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Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS? - Corbett Report

As bombs start dropping in Syria and Iraq, the world is once again being asked to cower in fear of a shadowy terror group that most people hadn't heard of just a few months ago. But even the most cursory examination of ISIS's past, its connections, and the actors populating it reveal a very different story than the one we are being asked to believe in. Fake terrorists. Foreign backers. False flags. Meet the new boogeyman, same as the old boogeyman.

Excellent background information that contains information going back to the insurgency in Iraq and names countries, with documentation, that include the USA, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. The important thing to understand is WHY. The clip explains the why. Make sure to watch the video or play it as 'radio noise' while you do other things.

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Ron Paul on Illegal Syria War, Terror Blowback and the Tea Party Hijacking

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin speaks with former Congressman and three time presidential candidate, Ron Paul, discussing his views on the ramifications of expanding the war against ISIS into Syria, how US foreign policy has exacerbated the growth of Islamic extremism, the hypocritical partnership with Saudi Arabia, and the marginalization of alternative views outside of the two party system.

An excellent interview with Ron Paul - a strong opponent of the establishment.

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The Geopolitics of the Syria Conflict and the Lack of Information in the Mainstream Press: A Letter to CIS

The following is a letter sent to the Centre for Independent Studies in response to one of their analysts appearing on the Australian ABC News network. The matter relates to Australian participation in the attack on ISIS.


As someone in the public eye, with the ear of the ABC, I hope that you and CIS might like seriously challenge the present discourse on the Syrian conflict.

Months ago when ISIS started to gain control of large areas of northern Iraq I commented on my own geopolitical news blog that nothing would be done to stop this group as it was being used as a tool to unseat the Maliki Government and to wage war for regime change in Syria.

Nothing was done. This was despite repeated requests from the Iraqi Government. It was only until ISIS began to threaten the Kurdish oil interests in the north - host to US corporations - that token measures were taken to discourage them in that area.

Presently ISIS have redirected their efforts towards Syria and are now being used as cover to continue the western attack upon Assad’s secular Government – after the chemical weapons ruse failed earlier this year.

The recent round of airstrikes against the oil facilities in ISIS occupied Syria were not intended to damage the extremists but to undermine the Syrian State. There was no reason to destroy the facilities, especially since the SAA was poised to launch a counter offense in the area. Complimentary airstrikes from the west, targeting the extremists themselves and their equipment, would have been sufficient. Also the increased funding and arming of the FSA is another clear sign of the illegal western strategy for regime change in the country.

I have been sharing the following video, labelled The Covert Origins of ISIS, that provides a good summary of the situation regarding the proxy war in Syria.


The video contains a lot of good material but it is not exhaustive. There are other points to add to the clip that I’ve archived since 2011 – particularly the fact that the original ‘armed gangs’ that hijacked the democracy movement had been staging out of the NATO base at Incirlik in southern Turkey.

I regularly make complaints to the ABC about their outstandingly poor coverage of foreign affairs issues that involve the USA. It is like they have no critical thinking ability when it comes to dealing with Statements (or actions) made by US leaders. They do not challenge, neither do most of their ‘expert’ guests challenge, the factually incorrect statements put out by US officials especially rhetoric such as “Russian aggression” or assertions that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons - whereas all indications (from the UN, Russians, and MIT scientists) show rebels being responsible for every instance.

Please watch the video link above and take up some of the issues.

Some things to consider airing are:

1. The war in Syria is a proxy conflict. There would have been no war if not for a western military alliance that involves the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan and Israel.
2. This alliance has been arming and funding the rebels since the beginning in 2011. According to ex-French foreign minister Roland Dumas, UK officials had approached him in 2009 to help change the Government in Syria.
3. Assad’s Military did not use chemical weapons in the conflict.
4. The earlier Homs massacre was conducted by rebels not the SAA.
5. People have fled the country because of the extremists, that include the FSA, rather than because of the SAA (although not exclusively) according to peace activists who have toured the refugee camps.
6. ISIS was given training in anti-tank weapons use by US, UK and French advisors according to Der Spiegel and The Guardian newspapers.
7. Extremist fighters have stated in TV interviews that they were taken to Qatar for training where they were instructed by US personnel.
8. The USA, via their officials, including the President and their Secretary of State, have repeatedly told deliberate lies about the conflict in order to escalate their own involvement.

Please inform the public. What we are facing will be US mission creep in the air campaign and the continued support of extremists (including the FSA) that are set to take over in Syria – which would be a disaster for the various minority groups living there.

Thanks for Your time,


Ps. I can point to numerous videos put out by other geopolitical (alternative media) analysts predicting the events unfolding presently. It’s not hard to work out what is going on here.

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Bill Black, Former Financial Regulator, Explains How to Rob a Bank (and get away with it)

William Black is an associate professor of economics and law at UMKC. He has held many prestigious positions, including executive director for Fraud Prevention. He recently helped the World Bank develop anti-corruption initiatives and served as an expert for OFHEO in its enforcement action against Fannie Mae's former senior management. He is a criminologist and former financial regulator.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

US to Become Al Qaeda's Air Force?: U.S. Considers a No-Fly Zone to Protect Civilians From Airstrikes by Syria (NYT)

The Obama administration has not ruled out establishing a no-fly zone over northeastern Syria to protect civilians from airstrikes by the Syrian government, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Friday.

Mr. Hagel and General Dempsey indicated they are open to considering the request of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey for a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border, where tens of thousands of Syrians have sought refuge. Mr. Hagel said, “We’ve discussed all these possibilities and will continue to talk about what the Turks believe they will require.” He said 1.3 million Syrian refugees are now in Turkey.
General Dempsey added that “a buffer zone might at some point become a possibility,” but he said it was not imminent. Creating a buffer, or no-fly zone, would require warplanes to disable the Syrian government’s air defense system through airstrikes.
The mission creep to support regime change is underway. The FSA rebels are also getting more weapons. Air strikes in Syria are illegal. The strikes against ISIS are the gateway to attack the secular Syrian State.

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Is Iraq War 3 Really Illegal Syria War? 9/11 Truthers 'as Dangerous as ISIS'?

War in Iraq: Rushanara Ali MP steps down from Labour front bench in protest at military action

Pretty decent podcast or radio broadcast dealing with UK involvement in Syria with the guest pointing to British special forces training of extremists in Turkey and Jordan. The Jordan training info was reported in the international press in 2012. Also pointed out is direct Saudi and Qatari  funding and support of ISIS - as opposed to the misleading view they are self funding through individual donations and oil sales. The war 'against ISIS' is just cover for a western regime change attack on the secular Syrian Government.

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US Biodefense: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

In The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, author Graeme MacQueen ties together a considerable breadth of evidence related to both the attacks of September 11, 2001 and to the subsequent anthrax letters, weaving together a tapestry which is compelling and logically coherent.

The anthrax letters, also known as the anthrax attacks or “Amerithrax,” were put into the mail in the weeks following 911. The letters, which contained anthrax spores, were sent to both media offices and also to two Democratic U.S. Senators, killing five people and infecting seventeen others.

MacQueen has a Ph.D. in comparative religion from Harvard University and stepped down from his position at McMaster University after over thirty years in order to pursue his activities in justice and peace work. He promotes a thesis that the anthrax letters were perpetuated by a well-coordinated US government conspiracy, implemented by the same parties who were behind the events of September 11. His documentation is compelling in its use of open source material to reveal a pattern and inherent design behind the seemingly chaotic events of that time period.

