Sunday, 30 June 2013

Compromised: How the National Security State Blackmails the Government

That the NSA is covertly spying on all three branches of the American government is nothing short of scandalous. Tice's revelations are especially appalling to anyone even remotely familiar with how exactly the type of information collected in such intercepts can be used for the purposes of political blackmail, and how profoundly that blackmail can shape the political landscape of the country. In fact, there is a long history of intelligence agencies and covert groups using precisely this type of information to blackmail politicians in the past.

Great 4 minute summation of some key wiretapping targets. Remember FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds reported that the most corrupt officials are the ones picked for promotion because you can blackmail them into doing almost anything. 
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'American Empire Stands Naked by Snowden Leaks But Not Ashamed'

While the cat-and-mouse game over Edward Snowden continues, there've been yet more revelations on the US snooping programme. The NSA has been collecting huge amounts of email data for more than two years during the Obama administration, and is actually still mining the US internet. That's according to the british daily, the Guardian, which was referring to some secret documents.

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‘New York Times’ Profile of Group Bent on Sanctioning Iran Fails to Mention Israel Connections

The New York Times recently profiled United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), a hawkish group bent on monitoring Iranian commerce at sea and promoting sanctions against the country. Missing from Rick Gladstone’s piece, though, is any mention of Israel. It’s a glaring omission given the fact that the group has connections to Israel lobby groups and receives funding from organizations with a focus on Judaism and Israel.

The group was founded in 2008 by high-level officials like former Bush administration official Mark Wallace, the current CEO, and former Obama administration officials like the late Richard Holbrooke and Dennis Ross, who has handled the Israel file in a number of presidential administrations.

Other members of UANI’s board include Meir Dagan, the former Mossad director who made waves for his opposition to a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran but is also pro-sanctions; Alan Solow, a former head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organiations; former Homeland Security Advisor and MEK supporter Fran Townsend; and more. As Robert Dreyfuss wrote in the Tehran Bureau in 2008, it’s a “coalition of bipartisan hawks, from neoconservative hardliners to liberal interventionists.”

And while the organization puts most of its energy into sanctioning Iran, they also wouldn’t mind U.S. military attacks on the country, despite their spokesman saying in 2008 that the group’s “aim is not to beat the drums of war.” In 2011, in the aftermath of the alleged (and hyped-up) Iranian plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C., UANI said that President Obama should “make it clear that Iran will face consequences for its actions, including military retaliation for attacks on Americans.”

A reminder about US mainstream media misinformation especially when it comes to Israel.

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Top Official Admits F-35 Stealth Fighter Secrets Stolen

Yesterday, at a subcommittee hearing attended by just half a dozen Senators, the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer made a blunt admission: The military’s most expensive program, the stealthy F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, has been hacked and the stolen data used by America’s adversaries. Under Secretary Frank Kendall didn’t say by whom, but the answer is almost certainly China, a cyber superpower whose People’s Liberation Army Air Force has recently rolled out some suspiciously sophisticated stealth fighter prototypes of its own. The Russians also have skilled hackers and “5th Generation” stealth jet programs, but they’re not suspected of such direct copying, at least not yet.

If you've read The Art of War you should know that success in war often relies on deception. The USA is a large country such that it can run large scale deceptions when it comes to their true capabilities.

For example we know there exists a secret aircraft dubbed Aurora, which no one has ever seen. This stealth recon aircraft has been flying since at least the 1990s, its odd looking contrails detected in satellite images.

So why not keep other technology hidden away and make a spectacle out of the '5th generation' stealth fighter technology, and even rattle on about upgrading modern ICBM nuke warhead designs, when you have a few aces carefully hidden away? And note: the full capability of US satellites is unknown but it's possible they can see through water to detect submarines, have 24 hour blanket global coverage and other features. If you look at how NASA operates with very low funding to produce great results, imagine hidden military programs operating in the same way with ten times the budget.

And look at the NSA/ECHELON revelations when it come to hidden capability. The recent news we have into this shadow world is that ALL communications have been recorded from all sources around the planet.

I do not think the F-35 stealth fighter tech is the leading technology or that is even the the highest level game in town when it comes to US defence equipment.

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BANKERS! Mark Steel Nails It

Mark Steel sums up the current financial crisis/scandal (and the corrupt politician's reaction to said) quite nicely in two and a half minutes here.

