Saturday, 31 May 2014

World Health Organisation Warns that Ebola is Still Spreading Across West Africa Nearly Two Months After Outbreak was Reported

Relatives of Ebola patients in Sierra Leone have been removing their loved ones from community health centres despite protests from medical staff, amid warnings from the World Health Organisation that the deadly and highly infectious disease is still spreading across west Africa nearly two months after an outbreak was first reported.

Guinea's capital, Conakry, has recorded its first new Ebola cases in more than a month, and five people have died in Sierra Leone's first confirmed outbreak of Ebola virus, according to the WHO.
"The situation is serious, you can't say it is under control as cases are continuing and it is spreading geographically," Dr Pierre Formenty, a WHO expert who recently returned from Guinea, told a news briefing in Geneva on Wednesday.

"There was no decline. In fact it is because we are not able to capture all the outbreak that we were under the impression there was a decline," he said.

The outbreak has not been stopped because of the long incubation period of the virus which can be up to 16 days. Once in a populated area, as opposed to isolated villages, the danger of a pandemic increases dramatically. Closing the borders in the region would be the prudent course of action.

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CIA-Linked Rogue General Stirs Three-Front Militia War in Libya

The US is urging all of its citizens to leave the country, where a CIA-linked rogue general has launched an uprising against the elected government.

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Obama Trumpets American Exceptionalism, Use of Military Force

Addressing West Point graduates Wednesday, President Barack Obama laid out his foreign policy views. Keeping in line with former presidents, Obama appealed to America's sense of exceptionalism and called for the nation to keep leading on the world stage. He further added that the US will use unilateral military force "when our core interests demand it."

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Architects and Engineers Respond to CNN's Jake Tapper Slander of 9/11 Truth

In this video Luke Rudkowski interview AE 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is an American non-profit organization of architects, engineers, and a demolition expert who dispute the results of official investigations into the September 11 attacks, including the 9/11 Commission Report. To learn more about Gage check out

Great interview clip. The truth about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centre Buildings on 911 is not a conspiracy theory but a proven fact. There is nothing theoretical about the data. The official explanation for this event is literally impossible.

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(c) Exemption From Taxation. Federal reserve banks, including the capital stock and surplus therein, and the income derived therefrom shall be exempt from Federal, State, and local taxation, except taxes upon real estate.
[12 USC 531. Part of original Federal Reserve Act. Designated subsection (c) by act of Aug. 10, 1993 (107 Stat. 338).]

The Federal Reserve is a Private Bank which loans US Dollars to the US Government/people at interest. When the Fed prints money, as in the trillion dollar bailouts, it makes them a ton of profit which is tax free.

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Democracy Comes To Syria, West Demands Democracy Come To Syria

Although the Western media reports regarding the Presidential elections currently taking place in Syria attempt to portray the event as a “sham election” or nothing more than a political stunt, evidence coming out of the country seem to show quite the opposite.

Indeed, the elections, which include Assad as one candidate among three, are experiencing widespread participation from Syrians inside the country as well as those who have been displaced in the region and around the world.

For instance,
in a recent article from the Associated Press, reports of Syrian refugees in Lebanon wishing to vote (mostly for Assad) were so ready to enter the polling booth in the Syrian embassy in Lebanon, that a virtual riot ensued, resulting in Lebanese security beating the voters with batons and sticks.
The Syrians flocked to the voting stations by the thousands, causing traffic jams, with some even abandoning their own vehicles and walking the distance to the embassy. Such is the desire to participate in the vote.

The majority of those amongst the crowd in Lebanon were Assad supporters, with many chanting their support for Assad while waiting to cast their vote.

The elections are being held inside Syria but also at Syrian embassies that are not controlled by the
Western-funded opposition due to the displacement of Syrian citizens across the world.

The Syrian elections, regardless of the outcome, have already showed the hypocrisy of the United States and the Anglo-European establishment when it comes to their support for the vague concept of “democracy.”

Indeed, it is true that one of the biggest obstacles to voting process in Syria are the very nations that have howled over the lack of elections in Syria for the last three years. The United States, Britain, France, and others are the biggest obstacles to the voting process second only to the death squads still fighting across the country today which they themselves are responsible for organizing, funding, training, and directing from the very beginnning.

Predictably, many European countries like France and Germany have refused to allow Syrian expatriates to vote in their capitols

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The Snowden Case What You're Not Being Told

When the mainstream media shows you something with their right hand, watch what the left hand is doing.


Although the Snowden revelations may be seen as a distraction from strategic criminal acts perpetrated by the US Government there could also be another explanation. That Snowden is operating as a backdoor intelligence operative, with support of those within the community, to put a brake on the US war agenda. This would explain why the information being released is not overly damaging to the US State.

Furthermore, Snowden's background, somewhat removed from neo-con operations, looks to be the right area where one might find resistance from within the intelligence community. Ray McGovern might recognise what's going on, being a CIA guy.

Of course Snowden's actions may indeed be sinister - it's hard to determine.

One other thing, if we believe Snowden is acting as a brake, there should still be competing interests trying to control the Snowden information releases - hence Glen Greenwald's involvement with ebay Billionaire Pierre Omidyar:

The Greenwald aspect to Snowden's data leaking is doubly suspicious as ex-FBI translator Sibel Edmonds and friends have determined:

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Int'l Arrest Warrants Sought for Israeli Commandos Over Raid on Gaza Flotilla

A woman holds a placard showing the Mavi Marmara. Turkish text reads: 'Israel on trial.' (Photo: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation via flickr)A Turkish court on Monday ordered arrest warrants for four former Israeli military commanders for their role in a deadly 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid ship.

In addition to ordering their arrests, the court requested Interpol Red Notices for the men.

That attack on the Mavi Marmara, which Institute for Policy Studies fellow Phyllis Bennis described as a "pirate-style assault on [an] unarmed flotilla of ships carrying hundreds of humanitarian aid workers and 10,000 tons of supplies for the besieged Gaza Strip," killed 10 human rights activists and wounded many others.

Among the four whose arrests are sought is former Israeli Chief of Staff, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, who, in a state-appointed inquest stated that the Israeli commandos fired 308 live bullets on the ship and that the killing of the peaceful activists was unavoidable.

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Pathetic Ukraine Interview by Tony Jones 28/5 - Another Complaint Letter to Australia's ABC News

Heinous misinformation has again appeared on the ABC's Lateline program, so ANOTHER email had to be sent. (please note, I'm responding to points raised in the interview which can be viewed here

The Letter:
The Interview with your Ukrainian guest was telling.

Tony Jones obviously had no knowledge of the events or background to what was happening politically in Kiev and just soaked up what was being said.

It really was pathetic.

In the interests of balance you need to interview a critic of the Kiev Government.

The man interviewed stated that he was a member of Yulia Tymoshenko's "Fatherland" party. These right leaning groups are connected to the same western sources that encouraged/facilitated the coup in Kiev. The alleged 'terrorists' in the East reacted to this coup because the interim Government contained right leaning anti-Russian individuals.

