Friday, 25 July 2014

Perverted Truth: How Rebel Mourning MH17 Victims was Turned into Looter with Trophy

Twitter is quick, but too quick sometimes – recently it burst with photos of an evil Ukrainian militiaman who took a teddy bear from the victim of Malaysia plane crash as a trophy. But the full video shows he was just paying the tribute to the dead.

The footage shows that one of the members of self-defense troops suddenly saw a teddy bear which apparently belonged to a child who was among the 298 passenger on board the Malaysian jet.

“We want those bastards to see whom they shot down,” the man said, “Do you see?” meaning that there were innocent children who died in the crash.

Then he carefully put the toy back to a heap of other items that used to belong to the passengers.

After that he took off his cap and marked himself with a sign of the cross paying the tribute to the memory of the victims of the catastrophe.

Heinous misinformation busted - I suspected this truth because of the subtle expression on his face.

Here's the video from the scene:

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