The astronomical debts we are all paying for do not come from the real economy but from the derivatives market. This is why we see endless bailing out because the derivatives market is gambling on a massive scale.

Ireland is the best example of the corrupt bailout practise. The banks had made themselves insolvent, but rather than manage this failure, the Government decided to take over the private debt and put it on the heads of the people. There was no need for austerity until this monumentally unwise decision came to pass.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Imperial Agenda in Syria - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV

The aggressor nations in the war on Syria are now talking about "humanitarian aid" to support the Al Qaeda rebels they themselves sent into the country. But, as Michel Chossudovsky argues, the imperial powers need to be held accountable for their part in fomenting the conflict in the country, and should be made to pay reparations.

Excellent interview that helps explains some background to the armed conflict in Syria - a war by terrorist proxy forces.

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Ben Swann's Media Reality Check

Abby Martin talks to with investigative journalist, and former host of 'Reality Check', Ben Swann, about the war on journalism, the failure of the corporate media to hold the establishment accountable, being labeled fringe for asking questions and his new independent media venture 'Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Project'.

A great thought provoking conversation about the alternative media and their 'opinionated' news. Swann rightly points out that the opinion, or editorialising, is based on facts or a reference to the Rule of Law rather than a political bent. The 'opinion' is pointing out corruption and double standards.

This is a MUST SEE CLIP.

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Glenn Greenwald on Domestic Surveillance: NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Controversy (2006)

The NSA warrantless surveillance controversy (AKA "Warrantless Wiretapping") concerns surveillance of persons within the United States during the collection of foreign intelligence by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) as part of the war on terror. Under this program, referred to by the Bush administration as the "terrorist surveillance program",[1] part of the broader President's Surveillance Program, the NSA was authorized by executive order to monitor, without search warrants, the phone calls, Internet activity (Web, e-mail, etc.), text messaging, and other communication involving any party believed by the NSA to be outside the U.S., even if the other end of the communication lies within the U.S. Critics, however, claimed that it was in an effort to attempt to silence critics of the Bush Administration and their handling of several hot button issues during its tenure. Under public pressure, the Bush administration ceased the warrantless wiretapping program in January 2007 and returned review of surveillance to the FISA court.[2] Subsequently, in 2008 Congress passed the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which relaxed some of the original FISA court requirements.

During the Obama Administration, the NSA has officially continued operating under the new FISA guidelines.[3] However, in April 2009 officials at the United States Department of Justice acknowledged that the NSA had engaged in "overcollection" of domestic communications in excess of the FISA court's authority, but claimed that the acts were unintentional and had since been rectified

Take a trip back in time and see what was being discussed during the Bush Administration in 2006. Notice the spin that the wiretapping was being directed only at terrorists, which is untrue.

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Keiser Report (E463): #AngloTapes & Banksters' Trolololing

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the hashtag AngloTapes and the trolollolling by the banksters at the heart of the Anglo Irish scam to get taxpayers to bail them out before the same taxpayer could understand how much was really needed. They also discuss 'feral hogs' and colonscopies for lulz banksters. In the second half, Max talks to journalist and author, Andrew McGettigan, about the attempts by the UK government to sell off its £40 billion student debt portfolio.

Bottom line is some of these bankers, or a lot of them as Max reports, are literally laughing at the people who they've hooked up with massive debts.

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Raising the Alarm on the US Spy System's Purpose: Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing

In this remarkable conversation, Sibel Edmonds reflects on Russ Tice's recent revelations to Boiling Frogs Post and The Corbett Report that the NSA has wiretapped top government officials for years. Edmonds discusses from her own experience how the FBI collects dirt on Congressman and public officials for use as political leverage. We also talk about how this scandal proves that there is no "official channel" for whistleblowers to follow when they want to expose wrondoing because the system is being controlled from behind the scenes by the criminals in the national security establishment.

NSA insider Russ Tice blew the whistle 8 years ago and now the mainstream media is helping to cover up further revelations. Both the FBI and NSA collect information on politicians and judges (among other individuals) in order to control them.

This is an awesome summation of the crooked US political-intelligence system. Do yourself a favour and take some time to view some or all of this important video that explains how the US Government is effectively captured.

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NSA Supporters Fail the Litmus Test

The real crooks are the intelligence agencies that are doing the spying and blackmailing. The whistleblowers are not criminals for exposing hardcore crime. The rise in terrorism around the world has been caused by groups such as the CIA that can stage terror attacks using assets such as Osama Bin Laden. If it were not for all the covert operations, the world would be in a relative state of peace. 