If you go to there is an article that explains the fact that there are neo-Nazi types within the present Government.
[Note this piece gets its facts wrong about the Russian intervention in Georgia and Crimea.]

The Defence Minister, one of those responsible for the attacks on Donetsk, is one of the extreme right 'bad guys' listed in the linked article.

The new Ukrainian President is just another pro-western stooge who seemingly lied to the voters when he said he wanted dialogue with the East of the country.

After all the mess initiated in Kiev, no wonder there are now fighters coming from outside the country siding with the indigenous separatist movement in the East. Interviews with the people in Donetsk and Odessa show that they are all aware of the extreme right influence in the capital.

Plus the rejection of Kiev in Crimea was legal according to International Law - as are the breakaway movements in the East of the country. The situation could be reversed through dialogue, and the removal of the right sector from the Government in Kiev.

The Lateline program, when it comes to reporting on the crisis in Kiev, at least on 28/5, was a joke. The host, Tony Jones was poorly briefed and the whole interview came across as anti-Russian propaganda - at least to the informed viewer.

Around the world people are awake to the Western media spin on Ukraine. Various German members of Parliament, and independent political commentators on both sides of the Atlantic are awake to what is going on. How can the ABC remain so ignorant of the political situation here ? Your interview was a disgrace.

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Why Common Core Must Be Opposed

The Common Core educational initiative, according to its official website, strives to provide "a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy." Its critics, however, see it very differently. This opposition, led by professors of education, mathematicians, former members of the Department of Education, the largest teachers' union in the country, and countless other professionals, is seeking to derail this educational agenda before it can fully take over schools across the United States.

Why are these groups opposed to Common Core, and what is Common Core's real purpose? Find out more in this week's Eyeopener report.

Donate to Boiling Frogs Post - they have a fund raiser for this quarter and need to cash. Subscribe to their site.

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Keiser Report: Bitcoin's Nefarious Cousin Darkcoin (E606)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bitcoin converts and the dual risk of deflation and inflation for holders of euros. Max asks "how is the euro a store of value when the ECB can just TAKE it from you during a 'bail-in?' In the second half, Max interviews Peter Todd, Chief Scientist & Architect of Dark Wallet and ZeroCash to discuss Dark Wallet, cryptocurrencies and a government sponsored 51% attack on the bitcoin community.

Bitcoin may eventually gain more widespread use, but it might be wise not to put all your eggs in this basket since the big banks and US Government will want to undermine it.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The So-called War on Terror Is A Criminal Fraud - Prof. Michael Keefer

“The so-called War on Terror is a criminal fraud, designed to frighten Americans and the citizens of its allies into supporting systematic violations of international law. It was from the outset Islamophobic both in intention and in the wars of aggression it has been used to justify,” said Prof. Michael Keefer in an exclusive interview with Fars News Agency.

On the US special relationship with Israel and Washington’s unconditional support for the Tel Aviv regime, Prof. Keefer says, “The US policy of seeking to dominate Eurasia through control of Middle Eastern and central-Asian hydrocarbon resources aligns with Israel’s concern to ensure that no Middle Eastern state has the power to interfere with its policies of continued colonization of Palestinian land.”
“The powerful and well-funded Israel lobby supports these policies—though there is evidence of a growing alienation among young Jews both from this lobby and from the state of Israel,” he added.
Q: What’s your viewpoint on the official accounts of 9/11 terrorist attacks presented by the mainstream media and propagated by the Bush administration officials? Is it really the case that they were the Muslims who masterminded and perpetrated the attacks? If so, then how can we find appropriate answers for such questions as the five dancing Israelis arrested at the moment of the collapsing of the Twin Towers or the absence of 4,000 Israeli workers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?

A: The official account of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is systematically false. The narrative of the planning and organization of the terror attacks of 9/11 that is provided by the 9/11 Commission Report is almost entirely based upon ‘evidence’ acquired by torture. But the epistemic and evidential value of statements elicited under torture is zero. The Report is an impudent fiction, and should be catalogued in the same section of libraries as the equally foolish and tendentious fictions of Tom Clancy.
The key facts about the events of 9/11, in my opinion, are the following. First, the US air defense system in the northeastern US was effectively disabled on September 11, 2001 by overlapping exercises which transferred many of the available interceptor aircraft out of the region and confused the military control systems, whose operators were for an extended period of time uncertain as to which dots on their radar screens were electronic simulations and which represented actual aircraft, and which of those real aircraft were part of an exercise and which were the victims of actual hijackings. Secondly, the planes that hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon could not have been flown by the supposed hijackers; the hijacking was carried out electronically, and not by suicidal fanatics wielding box-cutters. Thirdly, there is conclusive scientific evidence that the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Building 7 were destroyed by controlled demolitions.
None of these things was within the power of Osama bin Laden and his agents. The official story that Muslims carried out these terror attacks is therefore false.

The war on terror IS a criminal fraud. This is a very good turn of phrase to categorise what's happening.

Related Info:

911 and War by Deception

911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out

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Syriangirl Joins Debate on #Syria-'s Elections on UK's Islam TV

Syrian Girl making sense against the other guests who support the proxy war. The elections are this week.

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'Vote Casts Doubts of EU's Democracy - a Warning to Brussels'

Europe's leaders are getting together to discuss the election jolt they got from eurosceptic and far-right parties in the EU poll. Some have already voiced their concerns with the outcome with the German Chancellor calling the people's choice both remarkable, and regrettable.

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Who’s Dangerous? Potential Enemies of the State According to the Department of Homeland Security

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The Retail Death Rattle Grows Louder

The pundits, politicians and delusional retail CEOs continue to await the revival of retail sales as if reality doesn’t exist. The 1 million retail stores, 109,000 shopping centers, and nearly 15 billion square feet of retail space for an aging, increasingly impoverished, and savings poor populace might be a tad too much and will require a slight downsizing – say 3 or 4 billion square feet. Considering the debt fueled frenzy from 2000 through 2008 added 2.7 billion square feet to our suburban sprawl concrete landscape, a divestiture of that foolish investment will be the floor. If you think there are a lot of SPACE AVAILABLE signs dotting the countryside, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The mega-chains have already halted all expansion. That was the first step. The weaker players like Radio Shack, Sears, Family Dollar, Coldwater Creek, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster and dozens of others are already closing stores by the hundreds. Thousands more will follow.
The entire engineered “recovery” since 2009 has been nothing but a Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury conceived, debt manufactured scam. These highly educated lackeys for the establishment have been tasked with keeping the U.S. Titanic afloat until the oligarchs can safely depart on the lifeboats with all the ship’s jewels safely stowed in their pockets. There has been no housing recovery. There has been no jobs recovery. There has been no auto sales recovery. Giving a vehicle to someone with a 580 credit score with a 0% seven year loan is not a sale. It’s a repossession in waiting. The government supplied student loans are going to functional illiterates who are majoring in texting, facebooking and twittering. Do you think these indebted University of Phoenix dropouts living in their parents’ basements are going to spur a housing and retail sales recovery? This Keynesian “solution” was designed to produce the appearance of recovery, convince the masses to resume their debt based consumption, and add more treasure into the vaults of the Wall Street banks.

