Saturday, 24 August 2013

Letter to Australian Media: Misleading News story on the Proxy War in Syria regarding the likely False Flag Chemical Weapons attack

I sent the following irate letter to the Australian ABC News service (to their tips page) in response to a news story that framed the recent Syrian Chemical weapons attack as more likely the result of the Assad Government - the reverse is almost certainly true. (ABC Send tip-off link: )

Dear ABC,

This is both a tip and a critical response to your 22/8 ABC1 News story on the recent Syrian chemical weapons incident.

The problem with your story is that it implied the attack was more likely the work of the Assad Government rather than by opposition forces.

However, if one follows the details of all the chemical weapons incidents, from the Dailymail expose of defense contractors discussing a false flag set-up of Assad with US approval, to the UN report that showed earlier attacks were likely the result of rebels, to the Turkish arrest of al Nusra militants in Turkey with Sarin gas (or some other chemical substance), the burden of proof rests not with Assad's Government but with the rebels and their backers in the West.

By framing your story to imply Assad's guilt you are misrepresenting the overall situation as it stands. Your story was biased and misleading and should have been framed with strong doubts about the claims.

The news clip did pose the question as to why Assad would launch such an attack, that would draw international intervention, with UN monitors close at hand but this was washed over in the overall presentation.

The audience was not told that the war in Syria is largely a proxy war and would never have started if not for the pre-war NATO backed training camps in Turkey and the monetary and logistical support being provided by countries like the USA, France, the UK, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

As it stands your reporting on this matter breaches the ABC Code of Practice Section 4.1, 4.4 and 4.5 which deals with impartiality and misrepresentation. You largely parroted the spin put out by the Western powers that have pushed the war and supported the extremist groups.

Follow up stories must address the matters I raised. Do some proper research and do not forget recent history such as we saw with Iraq. Please note, I'm furious over the news bulletin you aired.

Thanks for your time.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 24th, 2013.]

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