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Search for Scapegoat: US Tries to Demonize Snowden to Smother his Revelations

While a media war breaks out over supporting or hating Edward Snowden, as little airtime as possible is actually dedicated to the spying on unsuspecting citizens itself.

The revelations ARE being ignored. A great crime has been committed against many people around the world and the US media and the Government are out to stop the leaker.

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'Snowden proves if you live principled life you can change world'

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'UK Beefs Up Security as if Preparing for Civil Unrest'

UK's government has announced budget cuts affecting welfare claimants, teachers, nurses and policemen. But one show of generosity was an increase in funding for the intelligence services.

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New York to Learn Once and For All a Third Tower Fell on 9/11

The ReThink911 campaign is pleased to announce that this September’s global ad campaign will be spearheaded by a 50-foot billboard in the heart of Times Square. Towering over the surrounding blocks, this billboard will attract the attention of nearly one million pedestrians each day and set the stage for New York and the whole world to learn that a large 47-story skyscraper also fell on 9/11.

ReThink911 has put down half the money needed to purchase this billboard for the full month of September. Now we are counting on you to bring us the rest of the way. Donate now, and we will send you a free ReThink911 bumper sticker with your donation of at least $50.*

The War on Terror started with the atacks of 911 and it can end with the truth that these were staged, false flag, events. Donate what you can. Any amount will do.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ex-Terrorist: Al-Qaeda In Syria Being Led by CIA

Sheikh Nabil Naiim, considered to be the historical leader of the Islamic Jihadist movement in Egypt, led the Safwa Al-Qaeda training camp where he met Osama Bin Laden. Naiim then moved to Sudan with Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and was officially recognized as an Al-Qaeda member.

Having been directly involved in the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Al-Sadat, Naiim was imprisoned after an attempt to assassinate Hosni Mubarak and only released after Mubarak’s regime collapsed. Naiim subsequently abandoned violence and is now outing his former comrades as being on the CIA payroll.

“I personally believe that the leader of the Nusra Army (Mohammed al-Jawlani), who declared his support for Ayman Al Zawahiri, is a CIA operative in the Al Nusra,” states Sheikh Naiim.

Naiim also identified Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri as a US double agent.

“What is Zawahiri going to give you? Scud missiles? He owns nothing and he’s constantly on the move. All he owns is the recording that he releases every 6 months. But these however are his orders from the Americans,” states Naiim.

Speaking of being “fooled by an American plot,” Naiim states that “the US has been allowing us (Al-Qaeda) to fight in Afghanistan for 18 years and have funded and supported us,” adding that members of the militant group were being manipulated.

He then turns his attention to Al-Nusra terrorists fighting to topple Assad in Syria, warning them, “You are fighting the war in Syria on America’s behalf” and that eventually they will “be called terrorists and you will be killed or put in prison just like what happened to us after Afghanistan.”

“These leaders are manipulating you, you will find yourself dying and the Americans fulfilling their goals not yours,” adds Naiim.

Naiim’s assertion that Jabhat Al-Nusra is being directed by the CIA would demolish claims by the White House and other NATO powers that there is a distinction between the Al-Nusra front, which killed U.S. troops in Iraq, and Free Syrian Army rebels.

The leader of Jabhat Al-Nusra, Mohammed al-Jawlani, swore allegiance to Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri back in April.

Immediately after the State Department declared Jabhat al-Nusra a terrorist organization, 29 different FSA rebel outfits pledged allegiance to the Al-Qaeda group.

In addition, a top FSA General recently told Al-Jazeera that the FSA is co-operating with Al-Nusra.

The Obama administration recently announced that it would send heavy weaponry to the Syrian rebels, although the CIA has been aiding in weapons transfers from other Gulf countries since at least the beginning of last year, according to the New York Times.

Note: It's not just the claims made by Naiim but many other points of evidence (cited above) that show the West is backing Al-Nusra extremists to suit their agenda. You can bet that various intelligence agencies are playing the leadership of the extremists for all they are worth.