The master plan has failed miserably in reviving the economy. Savings, capital investment, and debt reduction are the necessary ingredients for a sustained healthy economic system. Debt based personal consumption of cheap foreign produced baubles & gadgets, $1 trillion government deficits to sustain the warfare/welfare state, along with a corrupt political and rigged financial system are the explosive concoction which will blow our economic system sky high. Facts can be ignored. Media propaganda can convince the willfully ignorant to remain so. The Federal Reserve can buy every Treasury bond issued to fund an out of control government. But eventually reality will shatter the delusions of millions as the debt based Ponzi scheme will run out of dupes and collapse in a flaming heap.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

'Poroshenko Puppet President, Ukraine Control System in Total Chaos'

Ukraine's president-elect, billionaire Petro Poroshenko, has promised to use full force until all separatists have been destroyed. He has now vowed to strengthen the military crackdown, making it faster and more efficient. Political scientist Mateusz Piskorski from the European Center of Geopolitical Analysis joins RT to discuss this issue.

By lying to the voters Poroshenko is sowing the seeds of separatism and revolt. Those that voted for him in the hope of bringing about a peaceful resolution will now utterly reject his authority.

Nothing changed with the election. The neo-Nazis who helped overthrow the Yanukovych Government are still in positions of power, such that the largely Russian speaking East and South would want to break away from Kiev.

This present political stratagem driven by force of arms - supported by the west - is unsubtle and transparent. The country will not be unified using such tactics. The goal of the west, if not to control Ukraine, would be its dismemberment or destruction to cause trouble for Russia (at the expense of Ukrainian lives).

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'Are they Mad?' Slavyansk 'Shocked' as Ukraine Army Shells Residential Area

Slavyansk is one of the targets of Kiev's military operation in Eastern Ukraine with reports now saying four civilians were killed on Monday. Local activists say the army opened fire on a residential area. Buildings were damaged by what's believed to be mortar shelling.

There could be a political solution to the crisis, but not when Kiev wages war on the separatist areas. The new leader of Ukraine, the Western part, is simply continuing, and perhaps escalating the violent policies of the previous coup installed Government. Washington and Brussels could apply pressure to stop such actions but it seems that they are the ones encouraging such behaviour if one examines their record on this situation.

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Chossudovsky: Russia, Ukraine, and the New World Order

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How the Ukrainian Civil War Started

Fortunately, the origin of the Ukrainian civil war is remarkably well-documented in tapped phone-conversations and in cell-phone videos that have been posted online for all the world to see, despite what might have been the intentions of the planners and of the perpetrators. This cannot be a pleasant reality for U.S. President Barack Obama, and for his Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Victoria Nuland. President Obama might wish his employee, Nuland, to take all the blame for his policy on Ukraine, but he’s not firing her. It’s his policy, not hers. She was hired to do this, and so she is.

“US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation” is an hour-long documentary, dated 18 March 2014, which covers the background of the U.S. overthrow of the democratically elected pro-Russian President of Ukraine, which took place in December 2013 through February 2014, under the cover of popular anti-corruption “Euro-Maidan” demonstrations against that elected President, who (like all of his post-USSR predecessors) was corrupt. The documentary was produced by stpetes4peace, and it uses mainly film-clips of the actual events in Ukraine, coming from Russian government TV (RT) and from British government TV (BBC). There is nothing in it from private corporate or “nonprofit” media, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR, nor from any of the U.S. major news media. There’s no New York Times, no Washington Post, no The Atlantic, no Harpers, no Foreign Policy, no New York Review of Books. There are two hostile, anti-Russian, interviews shown there, on Fox News (of U.S. politicians Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich), and a third such hostile interview shown on CNN (of Columbia University Russia-scholar Stephen Cohen), all three of which interviews are opinion, not news-reporting, anyway; otherwise, there’s nothing at all in this film that’s from the U.S. media.

Mainly, this documentary is direct news-reporting from Ukraine itself, as the events were unfolding there, and as U.S. news-media were doing little more than to transmit stenographically (totally uncritically), whatever the White House said about these matters (even if false, as this documentary proves to have been often the case).

However, in order really to understand this documentary, one needs first to understand the background of the effort that was started by U.S. President Bill Clinton, and that’s now being continued (in overdrive) by President Barack Obama, to surround Russia with U.S. and other NATO missiles, basically so as to complete what President Ronald Reagan had started with his “Star Wars” missile-defense program, which started as little more than a boondoggle for U.S. military contractors, but which now has become an authentic technological possibility: to encircle Russia (originally the USSR) with U.S. weapons, in order to impose an unchallengeable mono-polar, 100% U.S.-aristocracy-controlled, world, so that the U.S. aristocracy will control all foreign aristocracies and thus all nations’ economies. Stripped of the ideological conflict (“capitalist” versus “communist”), this now-revived Cold War conflict has nothing but lies to stanch it up, as this documentary makes excruciatingly clear. America’s stenographic “news” reporting is exposed here as being pure propaganda, which succeeds even more by virtue of all of the longstanding mass-indoctrination of Americans to think that their own nation’s “news” media aren’t propaganda — that only “Third World” nations do that sort of thing.

But there is a still-deeper level that’s not touched upon in this film: Maintaining control by the U.S. aristocracy requires two things: U.S. military control of the world (as just mentioned), and also continuation of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency — the currency that’s used in international corporate transactions. If anything, the U.S. aristocracy is even more concerned about the latter than the former. Each of these two factors will now be discussed in turn.

If it wasn't for US intervention there would have been no conflict here. This is a familiar pattern.

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Jim Rogers: Giants Ditching Dollar Over US Foreign Policies

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

CrossTalk: Ukrainian Farce

Will the Ukraine's presidential election alienate the people of the east? How will the radicals from the 'Right Sector' react to the election? What is the possibility of Maidan III? And is this a farce masquerading as tragedy? CrossTalking with Richard Weitz, Nebojsa Malic and Alexander Nekrassov.

Despite the election there will still be a split between the east and the west of the country because the right sector protagonists are still part of the government. It will be extremely difficult for Kiev to convince the eastern part of the country to come back into the fold.

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No Vet Left Behind

A little something I wrote a few years back at that's still relevant for this Memorial Day.
Jul 11, 2007

As the health care debate in America continues, so does the suffering of Vietnam veterans and citizens due to the toxic defoliant Agent Orange used in the war. The substance has been linked to everything from cancer, to birth defects of children whos parents were exposed. Gary D. Moore, SSgt USAF 1968-1972 has compiled an alphabetical index of the many diseases related to the effects of herbicide exposure, as well as medical and scientific terms used when reading about it.