MacQueen’s logic, in which he not only cogently supports his viewpoint but also shoots down possible alternative explanations for the same events, leads the reader, step by step, through a maze of news reports, disinformation campaigns and perpetrator hypotheses with the studied deliberation of a seasoned detective on the trail of an arch-criminal. In this case, the arch-criminal would be a group of U.S. government insiders — neo-cons — whose power to exert their collective will on the international and domestic stages has left a trail of tell-tale clues.

The author demonstrates that there was fore-knowledge of the anthrax attacks by a number of Washington insiders, including not only the resident of the Oval Office, President Bush, but also members of the Washington DC press corps. And in the face of such a shocking claim, MacQueen delivers, citing instance after instance, including the 2008 admission by
Washington Post
columnist Richard Cohen, in which Cohen reveals he was advised to procure Cipro (the antibiotic of choice to combat anthrax) around September 11, before the anthrax letters were even mailed.


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Keiser Report (E659): Black Hole of Debt

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the the supermassive black hole of debt at the center of the UK economy from which nothing escapes: Wealth, jobs, hope are all sucked in and still the hole grows. In the second half, Max interviews Ben Dyson of PositveMoney.org about the UK deficit and mounting debt and about the monetary ignorance of most Members of Parliament.

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Is The US Targeting Oil Refineries To Stop ISIS or Assad?

Although it is true that ISIS/ “moderate death squads” had seized control over the oil refineries in Eastern Syria and were using them for their own strategic purposes (with the help of NATO command), it is also true that, in a large portion of these areas, the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) was poised to retake control.

This is particularly the case in Dayr el Zor, where the SAA had
recently launched a major offensive against the death squads causing ISIS fighters trapped by arial bombardment and escape routes cut off by the SAA. In other words, the death squads were trapped in Dayr el Zor, the city was weeks away from being liberated, and the surrounding areas were set to be reconquered by the SAA. This, of course, would have led directly to the retaking of the oil refineries by the Syrian government. Unfortunately, that opportunity has now been lost as a result of the U.S. airstrikes which destroyed the refinery infrastructure.

It should also be remembered that most of the death squads fled these areas after being given forewarning of a series of imminent American airstrikes, thus causing the civilian casualties to be higher in number than those of the ISIS fighters the strikes were allegedly targeting. Indeed, many of these fighters
have appeared in Northern Syria on the Syria/Turkey border reinforcing other death squad battalions in efforts to reopen supply lines from Turkey.

Similar situations are found in the other locations mentioned as targets of U.S. airstrikes such as al-Hasakah where the
SAA had made significant gains alongside Kurdish forces.

Thus, as SAA forces moved in to retake control of the oil refineries managed by terrorists funded by Western powers, the United States initiated airstrikes just in the nick of time to deprive SAA forces of the opportunity to seize some of the oil refinery infrastructure it desperately needs.
It is also important to note that virtually none of the infrastructure being destroyed by the United States airstrikes was built by ISIS. It was built by the Syrian government.

The airstrikes are designed to destroy Syrian infrastructure. This is no mistake, and is part of the heinous regime change proxy war being fought here.

Related Info:

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

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'No Al-Qaeda, Islamist Fundamentalism in Iraq before Blair & Bush Invasion' - Galloway to MPs

British MP George Galloway has been met with praise and criticism for his speech given in Parliament today, where he set out his case against military intervention in Iraq.

Galloway's solution is to support the Government in Baghdad, plus the Kurds, and have neighbouring countries use their air forces to defeat ISIS. He is against the idea of Western forces meddling in these affairs. Galloway also identifies the fact that ISIS has been supported by the head-chopping regime of Saudi Arabia. He might have added that the West could also support the Government in Syria that has been fighting these kinds of extremists for the last 3 years.

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Turkish Cooperation with ISIS - A Comment Made at the Defence Blog 'SNAFU'

The following comment was made at a defence blog, SNAFU, in an attempt to help explain what is happening in Syria and Iraq:

The points about Turkey raised by "Unknown" on this thread are supported in a video called The Covert Origins of ISIS that is a collection of mainstream news reports and raw footage.


Even if one does not agree with all of the 'opinions' presented in the clip there is still a great deal of content that cannot be explained away in terms of an independently functioning extremist organisation - as opposed to state sponsored extremists.

Many other videos and reports reveal an open Turkish border and facilitation by Turkish authorities of arms and personnel into the war. There is a video (German TV) of jihadists assembling in a house in southern Turkey before crossing into Turkey, and reports of trucks full of arms being stopped by Turkish border guards and then let through under orders from higher up.

The economic news site Zero Hedge recently reported that ISIS oil was being transported through Turkey and sold in Eastern Europe.

Rather than flood the comment section with links it's better just to consider the content (incomplete though it is) in that one link above. Many people may not even bother to check it out, but it's a good starting point for those wanting to understand what is happening.

IMHO, as a geopolitical blogger, none of the present events occurring in Iraq or Syria are a mystery. They are tied to the ongoing regime change program directed at Syria and the ouster of the Iran-friendly Maliki Government. This is why months ago you could guess that no real action would be taken to bomb those lines of Toyota pick up trucks crossing the desert in Iraq. This is why nothing significant is being done now and why we have a 'reaction' to this crisis that involves further arming of the FSA rebels, who cooperate with ISIS and Al Nusra.

As a citizen whose Government 'representatives' commonly send forces into conflict zones I cannot help but be interested in the reasons why this is being done so that, if given the chance, I can voice my opposition if the mission looks to be a foolish one or a scam.

Eric Palmer has labelled the Afghanistan mission Useless Dirt presumably because the task was to rout out Al Qaeda, not spend time occupying the country to destroy the Taliban who were not interested in overseas engagements.

So is Turkey helping ISIS fighters and other extremists? Is Saudi Arabia doing the same? Does the US Government know about this and support them because of the regime change agenda push -  all the while stalling on real action and selling what is an ineffective theatre show military operation to the public as if it were being serious. The evidence based answer seems to be yes.  

Final thoughts: Covert operations do occur. Things are almost never black and white. Those that remember Iran Contra will know that backdoor channels exists, and that deals can and are made, often via proxies, with our enemies in order to serve questionable strategic objectives.

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Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative? — Paul Craig Roberts

Who is the worst terrorist–ISIS, a group that is redrawing the artificial boundaries created by British and French colonialists, or Washington with its Wolfowitz Doctrine, the basis of US foreign policy, which declares Washington’s dominant objective to be US hegemony over the world?

ISIS is the creation of Washington. ISIS consists of the jihadists Washington used to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and then sent to Syria to overthrow Assad. If ISIS is a “network of death,” a “brand of evil” with which negotiation is impossible as Obama declares, it is a network of death created by the Obama regime itself. If ISIS poses the threat that Obama claims, how can the regime that created the threat be credible in leading the fight against it?

Obama never mentioned in his speech the central problem that the world faces. That problem is Washington’s inability to accept the existence of strong independent countries such as Russia and China. The neoconservative Wolfowitz Doctrine commits the United States to maintaining its status as the sole Unipower. This task requires Washington “to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.” A “hostile power” is any country that has sufficient power or influence to be able to limit Washington’s exercise of power.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine explicitly targets Russia: “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere.” A “rival” is defined as any country capable of defending its interests or those of allies against Washington’s hegemony.

