Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Petition: Join the Now Over 584,000 Others Asking the NSA to Stop Watching Us

"The organizers of the Stop Watching Us coalition, which includes over 100 public advocacy groups, are going to present a petition to Congress which has over 570,000 signatures." - Thousands March in D.C. Against NSA Domestic Surveillance



Read the following article and then answer the question at the end: Do you still believe that the government is only spying on bad guys in “targeted” searches?

Security Expert: “We Have To Assume That The NSA Has EVERYONE Who Uses Electronic Communications Under CONSTANT Surveillance”

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steven andresen said...


I'm sorry, but this petition seems futile, and a waste of time.

The establishment does not listen to some millions of American citizens, and others, when they march in the streets and beg the government to not go to war.

The leaders tell the press these wars are not a matter that can be decided democratically. This is why war is not on the ballot.

This is why the government has killed some of its leaders, the one's who have effectively disagreed with the establishment's assessment of who we needed to invade, steal from, and kill.

The establishment will ignore any number of petitions brought to them about not spying on the people or invading other countries, or not torturing, and so forth.

In fact, they are correct, in a way.

If you knew that there was someone waiting outs8ide your house that was intent on killing you, yet, very good at keeping their intent, abilities, and frequent opportunuities secret from everyone but you, then you would not listen to the rest of your family who said to fgorget about your apparent wild fantasies.

In fact, such pleadings would never be able to dissuade such a person from their vigilance against this hidden assassin. Such a person would feel misunderstood or unappreciated by their family because no one else, besides them, have been able to see the danger everyone is in from the danger outside.

No, these petitions are not going to work.


SpookyOne said...


I'm not against people getting together to push these petitions because it does help raise a level of awareness or sense of activism in the population.

If those pushing these petitions get out and inform others, or provide a sense outrage on the issue, as opposed to the 'everything is ok' meme found in the mainstream media, then I can support what they are doing.

I agree with you that these calls won't have much impact on decision makers in Washington if they think they can ignore them.

However, I am reminded that the Wall Street bailouts were initially opposed by the Congress after thousands of 'no' calls came in to their offices. Whether or not you think the bailouts were a good idea, the calls helped sway the initial no vote. Likewise we've seen a various organised opposition to the multiple internet privacy bills and there has been public opposition, especially in the alternative media, against attacking Syria in recent years.

The petitions here seem part of that opposition. It can't hurt to have some level of organisation here. And it's not an all or nothing gambit either. People can do other things than sign and lobby via petitions - they can make phone calls, protest in the street, run for office, be part of the alternative media - or support their reporters who will ask hard questions on camera etc.

Also, these petition posts are put up by a contributor to the blog, not myself.

Notice it does not say 'Posted by Spookyone' at the end.