Saturday, 27 December 2014

99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix) ORIGINAL UPLOAD - President Barack Obama

This Barack Obama rap mix up is close to the truth.

As President, Obama hired corporate lobbysts to fill official positions, he continued using the practice of issuing executive orders, maintained an opaque (non-transparent) government, neglected to do anything substantive in the first 2 years of office - when the democrats controlled all levels of Government, he attempted to keep troops in Iraq indefinitely (which were only withdrawn because the Maliki Government refused to give them immunity from prosecution), signed into Law the NDAA that 'authorises' (in section 1021) indefinite detention without trial, refused to prosecute Bush officials for launching the illegal war on Iraq, refused to prosecuted Bush officials for authorising torture, refused to prosecute bankers for gross acts of control and securities fraud, did not use his authority as commander in chief to shut the Guantanamo military prison immediately as he could have, escalated the extrajudicial drone strike campaign in countries not at war with the USA, continued to back regimes in places like Saudi Arabia when it suited 'US interests' and attacked others like Libya and Syria for the same reason, pushed war propaganda against Russia over events in Ukraine that errupted because of a US backed coup in Kiev, continued the persecution of whistleblowers who dutifully reported incidents of corrupt activity - as they were supposed to do, and engaged in other activities which were almost the exact opposite of the pre-election campaign statements he made.

And Obama, as a Senator, voted for the Patriot Act and voted for the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He received more banking campaign contributions than John McCain in 2008.

President Obama is part of the establishment. The fact that he speaks well cannot hide the fact that he says one thing, such as wanting to defend human rights, and then does the opposite. 

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