In his speech, Obama told Russia and China that they can be part of Washington’s world order on the condition that they accept Washington’s hegemony and do not interfere in any way with Washington’s control. When Obama tells Russia that the US will cooperate with Russia “if Russia changes course,” Obama means that Moscow must accept the primacy of Washington’s interest over Russia’s own interest.

Clearly, this is an inflexible and unrealistic position. If Washington keeps to it, war with Russia and China will ensue.

Obama told China that Washington intended to continue to be a Pacific power in China’s sphere of influence, “promoting peace, stability, and the free flow of commerce among nations” by building new US air and naval bases from the Philippines to Vietnam so that Washington can control the flow of resources in the South China Sea and cut off China at will.

As far as I can tell, neither the Russian nor Chinese governments understand the seriousness of the threat that Washington represents. Washington’s claim to world hegemony seems too farfetched to Russia and China to be real. But it is very real.

By refusing to take the threat seriously, Russia and China have not responded in ways that would bring an end to the threat without the necessity of war.

For example, the Russian government could most likely destroy NATO by responding to sanctions imposed by Washington and the EU by informing European governments that Russia does not sell natural gas to members of NATO. Instead of using this power, Russia has foolishly allowed the EU to accumulate record amounts of stored natural gas to see homes and industry through the coming winter.

Has Russia sold out its national interests for money?

Much of Washington’s power and financial hegemony rests on the role of the US dollar as world reserve currency. Russia and China have been slow, even negligent from the standpoint of defending their sovereignty, to take advantage of opportunities to undermine this pillar of Washington’s power. For example, the BRICS’ talk of abandoning the dollar payments system has been more talk than action. Russia doesn’t even require Washington’s European puppet states to pay for Russian natural gas in rubles.

One might think that a country such as Russia experiencing such extreme hostility and demonization from the West would at least use the gas sales to support its own currency instead of Washington’s dollar. If the Russian government is going to continue to support the economies of European countries hostile to Russia and to prevent the European peoples from freezing during the coming winter, shouldn’t Russia in exchange for this extraordinary subsidy to its enemies at least arrange to support its own currency by demanding payment in rubles? Unfortunately for Russia, Russia is infected with Western trained neoliberal economists who represent Western, not Russian, interests.

When the West sees such extraordinary weakness on the part of the Russian government, Obama knows he can go to the UN and tell the most blatant lies about Russia with no cost whatsoever to the US or Europe. Russian inaction subsidizes Russia’s demonization.

China has been no more successful than Russia in using its opportunities to destabilize Washington.

The opening part of this article by Roberts outlines the lies told by Obama at the UN to highlight  Washington's rhetoric:
Obama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life. It is absolutely amazing that the president of the United States would stand before the entire world and tell what everyone knows are blatant lies while simultaneously demonstrating Washington’s double standards and belief that Washington alone, because the US is exceptional and indispensable, has the right to violate all law.

It is even more amazing that every person present did not get up and walk out of the assembly.

The diplomats of the world actually sat there and listened to blatant lies from the world’s worst terrorist. They even clapped their approval.

The rest of the speech was just utter bullshit: “We stand at a crossroads,” “signposts of progress,” “reduced chance of war between major powers,” “hundreds of millions lifted from poverty,” and while ebola ravages Africa “we’ve learned how to cure disease and harness the power of the wind and the sun.” We are now God. “We” is comprised of the “exceptional people”–Americans. No one else counts. “We” are it.

It is impossible to pick the most absurd statement in Obama’s speech or the most outrageous lie. Is it this one? “Russian aggression in Europe recalls the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit of territorial ambition.”

Or is it this one? “After the people of Ukraine mobilized popular protests and calls for reform, their corrupt president fled. Against the will of the government in Kiev, Crimea was annexed. Russia poured arms into eastern Ukraine, fueling violent separatists and a conflict that has killed thousands. When a civilian airliner was shot down from areas that these proxies controlled, they refused to allow access to the crash for days. When Ukraine started to reassert control over its territory, Russia gave up the pretense of merely supporting the separatists, and moved troops across the border.”

The entire world knows that Washington overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, that Washington refuses to release its satellite photos of the destruction of the Malaysian airliner, that Ukraine refuses to release its air traffic control instructions to the airliner, that Washington has prevented a real investigation of the airliner’s destruction, that European experts on the scene have testified that both sides of the airliner’s cockpit demonstrate machine gun fire, an indication that the airliner was shot down by the Ukrainian jets that were following it. Indeed, there has been no explanation why Ukrainian jets were close on the heels of an airliner directed by Ukrainian air traffic control.

The entire world knows that if Russia had territorial ambitions, when the Russian military defeated the American trained and supplied Georgian army that attacked South Ossetia, Russia would have kept Georgia and reincorporated it within Russia where it resided for centuries.
The obstacle to real peace in the world today is not Russia or China or even ISIS, but the corrupt Government of the USA that is policy driven to instigate conflict around the world.

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Turkey Preparing for Syria Occupation?

As Western-backed terrorists drive allegedly tens of thousands of refugees into Turkish territory, and amid what is being called a "sustainable, persistent campaign" of air assaults, missile strikes, and other assorted attacks on Syrian territory, the West is preparing to dust off plans to establish a "buffer zone" in northern Syria protected by NATO troops - particularly from Turkey.
Hurriyet Daily News in its article, "Turkey’s top soldier inspects troops on Syrian border as gov't signals joining anti-ISIL bid, " indicated Turkey was preparing to join the unilateral, illegal strikes on Syria led by the US and backed by several Persian Gulf autocracies. Hurriyet reported:
Turkey’s land forces commander inspected troops along the Syrian border on Sept. 24, as the Turkish government signaled a policy change in actively joining the international coalition led by the United States against the jihadist threat in Iraq and Syria.

 A regime change agenda is what the war in Syria is all about. The Western attacks on ISIS are cover for overthrowing a secular Government and carving up the country.

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Israel Part of US Anti-Syrian Coalition

It's unannounced. It's no secret. Israel is heavily involved. It's been so all along. It wants Assad ousted.

It bombs Syrian targets at its discretion. It supplies weapons to Islamic State terrorists and other extremist Takfiri fighters.

It treats their wounded in Israeli hospitals. It supplies other support overtly and covertly.

On Tuesday, Israel confirmed it shot down a Syrian Sukhoi 24 fighter jet aircraft. It used a surface-to-air missile against it.

It said it "infiltrated into Israeli airspace." It's unclear if Israel's claim is true. Crew members ejected.

They landed safely in Syrian territory. Reports indicate aircraft remains fell into Mediterranean Sea waters.

Syria was bombing areas around Quneitra. It's near Israeli-controlled Golan.

Damascus authorities said Israel committed an act of aggression. Syrian state television quoted a military source.

He said downing its aircraft coincides with US-led airstrikes. It's part of Israel's "support for the terrorist (Islamic State) and Nusra Front."

It constituted a flagrant violation of Security Council Resolution 2170. It calls on UN Member States "to suppress the flow of foreign fighters, financing and other support to Islamist extremist groups in Iraq and Syria…"

It "condemned in the strongest terms what it called 'gross, systematic and widespread abuse' of human rights by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) and Al-Nusra Front."

