Sunday, 15 December 2013

We're Surrounded by Other ‘Earths’: Infographic Reveals that More Than 2,000 Planets Could be Habitable Within Just 60 Light Years of us

Our galaxy - which is around 100,000 light years wide, is thought to have 40 billion planets with potential for life.

The figure is an estimate drawn up from our current knowledge 1049 planets orbiting around other stars, with over 2000 more candidates currently awaiting follow-up observations.

Of those 1049, we know of a dozen that have planet around other stars with any possibility to support life as we know it.

This infographic by U.S. web comic Randall Munroe shows just over 2,000 potentially planets habitable planets that scientists estimate could be within 60 light years from Earth.

The nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has been pointing out this likelihood, regarding the numbers of habitable planets situated close to Earth, for many decades. His interest comes from explaining the cause of certain UFO reports - some of which may represent surveillance of our planet from visitors outside of our solar system:

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