Despite what any of us think about the wars our soldiers fight in, I think we can all agree our vets deserve nothing but the best health care available. Especially when one considers that many of their medical woes come as a direct result of their own Governments actions.

Wikipedia article on the subject states that...

"At the time Agent Orange was sold to the U.S. government for use in Vietnam, internal memos of its manufacturers reveal it was known that a dioxin,
2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin (TCDD), is produced as a byproduct of the manufacture of 2,4,5-T, and was thus present in any of the herbicides that used it."

In other words they knew the risks! In 1984 a $180 million settlement resulted in one time lump sums of $1,200 being paid out to affected veterans. I am sure many affected veterans never saw a dime of this money. For the ones that did, I am sure that $1,200 did not go far!

The US has
refused to compensate Vietnam's Agent Orange victims and canceled a study looking into it's affects in the country.

It is also of interest to note that a April 17, 2003 study found that
Agent Orange Use Was Underestimated. It has also been exposed that the American army tested Agent Orange in Canada.My friend Karen Stillwell has been fighting an uphill battle with the Department of Veterans Affairs. She has recently written the agency a letter detailing her struggles and pleading for help. Here is the intro to that letter...

"I am writing with regards to my husband, James Maurice Stillwell. Honorably discharged from the Army, on January 15 th, 1971, who applied for benefits through the local veterans administration, back in the first part of February 2007. James was diagnosed with agent orange in his lungs, only half of his liver is working, and getting worse daily. His spleen is enlarged, the gallbladder has already been taken and his digestive track and large and small intestines are rotting away, again, due to agent orange, environmental issues, and herbicides via the police action in Viet Nam. He is going on the list for a liver transplant if the next medicine he starts taking doesn't work. That will be probably after the month of July. He has to see the doctors again in Nashville ,TN. at the Veterans Hospital in a couple of weeks for another appointment.
We have not heard from nor have we seen any type of benefits as of this date, July 11 th/2007."

I strongly suggest you read the whole letter

Their struggle detailed in the letter is amazing. At every corner they have been met with apathy and contempt. The sad thing about it is similar struggles have been taking place for decades now. Vets have been fighting for what is owed them to no avail.

Even more shocking is the fact that things of this nature still continue with our Military today.

The makers of the documentary film 
Beyond Treason which covers topics such as Gulf War Illness and the current use of Depleted Uranium  state in their film description...

"What you don't know about your government could kill you... Department of Defense documents obtained through the Freedom of Information
Act expose the horrific underworld of the disposable army mentality and the government funded experimentation upon US citizens conducted without their knowledge or consent" 

So it's a new war and basically the same old crap! Watch the trailer HERE.
We have to fight for justice for the veterans and citizens of Vietnam while remembering that history is repeating itself as we speak. The following links are some activist websites and petitions to get you started.

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'Political Earthquake': EU Vote Huge Success for UK, French Euroskeptics

European parliamentary elections have drawn to a close bringing major gains for both Euroskeptic and far-right movements.

The voting results look to be a reaction to bad economic times and the want of people for more direct control over their own destinies - rather than control via Brussels - which is something the major parties have not provided.

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The 9/11 Attacks, “Keeping the Lid on the Lie”: Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement

It is impossible to keep the lid on a lie forever – especially a major deception carried out in full view of witnesses and cameras.

The last article in the Media Response series was published in February 2010, when public broadcasters in eight countries were reporting doubts about the official 9/11 story, and nine corporate media reviews had explored the issue during the previous year.[1]

Since then, the mainstream media has forged ahead on the subject.  In the past six months alone, 20 stories in major papers have covered the September-December 2013 ReThink911 campaign – including Time Magazine, the NYT, the Ottawa Citizen, and BBC News Magazine.

As time passes our memories of 9/11 becomes less painful and more open to public discussion.

There is increasing skepticism in both the social and corporate media about the credibility of 9/11 as the foundation for the continuing global war on terror.

Last year, President Obama was prevented from waging – on grounds of state terrorism –war with Syria.

As of March 2014, seven congressmen, backed by impacted  9/11 families, are calling for the release of a secret 2002 congressional study that implicates Saudi Arabia in financing the alleged hijackers.

Establishing the truth about 9/11 is a fundamental necessity for the achievement of peace between East and West.

The horrendous visual images of airliners careening into the tallest buildings in America were seared into the collective world brain on 9/11.

This collective human experience has been so powerful and haunting that no equally powerful and pervasive experience has emerged to show that the Twin Towers were not brought down by Muslim hijackers run by Osama bin Laden from Afghanistan.

Yet the weakness and falsity of the official story has been amply demonstrated by more than a decade of peer-reviewed research and scholarship, as shown by the 23-member 9/11 Consensus Panel’s evidence-based Consensus Points and reading list.[2]

And people suspect this.  A 2011 poll shows that 42% of Canadians believe US government information about 9/11 has been intentionally hidden from the public.[3]

The tale of 19 hijackers is viewed more and more as a construct – and the “reality” that it created, as a contrived perception.

If there is one force with the power to reverse this perception, it is the dynamic ReThink911 campaign, which has taken hold strongly in the US and Canada and has plans to expand into Britain and other countries.

The ReThink911 Campaign

The ReThink911 organization spearheads its campaign with the Achilles heel of the 9/11 perception – the sudden collapse, later in the day, of the 47-storey steel skyscraper World Trade Center 7, which stood adjacent to the Twin Towers.

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Why Uruguay's President is the Most Bad-Ass Leader in the World

Abby Martin applauds Uruguay's President, Jose Mujica, for his decision to give up his presidential mansion to 100 Syrian refugee children, accept Guantanamo Bay detainees into the country and reject the war on drugs.

Genuinely serving the people rather than acting as a self important lord. President Mujica donates 90% of his salary to charity. How many political leaders around the world would be prepared to act in such a way? Take note.

And ask yourself the same question. Personally, I would gladly serve the interests of the country (the people, not 'the establishment') for very low compensation.

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Conspiracy: Why it Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word

Were it not for all the clowns with no filter being heavily promoted online, the term conspiracy wouldn't carry such a stigma. Donate to a REAL media cause

While some people will believe anything labelled 'conspiracy' some will not believe in any claim of conspiracy no matter how good the evidence.

Often a lot of relatively ordinary actions are conspiratorial especially in business and government. A lot of the problem in comprehending how things work comes with the idea of a 'big conspiracy'.

The key is to do the research and think logically and conservatively. Look for hard, concrete proof that can settle the case one way or another plus look for fundamental errors in an official account. When the verifiable evidence builds up against the official narrative, you can be fairly certain that the said account is false (or a half truth).

A big problem when exploring controversial issues is the fact that there is a mixture of disinformation artists and kooks that can dissuade many from looking into the details of a case. Once you accept this to be true, put your conservative thinking filter on and look for hard facts. Often there are glaring points of evidence that reveal the real story - but you have to take the time to look !

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 26th, 2014.]