It "demanded that ISIL, Al-Nusra Front and all other entities associated with Al-Qaida cease all violence and terrorist acts, and immediately disarm and disband."

It called for "further firm Council action to deal with them."

SC members welcomed its adoption. So did Iraq and Syria.

It's a resolution for peace and stability. Obama's war sabotages them. So does Israeli complicity.

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RECAP: Sibel Edmonds: US Government Needs to Keep the Fear Factor Alive

The Obama administration has the worst track record when it comes to prosecuting whistleblowers. Obama once claimed he'd work hard to have a transparent government, but many have faced retaliation for revealing controversial government information. Sibel Edmonds, who is a whistleblower, waited 340 days for FBI clearance of her memoir but finally released it on her own. Edmonds, founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, joins us for more.

The most important aspect to this interview is the fact that US intelligence agencies directly aided Al Qaeda and related groups before and AFTER the attacks of September 11.

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Keiser Report (E658): Devastating Drive-by Doctoring

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the trend of drive by doctoring devastating the net worth of comatose and vulnerable patients. Meanwhile, Canadian television is warning citizens to avoid driving in the USA because "on an American roadway with a full wallet, in the eyes of thousands of cash-hungry cops you're a rolling ATM." In the second half, Max interviews Steve Beauregard of GoCoin.com. The interview was completed before PayPal announced its deal with the company, but they discuss the platform which enables the use of altcoins for payments.

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Friday, 26 September 2014

'ISIS is CIA False Flag Operation, Pretext for War Inside Syria & Iraq'

US military has confirmed that the US-led coalition have launched five airstrikes on the Islamic State militants. Geopolitical expert William Engdahl joins RT to discuss this issue.

The truth is the US and its allies in the Middle East have been backing the rebels in Syria since the very start of the conflict. This western military alliance has been backing all the extremist groups including large elements of the FSA, who have been working with ISIS and Al Nusra. The CIA was reportedly shipping weapons (and fighters) out of Libya after Gaddafi's fall, via Benghazi, to support the fighting in Syria.

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The Truth About U.S. Air Strikes on Syria With Syrian Girl

Is the U.S. bombardment of Syria really just about targeting ISIS?

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US Bombed ‘Empty Buildings’ in Airstrikes on ISIL in Syria

According CNN Middle East correspondent Arwa Damon (photo, above), resident from the town of Raqqa, in northeastern Syria had “mixed reactions to US strikes”. The reason given was a real shocker:

Damon revealed on air that early Wednesday that ISIL terrorists who were held up in the town may have been tipped off weeks in advance to the US airstrikes on Tuesday. According to Damon:
“15-20 days before the airstrikes, (ISIL) buildings were evacuated, and fighters then mixed in with the local population”.

This surprising admission by CNN would mean that the US military may have only destroyed empty buildings in Raqqa, and that Washington’s inflated claims of dead ISIL fighters are probably exaggerated. In other words, it was all a big show, and ISIL’s capabilities were not degraded at all by Obama’s celebrated US blitzkrieg in Syria.

The target is still the Syrian Government and the extremist rebels, whether the FSA or ISIS, are still part of the equation. The BRICS countries should lend their support to President Assad's secular Government.

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Keiser Report (E657): Price Propaganda

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the price propaganda of markets that convinces voters and investors to vote and bet against their own self-interest. Meanwhile, banking crooks seldom pay their high-profile fines and French farmers have just set the tax office on fire in protest at sanctions driving down the price of their goods. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com about the latest in ponzi economics: average weekly earnings, median household income, house prices and Alibaba’s valuation.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Ebola Efforts In A State Of Complete Chaos

The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa has reached a state of disorganized chaos as the World Health Organization attempts to launch a controversial program that would bring those infected with ebola out of their homes and moved into temporary holding facilities that would offer them isolation from infecting family members and basic care.WHO predicts 21,000 new ebola cases by November and as many as 1.4 million by late January if something isn’t done quickly to contain the poorly managed situation.

The real numbers of dead appear to have been covered up.

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US Bombs Syria & Updates - Dawson

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Susan Rice Caught Lying About Benghazi - Rep. Trey Gowdy Whistleblower Questioning

Game over, even more proof Obama and his administration are a bunch of corrupt liars.

The US operation in Libya involved a CIA station that reportedly was involved in shipping arms out of the country (to Syria). The attack that killed 'Ambassador' Stevens was a direct assault by extremists, where prior warnings had been issued beforehand to beef up security, and were ignored by the State Department (ie Hilary Clinton and friends) - not the result of any 'protest'.

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Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

The Federal Reserve and its bullion bank agents (JP Morgan, Scotia, and HSBC) have been using naked short-selling to drive down the price of gold since September 2011. The latest containment effort began in mid-July of this year, after gold had moved higher in price from the beginning of June and was threatening to take out key technical levels, which would have triggered a flood of buying from hedge funds.

The Fed and its agents rig the gold price in the New York Comex futures (paper gold) market. The bullion banks have the ability to print an unlimited supply of gold contracts which are sold in large volumes at times when Comex activity is light.

Generally, on the other side of the trade the buyers of contracts are large hedge funds and other speculators, who use the contracts to speculate on the direction of the gold price. The hedge funds and speculators have no interest in acquiring physical gold and settle their bets in cash, which makes it possible for the bullion banks to sell claims to gold that they cannot back with physical metal. Contracts sold without underlying gold to back them are called “uncovered contracts” or “naked shorts.” It is illegal to engage in naked shorting in the stock and bond markets, but it is permitted in the gold futures market.

The fact that the price of gold is determined in a futures market in which paper claims to gold are traded merely to speculate on price means that the Fed and its bank agents can suppress the price of gold even though demand for physical gold is rising. If there were strict requirements that gold shorts could not be naked and had to be backed by the seller’s possession of physical gold represented by the futures contract, the Federal Reserve and its agents would be unable to control the price of gold, and the gold price would be much higher than it is now.
... eventually the large US trade deficits produced by offshoring the production of goods and services sold into US markets and the collapse of the middle class and tax base caused by jobs offshoring will destroy the value of the US dollar.

When that day arrives, US living standards, already endangered, will plummet. American power will have been destroyed by corporate greed and the Fed’s policy of sacrificing the US economy in order to save four or five mega-banks, whose former executives control the Fed, the US Treasury, and the federal financial regulatory agencies.

The gold price rigging is to support the US dollar and hide the state of the economy. Without economic reforms in the US, that favour the underlying economy rather than Wall Street, it will only be a matter of time before this present scheme fails - and in many ways it already has, with overall poverty increasing across the country.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Syria Airstrikes! Dozens Killed or Wounded After Bombs Hit 'ISIS' Targets!

The US-led coalition is conducting airstrike assault on positions of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) organization on the territory of Syria. The strikes reportedly involve a mix of fighter, bomber and tomahawk land-attack missiles.

Apparently the Syrian Government was given advanced warning of the attack. If the US only bombs ISIS then this will be a good outcome in terms of stopping extremist forces operating in the country.

The big problem is that making attacks within a sovereign state, without permission, is illegal and in this case could be used as a prelude for some sort of false flag shootdown of US aircraft. The downing of a US aircraft would then be used as an excuse to destroy the Syrian airforce and air defence systems. After all, Syria is being targeted by the US, so expect these airstrikes to switch to something more sinister (apart from the materiel support and funding of the terrorist rebels in that country).

