Friday, 20 September 2013

'UN Inspectors Ignore Evidence on Syria Chemical Attacks' - Russian Deputy FM

Russia says it will provide the UN Security Council with evidence allegedly implicating Syrian rebel forces in last month's deadly chemical attack outside Damascus. The Syrian government had already given the same data to UN inspectors working in the country but the findings were apparently not taken into account when their report was prepared. RT's Maria Finoshina caught up with Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister during his visit to Damascus, to discuss these allegations.

There is no reason why Assad's Government would want to use chemical weapons because it will invite outside intervention. They have done everything possible not to retaliate against Israel or Turkey during the course of the conflict in order to avoid this situation. Furthermore, the actions of the Assad Government, in response to the UN investigations and requests for transparency, do not appear to be those of a belligerent guilty party. We know the rebels have used sarin previously and it is likely they used it on Aug 21st and will do so again.

One of the worse things about this entire episode is that many lamestream dinosaur media pundits are rolling out the intervention meme as a humanitarian mission - which is based on a false premise concerning the chemical weapons users and a false assumption that any air strikes will be limited and not lead to Al Qaeda connected rebels taking control.

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