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NATO Expansion Fundamentally the Cause of the Ukraine Crisis - CrossTalk: Containment 2.0? (ft. Stephen Cohen & John Mearsheimer)

What does Washington's "containment" policy mean? What threats does it pose? Will it work against today's Russia? And does this mean Washington has declared a new Cold War? CrossTalking with Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer.

Cutting to the underlying cause of the present situation - US hegemonic ambition. Great discussion that includes criticism of US exceptionalism.

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Tarpley Points Out Fake-OSCE Observers Are Actually NATO Military Officers

Alleged OSCE Observers Held in Slavyansk by Pro-Russian Forces Are Active Duty NATO Military Officers Out of Uniform, Many from Geilenkirchen Intelligence Base Where Awacs Are Flown; Visit Was Sponsored by German Defense Ministry, Which Is Pressuring Osce To Keep Up Attempted Camouflage of Possible Spy Mission-or Worse.

The claims that these alleged OSCE personnel are spies is based on fact. The details of the case make this clear.

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3 Ukraine elite Alpha group agents captured in Donetsk region
Three members of Ukraine’s special anti-terrorist unit Alpha have been detained during a covert mission in Donetsk region, amid the buildup of Kiev’s military near the cities controlled by pro-federalization forces.

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Letter vs the Australian ABC News Radio service (publicly funded) Telling Them Off for Airing War Propaganda

LETTER to ABC News Radio:
Listening to Ben Knight's one sided report (29/4) on the Ukraine crisis this morning shows that the ABC has still not improved its foreign news standards. You are still on par with the corrupt US corporate media.
The report centred on what Russian President Vladimir Putin was going to do in light of the pro-Russian (anti-fascist) militia's occupations in the east of the country.

There was no proper context, or framing of these events, which were a reaction to the Western-backed coup in Kiev. The role of the right-wing anti-Russian fascists who have taken up positions in the Kiev Government was completely overlooked.

It is little wonder that there would be a reaction in the East of the country. If the Russian State supports these actions, although there is no evidence to show this, then how is this unjustified as compared to the western support (5 billion according to Victoria Nuland) given to the Ukrainian opposition and violent right wing elements? What is required is elections, something offered by the ejected pro-Russian President. Where are the calls for elections from western leaders?

The ABC is still misreporting international affairs. This is not good enough by half. You have a Code of Practice and yet it looks like it's being ignored.

As a tip, here is one alternative news clip (from many) that ACCURATELY portrays the events in Ukraine:

Uncritical news reports when it comes to conflict only facilitate further violence. Stop airing propaganda.

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3 Sickening Ways America is Criminalizing Being Poor

Abby Martin goes over a several instances of laws in dozens of American cities that criminalize homelessness, featuring an interview with author and civil rights activist Eugene Puryear, discussing when the 'War on Poverty' became a war against the poor.

The poor exist largely because of jobs offshoring plus deregulation of financial markets that caused the housing bubble. Some level of protection is needed to keep the economic wealth of a country within its borders and to stop large scale fraudulent action (think robber barons). One idea floated was to have a higher minimum wage which is something that would also alleviate poverty. 

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Harvard Professor Accuses IPCC of Academic Fraud to Fit Their Agenda.

A top US academic has dramatically revealed how government officials forced him to change a hugely influential scientific report on climate change to suit their own interests. 

Harvard professor Robert Stavins electrified the worldwide debate on climate change on Friday by sensationally publishing a letter online in which he spelled out the astonishing interference.

He said the officials, representing ‘all the main countries and regions of the world’ insisted on the changes in a late-night meeting at a Berlin conference centre two weeks ago.

Three quarters of the original version of the document ended up being deleted.

Prof Stavins claimed the intervention amounted to a serious ‘conflict of interest’ between scientists and governments. His revelation is significant because it is rare for climate change experts to publicly question the process behind the compilation of reports on the subject.

Prof Stavins, Harvard’s Professor of Business and Government, was one of two ‘co-ordinating lead authors’ of a key report published by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) earlier this month.

The fundamental issue when it comes to understanding the nature of climate science is the fact that we cannot tell the difference between climate and weather in any local sense so that we have to rely on the very few 'climate research institutes' to tell us what is going on overall - since they process world wide temperature data. The problem is that these institutes have been caught 'cooking the books.'

The Climategate scandal and fundamental analysis of world wide temperature monitoring stations show that the raw data is being shaped to indicate a warming world.  Consider that we've been told the poles are sensitive to climate change. If that is the case, while the Arctic Sea Ice is relatively low (although it has grown back significantly) the Antarctica Sea Ice is at an all time high. Has one pole cancelled out the other so that there is no overall Sea Ice loss?

While it does appear that the Earth has been in a warm period over recent decades, this does not appear to be correlated to CO2 output - no statistical warming has appeared in the last 17 years despite the increase in CO2 emissions.

Nevertheless, because of general pollution with smog, plastics and chemical poisoning, we MUST move towards more sustainable technology - or at least clean up some of our present systems. We also need to ditch the current nuclear technology which poses a huge threat to the planet. We cannot afford anymore (cataclysmic) Fukushima style meltdowns.   

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Unelected Kiev Regime Begins Killing Spree in Eastern Ukraine

Deadly clashes broke out as the unelected regime occupying Kiev attempted to restart what it is calling “anti-terror” operations in eastern Ukraine where anti-fascist protesters have begun rising up. Several have been killed during clashes in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slavyansk where Kiev has set armored vehicles and helicopter gunships upon its own population.

The Western media continues to refer to those opposing the unelected regime in Kiev as “pro-Russian,” and continues to insist that the uprising in the east is either backed by Moscow or in fact, being carried out directly by Russians operating in Ukrainian territory. However, the US and EU have failed categorically to prove such claims with evidence, and have since been caught circulating falsified images and news in attempts to bolster their claims.

The current regime in Kiev came to power at the height of the so-called “Euromaidan” protests where admittedly armed Neo-Nazi militants seized power, ransacking the headquarters of their political opponents and driving out the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych. While the armed, violent seizure of power was initially covered up by the Western media, the BBC itself would later admit in a short video report that indeed armed Neo-Nazi militants spearheaded the coup.

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Tide Turning in Favor of Syrian Army

Press TV has interviewed Mimi al-Laham, a Syrian activist and political commentator, from Australia, about the Syrian army gaining more ground in the city of Homs.

An update on the proxy war in Syria. The Western backed Al Qaeda-linked jihadists are losing.

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Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies

Click on the image to see an enlarged version of this very valuable list. Remember it and be aware that online propagandists may accuse their critics of committing such fallacies when it is 'they' who are engaging in such false thinking. Something to be aware of.

