Saturday, 7 February 2015

Explaining WHY Al Jazeera Journalist Peter Greste Was Targeted by Egyptian Authorities

The explanation as to WHY Al Jazeera journalists (Arab news people!) were targeted in Egypt recently, and sent to prison, does not appear in the mainstream press. To clear things up - to end the 'mystery' of this event - a few facts need to be recognised..

The key point to recognise is that the state of Qatar, that runs Al Jazeera, has been backing extremist forces in the Syrian Proxy War (note: European arms supplied to Qatar were found in the hands of these fighters) from very early in the conflict, with other war supporters being the Muslim Brotherhood and (previously) Hamas. The biggest players involved in the Syrian war include Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the USA (with its support for 'moderate rebels').

Anyway after the Egyptian Army took control again in Egypt, and ended Muslim Brotherhood rule, including the support for the fighting in Syria, they naturally feared a propaganda backlash from their supporters in Qatar - hence the round up of Al Jazeera reporters. 

Australian journalist Peter Greste, one of the Al Jazeera journalists that were imprisoned, was charged with "aiding a terrorist group", something the mainstream press reported as a "vague" accusation. Naturally the press, that regularly facilitates mass murder by covering up the real causes for war in places like Libya, Syria and Ukraine, was unable to inform their audience why such charges might have been laid. 

In fact, Western media, including Al Jazeera, have been lying their heads off about the conflict in Syria with the BBC fabricating a story about chemical weapons along with CNN's 'Syria Danny' propaganda.

Whichever way you cut it the media has been pushing lies and repeating falsehoods coming from Washington and London in order to serve geopolitical goals at the cost of human lives:

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