Destruct! UK Govt Deleting Emails Putting Transparency into Question

British MPs are spearheading a crackdown on government transparency, trying to make it more difficult for UK citizens or journalists to request info under the Freedom of Information Act. RT UK correspondent Eisa Ali has more details.

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Bernie Sanders Confronts Alan Greenspan

Watch Bernie Sanders tell Alan Greenspan, in 2003, that Americans are not living the way that Mr. Greenspan imagines they are. Then just 5 years later Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, admits that there is a flaw in his ideology.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

“Balance” in UN Gaza Report Can’t Hide Massive Israeli War Crimes

There can be no surprise that the UN Human Rights Council’s independent investigation of Israel’s assault on Gaza last summer found evidence of massive and systematic war crimes.

Its report, published Monday in Geneva, says investigators were “able to gather substantial information pointing to serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law by Israel and by Palestinian armed groups.”

“The extent of the devastation and human suffering in Gaza was unprecedented and will impact generations to come,” the chair of the investigation commission, Justice Mary McGowan Davis told media, adding that “there is also ongoing fear in Israel among communities who come under regular threat.”

Despite the “balanced” language that is now the habitual refuge of international officials hoping to avoid false accusations of anti-Israel bias, the evidence shows that the scale and impact of Israeli violence dwarfs anything allegedly done by Palestinians.

Israel systematically targeted Palestinian residential buildings and infrastructure without any apparent military justification. The horror of what Israel did, detailed in the 183-page report, cannot be adequately summarized here.

In total, 2,251 Palestinians were killed, including 1,462 Palestinian civilians, among them 551 children, the report states. More than 11,000 Palestinians, including 3,540 women and 3,436 children, were injured with almost 10 percent suffering permanent disabilities.

Six civilians died in Israel and more than 60 Israeli soldiers died in fighting with the Palestinian resistance.

But a key finding is that the mass destruction and killing inflicted by Israel, often amounting to war crimes, “may have constituted military tactics reflective of a broader policy, approved at least tacitly by decision-makers at the highest levels of the Government of Israel.”

This finding provides an important basis for Palestinians to pursue Israeli leaders, not just their uniformed subordinates, and bring them to justice in international courts.

The report also confirms that Israel remains the occupying power in Gaza as far as international law is concerned, because it continues to exercise “effective control” over the territory. Israel is therefore subject to all the legal obligations of an occupying power to protect civilians there.

It also found a massive escalation of Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem in the weeks preceding and during the Gaza assault that was “overshadowed by the tragic events in Gaza.”

Related News:

Israeli settlers chop down 70 olive trees in Salfit, Nablus

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The Misrepresentation of Israeli Aggression as Self-Defense (RECAP)

“Last July, shortly after the outbreak of war in Gaza, President Barack Obama declared that “Israel has the right to defend itself against what I consider to be inexcusable attacks from Hamas.” To demonstrate the general moral applicability of this position, he said that “no country can accept rocket [sic] fired indiscriminately at citizens.” Obama’s claims provided ideological cover for Israel to carry out wholesale slaughter over the next six weeks in which nearly 2,200 Palestinians were killed.

Obama also conveniently turned reality on its head by ignoring the fact that it was Israel that was responsible for nearly three times as many cease fire violations as Hamas since December 2012. Israel’s violations of the 2012 cease fire caused the deaths of 18 people, while Palestinian violations caused none. Since the end of the 51-day war in August 2014, Israel predictably has gone on violating the most recent cease fire even more brazenly and with complete impunity.

The latest cease fire agreement stipulated that Hamas and other groups in Gaza would stop rocket attacks, while Israel would stop all military action. As with past truces, Hamas has observed the conditions. On the rare occasions that individuals or groups have fired rockets from Gaza, Hamas has arrested them. (See also here and here.)

Israel, on the other hand, has failed to live up to its end of the bargain. This is consistent with past practice. Israel has continued its illegal siege on the Gaza strip, while indiscriminately harassing and shooting at the local population. Fishermen and farmers, who are trying to subsist amid dire economic conditions, have born the brunt of the aggression.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights documented 18 instances of Israeli soldiers firing on Palestinian fishermen operating within internationally recognized Palestinian waters in September 2014 alone.

