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Ignoring the Proxy War in Syria: Letter to the Herald Sun Newspaper (Australia)

Here is a (perhaps too long) letter I sent to the letters section of the Herald Sun Newpaper in Australia. They'll never print it:

Ignoring the Proxy War in Syria

The world is doing more than simply 'ignoring the war in Syria' (Steven Katsineris letters 25/1). The world has been misled, by a chorus of corrupt political and media entities, into thinking this conflict is largely an internally driven affair rather than a western military-intelligence sponsored proxy war.

The culpability of the US, UK, France, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia has been kept hidden thereby diminishing our interest and feeling of responsibility for western involvement.

Ask yourself these simple questions.

Where is the CIA and the Turkish military when it comes to respectively monitoring and closing the border with Syria to stop the influx of extremist fighters and materiel into the battlezone - as seen in multiple German (DW) TV reports? Why does the US continue to arm 'moderate' rebels that openly admit they co-operate with Al Nursa and ISIS? Why did the US Government falsely push the idea that the chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta were the work of the Assad regime when the extremists had already been caught on numerous occasions using and threatening to use these weapons - most notably pointed out in an earlier UN investigation led by Carla Del Ponte? Why, when members of the Saudi Royal Family openly admit their support for the extremists, even having their intelligence chief Prince Bandar removed for failing to get results, does the US say nothing?

The well researched know that powerful neoconservative orientated groups in the US and UK have been seeking to open up a conflict in Syria from at least 2001. General Wesley Clark (ret.) recalled plans to attack 7 Middle Eastern countries within 5 years in the wake of the 911 attacks, while journalist Seymour Hersh's 2007 article on Bush Administration goals reported similar ambitions. The ex-French foreign minister Roland Dumas stated on national television that he was approached by British officials in 2009 for his support in initiating actions to bring about regime change in Syria. Indeed, we have early reports from Nov 2011, that reveal the escalating conflict in Syria was being directly supported by the US and Turkish authorities via the NATO airbase at Incirlik (the whistleblower site Boiling Frogs cites this evidence).

So what is the motive?

Simply put, all the participating countries in the war have strong controlling interest groups that want to see the Assad Government fall in order to maintain their monopolisation of the oil trade and bring about the destruction of Israel's enemies.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media facilitates this mass murder project by obfuscating the truth - literally ignoring evidence of State support for the extremists who are doing the West's dirty work. Both left and right wing sections of the press are responsible, including both The Herald Sun and The Age newspapers. The only way to end the fighting is to expose the real causes of the war beyond simply stating that a humanitarian disaster is unfolding.

I would have added more to this letter if the word count was not an issue...
I'd also ask:
*Why the US refused to support the Maliki Government in Iraq, for months on end, when they requested help, and finally when the US did attack ISIS they bombed oil and grain facilities in Syria (where the former target was about to be retaken by the Syrian Army).
*Why have the Israelis been providing medical aid to extremists operating in the Golan Heights (Syria)? There are photos of this.
Plus, I'd point out that the media is not simply being uncritical or silent on these activities but have actively generated regime change propaganda from CNN's 'Syria Danny' who fabricated stories of indiscriminate shelling to the BBC that fabricated a story of a chemical attack by altering the audio of an incident that involved napalm.

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