Thursday, 23 April 2015

CrossTalk: Destroying Yemen

As Yemen is pulverized into oblivion, it remains unclear just exactly what Riyadh hopes to achieve in this war. Washington has tied itself to this conflict, but can’t control or explain it. Soon there won’t be much of Yemen left to make peace with. CrossTalking with David Hearst, Sama'a Al-Hamdani, and Hillary Leverett.

The clip points out that the Houthis in Yemen are no angels, and that ISIS, or Al Qaeda, is set to benefit from Saudi-US intervention. The resulting chaos is a legitimate goal for military-security states. With hostile countries controlled by 'militants' arms manufacturers will benefit immensely, as will oil producers as prices rise due to the instability.

At present the Saudi coalition has stopped its bombardment of Yemen, presumably because they could not buy (literally) ground forces from Pakistan or Egypt to go in on foot. They are declaring victory by saying they are satified they destroyed enough heavy weapons, including tactical missiles (SCUDS), so that Yemen could not threaten the Kingdom. What remains to be seen is whether the naval blockade will be enforced - which would be a humanitarian disater because Yemen imports 90% of its food.

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