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Stasi In The White House — Paul Craig Roberts

This is the same Obama who promised to close the Guantanamo Torture Prison, but did not; the same Obama who promised to tell us the purpose for Washington’s decade-long war in Afghanistan, but did not; the same Obama who promised to end the wars, but started new ones; the same Obama who said he stood for the US Constitution, but shredded it; the same Obama who refused to hold the Bush regime accountable for its crimes against law and humanity; the same Obama who unleashed drones against civilian populations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen; the same Obama who claimed and exercised power to murder US citizens without due process and who continues the Bush regime’s unconstitutional practice of violating habeas corpus and detaining US citizens indefinitely; the same Obama who promised transparency but runs the most secretive government in US history.

The tyrant’s speech of spectacular hypocrisy elicited from the invited audience applause on 36 occasions. Like so many others, Germans proved themselves willing to be used for Washington’s propaganda purposes.

Here was Obama, who consistently lies, speaking of “eternal truth.”

Here was Obama, who enabled Wall Street to rob the American and European peoples and who destroyed Americans’ civil liberties and the lives of vast numbers of Iraqis, Afghans, Yemenis, Libyans, Pakistanis, Syrians, and others, speaking of “the yearnings of justice.” Obama equates demands for justice with “terrorism.”

Here was Obama, who has constructed an international spy network and a domestic police state, speaking of “the yearnings for freedom.”

Here was Obama, president of a country that has initiated wars or military action against six countries since 2001 and has three more Muslim countries–Syria, Lebanon, and Iran–in its crosshairs and perhaps several more in Africa, speaking of “the yearnings of peace that burns in the human heart,” but clearly not in Obama’s heart.

Obama has turned America into a surveillance state that has far more in common with Stasi East Germany than with the America of the Kennedy and Reagan eras. Strange, isn’t it, that freedom was gained in East Germany and lost in America.

Actions speak louder than words Mr Obama. You can't fool all the people all of the time.

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How Government Makes Examples Out Of Good Americans - RIP Aaron Swartz

This is absolutely disgusting what happened to this brilliant young man!

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Two-State Delusion: Israel Erects Concrete Walls, Corners Palestinians

Recent comments from senior Israeli cabinet members expressing skepticism over a two-state solution, have prompted angry responses. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of trying to avoid peace while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to distance himself from the comments. But this war of words means little to scores of suffering Palestinians whose homes are being blocked-off by walls of thick concrete.

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Keiser Report (E462): No Fairness, Let Us Cheat!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the 'taxation without representation' of our day which is the Chinese demand for: "We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do NOT let us cheat.". The demands for the right to cheat reminds Max of Thomas Jefferson who said, "The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of cheating." In the second half, Max talks to Simon Rose of about Mark Carney's imminent arrival at the Bank of England, the idea that capitalists should hold protests demanding that capitalism be tried and the coming Bondpocalypse and the lying, cheating Anglo Irish bankers caught on tape.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NSA Whistleblower: NSA Illegally Spied On Top Generals, All Supreme Court Justices, White House Spokesman

As we reported yesterday, NSA whistleblower Russel Tice – a key source in the 2005 New York Times report that blew the lid off the Bush administration’s use of warrantless wiretapping – told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frogs Post (the website of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds) that the NSA spied on and targeted for blackmail:

"Members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial"

"One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court"

"Two ... former FISA court judges"

"State Department officials"

"People in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people"

"Antiwar groups"

"U.S. companies that that do international business"

"U.S. banking firms and financial firms that do international business"

"NGOs that–like the Red Cross, people like that that go overseas and do humanitarian work"

The game here is about blackmail. Why have access to information on everyone if you are not going to put it to 'good' use?

Related Info:

Media Ignoring Second NSA Whistleblower

Whistleblower: NSA wiretapped Obama, Petraeus, Alito, others

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'Snowden Case Shows US is Bully Boy of World'

The plane carrying whistleblower Edward Snowden has landed at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. The former CIA contractor, who left Hong Kong in a bid to elude US extradition on espionage charges, is on his way to a 'third country' via Russia. Former MI5 agent Annie Machon says America's whistleblower hunt gives it the image of a major global aggressor.

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Glenn Greenwald: "Dianne Feinstein is Outright Lying" about NSA Surveillance Abuses

"What the NSA is doing is both unconstitutional and illegal," Greenwald says. "When Dianne Feinstein says into the camera that there is no evidence she is aware of that the NSA has abused its spying powers, she is simply lying."

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Glenn Greenwald DESTROYS David Gregory. With Newsmen Like You ...

