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False Flag? Fake Video of Alleged Pro-Russian Militia Claiming Responsibility for MH 17 Attack Was Made Before Plane Crash

This could almost be a smoking gun of the false flag attack with respect to MH 17. Some five hours after the loss of MH 17, the Ukrainian Security Service published a recording of alleged pro-Russian military officers led by commander Bes, who is based in Gorlovka (Horlivka), allegedly confirming that they shot down the Malaysian Boeing 777.

The video was uploaded about 5 hours after the time of the plane’s crash–20:16 PM local time.
The video tape claims that the call took place at 16:40 local time. But the plane was lost between 17:15-20 local time. The timing might be put in order if one assumes that, for some strange reason, the Ukrainian secret service decided to put their Moscow Time instead of the time in Donetsk. But this seems to be a stretch and does not appear to be warranted. It does not make sense for Ukrainian secret police to mark the time of their videos according to the time in Moscow.

Moreover, and even more importantly, as the log of the video shows (see the photo), it was actually made the day before on June 16 at 19:10 PM

The first alleged recordings are at 16:40 and 16:33. Apparently local time. At the alleged 16:40 (still more than half an hour before the plane was supposed to crash), a person in the taped conversation claims that the plane was shot down “about half an hour ago.” At 17:10 the next call is made that is telling about allegedly finding a first casualty.

The options, in terms of what happened, are:

1. The rebels accidentally shot down the aircraft, that was directed by Ukrainian Air Traffic Control over the warzone,

2. The Ukrainian army, accidentally or deliberately, shot down the aircraft using a BUK system and this was pinned on the rebels, or

3. A Ukrainian aircraft, either an SU-25 or SU-27, perhaps flown by foreign mercenaries, shot down the flight as part of a false flag operation (or by mistake thinking it was Vladimir Putin's Presidential jet which is of similar colouring).

One thing that is true, the US has not released any satellite data, that should exist, showing a rebel BUK missile system in the area of the attack. The US could instantly prove the rebels were responsible - but have done nothing - which makes one strongly suspect the separatists had nothing to do with what happened. The only evidence we have is a video of a BUK system missing some missiles on the back of a flatbed truck and this highly suspect audio recording, both released through the Ukrainian authorities.

On the other hand the Russians have reported, confirming witness sightings aired by BBC Russia (see here also), that military aircraft had shadowed the MH17 flight, and that there were Ukrainian Army BUK missile systems in the area (also seen on Russian satellite photos) in the immediate area before the attack, and that they subsequently vacated the area in the follow up flyover pics.

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