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A Reply and Reaction: Stop with the Ridiculous Russia Bashing and Get your Facts Straight - Letter to Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens Party

I sent an email to the Greens leader here in Australian over some Russia Bashing comments she made a week or so ago. Some advisor actually wrote back ... (I've included my short win-no-friends reply below):
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From: xxxx, John (Sen C. Milne)
Subject: RE: [General] Stop with the Ridiculous Russia Bashing and Get your Facts Straight
Dear [Spook]
Thank you for your e-mail and for sharing your thoughts on this matter with us.
In response to the situation in the Ukraine, Senator Milne's has confirmed her support for the course of action proposed by the UN Security Council resolution.
John xxxx
Office of Senator Christine Milne, Australian Greens Leader


Mr John xxxx,

This response does nothing to address the fact-based observations I raised. I am not confident that you know what you are doing by now stating that you are simply following the UN security Council Resolution. It does not explain the knee jerk and unsubstantiated Russia bashing episode I had witnessed.
It is because of the fact that people and politicians have trouble identifying the causes of war and conflict that we are condemned to repeat ourselves. When the instigators of conflict face no punishment - such as we saw with the illegal US-UK invasion of Iraq - then further outrages will continue.

Thanks for being part of the problem,


Here is my Original Letter/Post:

The following letter was sent to the leader of the Australian Greens party in response to her views appearing in this link. I also heard her speak in a similar fashion on radio. I just hope someone is paying attention here.


As an online News Blogger, and researcher, I know that your views on Russia's involvement in Ukraine, and with the Malaysian Airlines shootdown, are unfounded. The term factually incorrect comes to mind.

Your erroneous views are most likely due to the advice you have been given. Your advisers obviously have no clue.

 Firstly, your view that Russia is to blame for what is happening in Ukraine, with your comment about reacting to their 'going into Crimea', grossly distorts what actually happened.

The facts are that the corrupt pro-Russian Government in Kiev was overthrown by a US sponsored coup that included anti-Russian fascists, oligarchs, and actual neo-Nazi types (you can view videos of them), and that subsequently the semi-autonomous region of Crimea VOTED to separate itself from the newly installed regime. This is what is called 'self determination' in places like Kosovo, where it suits western interests.

The reasons for Crimea, and other regions of Ukraine, separating from the Kiev Government are abundantly clear - it is the presence of the anti-Russian fascists who are on record as wanting to rid Ukraine of the Russian speaking people in the East. This was one of the first calls coming from the Kiev Government - to ban the Russian language - and although soon retracted, was taken to heart in the East and South of the country. The multitude of other threats and strong arm tactics against those that opposed the coup, plus the right wing massacre of the anti-Kiev protesters in Odessa, led to a strong determination to resist their control.

I would not blame the Government of Russia for aiding the rebels in their fight against Kiev considering the circumstances. The various proposals at negotiating a peace, that would have included elections that would have removed the largely unpopular neo-Nazis, and other fascists installed in Government positions, were scuttled. Having Poroshenko as the head of the Kiev regime did not change anything.

And as for the MH 17 shootdown itself, you have stepped way out of line, along with our no good Prime Minister, in admonishing the reactions of the Russians.

It is because of the war, and efforts to vilify resistance to the Kiev Government, that the Russians, plus the rebels in Ukraine, will not outright accept any claims made by their present enemies. In fact we should be extremely cautious about ANY claims being made by all sides regarding this issue, and mindful that our western side lied shamelessly during the Crimean separation claiming that the Russians had 40,000 troops and tanks on the border whereas an NBC News crew travelling the area at the time found no signs of a military build up. The Russians pointed out that the NATO pictures of troops and tanks were from an exercise that occurred the year before.

The problem you face here is that there WILL be false information put out about what happened. The Russians and Ukrainian rebels could easily be the victims of such a ploy (that includes fake radio communications and imagery) rather than the perpetrators. This scenario would explain their present reactions to the accusations levelled against them.

You cannot simply assume that Russia or the rebels are at fault for the shootdown of MH17. IF they are at fault then the shootdown would have been accidental - just as the US shootdown of the Iranian airliner in 1988 was accidental. You have already wrongly assumed that the Russian Government had the leading role in causing the break up of Ukraine whereas it was the nature of the coup in Kiev that facilitated the rise of the resistance/self-determination movement.

If you have research staff that can type into a Google Search engine you will be able to VERIFY everything I have mentioned here. I'll include one link below that gives you a small window into what happened regarding the Kiev coup and how the actions of those fighting against the Government are REACTIONARY. ie They are not the true instigators of the trouble:


You should also consider watching this video that includes raw footage that clearly shows what happened in the Odessa Massacre:


As a News Blogger I always check the facts when it comes to situations like these. You and your advisers should start doing the same.

ps. I was very very unhappy to hear what you had said about the Ukraine Crisis - hence the tone of this response.  Please take what I have said here very seriously. People are being killed, once again, for no good reason. If there were more people challenging the western corporate/government media discourse, things would be different.

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