Sunday, 21 July 2013

Court Rules NDAA Lawful, Mo Money Mo Koch Problems, Bradley Manning 250 Year Sentence?

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin reports on the latest in the NDAA lawsuit, with news that a federal court has ruled in favor of the government's right to indefinitely detain US citizens. Abby then talks to Academy Award nominated director Tia Lessin, about her latest film 'Citizen Koch' which examines the overwhelming influence of money in the American political system, and her experience being censored from debuting the film. Abby then talks to Brandon Toy, a former defense contractor who publicly resigned from his job after realizing that he was unwittingly supporting America's dirty wars. With the Bradley Manning trial nearing its end, Abby then talks to RT web producer Andrew Blake about the latest developments in the case. BTS wraps up the show with a look at a case of gambling entrapment, involving a man named Sal Culosi, who was shot and killed by SWAT officers after being set up by an undercover detective posing as his friend.

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