Monday, 20 April 2015

US Will Eventually Bomb Iran as it Bombed Others - Foreign Policy Expert William Blum

Obama's time as leader of the US is coming to an end - his term concludes next year. Wannabe presidents have already joined the race to the White House. And as President Obama goes through the final year of his rule, Washington suddenly changes its tone – now Iran is an appropriate nation to talk to, and it's okay to meet with Cuban and Venezuelan leaders. But what is in that change? Has Washington finally dropped its previous policies? What does Obama want to achieve? And will the new, as yet unknown, leader of America make any difference? We pose these questions to prominent historian, author of bestsellers on US foreign policies, William Blum, who is on Sophie and Co today.

Blum is correct, that Washington seeks domination over countries that are not within their sphere, and that all US peace moves should be seen as Machiavellian maneuvers.

One additional point about the extremists 'that have been inadvertently unleashed' in the Middle East - these extremists have backing from nation states allied to the USA, like Turkey and Saudi Arabia. If the US withdraws from foreign interventionism, then we should see other states held to the same level, such that we would see the extremist's logistical and personnel lines drastically undermined.

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