A Quick Debunking of Flight 800 Propaganda (the ridiculous zoom climb without the forward section)

If you are interested in air crash investigations and cover-ups ...

The following clip about the 'crash' of Flight 800, in 1996, is an example of the authorities (FBI-NTSB) trying to push a completely false account of what happened - despite numerous eyewitnesses and physical evidence that utterly refutes their version of events.

The relevant part starts at 18:30 and continues until about 25:40.

The person who made this clip, who is obviously well read when it comes to the official story, is either too naïve to understand what happened, or is a paid propagandist trying to put out material in light of a recent documentary on this disaster - in which ex-NTSB officials admit that the FBI, and their own bosses, organised a cover-up to hide evidence that the aircraft had been struck by surface to air missile(s).

According to the now retired officials, the aircraft was lost due to an external initiating event, not a centre fuel tank explosion. The clip above twists the witness statements saying they only looked in the direction of the aircraft after there was an explosion. Actual interviews with many witnesses show that they observed the missile-like object(s) first before seeing the aircraft explode. The FBI changed the witness statements or mischaracterised them. There were protests about this during the investigation.

The most glaring error in the featured clip is the recreation of the 747 climbing after its nose section allegedly fell off because 'it was now lighter and the engines were on full throttle'. This fiction was made up by the cover-up artists to try and explain away the eyewitnesses to the missile(s). The propagandists 'explained' that the witnesses simply saw burning fuel or contrails after hearing the explosion. According to them, the burning fuel came out as the aircraft climbed which 'accounted' for the 'flare-like light rising from the ocean' described by many witnesses. The FBI-NTSB even got the CIA (no kidding) to make a cartoon film (recreation) showing the 747 climbing without its heavy nose section.

The problem is that when a 333 ton aircraft loses 50+ tons of weight - all of it forward the wings - the centre of gravity (the balance of the aircraft) immediately shifts towards the tail. When this happens the aircraft is no longer balanced on its wings, which it needs to do to maintain lift. The plane basically flips backwards and then goes down (it stalls) - the same as if you had a model glider and then cut a large chunk of the nose off and then threw it. The centre of gravity on an aircraft is vital.

What is being dramatically presented here is literally impossible. If you know anything about aircraft design and construction then this part of the story is obviously rubbish.

One thing that is important to the case, as revealed in the clip, is the fact that Flight 800 passed through, or near, a US Navy missile testing area.  

(Note: I ran into the propaganda clip the other day and it bugged me because many people will end up believing it. The dramatization will 'convince' a majority of viewers since most people have little understanding when it comes to the basic principles of flight. Below I've added the best documentary on the incident that came out in the year 2000. The recent doco on the same event came out late last year, or early this year - which featured ex-NTSB officials confirming what was reported in the 2000 doco.)

Silenced: Flight 800 And The Subversion Of Justice

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Thailand: Coup Ousts US-Backed Dictator

Life goes on as normal in Thailand's capital of Bangkok the day after the Royal Thai Army declared it was taking power from the diminished, ineffectual "caretaker government" Thursday. Businesses and offices were open as usual on Friday with no discernible difference for Thais. TV programming is expected to be returned to normal today as well. 

 The coup was carried out at the climax of half a year of massive and protracted street demonstrations against the proxy regime of billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra. Shinawatra was himself ousted in a coup in 2006 and has since fled the country, residing primarily in Dubai. With his formidable political machine left intact, however, he has been able to rule the country remotely through a series of nepotist-appointed proxies including his brother-in-law Somchai Wongsawat, and his own sister, Yingluck Shinawatra.

While the Western media continues portraying Shinawatra's various proxy regimes as "democratically elected governments," they are nothing of the sort. Shinawatra - a convicted criminal, neither on the ballot or even in the country but admittedly running his political party and those standing in for him as prime minister - is unelected and therefore a dictator.

Shinawatra's ability to continue running the country remotely, and even contest elections despite being a convicted criminal evading a two year jail sentence, multiple arrest warrants, and a growing list of pending court cases is due not only to his impunity within Thailand, but impunity he has enjoyed as a result of significant and continuous support from Wall Street, London, and Brussels.

Ousted Government Was US-Backed Criminal Regime

Indeed, for over a decade, Thaksin Shinawatra has attempted to transform Thailand into a Western client state. An enumerated list of Shinawatra's sovereignty-usurping concessions and crimes against the Thai people make it clear as to why the military along with Thailand's other indigenous and independent institutions have been working systematically to diminish and uproot his political influence over Thailand

The next obvious question is how close to the west are the military leaders of the coup?

The government may have been replaced to maintain stability within the country, but not necessarily to ouster foreign control.

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Keiser Report (E605): Vietnam of Financial Fraud

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Max's personal Vietnam called 'HSBC Now' and he is going up the Thames River of financial fraud to meet George Osborne who is sitting on a pile of skulls of the victims of austerity. They discuss the wishes and knishes and misallocation of capital. In the second half, Max interviews Andrew 'Weev' Auernheimer about a hedge fund called TRO LLC and a StartJOIN crowdfunding campaign to raise money to register the fund. They also discuss Weev's lawsuit against the US government seeking compensation for wrongful imprisonment and he will only accept bitcoin as the US Federal Reserve note is backed by fraud and violence.

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Japan Begins Purposely Dumping 100s Of Tons Of Radioactive Water From Fukushima Into The Pacific

How do you get rid of hundreds of tons of highly radioactive water?  You dump it into the Pacific Ocean of course!  In Japan, the  Tokyo Electric Power Co. has made the “painful decision” to begin purposely dumping massive amounts of radioactive water currently being stored at the destroyed Fukushima nuclear facility directly into the Pacific.

This is being done even though water radiation levels near Fukushima spiked to a brand new all-time record high just a few days ago.  The radioactive material that is being released will enter our food chain and will potentially stay with us for decades to come.  Fukushima is an environmental nightmare that never seems to end, but the mainstream media in the United States decided to pretty much stop talking about it long ago.  So don’t expect the big news networks to make a big deal out of the fact that Japan is choosing to use the Pacific Ocean as a toilet for their nuclear waste.  But even though they aren’t talking about it, that doesn’t mean that radioactive material from Fukushima is not seriously affecting the health of millions of people all over the planet.

According to the Japan Times, Tepco released 560 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific on Wednesday, and Tepco says that for the foreseeable future we should expect another 100 tons of radioactive water to be released into the ocean every single day…

Remember when fallout from atmospheric nuclear testing was a big deal?

What NEEDS to happen immediately is a massive international engineering project to fully entomb the ruined reactors in concrete to stop a further release of harmful radioactive materials. If we go by estimates of the death toll from Chernobyl we must expect millions of people to become sick and die from this disaster in the coming years.