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Rothschild Inherits Patent after 4 Co-Owners Disappear on MH 370 Flight

The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild the sole owner of a very important patent.

The mystery surrounding the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 is growing as each day passes with more mysterious silence shadowing the disappearance of the airline. More and more theories are beginning to emerge. We have heard of black holes swallowing the airliner (likely the least intelligent thing ever said on TV), deranged pilots taking it over... But no media outlet has mentioned anything about who was on that plane. Absolutely nothing! Well, for starters, the people who owned the patent to Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03′ which is a new improvised version of an older microcontroller KL-02 were on the MH-370 flight. This report has caught legs across dozens of European based news outlets. Did Rothschild exploited the airlines to gain full Patent Rights of an incredible KL-03 micro-chip? According to the reports, Jacob Rothschild is dubbed as the "evil master plotter".
A US technology company which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing.

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The Trans Pacific Partnership and Monsanto

Something is looming in the shadows that could help erode our basic rights and contaminate our food.  The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has the potential to become the biggest regional Free Trade Agreement in history, both in economic size and the ability to quietly add more countries in addition to those originally included.  As of 2011 its 11 countries accounted for 30 percent of the world’s agricultural exports.  Those countries are the US, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Viet Nam.  Recently, Japan has joined the negotiations.

Six hundred US corporate advisors have had input into the TPP.  The draft text has not been made available to the public, press or policy makers.  The level of secrecy around this agreement is unparalleled.  The majority of Congress is being kept in the dark while representatives of US corporations are being consulted and privy to the details.

The chief agricultural negotiator for the US is the former Monsanto lobbyist, Islam Siddique.  If ratified the TPP would impose punishing regulations that give multinational corporations unprecedented right to demand taxpayer compensation for policies that corporations deem a barrier to their profits.
Legacies of other trade agreements that serve as a warning about the TPP have a history of displacing small farmers and destroying local food economies.  Ten years following the passage of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) 1.5 million Mexican farmers became bankrupt because they could not compete with the highly subsidized US corn entering the Mexican market. 

In the same 10 years Mexico went from a country virtually producing all of its own corn to a country that now imports at least half of this food staple.  Mexican consumers are now paying higher prices for Monsanto’s GMO corn.

With little or no competition for large corporations Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta now control 57 percent of the commercial food market.

While the TPP is in many ways like NAFTA and other existing trade agreements, it appears that the corporations have learned from previous experience.  They are carefully crafting the TPP to insure that citizens of the involved countries have no control over food safety, what they will be eating, where it is grown, the conditions under which food is grown and the use of herbicides and pesticides. 
If the TPP is adopted the door will be open wider for human rights and environmental abuse.

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Fukushima Didn’t Just Suffer 3 Meltdowns … It Also Suffered Melt-THROUGHS and Melt-OUTS

We reported in May 2011 that authorities knew – within days or weeks – that all 3 active Fukushima nuclear reactors had melted down, but covered up that fact for months.

The next month, we reported that Fukushima’s reactors had actually suffered something much worse: nuclear melt-throughs, where the nuclear fuel melted through the containment vessels and into the ground. At the time, this was described as:
The worst possibility in a nuclear accident.
The worst possibility in a nuclear accident.

But now, it turns out that some of the Fukushima reactors have suffered even a more extreme type of damage: melt-OUTS.

By way of background, we’ve noted periodically that scientists have no idea where the cores of the nuclear reactors are.

And that highly radioactive black “dirt” has been found all over Japan.

It turns out that the highly radioactive black substances are likely remnants of the core.

The Journals Environmental Science & Technology and Journal of Environmental Radioactivity both found (hat tip EneNews) that the highly radioactive black substances match fuel from the core of the Fukushima reactors.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission agrees.

Indeed, “hot particles” with extremely high levels of radiation – 7 billion, 40 billion , and even 40 billion billion Bq/kg – have been found all over the Fukushima region, and hundreds of miles away … in Tokyo.

A large area of Japan has been significantly contaminated such that it poses a risk to those living in Tokyo and other neighbouring regions. The contamination may be so bad that much of Japan's population should be relocated. Fallout continues into the Pacific and onto the West Coast of the United States.

Presently the remains of the cores are still fissioning and releasing hazardous material at the plant site. The buildings need to be entombed in three dimensions via a huge International construction effort.

Consider the reaction to the Chernobyl disaster and the imperative in sealing that damaged reactor versus against the lack of action in this regard to the three melt-downs in Fukushima. The contamination being ignored in Japan is a serious problem when we consider history.

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Moving Closer To War — Paul Craig Roberts

The Obama regime, wallowing in hubris and arrogance, has recklessly escalated the Ukrainian crisis into a crisis with Russia. Whether intentionally or stupidly, Washington’s propagandistic lies are driving the crisis to war. Unwilling to listen to any more of Washington’s senseless threats, Moscow no longer accepts telephone calls from Obama and US top officials.

The crisis in Ukraine originated with Washington’s overthrow of the elected democratic government and its replacement with Washington’s hand-chosen stooges. The stooges proceeded to act in word and deed against the populations in the former Russian territories that Soviet Communist Party leaders had attached to Ukraine. The consequence of this foolish policy is agitation on the part of the Russian speaking populations to return to Russia. Crimea has already rejoined Russia, and eastern Ukraine and other parts of southern Ukraine are likely to follow.

Instead of realizing its mistake, the Obama regime has encouraged the stooges Washington installed in Kiev to use violence against those in the Russian-speaking areas who are agitating for referendums so that they can vote their return to Russia. The Obama regime has encouraged violence despite President Putin’s clear statement that the Russian military will not occupy Ukraine unless violence is used against the protesters.

We can safely conclude that Washington either does not listen when spoken to or Washington desires violence.
As Washington and NATO are not positioned at this time to move significant military forces into Ukraine with which to confront the Russian military, why is the Obama regime trying to provoke action by the Russian military? A possible answer is that Washington’s plan to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base having gone awry, Washington’s fallback plan is to sacrifice Ukraine to a Russian invasion so that Washington can demonize Russia and force a large increase in NATO military spending and deployments.
In other words, the fallback prize is a new cold war and trillions of dollars more in profits for Washington’s military/security complex.

Roberts' essay concludes with the observation that European Governments (and the media overall) have provided cover for Washington's schemes and that they should be acting to preserve their own interests (or at least the interests of European populations).

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'Washington Organized Events Happening in Ukraine' - ex-OSCE VP

The combination of the polices of the government in Kiev and Washington blaming Russia for events is pushing the situation in Ukraine to a critical mass which threaten peace in Europe Willie Wimmer, former State Secretary of the minister of defense in Germany and former Vice President of the OSCE Assembly, tells RT.