Readers should note that the rocket attacks from Gaza only came after the Israelis had arrested and killed a number of Palestinians after the murders of three Israeli teens in the West Bank. The authorities had known that the teens had been killed, and yet they pretended they were abducted to launch 'a search' of Gaza. This didn't make much sense since the murders occurred in the West Bank - by a group, the authorities said at the time, with no ties to Hamas. The whole incident was a deliberate ploy to kill more Palestinians.

Related Info:

What The Media Isn't Telling You About Israel's Attack On Gaza 2014

Who Broke The Cease Fire - Hamas or Israel 2008

Link: A Brief Gaza Conflict Timeline - from Whatreallyhappened.com

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Dear Public Broadcaster, Where are Your Stories that Show the Real Causes of the Conflict in Syria? A letter to ABC News Australia

ABC, where are your stories that address the real causes of the War? Where is your coverage of the declassified DIA documents that show the west is supporting (via proxy) the extremists in Syria??

On your 'ABC News' Facebook wall you posted a story that told how Australian extremist fighters had recently been killed in Iraq or Syria. I wrote the following comment (Please note that censorship of important information prolongs conflict - think of the Vietnam War). Clipped Text:

It is a great crime that the ABC neglects to tell the public that the escalated conflict in Iraq is directly due to the West's support for extremists, including ISIS, in Syria.

These idiots going over to fight with ISIS are suckers for Western backed regime change policy. A recently declassified 2012 Defence Intelligence Agency document, that should be HEADLINE NEWS but isn't, states that "the West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" have been supporting 'Salafist, Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda in Iraq' forces in Syria since the very beginning of the conflict.

For many years respected sections of the alternative media have pointed to evidence that the war in Syria is a proxy conflict organised by State actors and given cover by propagandised corporate media.

Sometimes evidence for this WAR CRIME does appear on mainstream TV, like (You Tube Search) 'DW TV's report showing ISIS supply lines' (trucks+extremists) moving across the open Turkish/NATO border, or General Wesley Clark on Fox News explaining that The West uses extremists as a tool of foreign policy - and that the jihadists would not succeed without State sanctioned support. President Obama even admits that the US is supporting 'moderate' rebels whose commanders have stated in interviews ('The Covert Origins of ISIS' YT) that they work with Al Nusra and ISIS.

I direct everyone to the following video that highlights the content of the declassified DIA report on western support for ISIS, and ask yourself where have ABC journalists been when it comes to reporting such information to the public? The ABC hase been sent this material and yet there is nothing but the continued fiction that the wars are largely internal affairs. Those following the geopolitical situation will know that the rise of the extremists would NOT have happened without outside support. Only by exposing the real causes of the conflict, by sharing this important information, can the war be ended. The clip here shows the actual declassified documents:

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Radiological Emergency – Northern Hemisphere

In previous blog posts, I’ve made the case, once more, that FUKUSHIMA IS STILL FISSIONING. Before you roll your eyes, answer me some questions, will you.

It’s either th├ít, or there’s a meltdown happening somewhere that “nobody” knows about yet… Given rather peculiar “Fukushima fingerprint”-type radioisotope detections, I think, sense, feel, and know, this must be investigated. So I’m calling on any and all courageous inquisitive people with integrity, scientists and government agencies with the ability to get to the bottom of this:

WHERE IS this recent (Spring 2015!) synthetic (not naturally occurring) radioactive fallout cloud that passed over parts of Europe (including Zirconium-97, Iodine-131, Cesium-134 & 137, Cobalt-60, Ruthenium-103, and Niobium-95) COMING FROM ?

The bottom line is that the Fukushima reactors are still releasing fission products and will continue to do so for tens, if not hundreds, of years. This is low level nuclear fallout, and it has long term health impacts.