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Revealing Reality: US & UK 'Evolve Into Full Blown Police States'

The US government has filed criminal charges against Edward Snowden - the man who told the world about the scope of America's global surveillance network. Washington now wants help from Hong Kong officials - because Snowden's been hiding in the Chinese territory since unleashing the revelations about the National Security Agency. Julian Assange has meanwhile published a speech in which he severely criticizes President Obama for his handling of whistle blowers. RT is joined by geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser,

I think the only way the US and UK are going to avoid further scrutiny is if they start (via false flag) a large scale war or stage some kind of disaster (bioweapons, nuclear power station holocaust etc).

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Asian Food Fight - Asia-Pacific Perspective (GMO Danger, Fukushima)

Welcome back to The Asia-Pacific Perspective, that monthly show where James Corbett of and Broc West of break down all the latest news and headlines from the Asia-Pacific region.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NSA and 911

It [the spying program] goes way back:

The false flag attack of 911 is the most important event of our time. EVERYONE who understands the truth of this event knows that our institutions are hijacked and we are at the mercy of a corrupt system - unless we all speak out against it in numbers too large to dismiss. 

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Solutions: Sousveillance (Plus the NSA Blackmail Agenda)

By now we are all familiar with the concept of 'surveillance.' In the Orwellian tyranny of the new normal, we are all gradually being made aware that we are living in a panoptic society where everything we do and say is being watched and recorded. So what is the answer to this constant surveillance? Why not use the surveillance technology to keep tabs on what the government is doing? Welcome to the world of sousveillance. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore this concept and the grassroots revolution in citizen media that it has made possible.

Great exploration of the surveillance problem. The opening section of the show deals with reports that the NSA engages in blackmail operations.

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World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals

Whistleblower Karen Hudes reports that all the big banks are working together as ONE giant criminal organisation - as seen with the LIBOR rigging.

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Obama Called 'Hypocrite of the Century' in Irish Parliament

A member of the Irish parliament has sharply attacked U.S. President Barack Obama’s policies, calling him a “war criminal” and “hypocrite of the century.”

"Is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award?" Left wing Member of Parliament Clare Daly asked of Obama during a speech before parliament at the end of the G8 summit held in Northern Ireland.

"Because we have to call things by their right names, and the reality is that by any serious examination, this man is a war criminal," she was quoted as saying by The Huffington Post.

"This is the man who has facilitated a 200 percent increase in the use of drones, which have killed thousands of people including hundreds of children," Daly said.

The Irish politician also criticized the Obama administration for escalating war in Syria and sending arms to foreign-backed militants in the country.

This was an awesome, MUST SEE, truth telling address in the Irish Parliament:

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Hastings Sent Colleagues Email Hours Before Crash “On To A Big Story, Need To Get Off The Radar For Abit’

Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs told KTLA that he received an email from Hastings on Monday. Biggs had known Hastings since 2008, when the journalist was embedded in his unit in Afghanistan. “On Monday morning, I woke up and I got an email, and it’s very panicked,” Biggs said. “It alarmed me very much,” Biggs said. “I just said it doesn’t seem like him. I don’t know, I just had this gut feeling and it just really bothered me,” he said.

Okay, I now revise my opinion that this was only a freak car crash. While I still don’t think it was a bomb, there is definately something shady going on. Yikes. Truth is treason in the empire of lies. never has that saying had more relavent meaning to it. Hopefully more will continue to come out and we will find out what this big story was. -Mort

It's very possible that Hastings was assassinated by having his car rigged to go out of control. If the aim here is to stop leaks then the murderers should consider that they won't be able to kill everyone. The leaked information will appear in other locations. Already we are seeing multiple leaks reported from many different sources.

Most people are by nature not murders or overly criminal and when a lot of relatively normal individuals are put in situations that revolve around such activities some will eventually speak out. If covert operations can be justified, or if they involve very harsh penalties with individuals who are picked from a hard military or criminal background, then secrets can be kept. Having too many people involved in skulduggery leads to leaking.

The shadow game is slowly coming undone. The civilian population has woken up and they have become aware of the deceptions so that with each assassination more independent-minded people step into the breach.