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Associated Press Investigates Americans Supporting ISIS - Forgets John McCain

To be sure, Americans who embrace jihad and take part in it overseas pose a real threat to the national security of the United States should they decide to return home. The reality of Islamic extremism is, of course, one which the United States government should know very well since it is the United States that has funded, directed, armed, and trained the overwhelming majority of it for the last several decades.

Yet, for all of the fear and investigation provided by the Associated Press writers, there is precious little mention of other American citizens who travel to places like Syria to provide military or material support to terrorists. Curiously and conveniently, there was no mention of the more high-profile individuals who have provided material support to terrorism.

For instance, there was not one mention of Senator John McCain.

Indeed, of those who provide material support to terrorism, John McCain would obviously rank at the top of the list.

After all, John McCain led the charge in support of ISIS even before the terrorist group actually was called ISIS. Even after the new name and the brutality of its terrorist acts were revealed, John McCain has continued to push the outlandish lie that ISIS is a better choice than the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. He has also pushed for the U.S. Congress to support acting as Al-Qaeda’s Air Force in Syria.

Yet while his ideology may not be a crime, actually meeting and coordinating with Al-Qaeda most certainly is. In this regard, McCain has overwhelmingly demonstrated his guilt, having been caught in a number of photographs with the leader of death squad battalions, cannibals, and even the leader of al-Qaeda/ISIS himself.

McCain’s phot-op in Syria is a very interesting case since members of the general public are still considered as guilty of “providing material support” to them if they engage in the same activities.

Regardless, Salem Idriss, one of the men seen in the photograph with John McCain, is the commander of the FSA, the “opposition group” touted as a “moderate rebels.” In reality, of course, the FSA is nothing of the sort.
The FSA is no stranger to atrocities. The FSA is the “moderate opposition” that was filmed forcing a young child to behead a Syrian soldier. It is also the “moderate opposition” that maintained “burial brigades,” a system of mass murder and mass executions against soldiers and those who support the Syrian government. The burial brigades were only one small part of a much wider campaign of terror and executions implemented by the Free Syrian Army.

Of course, the Free Syrian Army is merely the umbrella group of death squads carefully crafted to present a “moderate” face on what is, in reality, nothing more than savage terrorists. Thus, the FSA encompasses(d) a number of smaller “brigades” of al-Qaeda terrorists in order to cover up the true nature of its own ranks.

One such brigade was the Farouq brigade, to which Abu Sakkar was a member. Sakkar, also seen in photographs with John McCain, was the famous rebel videotaped
cutting the heart out of a Syrian soldier and biting into it.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, another one of McCain’s pic-mates, is now the leader of IS (ISIS/ISIL) and was the leader of al-Qaeda forces at the time that the photograph was taken

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‘Turkey Opens Border to Death Squads to Fight in Syria, Blocks Kurds Battle ISIS’

Turkey's former PM, now President Erdogan and President Assad were close allies before the Syrian unrest sparked. But Ankara was quick to turn its back on Damascus. Turkey has reportedly been arming and providing refuge to some Syrian rebel forces since 2011. With more on the Turkish involvement in the Syrian conflict is activist and journalist Sukant Chandan.

Turkey is a backer of terrorism and extremism when it suits their purposes.

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10 Climate Myths Busted (in 60 seconds!)

The Corbett Report presents a one minute debunking of 10 common climate myths.

One can also add that the poles, which are supposed to be climate sensitive, are actually adding ice to their total areas.

The problem we have with the global warming issue is that we rely on only a few centres that collect the world wide temperatures and then inform the public as to whether the Earth is getting hotter or colder. No one else outside these centres can tell if local instances of hot or cold temperatures are indications of overall heating or cooling. The problem with the data centres, like NOAA, is that they have been caught altering (homoginizing) the temperature data and refusing to release complete sets of the raw readings. Furthermore we know that there are problems with the ground thermometers with some of them in locations that are impacted by urbanisation (the Urban Heat Island Effect).

Recent admissions that the Earth's temperature has not risen for the last 15 years, despite increasing CO2 levels leads one to suspect that their carbon model is wrong.

Please note: A move to a sustainable energy future is still necessary because of our battle with pollution (as opposed to Carbon Dioxide).

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - " Not A Peep For Peace"

"The multinationals don’t want an independent Scotland, Barack Obama picks retired Gen. John R. Allen to lead war against ISIS and there's not one person calling for peace instead of war…"

Celente brings up a number of interesting points starting with Saudi calls to cut oil production because of lower demand (ie there is not an economic recovery). This is a good episode.

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Correspondence to the Leader of the Australian Greens Party on ISIS and Foreign Interventions

A radio news program in Australian recently covered the ISIS situation which prompted a letter, ISIS Can be Stopped if we Understand the Geopolitics Behind the Conflict - A Letter to Triple J's Hack Program. Thinking that the content of this letter was important to share I forwarded it to various media and political bodies in the hope that someone might take note. Someone did, to a small degree. The following is my reply to an advisor to the leader of the Australian Greens political party. Please send your own letters, or forward information, to media and political persons whenever you can. It helps chip away at the censorship and ignorance that goes with the mainstream discourse.


Hello John,

Thanks for showing some thought concerning our involvement in Iraq.

The point of the information I forwarded to Christine (and yourself) is that it shows the present ISIS situation is a direct result of western intervention in Syria and that ISIS has grown because of semi-covert support to all rebel groups in an endeavour to topple President Assad. We are victims of this neoconservative regime-change program that Obama is continuing.

Without acknowledging what is occurring, and simply weighing up the matter in terms of the dominant omission-rife mainstream discourse, you will not be able make proper evaluations and likely accept a faulty course of action.

Please consider that any sort of kinetic action in Iraq will be of limited long term value if ISIS retains its external support networks that have been facilitated by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Qatar with the assistance of NATO countries including the USA. Reports (in The Guardian & Der Spiegel) from 2012 show that US, French and British trainers were present in Jordan teaching ISIS members how to use anti-tank weapons. Many other indications, including open admissions of support from Saudi Arabia, attest to what is going on.

Today the US wants to further their support for the Free Syria Army (FSA) to counter ISIS. However, this FSA group has often allied with ISIS, and Al Nusra, and is guilty of committing various atrocities including summary executions, beheadings, and gas attacks that were falsely blamed on the Syrian Army (according to the UN and MIT analysis).

When examining what is occurring in Iraq and Syria you must be mindful that we are dealing with dishonest western government players that have an agenda - to topple Assad in Syria (via covert means, or overt if possible). Actions that are undertaken to stop ISIS in Iraq, and/or bombing them in Syria, are a ploy to ensure the success of the rebels in Syria. Such an outcome would be a disaster for the Syrian people as a whole.

I agree that the west cannot legally make any direct attacks upon the State of Syria but it is already acting illegally by supporting one side (the extremist side) in that war. If the existing illegal foreign intervention could be ended then ISIS would necessarily lose its support base.

Recently it has been discovered that ISIS is selling oil, through Turkey, to eastern Europe (a simple Google search will provide details). Remember that this has not occurred in a vacuum. The US would be well aware of this situation, especially considering their close intelligence ties (Gladio B) to Turkey. Once again this all comes down to an overarching agenda, to destroy the Syrian Government.

You mentioned International Law.