Mr Wimmer's assessments are correct, that the US five billion dollar 'investment' in Ukraine helped set the stage, and that Ukraine is in Russia's backyard just as Cuba was considered the US backyard during the Cuban missile crisis.

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Keiser Report (E593): Hot Tips from Losers

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Americans as the big globalisation losers, though they refuse to admit it because they've bought Hot Tips from Losers. Meanwhile, in China, the middle class recognize the equally corrupt oligarchic system there also makes them losers, or, in their own words, male pubic hair. In the second half, Max interviews international businessman and RBS claimant, Neil Mitchell, about the latest in his high-profile battle against GRG and RBS. He suggests the public move their funds from RBS and Max suggests that British law = government hack writes report, then they hold an enquiry, then they write another report.

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Escobar on RT: US Fears Opposing Views are Gaining Strength

The top US diplomat John Kerry has accused Moscow of using RT International as a tool to distort reality. Pepe Escobar, a foreign affairs journalist, joins RT to talk more about Washington's attack.

Good interview about the information war in which we are subjected to varying levels of Western state media propaganda. Listen carefully.

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Kerry bashes RT as "propaganda"

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Fake Facts in US Media Affecting White House Policies [and White House Policies affecting US Media 'Facts']

US media coverage has been running hand in hand with the revolutionary ideology of Kiev's interim leaders. And brushing aside contradictions to its reasoning, the White House is relying on verified data. Or, as Anastasia Churkina finds out, their interpretation of that.

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Former U.S. State Department Director Says "Bomb Syria"

Syrian Girl Mimi Al-Lahan talks about the UN "Humanitarian Intervention".

The interview addresses the fears of the Machiavellian manoeuvres playing out with the calls for enhanced humanitarian intervention in the proxy war. 'Syrian Girl' explains the fact that all the insurgent groups consist of jihadists - including the FSA - and that they are all associated with Al Qaeda extremists.

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Life on Mars Discovered in 1976?

Gilbert Levin, Arizona State University and former team leader of the Viking Mars Landing mission, presents the argument that their 1976 experiment with the Viking lander discovered life on Mars.

NASA has been covering up the real planetary conditions on Mars for decades.

The Space Administration has fudged the data on the atmosphere to indicate that it has an extremely low air pressure and no liquid water. However, anyone can make a number of basic scientific observations that show this 'interpretation' of the conditions do not make any sense:

Undoubtedly, Mars has a thicker atmosphere than what we've been told.

And Mars, although largely desert, likely has (seasonal) liquid water flowing across the surface in various locations.

The reason for the cover-up is to fool the public into thinking that Extra-Terrestrial life (outside the Earth) is near impossible. Mars, like the Earth, likely has micro-organisms in its soil and perhaps larger forms such as worms or insect like creatures. There may be 'plants' or mould growing in certain locations. The problem is, in light of the fudging we can identify, one cannot trust NASA (or the ESA for that matter) on their photographic record and other aspects of their Mars missions.

The ultimate purpose of the 'life on Mars cover-up' is to create a situation in which the public discounts the possibility of intelligent Extra-Terrestrial life existing in our galaxy, or at least has them grudgingly accept authority figure statements in that regard. 

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US Collapsing, becoming Casino Gulag State

(A short preview clip of the latest Keiser Report.)

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Russia Threatens Response if Pro-Kremlin Rebels Attacked in Ukraine

Russia issued a blunt warning Wednesday it would respond if its interests are attacked in Ukraine, as pro-Kremlin rebels in the restive east of the country braced for a new military offensive by Kiev.

The threat by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, recalling the 2008 war with Georgia over South Ossetia, came as US troops were headed to region in a show of force after Washington again warned Moscow of new sanctions over the escalating crisis.

“If we are attacked, we would certainly respond,” Lavrov told state-controlled RT television.

“If our interests, our legitimate interests, the interests of Russians have been attacked directly, like they were in South Ossetia for example, I do not see any other way but to respond in accordance with international law.”

He did not elaborate, but the reference to South Ossetia strongly hinted at the possibility of military action.

The US is looking to restart the Cold War.
Expect to see the pro-Kremlin rebels attacked until Russia responds.

The US is in dire economic condition and a war excuse is exactly what the Obama administration will use to account for the upcoming calamity. The US will probably not fully intervene but allow Russia to retake the country whilst protesting the whole time. The idea is to cause a schism between Russia and the EU.

Another ploy appears to be preparing a schism between the west and China: Obama: U.S. will defend Japan if China seizes Senkaku Islands.

The big question is whether this is all bluff? With the world financial-economic system so entwined do the banking interests that control Washington want to see this conflict unfold, or have they stashed away enough Gold so that the very elite at the top will be protected? Is this a way for the US to default on all its debt?

Overall, for society in general, the (partial) unwinding of globalisation is a good idea, but this upheaval causing method is not the right way to go about it. An honest appraisal of the situation would allow the reintroduction of international borders and the implementation of capital controls that would restore some balance to the world economy. Honesty, on the other hand, is something that is not readily forthcoming from the powers that be - because it admits error on their part - so this may be the preferred method, designed to hide what is really going on, thereby shifting blame for any hardships that arise.

However, if the Ebola virus outbreak goes global then all bets are off. (And we still have the Fukushima disaster to contend with!)

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Kerry attacks Russia, ignores US role in Ukraine

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NY Time Publishes Fabricated Evidence Of Russian Troops In Eastern Ukraine

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Did the NSA Blackmail Obama? Whistle-blower Claims NSA Targeted Obama “Word for Word” Beginning in 2004

In what is the most ironic of any of the NSA Prism-gate revelations to date, NSA Whistle-blower Russ Tice has revealed that the NSA began targeting President Obama in 2004 prior to his run for the Illinois Senate seat.

Tice states that the NSA targeted Obama, his spouse, his entire family, and all of Obama’s staff members, and that the monitoring was NOT simply meta data, but that Obama’s communications were targeted by the NSA: ”24/7, word for word what was said and typed into their emails. Was Obama blackmailed? I don’t know the answer to that, but what is the justification for Obama turning against his campaign promises and his supposed love for the Constitution?”

Obama's past is murky, but his known behaviour and connections indicate he's very likely been part of the establishment for a long time.

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Keiser Report (E592): Zombie Banks, Debt Schools

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how with a university education, one may steal the whole railroad but will also leave the student heavily in debt with tumbling starting salaries. In the second half, Max interviews Jan Skoyles about China's gold, international payment systems, bail-ins and Getting REAL.

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Friday, 25 April 2014

The African Ebola Outbreak that Shows No Sign of Slowing

Last week, officials in Guinea expressed optimism. The outbreak of Ebola that had spread into Liberia and beyond appeared to be waning. The number of deaths, which had then numbered 106, had slowed. Travel restrictions had been bolstered. The outbreak, which had sent waves of panic across West Africa, finally seemed under control.

