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ISIS Can be Stopped if we Understand the Geopolitics Behind the Conflict - A Letter to Triple J's Hack Program

LETTER: (sent to this link)

After listening to part of your broadcast it seems that this episode, and the expert guests that appeared, did not have a full understanding of the situation.

If you have been following the conflict closely, and you understand the military and intelligence relationship the US has to countries like Turkey (Gladio B) and Saudi Arabia (Prince Bandar), then you will realise that the flow of jihadists into the conflict zone in Syria and Iraq is no accident. There is a shared geopolitical goal here, which is/was to remove the uncooperative, pro-Iranian Maliki Government (in Iraq) and to remove President Assad from power in Syria.

There are two main reasons why these countries, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey (etc), are co-operating against Syria and Iraq:

The first is to disrupt the proposed Syria-Iraq-Iran oil pipeline that would have undermined the Turkish (pipeline) and Saudi business monopolies into Europe, and;

The second is to satisfy the goals of neoconservative policy makers in Washington who are associated with policy papers (the PNAC document) that favour the fragmentation of these countries.

In regard to this second point, it should be noted that, despite the fact a Democrat President now sits in the White House, overall US policy objectives have not changed. Forensic examination of how things are working during the Obama Presidency reveals a continuation from the Bush era.

Although presently criticised for withdrawing troops from Iraq at the end of 2011, the Obama Administration actually tried to keep them in the country, but were denied by the Maliki Government after they refused to grant the soldiers legal immunity. The Obama Administration also instituted the National Defence Authorisation Act where section 1021 allows the Government to detain people without charge who are suspected(!) of involvement in 'terrorist activities'. Furthermore, the people Obama has appointed in key foreign policy positions, at the UN and State Department, are neocon hawks - ie Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland.
Please watch the following video, consisting mostly of mainstream news reports, that point out instances of covert Western support for ISIS conducted in efforts to destroy the Syrian State. It is very important that you carefully consider the sources cited in the clip when evaluating the material here:


ISIS can be stopped.

The way to stop them is to shut down their support networks by asking US, Turkish, Saudi, Jordanian, Qatari, UK, French and Israeli intelligence to cease their ongoing operations; have the relevant Governments close their borders; and immobilise ISIS kinetically via the use of US air power - in support of the Iraqi Armed Forces. The Syrians should be allowed unlimited assistance from Russia and Iran.

Contrary to the memes floating around in the press, hitting columns of jihadist filled pick-up trucks and Humvees from the air is very straightforward. The only difficult aspect is the politics and the inevitable civilian casualties, such that we see with US drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

The other aspect in stopping the ISIS support network is to make deals with Sunni tribal leaders in the region by offering either a legitimate power sharing deal in Baghdad or by offering a level of autonomy from the Shia regions of Iraq.

Please contact me if you need further assistance. There is a lot more information, media reports, raw videos, news investigations (etc), concerning this subject that backs up the content in the link I provided.

Terrorism can be stopped if we have a more detailed understanding of the situation.

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