If we were to follow International Law our country would actively see the arrest of those officials (including our own) responsible for launching the 2003 War in Iraq, which was an illegal act. ONA analyst Andrew Wilkie did not resign from his position for no reason. He recently confirmed that this war was launched on a lie: http://www.andrewwilkie.org/content/index.php/awmp/home_news_extended/iraq You should ask him if this was a known lie at the time (although he will be barred from talking about classified information). Furthermore, we should, following International Law, actively support arrest warrants for those in the Bush regime that authorised torture. And Obama's extrajudicial drone strike killings, upon individuals in countries that are not at war with the USA, raise the same kind of war crimes issues.

Because we play politics with the truth of these matters, denying justice and not holding our leaders to account, we find ourselves subject to the same kinds of problems caused by the very same groups of people, running the same geopolitical agenda.

Until, you start addressing these fundamental problems I won't be adding my name to support your parliamentary bill. Even if your actions do prevent the deployment of troops, we may still end up remaining quiet about various heinous acts committed by our allies (ie supporting extremists).

Remember, the fish rots from the head. You CAN put an end to the Iraq problem, and others like it, by loudly addressing the underlying, and continuing, foreign-intervention issue. You should start by asking serious questions in the public forum, with presentations (and perhaps TV ads), addressing western-backed regime change and covert war.

Thanks for your letter,


-----Original Message-----
From: [XXXX], John (Sen C. Milne)
Subject: RE: [General] ISIS Can be Stopped if we Understand the Geopolitics Behind the Conflict - A Letter to Triple J's Hack Program

Dear [Spook]

Thank you for contacting Senator Milne; I am replying on her behalf. The Australian Greens have said all along that we support humanitarian assistance, but this appears to be morphing fairly quickly into full-scale military involvement.

We believe that it is essential that Tony Abbott allows the parliament to engage this important debate about the deployment of Australian military. In good conscience, Australia cannot leave the Iraqi people to face this horror alone or ask others to do so in the name of human decency what we won't do ourselves.

If we do not abide by international law, however, how can we ask any other country to abide by international law? That is the point. International law applies to everyone or it applies to no-one. If we speak to North Korea, to China or to anyone else about international law, we expect the same law to apply everywhere-not to run a different line when it comes to Iraq. As to our culpability in Iraq, there is no doubt. After the 2003 engagement in Iraq, we left a major vacuum which has been filled by this ethnic violence and tension that has gone on ever since and, [the Australian Greens] would argue, has been made worse by the nature of the al-Maliki government.

The question is whether the Iraq's new government will be strong enough to be adequately inclusive in order to start to reduce the level of tension. We have some very serious concerns. We do not think it is good enough for the government to just say, 'These are shocking atrocities; therefore we will go in.' That has not been our position in Sri Lanka, Congo, Nigeria or Saudi Arabia. But it suddenly is our position in Iraq.

Christine and the Greens want Australia to have a foreign policy that is independent and asks: 'Why is this action in the national interest? How is it legal under international law? What is the plan and where will it end? What are the risks? Are we simply cementing a stronger jihadist movement against the West; therefore acting against our long-term security and our long-term national interest?'

The Australian people and their representatives deserve the opportunity to scrutinise the reasons for troop deployment before we blindly follow the US into another Iraq war. The Greens have reintroduced a bill to parliament requiring parliamentary approval to deploy Australian troops overseas. You can add your name to our call to parliament to support the Greens' War Powers Bill here: http://campaigns.greens.org.au/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1792&ea.campaign.id=29510


John [XXXX]
Office of Senator Christine Milne, Australian Greens Leader

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Keiser Report (E656): Fear Mongering from Scottish ‘No’ Voters

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the United Kingdom waking up to a new motto: “IT’S NOT WORTH THE RISK,” following the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. They look at the breakdown on who voted for independence (the under 54’s) and who didn’t back independence (the over 55’s) so as the taxpayer owned Royal Bank of Scotland said of the result, “It’s business as usual.” In the second half, Max interviews an investor, who unlike 55% of the population of Scotland, truly has no fear about taking risks, Brock Pierce. Max and Brock discuss bitcoin as the internet 2.0 and what the future holds for the technology.

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dutch MH17 Investigation Omits US “Intel”

The absence of America’s so-called “intelligence” regarding the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 over Ukraine in a 34-page Dutch Safety Board preliminary report raises serious questions about the credibility and legitimacy of both America’s political agenda, and all agencies, organizations, and political parties currently behind it.

The report titled,
"Preliminary Report: Crash involving Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight MH17" (.pdf), cites a wide variety of evidence in its attempt to determine the cause of flight MH17's crash and to prevent similar accidents or incidents from occurring again in the future. Among this evidence includes the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), the flight data recorder (FDR), analysis of recorded air traffic control (ATC) surveillance data and radio communication, analysis of the meteorological circumstances, forensic examination of the wreckage (if recovered and possible foreign objects if found), results of the pathological investigation, and analysis of the in-flight break up sequence.
Satellite images are referenced in regards to analyzing the crash site after the disaster; however, nowhere in the report is mentioned any evidence whatsoever of satellite images of missile launchers, intelligence from the United States regarding missile launches, or any information or evidence at all in any regard suggesting a missile had destroyed MH17.

If the US had evidence a ground-to-air missile shot down the airliner they would have released it already. The delay, and the delay in releasing information on the black boxes, adds to the likelihood fabricated evidence will be trotted out later.

And the fact that Ukrainian aircraft were closely shadowing MH17 before it was shot down, and that this information has been omitted in the west, further raises suspicions about the claim 'the rebels did it'.

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Geopolitics with Jeff Blankfort

Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, ISIS.

Great discussion of various issues exposing the lies and corruption. Put this on in the background as you go about your online business.

Only one thing to say about Fukushima mentioned in the clip - there IS radiation leaking from the damaged reactors, there simply has to be. The cooling system in the plant is destroyed so that the fuel rods in the cores are fissioning and releasing harmful products. Some of the hot particles are going into the ocean, through the ground water, plus some particles will no doubt rise in the steam coming from the site. Low level radiation is being released continually into the environment and it is not a good thing. Residual fallout from atmoic bombs could be classified as low level radiation, and yet it is acknowledged as dangerous.

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Evidence the Scottish Independence Vote Was Rigged?

Voting for independence? From inside the corrupt system you want independence from? What could possibly go wrong?

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Russia: ‘Free Syrian Army No Longer Exists’; Rebels Are Coordinating With Terrorists

Russia on Tuesday accused the West of ignoring its warnings about the growing terrorist threat in Syria, and claimed that the moderate rebel front – the one the Obama administration wants to arm as part of its anti-ISIS strategy – “no longer exists.”

The remarks by Russia’s ambassador in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin came during a session of the U.N. Human Rights Council, which was discussing the most recent report by a U.N.-mandated independent commission of inquiry into the conflict.

The report, released late last month and roughly covering the first half of this year, recorded atrocities by the Assad regime and by some of its opponents, including the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL).

“The commission in its report,” Borodavkin told the council through a translator, “recognizes that the Syrian government is working against a huge army of trained armed terrorists.”

“The Free Syrian Army no longer exists,” he continued. “Armed groups qualified as ‘moderate’ are closely coordinating their activities with terrorist groups.”
The commission of inquiry report to which Borodavkin referred does not state that the FSA no longer exists. It does say however that “ideological, political, tribal and personal” divisions and rivalries among rebel groups had prevented them from becoming more effective, and that “[e]fforts by external backers to reinforce the so-called ‘vetted moderate armed opposition’ failed to reverse the dominance of radical armed groups.”