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Monday, 24 June 2013

UN: Impossible to Determine Syria Chemical Attack Perpetrator

The UN has rejected Washington's claims the Syrian government used chemical weapons, saying it wasn't at all convinced. Meanwhile the ''Friends of Syria'' group of nations meeting in Qatar, have defended their efforts to arm rebels. U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry said America will increase political and military support to the Syrian opposition. Paula Slier reports and we are joined by Karl Sharro who writes extensively about the Middle East in his blog

Assad would not use chemical weapons because it invites outside intervention from the US.

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NSA Leaker Snowden Flies to 'Third Country' via Moscow

US whistleblower Edward Snowden is en route to Moscow from Hong Kong on an Aeroflot flight, authorities have confirmed. Washington has filed an extradition order to Hong Kong on charges of espionage, theft and conversion of government property.

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Keiser Report (E461): Global Financial Holocaust

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss pepper spraying protesters while contemplating possibly, maybe one day out in the far distant future charging banksters for 'reckless misconduct' - aka destroying the global financial, monetary and economic systems. In the second half, Max talks to the author of a new book, Transforming Economy: From Corrupted Capitalism to Connected Communities, Zeus Yiamouyiannis of about an Academy Award for best horror fraud going to Fraudclosure; the use of kitty litter collateral to back the global financial system and ending your contribution to the phoney economy.

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Is the NSA Blackmailing the Entire US Government?

NSA blackmailing government for whose interests??

It's all about control to protect the interests of the ruling establishment players (corporations, military & intelligence). The US is hijacked and the people's representatives are not really in command on the issues that matter - like ensuring the general the safety of the population.

In previous posts it was pointed out that the general violation of privacy issue was a much lesser concern when you consider the ability to blackmail specific people in positions of great power such as judges, police, politicians, journalists, military heads etc.  

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NSA's Criminal Activity - Ben Swann

Ben Swann Full Disclosure is asking the questions the rest of the media is ignoring. Even by the overreaching standards of the Patriot Act, Ben Swann demonstrates how the NSA's Prism program is clearly illegal.

Great summary of the NSA whistleblowing case, put within a legal context.

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Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice

Documentary surrounding the potential cover up of the TWA 800 crash.

This is the best old documentary on the shoot down of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. The story has reappeared in the press because retired NTSB investigators have spoken out against the (centre fuel tank explosion) cover-up story in a new documentary. Press play if you have some spare minutes and are interested.

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Maddow Explains How The FBI Can Assassinate Anyone They Want

Good summation of likely FBI corruption - that they can shoot anyone without consequences. The history of the FBI is filled with cover-ups, wrongful arrests, and all manner of highly questionable activity. It is like they are acting as the strong arm secret police of a fascist state. 

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Protest Rising, Hastings Murdered, TWA 800 Update - New World Next Week

Although protesting does not often get immediate results, the idea of EVERYONE being aware and acting in the face of corruption is the right place to start.   See the following link for more information on the TWA Flight 800 shoot down.

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Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Business Of War" - (6/17/13)

"1.4 "million" people have top secret clearance, but don't tell the citizens, Czech premier to resign amid scandal & outrage over Chinese students being assaulted in France's wine producing region." [Language Warning]

Excellent episode that rips Dick Cheney and the corporate-political revolving door that makes mince meat out of responsible Government.

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Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

"If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear."

We've all heard this argument a million times when talking to people about the latest revelations of government snooping or the latest roll-out of creepy Orwellian technology. The implication is that the only people who complain about having their privacy violated are criminals who deserve to have their privacy violated. It is a simple phrase, learned by rote, that is meant to bring the conversation to a close.

We all know that this is argument is fundamentally flawed, but sometimes it is difficult to argue the point with someone who insists that they are fine with seemingly any level of government intrusion in their personal lives

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Gallup Poll: Virtually No One Trusts the Mainstream Media

The results are in: virtually no one trusts the scripted mainstream media. We’ve known it for years, but a new Gallup poll shows that a whopping 77% of Americans distrust mainstream media television.

Only a bit more ‘trustworthy’ than Congress, which scored in at a record low of 90% saying they do not trust the government body, the Gallup poll details that only 23% of viewers actually trust the mainstream media television news.

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Keiser Report (E460): Size, Scale & Speed of Debt

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the recent visitation to the Keiser Report from a UFO with aliens on board wishing not to speak to Doughball Dave Cameron, but to discuss their concerns about the Giant Debt Ball of China which can be seen from outer space. They take an in depth look at the size, scale and speed of debt in China and at the JP Morgan Debit Card Work Farm for employees at McDonald's in Pennsylvannia. In the second half, Max talks to Dr. Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, about George Osborne's ponzi-like Help to Buy scheme being similar to failed government housing schemes in Australia in which Help to Sell is the true objective of the subsidies.

