Friday, 17 January 2014

Obama's Fake Economic Recovery

Shortly after he took office in 2009, headlines touted recovery. It never began. It doesn't exist. Protracted Main Street Depression conditions affect growing millions.
Things go from bad to worse. Human suffering is real. Pathetically little is done to help. Neoliberal harshness is official policy. Both parties support it. Obama's agenda is anti-populist. He targets America's most disadvantaged. He's done so throughout his tenure. He deplores social justice. He's gutting America's New Deal and Great Society. He's waging class war. He's force-feeding pain and suffering. He's got lots more planned ahead. He wants maximum wealth shifted to corporate America and super- rich elites. He wants it stolen from ordinary people to benefit them. He lies claiming otherwise.   Social safety net protections are disappearing on his watch. It's happening when they're most needed. Rogue politicians don't care. Bipartisan complicity bears full responsibility. Obama does most of all. He demands neoliberal harshness. Since taking office, he's cut numerous social programs. He wants Medicare and Social Security privatized en route to eliminating them altogether.   He's beholden solely to monied interests. They own him. They make policy. Whatever they want they get. It comes at the expense of popular interests.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 17th, 2014.]

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