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Terrorism in Venezuela and Its “Regime Change” Accomplices

The private media and important actors both at home and abroad including Washington have downplayed, and in some cases completely ignored, the terrorist actions perpetrated against the Venezuelan government over the past three months. Among the latest examples of terrorism news that have been underreported abroad is the assassination in late April of Eliézer Otaiza, an historic leader of the Chavista movement and the president of the city council of Caracas. Another is a series of reports issued by Interior Secretary Miguel Rodriguez Torres with a wealth of documents – including videos, emails, phone call registries, and phone call recordings – that establish connections between terrorist activity and sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.
Recently the Chavista television commentator Miguel Pérez Pirela called on his colleagues to use the word “terrorism” instead of the term “guarimba,” which is a local slang-word referring to foquista-type urban violence.

The list of actions that qualify as terrorist is extensive. One of the most affected sectors has been the metro of Caracas. Metro stations in the eastern part of the city controlled by opposition mayors have been devastated (as well as the one in Parque Carabobo near the city’s center), 90 metro buses have been damaged, and 200 passengers have been injured. On May 13, metro workers marched to the Attorney General’s headquarters (which had also been heavily damaged by opposition protesters several months earlier) to demand a firm government response. The terrorist list also includes the killing of six national guardsmen and three policemen, the complete demolition of the campus of the military school UNEFA in the city of San Cristobal, the destruction of public buildings including the Housing Ministry, the burning of a truck that distributes gas of the state company PDVSA-Gas Comunal in the state of Táchira, as well as vehicles of the state food chain PDVAL, reported cases of attacks on 162 Cuban doctors who work for the state-sponsored Misión Sucre, and the list goes on and on.

The statements coming out of the U.S. Congress and Obama administration condemning human rights violation fail to recognize that sectors of the opposition have been involved in acts of terrorism.

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'No' to Gitmo': Dozens of Global Protests Over Obama Broken Promise to Close Prison

Dozens of protests set up today as part of a 'Global day of Action to close Guantanamo'. International human rights groups and activists from across the globe are once again raising their voice against Guantanamo Bay prison. RT's Marina Portnaya reports.

Gitmo is a military facility and can be closed by the President at any time.

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Keiser Report (E604): Wrong Side of Apartheid Wall

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert an Eric Pickles sized analogy for bankers operating in the dark and, thus, committing more crimes... not fewer. They also discuss Ben Bernanke as the Pastor Ezekiel of central banking as he commands high fees to provide spiritual guidance to hedge fund managers. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein about the Bank of England's balance sheet, Italian yields and revolution in the UK!

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ukraine Crisis : Dr Paul Craig Roberts Interview [MUST HEAR INTERVIEW]

Setting the discussion in the context of decades of US imperialism, and identifying the current crisis as largely agitated by Washington through its NGOs, Dr. Roberts reveals how Ukraine fits into the neocon game plan for world hegemony. But, as he explains, this insane goal for a nuclear "checkmate" by Washington against its geopolitical opponents on The Grand Chess Board is reckless in the extreme; for just like WWI, it could spiral out of control, but unlike WWI, it could lead to Armageddon.

Dr Roberts fully explains what is going on, geopolitically, in Ukraine with some background information. A truly excellent interview.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Tort of Defamation

Defamation laws are an historical relic of the age of nobility and reflect an exact inversion of the core tenet of western jurisprudence, that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. They retain their historical roots by remaining almost exclusively the tool of the rich and powerful to squelch criticism by the poor and powerless.

The recent defamation ruling in Canada against a website that briefly hosted a particular comment is very revealing. Reactionary actions to make sure free speech, and legitimate criticism, can be maintained will surely follow.

We do not want to slide into a world where only 'approved' comments and discourse is allowed. By using existing Laws aggressively we are all face a truly Orwellian future.

Please note that Boiling Frogs Post has a fund raiser at the moment. Donate what  you can to keep the content free.

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How Congress is Intentionally Bankrupting the Postal Service

Abby Martin speaks with RT Political Commentator, Sam Sacks, about why Congress intentionally bankrupted the US Postal Service and how the push to corporatize the mail industry is hurting us all.

This sucks, but it's typical ...and is the vulture corporatist model that we see used around the world. IMF loans work towards the same objective. Worth checking out if you have concerns about the privatisation of profitable state owned assets.

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How Not to Measure Temperature Part 95 – New Temperature Record of 102° in Wichita, but Look Where they Measure it

"On Sunday, May 4th, the temperature peaked at 102° at Wichita’s official NWS site Mid-Continent International Airport. Not only was this the hottest temperature ever measured during the month of May (previous record was 100° set on four different occasions) but was the earliest 100° reading on record (previous was May 9, 2011) and hottest reading so early in the season by a whole month: since June 4, 1933 when 102° was also observed. The city is off to its 2nd driest start of the year on record as well. Temperature and precipitation records for Wichita date back to 1888."

But, as I’ve pointed out many times, airports are one of the absolute worst places to measure temperature for climatic records. Not just because the airports themselves are massive heat sinks of asphalt and concrete, but also because the ASOS weather station system is known to be highly unreliable and prone to giving false high temperature readings like in Honolulu, Tucson, and more recently in Tacoma, where after fixing the ASOS temperature sensor, temperatures dropped to normal levels.

Have a look at where this thermometer is located for Wichita:

I think the asphalt pad right next to the ASOS (just north) is a nice touch, don’t you?

If you go to the link you can see that the airport today is now surrounded by houses, although not completely, when compared to 1956. There will be impacts from the Urban Heat Island Effect! And the difference between city and country temperatures can be measured in whole degrees!

This is a fundamental problem when it comes to tracking climate trends. When your raw data is unreliable then the conclusions you draw will most likely be faulty.

There is an argument that climate scientists compensate for the Urban Heat Island Effect but unless they are using adjustments that factor in degrees of temperature, rather than tenths of degrees, their temperature tracking estimates will be too high.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Who Needs The United States? Not Russia And China

Russia and China have just signed what is being called “the gas deal of the century”, and the two countries are discussing moving away from the U.S. dollar and using their own currencies to trade with one another. This has huge implications for the future of the U.S. economy, but the mainstream media in the United States is being strangely quiet about all of this.
For example, I searched CNN’s website to see if I could find something about this gas deal between Russia and China and I did not find anything. But I did find links to “top stories” entitled “Celebs who went faux red” and “Adorable kid tugs on Obama’s ear“. Is it any wonder why the mainstream media is dying? If a particular story does not fit their agenda, they will simply ignore it. But the truth is that this new agreement between Russia and China is huge. It could end up fundamentally changing the global financial system, and not in a way that would be beneficial for the United States.

Russia and China had been negotiating this natural gas deal for ten years, and now it is finally done. Russia is the largest exporter of natural gas on the entire planet, and China is poised to become the world’s largest economy in just a few years. This new $400 billion agreement means that these two superpowers could potentially enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship for the next 30 years
In my recent article entitled “De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar“, I warned about what could happen if the petrodollar monopoly ends. In the United States, our current standard of living is extremely dependent on the rest of the world continuing to use our currency to trade with one another. If Russia starts selling natural gas to China without the U.S. dollar being involved, that would be a monumental blow to the petrodollar. And if other nations started following the lead of Russia and China, that could result in an avalanche from which the petrodollar may never recover.