Recommended viewing once more. Starts with a great overview of the shadow banking debt threat.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Brazil Uprising, Libya in Chaos, Assange's Limbo, Syria "Rebels", RIP Michael Hastings

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to columnist and Middle East affairs analyst, Hafed al Ghwell, about post revolution Libya, the increasing violence that experts say could sink the country into chaos, and the underlining struggles that prevent progress in the country. Abby then goes over a timeline of events that resulted in Julian Assange spending one year holed inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, and the international pressures that transformed the little-known online whistleblower into public enemy number one. Abby then talks to political commentator, Sam Sacks, about the Obama administration's decision to arm Syria's rebel fighters, distinguishing between the opposition groups that together are referred to as "the rebels". BTS wraps up the show highlighting the late Michael Hastings as the day's hero, citing his work as an honest journalist who pulled no punches, and remembers his courageous storytelling.

Breaking the Set has had a few really good shows recently hence their appearance at the top of my daily news picks. This is recommended viewing.

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Canadian Corruption and Crack Smoking Mayors

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been accused of smoking crack, and although the video which allegedly shows the politician getting high has yet to be released he is still in office. At the same time, Montreal's interim mayor, Michael Applebaum, resigned on Tuesday after being arrested and charged with 14 counts of fraud and conspiracy. So what's going in Canada?

Power corrupts or attracts the corrupt.

Related Info:

Canadian Judge Confirms: 2011 Election Fraudulent

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NSA Perverts - Ryan Dawson

What the NSA really does

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Obama Cans Regulator Who Crossed Wall Street

The Obama Administration is quietly firing Commodity Futures Trading Commission head Gary Gensler, who ran afoul of big banks by pushing for greater government oversight.

The ouster comes in the midst of controversy over a proposed CFTF rule, strongly supported by Gensler, that would extend U.S. regulation to swaps--a kind of derivative exhange--involving firms founded or doing business in the United States. This means that foreign banks and hedge funds would face the same regulations as U.S. ones when trading in swaps with U.S. parties.

Wall Street fiercely opposes this regulation on the grounds that it discourages trade. Yet, supporters insist the regulation is necessary to give a modicum of oversight to vast swaths of the derivatives market marred by the same lack of regulation that paved the way for the 2008 economic collapse.

There are two options. Either regulate the out-of-control shadow gambling banking shenanigans or DO NOT bail them out if things go bad and let them suffer the consequences.

Obama's move to stop attempts at regulation may be seen as a continuation of the corrupt bailout practises where there are absolutely no penalties for Wall Street failures.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake, G8: Global Country Club, Minority Report is Here

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Afghanistan Sovereignty, All things G8, Government Whistleblowers, and US Photo Databases

Abby opens the show with the fact that the US is not really leaving Afghanistan and looks to have forces stationed there up until 2024. There is also an excellent discussion on the NSA spying scandal.

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G8 Backs Syria Conference, Calls for Chemical Probe & Removal of Al-Qaeda Fighters

While the G8 was struggling to find a diplomatic end to the Syrian conflict, violence on the ground kept escalating. At least 60 government troops have been killed near Aleppo in a car bomb attack allegedly carried out by Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels - shortly after a similar blast in Damascus that left 10 soldiers dead. To discuss whether what's been agreed at G8 is likely to bring an end to the bloodshed nearer Afshin Rattansi joins RT.

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TWA Flight 800 Investigators Break Silence in New Documentary, Claim Original Conclusion About Cause of Crash is Wrong

A group of whistleblowers, including a number of aviation experts, have come forward in a new documentary to claim that the official explanation for the crash of TWA Flight 800 was wrong and a gas tank explosion did not bring down the flight off the coast of Long Island 17 years ago.

However, the six whistleblowers, all part of the original investigation team, stopped short of saying the plane was shot down.

Flight 800, a Boeing 747, had just taken off from JFK airport with 230 people aboard on July 17, 1996 enroute to Paris when it exploded and crashed off the coast of nearby East Moriches, Long Island, killing everyone on the plane.