“The number of new cases have fallen rapidly,” Rafi Diallo, a spokesman for Guinea’s health ministry, told Reuters. On the day of the interview, April 15, there were 159 confirmed or suspected cases of the disease. “Once we no longer have any new cases … we can say that this is totally under control.”

It’s eight days later. And the number of those killed by the Ebola killed in Guinea is now 136. Nearly 210 cases have been confirmed. In all, across Liberia and Guinea, 142 people have been killed — and 242 infected — in an outbreak that began months ago in the forested villages of southeast Guinea and shot to the capital city.

There are reports that the virus has spread to Italy. If this is the case all borders in the Euro-African region must be closed immediately for a few months until the outbreak can be contained. With a long incubation period and high death rate the consequences of doing nothing will be very grave.

The borders of the affected African countries should already be closed.

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Propaganda Alert: US and UN Object to the Holding of Presidential Elections in Syria

In a bitter irony, those who carry out “humanitarian warfare” in the name of “democracy” are committed to boycotting Syria’s presidential elections.

Both the Obama administration and the United Nations are fully aware that the June presidential elections in Syria will, in all likelihood, result in a landslide victory for President al-Assad and thus pave the way for a decisive end to the three-year long NATO-led genocidal war on Syria.

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Governments Hire Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion

It's an admitted fact that governments around the world hire armies of shills to troll comment sections of news websites and social media with pro-establishment propaganda in an attempt to sway public opinion.

This is why it helps to do your own research - checking the details being made by various online 'experts'. You CAN work things out for yourself given a bit of time. Some propaganda is self evident tho and becomes transparent in the course of a thread.

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Ellen Brown: Banks Will Take Deposits in the Coming Financial Meltdown, LIBOR Rate Rigging and More

Can bank bail-ins come to America? Ellen Brown of the Web-of-Debt blog says, "It could, and I think it will." Brown, who has written two books on the advantages of public banking, contends, "They don't have any alternative if they are going to keep these banks alive. This is the solution: They just knock down the liabilities, and they will be solvent again, but what that means is they'll be taking the depositors' money. . . . They are making it legal. This is what will be done in the event they are not solvent. They are too big to fail. They can't allow these banks to fail, so what will they do? They will take the deposits and case solved."

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Ellen Brown, whose blog is called Web-of-Debt which can be found on

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Occupation of Government Building was a Sign of Democracy in January but a Sign of Terrorism in April! I'm Confused, Can Anyone Help Me?

I'm confused. A few weeks ago we were told in the West that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine was a very good thing. These people, we were told by our political leaders and elite media commentators, were 'pro-democracy protestors'.

The US government warned the Ukrainian authorities against using force against these 'pro-democracy protestors' even if, according to the pictures we saw, some of them were neo-Nazis who were throwing Molotov cocktails and other things at the police and smashing up statues and setting fire to buildings.

Now, just a few weeks later, we're told that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine are not 'pro-democracy protestors' but 'terrorists' or 'militants'.

Why was the occupation of government buildings in Ukraine a very good thing in January, but it is a very bad thing in April? Why was the use of force by the authorities against protestors completely unacceptable in January, but acceptable now? I repeat: I'm confused. Can anyone help me?

The anti-government protestors in Ukraine during the winter received visits from several prominent Western politicians, including US Senator John McCain, and Victoria Nuland, from the US State Department, who handed out cookies. But there have been very large anti-government protests in many Western European countries in recent weeks, which have received no such support, either from such figures or from elite Western media commentators. Nor have protestors received free cookies from officials at the US State Department.

Surely if they were so keen on anti-government street protests in Europe, and regarded them as the truest form of 'democracy', McCain and Nuland would also be showing solidarity with street protestors in Madrid, Rome, Athens and Paris? I'm confused. Can anyone help me?

Syria too is rather baffling. We were and are told that radical Islamic terror groups pose the greatest threat to our peace, security and our 'way of life' in the West. That Al-Qaeda and other such groups need to be destroyed: that we needed to have a relentless 'War on Terror' against them. Yet in Syria, our leaders have been siding with such radical groups in their war against a secular government which respects the rights of religious minorities, including Christians.

When the bombs of Al-Qaeda or their affiliates go off in Syria and innocent people are killed there is no condemnation from our leaders: their only condemnation has been of the secular Syrian government which is fighting radical Islamists and which our leaders and elite media commentators are desperate to have toppled. I'm confused. Can anyone help me?

The answer is simple. The US is not at all interested in promoting democracy but its own strategic interests based on furthering its hegemonic ambitions.

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Al-Maliki Accuses Saudi Arabia of Supporting Terrorism in the Region

Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki stressed that the Saudi Arabia turned into a state of problems due to its policies in supporting terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries.

The Saudi Arabia lives the dream of toppling Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, but it will not succeed, al-Maliki said in an interview with al-Manar TV broadcast Monday, calling Saudi Arabia to stop interfering in the Iraqi affairs and to respect the interests of Iraq.
The Iraqi Premier reassured that the political solution is the only one for solving the crisis in Syria, calling on all the Syrian sides and the international community to adopt a political solution to the crisis.
He called on the Saudi Arabia to stop arming the terrorists’ in Syria, asserting that if the Saudi Arabia doesn’t stop arming the terrorists in Syria the war will spill over the borders as it has stricken Iraq and Lebanon and would affect Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

It's not just Saudi Arabia that supports terrorism, but the US, Turkey and Israel among others.

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Privatization Is A Ramp For Corruption and Insouciance Is a Ramp for War — Paul Craig Roberts

Libertarian ideology favors privatization. However, in practice privatization is usually very different in result than libertarian ideology postulates. Almost always, privatization becomes a way for well-connected private interests to loot both the public purse and the general welfare.

Most privatizations, such as those that have occurred in France and UK during the neoliberal era, and in Greece today and Ukraine tomorrow, are lootings of public assets by politically-connected private interests.

Another form of privatization is to turn traditional government functions, such as prison operation and many supply functions of the armed services, such as feeding the troops, over to private companies at a large increase in cost to the public. Essentially, the libertarian ideology is used to provide lucrative public contracts to a few favored persons who then reward the politicians. This is called “free enterprise.”

The privatization of prisons in the US is an example of the extraordinary cost and injustice of privatization. Privatization of prisons requires ever higher rates of incarceration in order to build profitability. The US, supposedly “a land of liberty” has by far the highest incarceration rates of all countries. The “free” US has not only the highest percentage of its population in prison but also the highest absolute number. “Authoritarian” China with four times the US population has fewer citizens in prison.
Another great libertarian fantasy is Wall Street. In the libertarian mythology Wall Street is the mother of entrepreneurs and of the start-up companies that blossom into industrial, manufacturing, and commercial giants. In actual fact, Wall Street is the mother of enormous corruption. As Nomi Prins shows in All The President’s Bankers, it has always been the case.