What needs to happen NOW is the creation of a huge engineering project to encase the entire Fukushima plant area within a concrete containment dome, one that stretches under the site. The harmful hot particles must isolated, as happened after Chernobyl. In hundreds of years time we will have the technology to fully clean up the mess.

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NSA, GCHQ Hacked Kaspersky, Other Cybersecurity Companies – Snowden Docs

US and British spy agencies worked to reverse-engineer antivirus software in order to "exploit such software and to prevent detection of our activities." Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab was particularly targeted.

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Keiser Report (E774): Bring Austerity to Bankers!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, in a double header, discuss the evidence emerging that QE is causing deflation as the wealthy delay consumption to participate, instead, in rapidly rising stock, bond and house prices. They also discuss two reports out - one from the IMF and the other from the OECD - that expanding the finance sector is not possible without causing further economic decline. Only austerity for bankers will do and bashing the finance sector into a smaller, more manageable (and profitable) size will save us.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Crisis News: Ukrainian Defense Ministry Aid Joins DPR Militias (Defections Begin) 23.06.2015

An aide to Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Aleksandr Kolomiyets, has joined the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic. "I am Aleksandr Kolomiyets, a major-general of the Ukrainian Armed Force, and my latest position was that of a chief military analyst and aide to the Ukrainian defense minister," he told a news conference at the Donetsk News Agency. Many of his former fellow servicemen, too, were prepared to join the republics’ militias, he said.

When a war is knowlingly unjust, then ordinary soldiers, who are generally good people, will have a difficult time risking their lives for such a venture.

Related Info:

Member of Kiev's Top Brass Defects to Rebels, Predicts More Like Him
“I am going to work for the good of the Donetsk People’s Republic,” Kolomiyets (not to be confused with oligarch Igor Kolomoysky) announced.
he defector says he took his family out of the Ukrainian capital, fearing repercussions from officials.
He also claims a lot of people in the Ukrainian military want to switch to the self-proclaimed republics’ side, including officers. According to Kolomiyets, hundreds have already abandoned Kiev.
“Look at who is actually fighting. Only the volunteers from nationalist squads,” the defector said at the news conference.
There is growing dissatisfaction with the commanders, Kolomiyets said. “Soon, there is going to be unrest within the military. They do not understand the orders they are given, to kill civilians. We are going to see that by autumn, everything will change.”


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Foreign Policy Diary 'The New War of Transnistria'

Important new battlefront likely to open up in the Ukraine conflict.

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One Person Dead, a Tragedy; A Million Dead, a Statistic

How does the government and media handle small, individual tragedies versus tragedy on a massive scale, for example through wars? What does it say about society?

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Dealing with Civil War Morons - It Was Not Fought Over Abolition + Recent History re: The Confederate Flag

"Most Americans believe the U. S. “Civil War” was over slavery. They have to an enormous degree been miseducated. The means and timing of handling the slavery issue were at issue, although not in the overly simplified moral sense that lives in postwar and modern propaganda. But had there been no Morrill Tariff there might never have been a war. The conflict that cost of the lives of 650,000 Union and Confederate soldiers and perhaps as many as 50,000 Southern civilians and impoverished many millions for generations might never have been.

A smoldering issue of unjust taxation that enriched Northern manufacturing states and exploited the agricultural South was fanned to a furious blaze in 1860. It was the Morrill Tariff that stirred the smoldering embers of regional mistrust and ignited the fires of Secession in the South. This precipitated a Northern reaction and call to arms that would engulf the nation in the flames of war for four years.

In May of 1860 the U. S. Congress passed the Morrill Tariff Bill (named for Republican Congressman and steel manufacturer, Justin S. Morrill of Vermont) raising the average tariff from about 15% to 37% with increases to 47% within three years. Although this was remarkably reminiscent of the Tariffs of Abomination which had led in 1832 to a constitutional crisis and threats of secession and armed force, the U. S. House of Representatives passed the Bill 105 to 64. Out of 40 Southern Congressmen only one Tennessee Congressman voted for it.

