Friday, 6 March 2015

Alleged Boston Bombers' Backpacks Not the Same as Bomb Backpacks - WRH RECAP

This is the official FBI photo of the remains of the BLACK backpack they claimed held the pressure cooker bomb:

In this next photo we see the two Tsarnaev brothers on the left, wearing light and dark GREY backpacks! To the right is a figure known as "military man" who is wearing a BLACK backpack.

The surviving brother is in solitary confinement...without access to the media or to religious services...and is denied the right to confidential communication with his attorney. Even Timothy McVeigh wasn't locked down like that.

Two weeks after the Boston bombing, the government lawyers realize they don't actually have a case against Lee Harvey Tsarnaev, the supposed hospital bed confession turned out to be a media rumor for which no court admissible confirmation exists, so suddenly, two weeks after a "Magic Confession" magically appears (according to the government) on the wall of the boat where Tsarnaev was hiding. Photos of the boat on the day Tsarnaev was captured show no signs of any such note.

And let us not forget how the FBI was trying to coerce Ibragim Todashev into implicating the Tsarnaevs in a drug-murder, to trick the public into believing these were bad guys not worthy of a second thought, which ended with the FBI shooting and killing the reluctant (and unarmed) Todashev when he tried to leave; once in the crown of the head! The cover-up of THAT murder is due out next year.

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Reposted in light of the Boston Bombing trial where the defence team appears to be part of the problem - their defence tactic, of admitting guilt, looks like a plea bargain strategy to avoid the death penalty. The big problem is the Tsarvaev bags which, as far as I can see, are grey and light grey, do not match the FBI's pic of the black bomb bag debris - which is same type of bag as other people present at the crime scene. It does not matter what fairy story has been told about the events surrounding the crime if the bags don't match. I dunno what exactly happened, but when the images and evidence don't add up, I'd like to see a good explanation. ... plus what about the FBI murder of the Tsarnaev brother's friend Ibragim Todashev. 

This is a Rachel Maddow clip on the murder of Todashev, who apparently was executed by the FBI (important elements of the FBI are corrupt - unlike the fantasy you see on TV - which can be found out in simple internet search checks where you can see where they have framed people, killed people, intimidated people, had blackmail files on people, engaged in counterintelligence against peace activists etc). When the FBI tells you a story, there is a possibility, especially if it is related to terrorism or political murder, that it will be false.

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