The report also says that where “groups labeled as moderate” managed to score military successes against the regime they did so “closely coordinating with extremist groups, including the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra.”

Borodavkin used his intervention in Geneva to chide countries – especially Western countries opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad – for their approach to the three-and-a-half-year civil war.

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Israel’s Cue: Syrian ‘Rebels’ Occupy Golan Heights, Seize UN Weapons and Vehicles

Perfect timing. We were waiting for the stage director to whistle-in Israel somewhere into this ISIS Crisis and to help the US and Britain with their Syrian regime change project. Here is the perfect pretext…
In 1981, after a long-running, brutal attempted
Israeli land grab of Syria’s Golan region, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 497, which called the State of Israel to withdrawal from its de facto annexation of the Golan Heights. A UN Peacekeeping Force was put in place there to maintain that key buffer zone. Ever since then, Syria and Israel have observed their peace agreement, but Israel still considers this part of Syria to be part of ‘Greater Israel’ and would certainly take advantage should the area ever become compromised.
Looks like their opportunity has arrived.

A seemingly perfect new crisis has arrived, at the perfect time. Problem, reaction, solution…

This just
off the wires:
Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra fighters have driven out hundreds of UN peacekeepers from the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, taking their uniforms and vehicles, Syrian UN envoy Bashar Jaafari said.

The fighters “had succeeded in occupying all of the Syrian side” of the Golan Heights, forcing troops from the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) to retreat.

“The terrorists are now using United Nations cars, which hold the emblem of the United Nations forces in the Golan. They are using the uniform of the UNDOF, the weapons of UNDOF, the positions of UNDOR to shell on the Syrian army as well as on the civilians in villages,” Jaafari told reporters

The extremists are doing the bidding of the US and Israel, as they have from the beginning of the fighting.

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House Passes Bill To Arm Syrian Rebels Despite Evidence of ISIS Ties

In a 273-156 vote on Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a bill which approved of President Barrack Obama’s $500 million plan to arm and train Syrian rebel forces.

The bill is expected to pass the Senate when it arrives there on Thursday to solidify the President's goal of dismantling the ISIS “threat.”

It must be assumed that Congress has their heads so far in the sand that they missed the extensive reporting that has documented the ties between ISIS and the so called “moderate” rebel forces that the Obama administration is so hell bent on arming.
As Paul Joseph Watson of Propaganda Matrix documents in his article titled "Obama Plans to ‘Fight ISIS’ by Arming ISIS", there is ample evidence showing that the rebels in Syria have joined ISIS and supplied arms to the extremists.

The (neocon) objective is to destroy the Syrian State.

Related Info:

House Approves Obama's Syria-Iraq Strategy

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John McAfee: Secrets of The Cloud Revealed

Alex Jones talks with Scottish-American computer programmer and founder of McAfee, Inc., John McAfee about new Apple product releases, biometrics, and cyber security.

More about this issue from McAfee, being interviewed by Jones, can be found here.

If you have anything stored online then you can bet it is available to the authorities or certain private corporations. Anything transmitted will have been recorded by the NSA. That's how it is. This is not a problem for small time individuals but if you are a political activist, or someone in Government, the spying is gonna be a problem.

The FBI whistleblower pointed out that the spying allows the authorities to promote the corrupt individuals over those with clean records so that they can blackmail them when in office:

Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Obama: If Assad Defends Against US Attack, US Will Attack - US Reveals its Strategy to Destroy Syria

Only hours after delivering his ridiculous address to the American people regarding his strategy to combat an organization that is entirely the product of the United States and NATO and one that is still under complete control of these powers, Obama conducted a meeting with “foreign policy experts,” former government officials, and journalists.

The meeting, of course, is nothing more than round two in the volley of propaganda coming from the White House in its attempt to drum up more support from the American people for direct military intervention in Syria and an open use of U.S. military forces against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. All of those within an ear’s reach of the reports regarding Obama’s meeting should be firmly aware that it is nothing more than an attempt to milk the original speech for more propaganda against Assad’s Syria and provide a sense of inevitability about the coming conflict there.

With that in mind,
Obama stated to those in the “after party” meeting, that if the Syrian government were to shoot down American military planes – American military planes engaging in aggressive air strikes on Syrian soil – then the United States would be forced to “wipe out” Syria’s air defenses. Obama also added that an attack against the Syrian air defenses would be a much easier task than attacking his pet ISIS terrorists and other related groups. Obama pointed out that eliminating Syria’s air defense capabilities would lead to his ouster and the overthrow of the Syrian government.
Essentially, Obama stated that the United States would violate Syrian sovereignty by launching airstrikes inside Syria allegedly for the purpose of bombing the terrorist group that was created, funded, and directed by the United States to overthrow the Syrian government. If Assad dares to defend his country against both an American destabilization of terrorism and aggressive American airstrikes, then the United States would retaliate against Assad’s retaliation.

Assad has been defending Syria from an American attack since as far back as 2011 in earnest and even further back in terms of the roots and implementation of the strategy.

It is interesting to note that the U.S. and NATO should be so interested in Syria’s air defenses at the same time that the death squads have focused on the
Taqba Airbase in Raqqa province. Particularly when viewed in context of the recent goal of engaging in targeted airstrikes inside Syria.

For those who may not
see the pattern – while the United States and NATO deliberated engaging in targeted airstrikes in Syria, and the Syrian government subsequently states its opposition to those attacks and its intentions to shoot down the planes delivering those strikes if they do not coordinate with the Syrian government, death squads have effectively eliminated the air defense capability of the Syrian government in the east of the country.

After all, the Pentagon even stated that
one of the biggest threats to an airstrike operation in Syria is the Syrian government’s air defenses. Thanks to ISIS, those air defenses no longer exist in the east of Syria.

This was the end game of the ISIS battle to take over Taqba from the start – eliminate air defenses so that the NATO powers can launch airstrikes against the Syrian military and thus freeing up a launching pad for the terrorists to conduct attacks even deeper into Syria.

It is important to point out that the Islamic State is not some shadowy force that emerged from the caves of Afghanistan to form an effective military force that is funded by Twitter donations and murky secretive finance deals. IS is entirely the
creation of NATO and the West and it remains in control of the organization.

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Ron Paul on John Stossel

I am sorry John, as per your opening statement; WHOM is it exactly that attacked us on 9/11 that we killed "over there"?

Iraq never attacked the US.

Despite the fact that 911 was a false flag event, there are numerous people in the Middle East that dislike the US. This is because of foreign policy decisions, not because they "hate our freedoms". The extremists were encouraged and their numbers increased BECAUSE of war and conflict, plus perceived injustices, rather than simply due to cultural or religious differences with the west.

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Amnesty & Early Elections: Kiev Provides Eastern Regions 'Special Status'

Ukraine's parliament has approved special status for the defiant eastern regions of the country. The bill promises early local elections, and an amnesty for those who took part in the conflict with Kiev.

Unless the Government in Kiev changes there is no way these moves by Kiev should be taken at face value. This seems like a ruse. The fighters in the east should take measures to improve their military defences, whilst continuing the negotiations.