U. S. tariff revenues already fell disproportionately on the South, accounting for 87% of the total. While the tariff protected Northern industrial interests, it raised the cost of living and commerce in the South substantially. It also reduced the trade value of their agricultural exports to Europe. These combined to place a severe economic hardship on many Southern states. Even more galling was that 80% or more of these tax revenues were expended on Northern public works and industrial subsidies, thus further enriching the North at the expense of the South.

In the 1860 election, Lincoln, a former Whig and great admirer of Henry Clay, campaigned for the high protective tariff provisions of the Morrill Tariff, which had also been incorporated into the Republican Party Platform. Lincoln further endorsed the Morrill Tariff and its concepts in his first inaugural speech and signed the Act into law a few days after taking office in March of 1861. Southern leaders had seen it coming. Southern protests had been of no avail. Now the South was inflamed with righteous indignation, and Southern leaders began to call for Secession.

A lot of people like to point to the fact that many of the Confederate memorials and flags were erected in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement as evidence that it is racist, however they don't realize that the 1960's was the Centennial of the war which was a huge deal at the time with massive celebrations and parades taking place around the country, with all of the States setting up Centennial Commissions and passing legislation to commemorate the States veterans and soldiers that were called to service to protect their States from invasion. The Confederate flag had virtually no negative connotations then, neither did it in the 80's when America was all watching the The Dukes of Hazzard, or in the 70's when they were all going to Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts and etc...

In fact in the 1960's the Confederate battle flag was so popular during the Centennial that even civil rights groups and anti-war organizations adopted it to show Southern solidarity and fight for a "New South" against other racist pro-segregation groups that were also trying to use the flag. Groups like the Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) both used the Confederate battle flag in their logos, but of course nobody is taught about them in school today, and only about the pro-segregation groups using the flag. The former group actually urged Southerners to "secede" from racism and the Vietnam War, and the latter group was actually infiltrated by the FBI by order the President to spy on their strategy which helped lead to the groups demise

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More Austerity? Default? Grexit? EU Talks Spawn Panic...& New Vodka

Good clip pointing out some of the hypocrisy surrounding the situation concerning Greece.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants

You've heard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you also know that laughter is a tyrant slayer? Today on The Corbett Report we examine how laughter can change people's perception and undermine even the most entrenched tyranny. James also launches a brand new DVD, "Laughing At Tyrants" that combines some of the funniest Corbett Report videos into a great tool for spreading truth and unlocking minds.

Contains excellent clips from comedians that point out the corruption in our world and how their use of comedy can connect to a wider audience. Humorously delivered cynicism or satire, that play with fact, can break down barriers on what might have previously been considered 'taboo' subjects.

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Military Report of Novorossia 21.06.2015

Ukrainian forces have shelled a passenger bus around the settlement Pishevik around Donetsk today. There are many causalities there. Settlements Pervomaisk, Stahanov and Kirovsk have cut off water supply today because the infrastructure had been damaged by Ukrainian shellings. Movement of Ukrainian troops has been fixed in the sector of Topolinka today. Kiev’s side has been concentrating troops and military equipment there.

Where is the international outrage at Kiev's breaking of the Minsk agreement? They are blatantly preparing for war and nothing is being done to stop the aggression.

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Greece is on Fire - #NewWorldNextWeek

Story #1: Europe Fails to Get a Deal as #Grexit Looms
Debt Truth Committee: Greece's Debt 'Illegal, Illegitimate and Odious'
Story #2: Stop and Seize - Aggressive Police Take 100s of Millions of Dollars from Motorists Not Charged With Crimes
Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Texas Law Establishes Bullion Deopsitory

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IMF Humiliates Greece, Repeats It Will Keep Funding Ukraine Even If It Defaults

One week ago, we were stunned to learn just how low the political organization that is the mostly US-taxpayer funded IMF has stooped when, a day after its negotiators demonstratively stormed out of the Greek negotiations with "creditors", Hermes' ambassador-at-large Christone Lagarde said that the IMF "could lend to Ukraine even if Ukraine determines it cannot service its debt."
In other words, as Greece struggles to avoid a default to the IMF on debt which was incurred just so German banks can remain solvent and dump trillions in non-performing loans to US hedge funds and Greek exposure, and which would result in the collapse in the living standards of an entire nation (only for a few years before an Iceland-recovery takes place, one which Greece would already be enjoying had it defaulted in 2010 as we said it should), and as the "criminal" IMF does everything in its power to subjugate an entire nation, or else let it founder, the IMF told Soros' BFFs over in Kiev, that no matter if they default to its private creditors (in fact please do since Russia is among them), the IMF would keep the debt spigot flowing.