Recently, there has been a spate of Wall Street whistleblowers. Many are reported by Pam Martens on her site, Wall Street On Parade, 
Unlike libertarian ideologues, Prins and Martens are former Wall Street insiders and know what they are talking about.

All US financial markets are rigged for the benefit of a few. We have had the exposure of high frequency trading front-running buy and sell orders. We have had the exposure of the big banks rigging the LIBOR interest rate and the London gold price fix. We have had the exposure of the Federal Reserve rigging via its dependent bullion banks the price of gold in the futures market. We have had the exposure in Congressional hearings of the rigging of metal and commodity prices. The dollar’s exchange value is rigged. And so forth. Yet no heads have rolled. Recently a SEC prosecuting attorney, James Kidney, retired. Upon his retirement, he proclaimed that his cases against the criminal big banks have been suppressed by SEC higher ups who have their eyes fixed on big jobs with the banks they are protecting while in government service.

So there you have it. The United States government is so overwhelmingly corrupt that even the financial regulatory agencies have been corrupted by the money of the private capitalists they are supposed to regulate.
Paul Wolfowitz, the neoconservative who as Deputy Secretary of Defense presided over the orchestration of the false evidence used by the Bush regime to launch Washington’s wars in the Middle East, declared the minimization of Russian power as the “first objective” of US foreign and military policy:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

What Wolfowitz means by “hostile power” is any power independent of Washington’s hegemony.
Washington overthrew the elected Ukraine government in order to orchestrate a crisis that would distract Russia from Washington’s adventures in Syria and Iran and in order to demonize Russia as an invader rebuilding an empire that is a danger to Europe. Washington will use this demonization in order to break-up growing economic relationships between Russia and Europe. The purpose of sanctions is not to punish Russia, but to break up economic relationships.

Washington’s strategy is audacious and brings risk of war. If the West had an independent media, Washington’s plan would fail. But instead of a media, the West has a Ministry of Propaganda. The New York Times has even found a replacement for Judith Miller. As you might have forgot or never known, Judith Miller was the New York Times reporter who filled the Times with Bush regime neoconservative lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Instead of examining and exposing the Bush regime’s false claims, the New York Times bolstered the regime’s case for war by using the newspaper’s credibility to advance the neoconservative war agenda.

This is a great article from Roberts. Go to the link to read his entire assessment. It's also worth getting his book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism that exposes false economic thinking.

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Keiser Report (E591): Margret Thatcher? Anti-Christ!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the rentier rising from the dead, generation debt and harvesting the young with student debt. In the second half, Max interviews Ross Ashcroft about the housing super bubble in London and what it means to the rest of the economy to have a rentier class in charge.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

True Story Of The Boston Bombing

Infowars showed the blatant inconsistencies, and breaking news about the Boston Bombing false flag attack and the subsequent police state events from day one

The Tsarnaev backpacks were light grey and dark grey. According to the FBI the remains of the explosive carrying backpacks were black. The Tsarnaev's did not plant the explosives used in the attacks and are patsies.

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Picture Perfect? US State Dept Publishes 'Evidence' of Russian 'Involvement' in Ukraine

Pictures -- according to the US State Department -- prove Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine. The 'evidence' as the State Department calls them, show people taking part in seizures of admin buildings in the region. These same individuals involved in operations in Georgia in 2008, according to the State Department. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki came under fire over those photos during her last briefing.

This is the same kind of weasel-worded 'proof' that the US used when they accused the Syrian Government of using chemical weapons!

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Princeton Researchers Conclude US Political System Has Been Almost Completely Usurped

A recent scientific study by Princeton and Northwestern universities, which has gone somewhat under reported in the mainstream media, concludes that the US is now a fully fledged oligarchy.

The paper, entitled Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average Citizens, notes that America is no longer even a Democracy, which begs the question, how far removed is the country from being the Republic envisioned and painstakingly established by Benjamin Franklin and the founding fathers.

“The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence,” the study notes.

In other words, powerful elites have taken over the country and effectively run the government, it is official. Of the people, by the people, for the people is now a thing of the distant past.

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Retail Store Closures Soar In 2014: At Highest Pace Since Lehman Collapse

What a better way to celebrate the rigged markets that are telegraphing a "durable" recovery, than with a Credit Suisse report showing, beyond a reasonable doubt, that when it comes to traditional bricks and mortar retailers, who have now closed more stores, or over 2,400 units, so far in 2014 and well double the total amount of storefront closures in 2013, this year has been the worst year for conventional discretionary spending since the start of the great financial crisis!
Yup - nothing but blue skies ahead.

In fact, here is some more good news. As Bank of America notes, Consumer Durable spending - another key component of any, well, durable recovery - is founering. In their words: "Durable spending has had a very weak recovery by historic standards. The ratio of consumer durables to GDP shows that while the share of spending has recovered, it remains at recessionary levels."

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cold War 2.0 and the Threat of Nuclear Warfare - GRTV Backgrounder

The rhetoric that has been spewed in recent years about nuclear disarmament is, of course, was always just that: rhetoric. The US government has never seriously considered giving up its nuclear stockpile, or even renouncing a first-use nuclear doctrine.

As Dr. Yuki Tanaka of Hiroshima University explains, the Obama administration has not simply continued the aggressive Bush-era stance on America's nuclear arsenal, but actually extended it.

In reality, the Obama administration has simply reaffirmed and even extended the existing US nuclear policy allowing for a first-strike, offensive nuclear war against its enemies

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China Prepares Massive Investments in Crimea

China intends to invest in massive projects in Crimea less than a month after the former Ukrainian province was annexed by the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s ambassador to the European Union, said Russia is partnering with China in two major Crimean projects:  the “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline and a 25 meter deep Crimean deep water port. These projects will continue despite the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine, Chizhov said.

Chizhov described the “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline as a mega-project that will pump 60 billion cubic meters of gas annually from the Kovykta and Tchayandinskoe gas fields to Russia’s far east, where a branch line will deliver 38 billion cubic meters a year to China.

This is China's 'subtle' hint to the west concerning which side they are supporting in the world of geopolitics.