This clip reminds viewers that it was actions in Kiev that led to the independence moves in Crimea and the Eastern parts of the country.

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Stop Playing Wargames in Ukraine - Nigel Farage UKIP

Amongst the long list of foreign policy failures and contradictions in the last few years including, of course, the bombing of Libya, the desire to arm the rebels in Syria, has been the unnecessary provocation of Vladimir Putin.

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Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Obesity Epidemic, Scientists Say

Artificial sweeteners may exacerbate, rather than prevent, metabolic disorders such as Type 2 diabetes, a study suggests.

Calorie-free artificial sweeteners are often chosen by dieters in part because they are thought not to raise blood sugar levels.

In Wednesday’s issue of the journal Nature, researchers report that artificial sweeteners increase the blood sugar levels in both mice and humans by interfering with microbes in the gut.

The increase in consumption of artificial sweeteners coincides with the obesity and diabetes epidemics, Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and his co-authors said.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

'ISIS Gives US Excuse to Intervene & Destabilize Whole Region' (Target Syria)

America's fighter jets have carried out new offensive strikes on militant positions just outside the Iraqi capital. Iran has rejected the possibility of cooperating with Washington in fighting with ISIS. The Supreme leader the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called Obama's strategy shallow and biased. Soraya Sepaphour-Ulrich, a prominent researched and expert on the country, joins RT to talk more on that.

The guest here is exactly right in her assessment. The end game is to destroy Syria and destabilise Iran.

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Will Obama's Bombs Stop Beheadings? Russell Brand The Trews

Reaction to President Barack Obama's 'destroy and degrade' strategy address for fighting the Islamic State.

Great sentiments and insights from Brand - especially about the Sunnis siding with ISIS for economic reasons - because they have been partly excluded from local resources by the Shites and Kurds. This goes to the politics of the region. He also points out that US interests are always financial and benefit the elite, and that Obama is merely a frontman for this corrupt system.

The other thing, which he might have emphasised, and he hinted at this, is the western support (US-Saudi) for ISIS in terms of their years-long campaign against Syria. Now we are supposed be concerned about the terrorist threat that was fostered by the west.

To achieve peace the western backers of ISIS must desist. However, ISIS as a military force filled with extremists, will probably need to be opposed with force before it crumbles from lack of support. Backing Iraqi Government and Syrian Government forces is the way to go in this regard, despite the problematic nature of such a strategy.

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David Hooper 2014 “Anatomy of a Great Deception”

This "docu-thriller" from father-turned-filmmaker, David Hooper takes us on a journey of awakening that begins with an innocent question. Soon, his life is turned upside down as he grapples with the life-changing conclusions of his findings. The film was made to wake up his friends and family. Now, it's poised to wake everyone else.

A new documentary, designed to speak directly to the public on a human level, about the false flag of 911. Remember the truth about these attacks will end the war on terror.

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Truth in Media: Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine

For those who believe in marijuana and cannabis freedom, the future has never been brighter. Right now there is an awakening to the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically something called CBD oil. But is the new CBD craze being manipulated by media and politicians? If it weren’t we wouldn’t need to do a show about it.

An important video to consider when it comes to your health.

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Keiser Report (E654): Poison Pills

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss what it means that if whoever controls the media controls the mind is an algorithm that has also replaced the markets and politicians. They also discuss 'poison pills' circumventing democracy by guaranteeing profits come before the choices of the people. In the second half, Max interviews Xavier Hawk about Permacredits and Colony Earth.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Establishment Media: Attacking ISIS Will Turn Syria Into a Failed State - Does Not Recognize this Was the Plan All Along

The West has used a divide and rule formula in the Middle East for nearly a century. “Great Britain and France transformed what had been relatively quiet provinces of the Ottoman Empire into some of the least stable and internationally explosive states in the world,” writes Ayse Tekdal Fildis. “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” a policy document prepared in 1996 by a study group led by Richard Perle for Benjamin Netanyahu, at the time the Prime Minister of Israel, has served as a master plan for destabilizing the Arab and Muslim Middle East. The plan calls for Israel to work “closely with Turkey and Jordan to contain, destabilize, and roll-back some of its most dangerous threats,” most notably Syria. “Most important, it is understandable that Israel has an interest supporting diplomatically, militarily and operationally Turkey’s and Jordan’s actions against Syria, such as securing tribal alliances with Arab tribes that cross into Syrian territory and are hostile to the Syrian ruling elite.” This is precisely what is now happening in Syria as “Arab tribes,” that is to say “tribes” of Salafist mercenaries supported by the U.S. and its Persian Gulf emirate partners, attack the Shia Alawite regime in Damascus.

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EU Officials Admit Buying Oil From ISIS

We recently explained how ISIS remains so well funded but what was unclear was who exactly what purchasing their 'recently-provisioned' oil reserves? The assumption being some desperate third-world nation or some scheming offshore hedge-fund arbitrageur; however, as Sott.net reports, a senior European Union official has revealed that some EU member states have purchased oil from ISIL Takfiri militants despite their rhetoric against the group. The official declined to disclose any names but Turkey remains a front-runner (having already shunned President Obama) and potentially France (after their recent anti-Petrodollar comments).

Logistical rat lines. You can bet the intelligence community is aware, and approves, of this set up.

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Probing SITE Intelligence Group

Since mid-August 2014 major news organizations have conveyed videos allegedly found online by the SITE Intelligence Group. Unsurprisingly the same media have failed to closely interrogate what the private company actually is and whether the material it promotes should be accepted as genuine.

The Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group was co-founded by Rita Katz in 2001. Katz is an Iraqi-born Jew. Her father, an Israeli spy, was executed by Iraqis as a result of his intelligence activities.

In 2003 Katz authored a book,
Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America, which she published using the pseudonym, “Anonymous.”

In the book Katz explains how she took on the trappings of a Muslim woman to infiltrate the meetings of radical Muslim terrorists. The plot is unlikely, especially when one considers that such secret fundamentalist gatherings are almost always segregated along gender lines and no woman, however elaborate her costume, would be granted entry without her identity being firmly established.

SITE Intelligence Group consists of Katz and two “senior advisers,” one of whom is Bruce Hoffman, the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and former director of the RAND’s Washington DC office.

In 2003 and 2004, though claiming to be a 501c3 non-profit, SITE received more than $500,000 from the US government. Also in the early 2000s Katz received $150,000 from the FBI for consulting services.[2] A Guidestar search for nonprofits yields no recent records for SITE, suggesting how it has abandoned its non-profit status and now relies on corporate and individual subscriptions for revenue. In 2005 the private mercenary contractor Blackwater hailed SITE as “an invaluable resource.”[3]

The majority of “jihadist groups” operate one or more media outlets that produce and publish “the group’s multimedia, and in some cases, communiqu├ęs and magazines,” SITE explains on its website. “These media units involve production teams and correspondents who report directly from the battlefield, and craft propaganda to indoctrinate and recruit new fighters into the group’s ranks.” SITE provides no direct links to the jihadist groups’ websites or multimedia productions from its own platform.[4]


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Doctors: Ebola Mutation Presents Nightmare Scenario

We could potentially be on the verge of the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.

The LOGICAL thing to do is to close the borders in the region. Despite the difficulty and economic burden, we face an outbreak that is not easily detected because of the long incubation period of the disease which ranges from about 10 to 20 days. Close the borders !

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