Courtesy of the US taxpayer of course.

Fast forward one week when, with Greece one step closer to a full-blown financial collapse, the IMF comes out and tell Ukraine - which already passed a law allowing it to impose a debt moratorium at any moment - not to worry, that even in a default it will keep providing unlimited funds.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Address to the International Conference on the European/Russian Crisis Created by Washington - Paul Craig Roberts

The United States has pursued empire since early in its history, but it was the Soviet collapse in 1991 that enabled Washington to see the entire world as its oyster.

The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in the rise of the neoconservatives to power and influence in the US government. The neoconservatives have interpreted the Soviet collapse as History’s choice of “American democratic capitalism” as the New World Order.

Chosen by History as the exceptional and indispensable country, Washington claims the right and the responsibility to impose its hegemony on the world. Neoconservatives regard their agenda to be too important to be constrained by domestic and international law or by the interests of other countries. Indeed, as the Unipower, Washington is required by the neoconservative doctrine to prevent the rise of other countries that could constrain American power.

Paul Wolfowitz, a leading neoconservative, penned the Wolfowitz Doctrine shortly after the Soviet collapse. This doctrine is the basis of US foreign and military policy.

The doctrine states:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

Notice that Washington’s “first objective” is not peace, not prosperity, not human rights, not democracy, not justice. Washington’s “first objective” is world hegemony.
Putin blocked Obama’s planned invasion of Syria and bombing of Iran. The unmistakable rise of Russia refocused Washington from the Middle East to Russia’s vulnerabilities.

Ukraine, long a constituent part of Russia and subsequently the Soviet Union, was split off from Russia in the wake of the Soviet collapse by Washington’s maneuvering. In 2004 Washington had tried to capture Ukraine in the Orange Revolution, which failed to deliver Ukraine into Washington’s hands. Consequently, according to neocon Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Washington spent $5 billion over the following decade developing Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that could be called into the streets of Kiev and in developing Ukrainian political leaders willing to represent Washington’s interests.

Washington launched its coup in February 2014 with orchestrated demonstrations that, with the addition of violence, resulted in the overthrow and flight of the elected democratic government of Victor Yanukovych. In other words, Washington destroyed democracy in a new country with a coup before democracy could take root.

Ukrainian democracy meant nothing to Washington. Washington was intent on seizing Ukraine in order to present Russia with a security problem and also to justify sanctions against “Russian aggression” in order to break up Russia’s growing economic and political relationships with Europe. Washington feared that these relationships could undermine Washington’s hold on Europe.

Sanctions are contrary to Europe’s interests. Nevertheless European governments accommodated Washington’s agenda. The reason was explained to me several decades ago by my Ph.D. dissertation committee chairman who became Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. I had the opportunity to ask him how Washington managed to have foreign governments act in Washington’s interest rather than in the interest of their own countries. He said, “money.” I said, “you mean foreign aid?” He said, “no, we give the politicians bags full of money. They belong to us. They answer to us.”

Recently, the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte wrote a book, Bought Journalists, in which he reported that every significant European journalist functions as a CIA asset.

This does not surprise me. The same is the situation in the US.

As Europe is an appendage of Washington, a collection of vassal states, Europe enables Washington’s pursuit of hegemony even to the extent of being driven into conflict with Russia over a “crisis” that is entirely a propaganda creation of Washington’s.

The media disguises the reality.
The right-wing is obsessed with immigration of darker-skinned peoples, and 9/11 has become an argument against immigration. The left-wing awaits the oppressed to strike back against their oppressors. The 9/11 fable survives as it serves the interests of both left and right.