Related Info:

New Silk Road: China, Russia strengthen trade ties amid Western sanctions

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Keiser Report (E590): Ukraine's Big Oil & Big Angst

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss American injustice in the age of the wealth gap and Weev's hedge fund trolling. In the second half, Max interviews JP Sottile of about Big Oil and Big Ag in Ukraine. Sottile names the people and corporations hoping to exploit the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

'Schizophrenic US Strategy Makes them Bad Peacemakers for Ukraine'

More than seven hours of talks between Russia, Ukraine, US and EU diplomats have been unable to make a significant breakthrough - according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Machiavellian strategy should be anticipated and prepared for when it comes to hammering out a peace plan.

Related Info:

Fake Flyer Fury: 'Letter to Jews' Kerry cited was forged

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Ukraine Jew Registration Hoax Traced

Email intercepts that included the original copies of anti-Semitic leaflets distributed in Eastern Ukraine have now been shown to be part of an elaborate false flag hoax to sabotage recent US-Russian talks.

The hoax, a “game theory warfare” operation, was meant to “sucker punch” both Russia and the US. If those responsible, in this case the New York based ADL, were caught, and they have been, there would be no consequences.

The ADL is “untouchable.” When Secretary of State Kerry expressed his revulsion at Nazi leaflets demanding that Jews in Ukraine “register” with a non-existent government agency, little did he know he was the victim of an elaborate and highly dangerous false flag hoax.

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Why Are Environmental Activists Being Murdered at a Record Rate? | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin reports on the growing number of murders of environmental activist worldwide by corporate and government entities, citing the 908 deaths reported in countries from Brazil to the Philippines.

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Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Your Friend

Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

42 New Ebola Cases Reported in West Africa: WHO

In an Ebola virus disease (EVD) status update published Thursday on its website, the WHO says that death toll from the Ebola virus increased from 121 to 137 in the past three days, with most of the new deaths, or 87 percent, reported in Guinea.

The total number of suspected and confirmed EVD cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has jumped from 194 to 236 in the past three days. Most of the new cases came from Guinea and Sierra Leone.

There is still no cure for the deadly Ebola virus disease which has an incubation period between two and 21 days and carries a fatality rate of up to 90 percent.

With such a long incubation period, stopping an outbreak in densely populated areas will be very difficult. This situation is certainly one to watch.

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Conspiracies Go Mainstream? - #NewWorldNextWeek

Story #1: Los Angeles Law Enforcement Looking To Crowdsource Surveillance, Story #2: MSM Conspiracies: Did Putin Blow Up the Whole Polish Government in 2010? A Second Look, Story #3: PM Medvedev Says Russia Will Not Import GMO Products

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A Plane Hit the Pentagon on 9/11 - Countering Disinformation

Unfortunately a lot of people, who believe 911 was an inside job, think there is good evidence to show the Pentagon was not hit by an aircraft. There is actually no good evidence to support this hypothesis - unlike the mountain of evidence we have that proves the attacks on the World Trade Centre buildings involved inside help.

If you study this crime scene, you can clearly see that there is strong evidence for it being hit by an aircraft.

Here is further explanation concerning the aircraft wreckage and light poles, which are designed to fall over when hit:

Engines at the pentagon and light poles explained

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Network (1976) - "The World is a Business"

Arthur Jensen tells Howard how the world really works.

It's business that includes mass murder and impoverishment.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Russia and West Reach Surprise Deal on Ukraine Crisis

Russia, Ukraine and the West have reached a compromise to try to ease the Ukrainian crisis, in a glimmer of hope for the former Soviet republic that risks splitting in two.

Vladimir Putin has secured key concessions from Ukraine and its Western supporters as the Kremlin was offered a central role in determining the future of its neighbour and former client state.
Four-way talks in Geneva involving Kiev and Moscow, alongside the US and EU, called for steps to end the occupation of eastern cities by pro-Russian sympathisers.
If the agreement holds, a monitoring mission of the Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe would oversee the handover of occupied government buildings by protesters in return for an amnesty for anyone not facing capital crimes.
Ukraine’s interim government in turn agreed to accept future talks on far-reaching constitutional reform that would grant the Russian-speaking east the extensive autonomy demanded by the Kremlin.

The deal probably allowed Kiev to keep control of the gas exploration zones in the west of the country:

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A Brief History of SSRI Shootings

SSRI stands for Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor, and it is a class of drugs that is often used to treat depression and anxiety. It includes Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Paxil and a host of other commonly prescribed antidepressants. And the perpetrators of a raft of school shootings, mass murders and other violent incidents in recent years have been taking them. Although the drug manufacturers are quick to downplay this connection as anecdotal or coincidental, mounting scientific evidence points to a strong correlation between the use of psychiatric drugs in general, and SSRIs in particular, and violent behaviour.

If only a tiny percentage of people have a violent adverse reaction to their medication, out of a large population on medication, then one would expect some instances of drug induced violence.

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Whistleblower Nomi Prins Exposes The Nefarious Deeds Of The Global Banking Elite

In this interview Nomi Prins, Whistleblower and Author discuses recent global events with Alex and gives her perspective on the current machinations of the global elite bankers.

Good overview by Prins on the causes of the financial debt crisis that still plagues us.

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Keiser Report (E590): Chained American Dream

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the American Dream as being chained to the booth in the waffle house as cogs in the wheels generating income for Wall Street sharpies and the poverty of this century in which the beggar is a reminder of nothing. In the second half, Max interviews Alasdair Macleod of about the geopolitical situation in Ukraine and its impact on gold and the dollar as the reserve currency. They also talk about the true size of China's gold reserves.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

The Mass Marketing Campaign For World War III

The establishment has begun a new mass marketing campaign for World War III, equating Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler. The fact that the current crisis in Ukraine was instigated by a US-backed coup which toppled a democratically elected government has been conveniently forgotten.

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911 Commission Cover Up

The 911 commission section from War by Deception by Ryan Dawson

A short clip from the documentary War by Deception.

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Escobar on China/Russia 'Deal of the Decade' & Europe's Secret US Deal Blues

While the West weighs up putting more spanners in the works with sanctions, Russia and China are getting on with business. The two are looking at a deal that could see gas pumped into the world's most-populated nation for the next 3 decades. Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar told RT that Beijing's stance on the global political arena is bearing fruit.

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Australian Shares are Being Manipulated, Say Researchers

"Volatility in the end of day price is quite a problem in this marketplace," he said.

"The price is dramatically bouncing around at the end of the day."

The sharemarket index at the end of each financial period is ­typically used as a benchmark price for the valuation of companies, executive compensation, superannuation policies and capital returns to investors.

"It is way more variable than you would expect it to be based on other markets," Mr Aitkin said.

The average ratio of market dislocation to trading turnover on the ASX is 3.7 basis points, which dwarfs other markets including Hong Kong (0.06), London (0.04) and the Indian stock exchange (0.41).
The revelations put renewed pressure on the corporate regulator, which is already facing criticism over its ­failure to rein in Commonwealth Bank's rogue traders, uncover corruption allegations against Leighton ­Holdings, seek a jail sentence against former Gunns ­chairman and convicted insider trader John Gay or ­pursue a case against the David Jones board for suspicious director trades.

