Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder Paid No Attention to Bank Fraud: “Wall Street Wasn’t Even On His Radar”

Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements that prosecuting Wall Street fraud would hurt the economy is exactly backwards: the experts say that failing to prosecute fraud is dooming our economy.

But prosecuting fraud was never on Holder’s radar.

In reality, Holder laid the groundwork for the “too big to jail” approach in 1999.

And Holder and his head of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division were partners at a law firm which used to represent the big banks, Fannie and Freddie, and which wrote the legal opinion which allowed the creation of the cancerous MERS scam … which was at the heart of the foreclosure crisis.
Indeed, Wall Street was Holder’s priority … specifically, protecting Wall Street criminals and prosecuting whistleblowers.

Eric Holder appears to be obstructing justice and should be charged with such a crime. Fraud has been committed and he is failing to do his sworn duty in addressing the situation. The too big to jail excuse does not make any sense since we would be charging those individuals within the banks not the bank itself.

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