I can tell you for a fact that if American national security had so totally failed as it is represented to have failed by the official explanation of 9/11, the White House, the Congress, the media would have been screaming for an investigation. Heads would have rolled in agencies that permitted such massive failure of the national security state. The embarrassment of a Superpower being so easily attacked and humiliated by a handful of Arabs acting independently of any intelligence agency would have created an uproar demanding accountability.
Instead, the White House resisted any investigation for one year. Under pressure from the 9/11 families who lost family members in the World Trade Center Towers, the White House created a political commission consisting of politicians managed by the White House. The commission sat and listened to the government’s account and wrote it down. This is not an investigation.

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Israel Threatens Military Intervention in Syria's Civil War

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, has issued a veiled threat to intervene directly in Syria's civil war for the first time, after Syrian rebels surrounded a village occupied by the Druze minority close to the border.

Monitors from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the village of Khadr was now surrounded by rebels, who had taken a hilltop immediately to the north.
Druze leaders in Israel and the Golan Heights warned that they might storm the frontier to save their relatives, fearing a sectarian massacre.

The Israelis have actually been supporting Al Nusra extremists in the Syrian proxy war. The humanitarian crisis they have helped create is an excuse to occupy land in the Golan Heights. By using captured territory in Syria, Israeli military forces will be able to flank Hezbollah positions in Southern Lebanon next time there is a war. Rather than drive through a fortified Hezbollah line, the Israeli army will strike as far north as possible, to blockade and encircle Southern Lebanon.

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Oliver Stone: Ukrainians are Suffering from US 'Ideological Crusade' Against Russia

In response to those who took exception with his claims that the Ukrainian crisis involved “outside agitators,” Oliver Stone took to social media to advance his argument, saying that Ukrainians are the victims of a US strategy akin to Cold War 2.0.

This week, Stone stirred a political firestorm with his views on what he believed sparked the Ukrainian crisis, following a private interview with Viktor Yanukovich, the former Ukrainian president who was ousted in the February 2014 coup.

"It seems clear that the so-called ‘shooters’ who killed 14 policemen, wounded some 85 and killed 45 protesting civilians, were outside, third-party agitators,” Stone said, following his four-hour conversation with Yanukovich in Moscow. “Many witnesses, including Yanukovich and police officials, believe these foreign elements were introduced by pro-Western factions – with CIA fingerprints on it.”

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Keiser Report (E773): Cloud Money

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss relying on insiders and whistleblowers for truth about monetary policy and central bank crimes as mainstream financial media outlets just report what they believe is the position of the central bank that day. In the second half, Max interviews tech pioneer, Halsey Minor, about BitReserve.org, cloud money and the crushing of forex and remittance markets by bitcoin and the blockchain.

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Putin Straight Talk v. Obama Double Talk - Stephen Lendman

Putin says what he means and means what he says. His style is forthright. He follows through on what he says.

Obama is polar opposite – an inveterate serial liar with no credibility whatever. He says one thing and does another.

On the occasion of Ramadan, he duplicitously extended “warmest greetings” to world Muslims he’s been systematically mass slaughtering since day one in office with no letup.

If he really cared for their rights and welfare, he’d immediately order all US direct and proxy wars of aggression ended. He’d stop destabilizing Muslim countries and end persecuting Islamic people at home and abroad.

He’d end the charade about a so-called Iranian nuclear weapons program that the whole world knows doesn’t exist.

He’d cease all US financial, political and military support for Israel until it recognizes Palestinian statehood within June 1967 borders and ends its illegal occupation once and for all – both unconditionally.

He’d stop pursuing regime change in one independent country after another. He’d put Wall Street and other corporate crooks in prison where they belong – plus CIA torturers for their high crimes.

He’d end punishing austerity and go all-out to increase social benefits – including replacing corporate controlled Obamacare with universal healthcare for all Americans.

He’d dismantle America’s police state apparatus and repressive laws. He’d support fair and equitable trade, not what benefits corporate predators at the expense of consumers.

