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Letter to ABC News (Australia) - 'When Will You Explain to Your Audience that the Conflict in Syria is a Proxy War?'

The following letter of complaint was sent to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in response to the absence of accurate reporting regarding the Proxy War in Syria. Recent mainstream news reports centred on 'barrel bombs' being used by Syrian armed forces whilst downplaying the hostage taking and executions by extremists who were the ones, along with various foreign Nation-States, who initiated the conflict.

In general, the mainstream media, including the ABC, is either grossly incompetent or outright corrupt in failing to explain to the public that the war in Syria is the result of foreign intervention. Without the intervention of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, France, the UK, and Israel there would be no war.

We know from many witnesses that the initial protests/demonstrations were hijacked by armed gangs. When it came to the snipers shooting on the protesters, we do not know conclusively who did the shootings. There is no evidence to show that it was the Syrian military. Furthermore we know there have been Western plans to destabilise the country prior to the outbreak of violence and that there were training camps active in Turkey, aided by the US, from at least May 2011 - perhaps earlier.   

We do know for a fact that the US trained thousands of middle eastern 'activists' during 2009-10 who then returned to their countries prior to various uprisings during the Arab Spring:

The ABC, like all western corporate media, shies away from any issue that deals with Western Government involvement in fomenting war. The deliberate attempt to wage war, by Western Governments - a War Crime - is a taboo subject. By letting this corruption go unaddressed those involved in foreign affairs (at the ABC) are directly contributing to the continuation of this conflict. Your failure is literally killing people.

On the other hand, large sections of the 'alternative press', including many whistle-blowers, have been airing truly critical stories, that accurately describe Western Government actions (overt illegal war, torture, proxy wars etc) as War Crimes for many years. The Syrian war is another in a long list of crimes stretching back to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is about time the ABC followed its Code of Practice and explained to the public, in direct language, what has been going on.

If any of you journalists do not understand what I am attempting to articulate please take a few short minutes to look at this 'premier' alternative news clip entitled:

 Media Lies While Syrians Die: Media Disinformation and the Syrian War

The creator of this clip, James Corbett, works with FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds who completely agrees with this analysis.

My own small time blog SPOOKYWEATHER has been following the Syrian story from the beginning and has been collecting clips and reporting accurately on the proxy war.

This link reveals all the posts I've collected dealing with Syria. Scroll down for an accurate appraisal of the conflict:

So far ABC News has largely misled the public with its disgracefully poor one-sided coverage of the conflict - omitting: how it started, who trained and funded the rebels, who used gas, the believability of their sources including the death toll cooked up in the UK etc.

Please note, I tend to post the occasional letters I've sent to the mainstream media on my blog. This one will likely go up.

I'd appreciate it if this email was forwarded to as many journalists as possible because this message is important. Airing the truth about the Syria conflict will help end the war.  Take some time to watch as many videos as you can that are posted on my blog.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 29th, 2013.]

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