Other BRICS nations will follow this lead including Iran. This economic move is making aggressive  actions of the US and Europe, along with institutions like the IMF, less relevant when it comes to Russia and China.

The problem for this economic deal is that the US will be enacting its 'wolfowitz doctrine' (a policy to undermine potential global rivals) and try to disrupt what's happened here - using proxies to wage terrorist wars or inspire political upheavals in Russia or China, to stop the pipelines.

Outside of Europe, the US and NATO are already trying, via military intervention, to stop BRICS activities in Africa. The most obvious example of this is the attack on Libya that also stopped Gaddafi's plans to establish an African trading block.

In Europe through the Gladio B operations (via false flags and proxy terrorism), puppet Governments (Georgia, Azerbaijan etc), and NGOs promoting 'democracy' we find US-NATO actions trying to counter Russian influence - notably in Ukraine.

This schism between the 'Russian Block' and the west may well be intended to accelerate the Police State whilst driving domestic industry back into the USA (when trade walls go back up). There will be turmoil, including economic collapse, in the coming years - in all likelihood.

Related Info:

Modern Terrorism and Privateers (with visuals)

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Apartheid State Gives Impunity for IDF Soldiers

Abby Martin interviews Miko Peled, grandson of one of the founding fathers of the state of Israel and author of the book "The General's Son" about the recent killing of two Palestinian youths by IDF soldiers, the Supreme Court case of Palestinian-American activist, Rachel Corrie, and the poverty disparity between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Demographic Winter in the Asia-Pacific - The Asia-Pacific Perspective

STORY #1: Tensions escalates between China and Vietnam over controversial oil rig, STORY #2: Japan aims to keep population at 100 million in 2060's, STORY#3: Rival Thai Political Groups Risk Violence by Escalating Protests.

This clip provides basic background to the China-Vietnam dispute and the situation in Thailand. The video was recorded before the army declared Martial Law in the country.

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Still Report # 257 Russia Bans US From Space Station

Fact is stranger than fiction in this case.

This clip from Bill Still features mention of the Bank of North Dakota (public banking) as a solution to funding state programs. The money saved could then be used for space exploration/science (the non-black budget space programs).

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Activists Spoof 9/11 Memorial Brochures With Ones Containing ACTUAL FACTS

A group of activists plan to distribute information-packed pamphlets geared to destroy the government’s official narrative of how the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded, and they’re headed to the crime scene to hand them out.

Naive visitors to the National September 11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan, currently unaware of the corruption that allowed the attacks to take place, and the subsequent controlled demolitions which turned three towering skyscrapers into heaps of metal and rubble, will earn a crash course in 9/11 truth thanks to the efforts of activists with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Stalwart members of the campaign, whose organization boasts more than 2,100 actual architects and engineers, all of whom have concluded that fires could not possibly have brought the World Trade Center buildings down that day, will be handing out pamphlets cleverly designed to look exactly like the official museum brochure, but with actual facts instead of a collection of fragile lies.

During the museum’s grand opening, on Wednesday, May 21, and again on Saturday, May 24, group members and volunteers will pass out flyers posing vital questions concerning the destruction of the buildings

The linked article has the full 911 truth brochure. The only thing that I would add to the technical information is the fact that there were many witnesses to the secondary explosions that occurred within all 3 buildings:

Remember, only the truth about 911 can end the War on Terror.


Presently the new 911 Museum's Facebook webpage is under siege by truth activists. Lend a hand by 'liking' their comments !

Related Info:

Experts Speak Out - Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

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Apocalyptic Ambition: Kiev-US Nuclear Deal May Lead to Catastrophe

Political turmoil and violence in Ukraine's east are not the only challenges facing the country right now. Energy supplies are a major concern, and Kiev has decided to use US nuclear fuel at its atomic plants which constitute a major part of the country's power grid. RT's Irina Galushko explains why many fear Kiev is jeopardizing safety for politics.

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IMF Loan Conditions on Ukraine Explained - featuring Pepe Escobar

IMF mafia style loans and excellent geopolitical analysis. Listen to the interview for details.

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'No Place to Hide': NSA Altered Web Routers to Spy on intl Users?

The spying blame game the US plays out with China has begun a new chapter, with Washington charging five Bejing officials with hacking into American companies. The irony is though, it comes after America itself had been caught red-handed yet again, embracing online snooping. RT's Gayane Chichakyan explains how the scheme's believed to have worked.

In the related news item below Abby Martin outlines places (the Bahamas) where the NSA collects more than just 'metadata'. Such claims seem like a 'limited hangout' - only admitting to part of the story. The NSA has in all likelihood been collecting complete phone and electronic records around the world for decades, since the program was referred to as ECHELON.  

Related News:

How the NSA is Using The Bahamas as a Model for Total Control

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Keiser Report (E603): Positive Money

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss trading houses for silver, but not gold, in China and hoarding houses like gold in London. In the second half, Max interviews Ben Dyson of about what the economy and banking system would look like with positive money.

Very good discussion on the banking system in the second half of the show.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Former Al-Qaeda Leader says that the CIA runs Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda

The following is an interview of Osama bin Laden's personal guard, Nabil Na'eem Abul Fattah. Na'eem tells Lebanon's Asian News Agency in an interview that not only is the leader of Al-Qaeda, his former colleague Ayman Al-Zawahiri, a US double agent working on behalf of the interests of Washington, but that the leader of Jabhat Al-Nusra is a US agent fighting inside Syria.

He talks about the revolt of the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood against Hafez Al-Assad and explains that ideas about a new caliphate are a tool of US foreign policy. He also says that the foreign fighters in Syria are fools who are "fighting the war in Syria on America's behalf." Warning them that they will all be killed or put in prison after they serve their purposes "like what happened to us after Afghanistan."

This is extremely important to consider - that the US is gaming extremist organisations via double agents, to serve their purposes.  These kinds of corrupt actions, and false flag terror, are normal. They only succeed because the truth is hidden or kept as a 'fringe' idea. Educating EVERYONE will help break the censorship and undermine their heinous operations.

Related Info:

Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri 

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Libya's Ongoing Violence: 'Democracy Brought on NATO Wings'

Armed gunmen loyal to rogue General Khalifa Haftar attacked Libya's parliament on Sunday, announcing its suspension. Newly intensified violence in Libya is an example of NATO-exported democracy, activist and journalist Sukant Chandan told RT.

General Haftar, as a CIA guy, might have been given the green light to take power (cleanse Libya of the jihadists) on behalf of NATO corporate interests - the ones who would like the oil industry protected.

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Critical Thinking

A look at some of the principles of critical thinking.

This is for self reflection.

Why do you believe certain things? What sort of assumptions do you have that impacts your filtering of information?