He’d end Big Brother spying on everyone without just cause. He’d obey international, constitutional and US statute laws instead of breaching them consistently. He’d serve all Americans equitably – not just the rich and powerful.
“Not military conflicts but global decisions like the US unilateral withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) lead to a Cold War,” Putin explained.

“This more in fact pushes us to a new round of the arms race, because it changes the global security system.”

Washington lied claiming ABM withdrawal was to counter threats from North Korea and Iran. No such threats exist. Both countries want normal relations with America and other Western nations. Instead they’re bashed for maintaining sovereign independent rights.

The Bush administration ended ABM to install anti-missile systems intended to negate Russia and China’s strategic nuclear forces. Obama pursues the same belligerent policy.

“The problem is that Washington is constantly trying to impose its standards and decisions on us with no regard to our interests,” said Putin.

“In essence the “exceptional” country says,’we are better’ as if the US knows better what is good for us. Well, let us decide for ourselves what our interests and needs are as dictated by our history and culture.”

Putin accused Washington of irresponsibly meddling in Russia’s internal affairs, which is the same way Washington operates globally, a nuclear-armed bully throwing its weight around.

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Jon Stewart Taken Down a Peg - Ry Dawson on US Shootings (UPDATED)

Jon Stewart's American and Northern exceptionalism.
It's great to not be racist, but if that's all you can see here I think you've missed the boat. And if you think America pretends like racism doesn't exist apparently you haven't turned on a TV or read a facebook post anytime recently. America is obsessed with biological categories. There have been a lot of mass shootings in recent years and I think the elephant in the room is mental illness and big pharma. Unfortunately a lot of people are racist but they dont go around murdering people. This is the reaction of a mentally ill man watching countless accounts in media of a society obsessed with race.

Another side to the recent shooting incident (beyond simple racism) - mental illness and prescription medicine, and also the selective use of racism (while ignoring other forms).

Related Info (UPDATE):

Jon Stewart Fans Taken Down a Peg
-This is addressing the moronic comments i got on the last video from both racist and race hustlers.

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Amnesty intl Slams All 50 US States for Lacking Laws on Police Use of Lethal Force

Amnesty International has accused all 50 US states of failing to safeguard its citizens against lethal police violence. International standards, found in the United Nations’ Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials, call for lethal force to be used only as a last resort, to protect officers from death or serious injury. However, not a single state in the entire US has a law codifying such restrictions.

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Keiser Report (E772): Craft Beer & Crowdfunding

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about transabled economies like the UK where economic policy seems intent on disabling growth, innovation and the economy. Or in the US where bankers pretend they're not able to survive without never-ending infusions of free money. In the second half, Max interviews James Watt of BrewDog about crowdfunding, the craft beer industry and StartCOIN ATMs.

The UK Gov is selling assets for short term gains - "selling the cow to buy the milk" as Max says. The money is going into stock and housing bubbles. This cycle is undermining the Government's ability to provide services, which is the goal - to hasten monopolised privatisation. Ordinary people will still be taxed, as they become more like serfs, while big business will force people to pay a premium for everything.

And the people at the top, like Mark Carney, are linked to banksters, and they are not stupid - which is why I think these strategies are deliberate. It is to allow private individuals or institutions, such as the banks, to own, and make large profits from, everything.

The big problem, conceptually, is that the elite's objectives hinge on 'free market' (private) control of things (which leads to concentration of wealth via 'bigger fish' asset accumulation), rather than a pluralistic economic freedom. This system ends up strangling economic activity and innovation at the low and mid levels of the economy.

The way around the tyranny is political action, via a new Government, and the application of (anti-monopoly) Law for the business and property markets, changes to the stockmarket system (return Glass Steagall Act, void derivatives, no quarterly reporting system, etc), the introduction of Public Banks (like North Dakota's), and the general adherence to the idea of the Public Commons. Companies that do not need to raise capital should not be listed on the stockmarket. A free Internet is essential (which will be the next/continuing target of the elite), in order to go forward with ideas for change and innovation.

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