Investors are also still seething over voluntary fines agreed by the Australian Securities and Investments ­Commission with UBS and National Australia Bank – announced on Christmas Eve.

The fines came after NAB was revealed as the mystery client behind a shock spike in major blue-chip stocks on October 18 last year.

Retail investors and brokers have also contacted the Financial Review concerned that ASIC is now backing down from earlier comments that it would clamp down on high-frequency trading if the controversial practice grew unrestrained.

If those who are manipulating the market are violating the Law then they must be prosecuted. Unpunished corruption is the mark of many third world countries.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Washington Is Humanity’s Worst Enemy — Paul Craig Roberts

Democracy and freedom require an independent and aggressive media, an independent and aggressive judiciary, and an independent and aggressive Congress. The United States has none of the above.
The US media consistently lies for the government. Reuters continues to report, falsely, that Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. The Washington Post ran an obviously false story planted on the paper by the Obama regime that the massive protests in former Russian territories of Ukraine are “rent-a-mobs” instigated by the Russian government.
Not even Washington’s stooges in Kiev believe that. Officials of the Washington-imposed government in Kiev acknowledged the need for some autonomy for the Russian-speaking regions and for a law permitting referendums, but this realistic response to widespread concerns among Ukrainians has apparently been squelched by Washington and its presstitute media. US Secretary of State John Kerry continues to turn a deaf ear to the Russian Foreign Minister and continues to demand that “Russia must remove its people from the South-East.”
What is happening is very dangerous. Washington misjudged its ability to grab the
Ukraine. Opposition to the US grab is almost total in the Russian-speaking areas.

Does Washington not realize that the Russian government is no more able to accept the application of violence against Russian populations in Ukraine than it could accept violence against Russians in South Ossetia? If Washington doesn’t come to its senses, the Russian government will have to send in troops as it had to do in Georgia.

As this is clear even to a fool, is it Washington’s goal to start a war? Is that why Washington is massing NATO forces on Russia’s borders and sending missile ships

 into the Black Sea? Washington is putting the entire world at risk. If Russia concludes that Washington intends to drive the Ukraine crisis to war rather than to resolve the crisis, will Russia sit and wait, or will Russia strike first?
One would think that the Chancellor of Germany, the British Prime Minister, and the President of France would see the danger in the situation. Perhaps they do. However, there is a large difference between the aid that Russia gives countries and the aid given by Washington. Russia provides financial support to governments; Washington gives bagfuls of money to individuals in the government with the knowledge that individuals are more likely to act in their own interest than in the interest of their country. Therefore, European politicians are silent as Washington pushes a crisis toward war. If we don’t get to war, the only reason will be that Putin comes up with a solution that Washington cannot refuse, as Putin did in Syria and Iran.

It is a paradox that Putin is portrayed as the heavy while Washington pretends to be the champion of “freedom and democracy.” In the 21st century Washington has established as its hallmarks every manifestation of tyranny: illegal and unconstitutional execution of citizens without due process of law, illegal and unconstitutional indefinite detention of citizens without due process of law, illegal and unconstitutional torture, illegal and unconstitutional rendition, illegal and unconstitutional surveillance, and illegal and unconstitutional wars. The executive branch has established that it is unaccountable to law or to the Constitution. An unaccountable government is a tyranny.

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Ukraine Crisis Updates: Switching Sides - Ukrainian Armored Unit Joins Anti-Govt Protesters in East /'US Miscalculated Will of Ukrainian People'/East Ukrainian People Stand Up for their Rights Amid Kiev's Military Crackdown

Switching Sides: Ukrainian armored unit joins anti-govt protesters in east
Ukrainian armoured vehicle crews have switched sides, joining the anti-government protesters in the East. Activists place a Russian flag on one of them.

'US miscalculated will of Ukrainian people'
US confirms CIA chief paid a covert visit to Kiev. This sparked speculation US is helping coordinate activists in eastern Ukraine. For more on this we are joined by former MI5 agent Annie Machon

East Ukrainian people stand up for their rights amid Kiev's military crackdown
Protesters in eastern Ukraine's city of Slavyansk, one of the main focal points of resistance to Kiev, are preparing to face the crackdown. Armoured vehicles are converging on the city and locals say all roads have been sealed off. RT's Maria Finoshina reports from the restive region.


Regardless of the fact that these clips come from the pro-Russian RT network the simple fact remains that many, if not most, people in the East and South of Ukraine are against the coup Government. Kiev is not popular since elements within it consist of hardcore neo-Nazi fascists and the fact they attempted to ban the Russian language.  When half the population are Russian speakers in these regions there is little chance they are going to put up with such treatment.

Also, why would the Ukraine army want to fight for such a Government and against whom for what?  The people in the last clip said they originally wanted a referendum months ago, in regards to the new Government, and nothing happened. Since they took control of Government buildings there has been a reaction. The solution is to hold elections immediately - something that the coup leaders in Kiev fear - hence their military reaction.   

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RECAP: UKRAINE All Hype? NBC Tour Of Border Finds No Signs Of Russia Massing Troops 31Mar2014

There's no evidence that there was a Massive Russian Troop build up on the Crimean border in late March early April 2014 - according to an NBC news crew that toured the region for 3 days.

At this time NATO was claiming there were 40,000 troops and vehicles in the area. They lied. The satellite photos you might have seen in the media were from war games held in 2013 - according to the Russians. Certainly there is no sign of them at the time of the NBC road trip:

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Why Journalists Don't Report The Truth About Governments

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Keiser Report (E588): Bliss of Ignorance

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how ignorance could, indeed, be bliss for all of us if the ignorant would just STFU. From geopolitics to cryptocurrencies, those who know least are the most likely to seek the use of force. In the second half, Max interviews crypto whale, Karl Gray, about the future of crypto and his plans to crowdfund the $300 million Statue of Responsibility, a companion to the Statue of Liberty to be built off the West coast of America.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How Washington and its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments & Manipulate Public Opinion

Although there is a campaign to grossly mislead the population not everyone in the military will go along with such corrupt activities - hence the leaks. The elites have no problem with harming the vast majority of the population. Those doing the leg work inside the system will not go along with the program.

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Europe Will Now Think Twice Before Following Washington's Orders - Ex-CIA Officer

The Ukrainian crisis may have seen a flickering light at the end of the tunnel, as politicians from the great powers collided over the former Soviet state are now bringing up the idea of having four-sided talks between the US, EU, Russia and Ukraine itself. But with the east of the Ukraine boiling with new wave of protests, and Kiev's government being fed with unreasonable promises from Washington -- whatwill tomorrow hold for the Ukrainians themselves? Are talks a real possibility? Will there be any use of them? To find this out, Sophie talks to Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst turned whistleblower.

