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PROPAGANDA: ‘It was us’, Not UFOs, CIA Claims

The CIA says its most popular stories in 2014 was a previously classified report that linked the spy agency’s activities in the 1950s to UFO sightings. What Americans called unidentified flying objects was really test flights of the U2 spy plane at altitudes of over 60,000 feet.

This is an old propaganda strategy by the CIA (and the USAF), to imply that all UFO sightings can be explained away as misidentifications of mundane objects - like aircraft, balloons, meteors, birds, clouds, the planet Venus etc. The idea that some of the more well documented sightings of flying discs or lights, that performed extraordinary maneuvers, can be explained by U2 spy plane flights, is utterly ridiculous. The documentary 'UFOs, Lies and the Cold War' directly addresses this issue:

Readers should note that the CIA was charged with covering up and ridiculing UFO reports through a strategy laid out in 1953. A special review, know as the Robertson Panel (see 26 min mark in the above video), recommended the CIA use its influence in the media (CBS) and in academia (debunkers) to shift serious interest away from the subject of UFOs. The panel itself, at least from the information that was declassified, stated that they thought all sighting reports were likely misidentifications of ordinary objects, despite being given evidence to the contrary, and that a disinformation campaign was needed in order diminish these kinds of reports that were interfering with USAF monitoring of Soviet activities. The CIA has been issuing lies about UFO reports for more than 60 years.  

Paranormal TV - CIA , the Robertson Panel and UFOs

Readers should also note that the CIA has ALWAYS been involved in controlling (media) information. The idea that they only do foreign intelligence is a misnomer.

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