With critical thinking time is also a factor. If you never look into something then you'll never appreciate what is beig argued and have no real basis to make a judgement (or suspend judgement).

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ObamaCare: What You're Not Being Told

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Truthseeker: NATO False Flags in Ukraine

US intel source claims Ukraine part of NATO secret campaign Gladio; psychopathy tests for our leaders; and a mainstream host storms out the studio after a vicious exchange on false flags.
Seek truth from facts with Questioning the War on Terror author Kevin Barrett,'s Eric Draitser, James Corbett of The Corbett Report, and possible 2016 presidential candidate Jesse Ventura.

The clip does not make a good distinction between planned false flags and cases where the establishment propagandise accidents or misunderstandings like the USS Maine explosion and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Nevertheless, any of these scenarios are reprehensible and constitute a criminal act - knowlingly engaging in unnecessary war. It's murder.

James Corbett, who is interviewed, makes a very good point about the fact that we are literally dealing with psychopaths in Government - just as we find psychological studies telling us the corporate system encourages the promotion of these kinds of people.

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Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: BBC NEWSNIGHT

Here's a BBC news story on the neo-Nazis in Ukraine from Feb 28th. These are the same ones that have positions in the coup Government, and have been covered in RT clips. I'm posting this for those that have trouble recognising raw information (those that think RT is all propaganda) and only go for news appearing in the 'established press'.  This 6 minute BBC clip has interviews with a mix of extreme nationalists and neo-Nazis. It's not a big deal, but it is if you think that everything appearing in the media outside of US sphere is inherently untrustworthy. More often the reverse is true.

The fact of the matter is there ARE neo-Nazis operating in the Ukraine and some of them hold positions in the Kiev Government. Numerous online trolls, and mistaken pro-west-at-any-cost cheerleaders, are trying to say that there are NO neo-Nazis, only nationalists, and that accusations of extremism constitute left wing or pro-Russian propaganda. These people are obviously in error.

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Seeing Beyond the Shadows with the Philosopher Plato

Related Info:

Americans Chained by Illusion
Abby Martin takes a look back at philosopher Plato's the 'Allegory of the Cave' and its application to today's society.

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Colorado is to become the first US state to allow terminally ill people to take experimental drugs - even those which are years away from getting federal approval.

Colorado has become the first US state to allow terminally ill people to take experimental drugs - even those which are years away from getting federal approval.

State's Governor John Hickenlooper signed the so-called 'Right To Try' bill into law in Fort Collins.

It was passed unanimously after emotional testimony from relatives who told harrowing stories about trying to get federal permission to access experimental medicine.

"When you're terminal and there's a drug out there that might help you, it can seem that the obstacles to get that drug are insurmountable," said Senator Irene Aguilar, who co-sponsored thecontroversial bill.

She dubbed it the 'Dallas Buyers Club' bill, after the Hollywood film about an AIDS patient who smuggled medicine from Mexico because it was not cleared for use in the US.

Similar 'Right To Try' bills are to be signed in Louisiana and Missouri.

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Monday, 19 May 2014

CrossTalk: Nulandistan Update [MUST WATCH]

A political disaster planned and funded by Washington is entering a new and even Orwellian stage. What is Victoria Nuland's impact on the Ukrainian crisis? Is there a peaceful resolution of the crisis? And what is in Nuland's mind? CrossTalking with Rick Rozoff, Brian Becker and Ray McGovern.

Great clip with excellent information on US involvement in Ukraine. McGovern makes a top point that the US is acting in a transparently corrupt way without shame.

There are two goals for the neocons here: control of Ukraine or to plunge the country into chaos. Both outcomes would suit their geopolitical ambitions.

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How the US Funds Global Torture

Abby goes over a new Amnesty International report that finds that 141 countries in the world practice torture methods, including everything from severe beatings to waterboarding, while the top ten recipients of US foreign aid are all members of that list.

Great clip.

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Facebook Censors Anti-AlQaeda Posts

Syrian Girl is being censored on Facebook. Popular celebrity figures are understandably targeted.

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Keiser Report (E602): Trephination of Market Minds

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss trepanning the financial and monetary systems seeking animal spirits. In the second half, Max interviews Simon Rose of Save Our Savers about work houses which will be called retirement villages after the euthanasia of the rentier becomes euthanasia of the saver and pensioner.

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"Someone's Lying Here! SOMEONE'S LYING!" CNN Aviation Expert On Flight 370 Data

The data they are talking about is the detection of aircraft transmissions by INMARSAT. Military satellites, certainly signals satellites and possibly optical satellites, should have also detected the aircraft.

There is a cover-up underway concerning the fate of this aircraft.

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

9/11 Whitewash Memorial Opens in NYC - #NewWorldNextWeek

Story #1: Brazil Tells World Cup Attendees "Don't Scream When Robbed", Story #2: The 9/11 Story Told at Bedrock, Powerful as a Punch to the Gut, Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek Updates:
#BentleyBlockade: "It's just been announced on the ABC that Metgasco's license has been revoked."

The 911 museum dishonours those who were killed by pushing the false official narrative of the attacks. Justice for the murdered has not been served.

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Covering Up War Crimes

While the focus on the torture program under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney remains fixed on the failure to come clean to Congress, it should be noted that those who carried out these terrible deeds spent a decade erasing evidence of their war crimes and destroying the lives of suspects who could testify against them, or to even acknowledge how many black sites were being run or how many people died under torture while in the custody of its operatives, medical professionals and contractors.

As far back as 2006, the United States advocacy group Human Rights First produced a report stating that over 100 suspects died “while in the hands of U.S. officials in the global war on terror.”

That figure did not tell the whole story nor did it speak to the organized and widespread torture that saw an unknown number of prisoners moved through black sites as far afield as Lithuania, Morocco, Poland and Thailand, to name but a few countries that cooperated with the U.S.

One of the critical pieces of the torture strategy was to fold up a site and destroy the evidence of its existence, including video evidence, once its existence had been compromised. But that was not the only reason detainees were flown at a moment’s notice to far-flung, secret facilities. The aim was to transform them into so-called “ghost detainees,” who did not exist on paper.

A primary reason for hiding prisoners was to ensure they would not be available to testify against their torturers. Evidence was often fabricated to keep them in custody, beyond the reach of the media and the Red Cross. Eventually, some were moved to Guantanamo Bay; torture was used there, too.
Missing in the congressional debate about the CIA is the true ugliness of the torture program and the human tragedy it generated.

According to one shocking report, Iraqi General Abed Hamed Mowhoush’s young son was dragged before him while he was being tortured. The general was told they were prepared to kill the boy. The boy was then taken to another room and subjected to a mock execution. He was hit and he bled. An interrogator showed his father the blood and told him, “I have just killed your son.”

Two of Mowhoush’s other sons were being held in custody at that time.

Over several days, Mowhoush was beaten with sledgehammer handles and rubber hoses until his heart gave out. Soldiers involved in his death were given what amounted to a slap on the wrist, and his CIA interrogators walked free.

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