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"New" Cold War, Same Old Tricks - BFP Roundtable #05

The BFP Roundtable convenes once again, as Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett, and Sibel Edmonds unite to discuss the Russia-NATO conflict over Ukraine, the false choice of the "new cold war," the Turkish connection to last year's Syrian false flag, and the fact that Seymour Hersh needs to retire. For more information on these and other topics, please stay tuned to

In relation to the observation made on Russia's continuing 'inaction' in the face of their encirclement - the problem may stem from the fact that there is damning dirt, in the form or false flag terror evidence, that can be used against Putin if he moves too rapidly. There is probably similar dirt and covert operation information that the Russians have against the US leadership.

In this situation, where all sides are crooked to a degree, the danger is for each of them to lose power.

There are hidden 'red lines' that cannot be easily crossed without undermining the existing game. This is how Russia is operating at the moment - within the existing game, and biding their time as the US slowly implodes. They don't need to upset the apple cart.

Given enough time the Russian state will be able to regain its influence in the region. They are only just beginning to rebuild their military, strengthen their domestic economy and drive out faux foreign-backed 'pro-democracy' groups. These things take time, especially if one wants to avoid being labelled as a out and out dictator in the corporate media.

In any event, the creation of a new quasi-Cold War is good for both Russia and the US establishment, especially the military, as it helps justify their spending (and it provides an excuse for failures - that it was the work of the other side!).

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Alternative Media Upstages Lamestream Media in World-Class Coverage of Historic Bundy Ranch Showdown

One of the most extraordinary stories in the history of American journalism took place this last week, and the mainstream (liberal) media was AWOL the entire time. An historical showdown between heavily armed federal agents (BLM) and armed American citizens unfolded near Bunkerville, Nevada, where the Bundy family announced they were taking a stand against a federal land grab and cattle theft operation masterminded by federal agents working at the BLM.

The showdown ended in a complete victory for Citizens vs. government tyranny as the feds effectively surrendered, announced their evacuation and agreed to release all the cattle they had stolen. See the photo below for a snapshot of the history the mainstream media stupidly decided to ignore.

Mainstream media was ordered to ignore the story - and they complied.

What's so astonishing about all this is that the mainstream media seems to have dispatched zero reporters to the scene and went to great lengths to downplay the reality of the situation as it unfolded. In doing this, the media lost massive credibility with the U.S. public, because it's now clear there was a directive -- almost certainly from the White House -- that commanded media organizations to ignore the story or spin it with outright lies.

Meanwhile, alternative media -- citizen journalists -- made history by broadcasting live video from the Bundy ranch, posting video updates every few hours and conducting groundbreaking original research that uncovered the real story behind BLM's cover story that they were "saving tortoises."

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9/11: The Devil's in the Details

Details, details, details.....

A history of learning - applicable for today, except for those that assume we pretty much know everything and cannot fool ourselves any longer.

Remember the truth about 911 will end the War on Terror.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told

The European and American public are being systematically lied to about the Ukraine crisis.

There's megalomaniacs on the loose stirring up trouble in Ukraine. The packed 10 min clip above provides highly informative background info on the crisis in Ukraine. It's a Must See video to compare to the mainstream TV.

The fact that extremist right wing people occupy key positions in the Kiev government, and that the takeover was orchestrated (to a degree) by the US behind the scenes (see the vid), and the fact that the EU/IMF 'bailout' is going to induce more hardships, makes rejection of the new regime in the West completely understandable. If the Russians are supporting the anti-Kiev (paramilitary) opposition then it's to be expected. The US acted similarly beforehand and it wasn't for the benefit of the people - more like to facilitate IMF looting and NATO encirclement of Russia.

Essential viewing.

Also, there's no evidence of a Massive Russian Troop build up on the Crimean border - according to NBC news that toured the region for 3 days. At this time NATO was claiming there were 40,000 troops and vehicles in the area. They lied. The satellite photos you might have seen in the media were from war games held in 2013 - according to the Russians. Certainly there is no sign of them at the time of the NBC road trip:

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'Full-Scale' Military Op in East Ukraine Expected as Kiev's Deadline Expires

Kiev's expected to launch a full-scale military operation in eastern Ukraine. The deadline it set for protesters to lay down their arms and leave the government buildings they're occupying has expired.

The fact of the matter is that the coup Government in Kiev is not well liked in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, such that despite the fact there seem to be pro-Russian (covert?) paramilitary groups occupying buildings in these areas, there is good reason to reject the EU backed regime.

One must remember that the EU/IMF 'bailout' is going to impose austerity measures on Ukraine, and that key parts of the Kiev regime are populated by extreme right wing elements which invite rejection by the majority of the population. Analyst Michel Chossudovsky reports on the problems generated by the Kiev-EU alliance while dismissing (perhaps unfairly) the hand of the Russian State in the uprisings in the East:

Chossudovsky: Who Are the Mercenaries Being Used in Ukraine?

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Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire visits Lattakia and Syrian Refugees from Kessab

The delegation of peace activists was received by Lattakia governor Abdel-Qader on Friday, reports the Syrian news agency SANA, quoting the governor as saying that the Syrian people are facing the international plot against Syria with awareness as well as with steadfastness.

The governor pointed out the numerous massacres Syrians have suffered by the hands of the foreign-backed Takfiri brigades, the last of which was the massacre committed against the predominantly Christian Armenian Syrians in the northern parts of the Lattakia province which was committed with Turkish military support.
March 21, thousands of Jabhat al-Nusrah fighters swarmed across the Turkish – Syrian border near the town of Kessab, seizing the town and displacing the population which consists to 70 percent of Christian Armenian Syrians.
Eyewitnesses reported that 50 – 90 residents were massacred, others were deported against their will, across the border into Turkey, while a large number fled to the coastal city of Lattakia.
The Jabhat al-Nusrah fighters received support from the Turkish military, which launched cross border artillery, tank fire and missile attacks against Syrian army positions.

Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire stressed that peace activists worldwide become increasingly interested in the situation in Syria, reports SANA. Maguire is working along with other members of the delegation to consolidate humanitarian solidarity with the Syrian people and to stop what she described as the barbaric aggressions committed by the terrorists who came to Syria from all corners of the world.

The Nobel peace laureate added, that many media institutions are involved in a campaign aimed at misguiding the public about the situation in Syria. Maguire had previously stressed the role of western media in manufacturing public consent with the war on Syria.
During the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in October 2013, she denounced Western media´s omissions.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, April 15th, 2014.]