“..This team of investigators who actually handled the wreckage and victims’ bodies, prove that the officially proposed fuel-air explosion did not cause the crash,” reads a statement by the producers of the film, which will debut on cable network EPIX next month. “They also provide radar and forensic evidence proving that one or more ordinance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash.” However, the statement said they did not speculate about the source or sources of any ordinance explosions.

The whistleblower team, which includes investigators-at the time-from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), TWA, and the Airline Pilots Association, have since retired from their positions. They claim that at the time, they were placed under a gag order by the NTSB, which they charged falsified the official conclusion of the cause of the crash. They indicated they would elaborate more in a Wednesday media briefing.

The best documentary I have seen on this cover-up is called TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice. The film deals with the details of the accident and the obvious cover-up of the facts - facts that indicate the aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. Subsequent to this documentary it was learnt that the US Navy test fired missiles very close to the air corridor in which TWA 800 was flying.

Related Info:

This is the ridiculous 40 second NTSB-CIA animation (featured in many documentaries on the crash) that tried to explain away witness reports of a missile(s). It was said that burning fuel had fooled the witnesses, with fire raining downwards being mistaken for a light rising from the sea. However, with the nose section broken off, as seen in this fictional account, the aircraft should become massively tail heavy and instantly pitch up and then drop like a stone. Without the aircraft properly balanced, the wings will not be able to provide any lift (Google 'Aircraft Centre of Gravity' for more explanation):

TWA 800: CIA Animation: NTSB Animation #1 "Flight Path View"

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'US Pushes Smear Campaign Against Snowden to Distract From NSA Leak'

Edward Snowden's revelations had already led to some tension between the US and China. Beijing has demanded that Washington explain its surveillance program and cyber spying to the international community. James Corbett, editor of an independent news website the Corbett Report, says further damage to relations between the two countries is inevitable.

Corbett mentions the US is gearing up for a Cyber war - of their own making - with US military units.

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Secrets of the Dirty Wars: What Jeremy Scahill Doesn't Tell You

... is Scahill's documentary worthy of the endless praise that is being heaped on it? Sadly, according to researchers like Douglas Valentine in his scathing review of the film, "Dirty Wars and Self-indulgence" the answer is a resounding 'no.' As its critics—few and far between as they may be—have been at pains to point out, the documentary fails to explore the meaning or history of the phrase it has taken for its title, Dirty Wars, or examined the people (and the agency) which has had the biggest hand in conducting these operations in the past: the CIA.

This is a teaser trailer to the full Boil Frogs Post report. Although Scahill seems to do good work in drawing attention to one level of misguided geopolitical action it looks like he is also leaving out valuable information about black operations and further hidden motives.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'Intervention Will Make Syria 10 Times Worse than Extremist-Ravaged Libya'

Assad troops have made a strong push in recent weeks, and rebel leaders say they are in dire need of support. They've already got al-Qaeda-linked militants and foreign mercenaries fighting on their side, and are now set to start getting weapons from the West. Meanwhile, government forces have the backing of Lebanon's Hezbollah, and may soon get a four-thousand-strong troop reinforcement from Iran. The British National Party's Nick Griffin was part of a European fact-finding delegation that's just returned from Damascus. He told RT that any third-party involvement only aggravates the conflict.

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It's About to Go Down in Aleppo

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Bill Maher Democrat Lackey | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin calls out Bill Maher, host of HBO's 'Real Time', for his evolution from being a controversial commentator to being an arrogant lackey for the democratic party, citing his rampant Islamophobia, support for drones, and defense of the NSA's wiretapping program.

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Keiser Report (E459): Life in Open Air Prison

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert report from Belfast on location at the G8 and anti-G8 meetings. They juxtapose the protests in China where thousands wait in line to buy gold to protect against G8-style inflationary policies to the less effective protests in Belfast where placards are waved in 'free speech zones;' while, in Westminster, secret proposals are drafted by Rothschilds to retroactively raise interest rates on $40 billion in outstanding student loan debts. The plan is suggested in order to make the debt more attractive to private investors. In the second half, Max talks to independent journalist, Luke Rudkowski, about fake shopfronts in Belfast meant to disguise the true state of the economy and about the few protesters demanding communism and socialism when that's part of the reason our financial and economic systems have collapsed.

Another great episode. Good second half on misused money.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

France's Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria Two Years Before 2011 Protests

France's Former Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas, has stated in a televised program on LCP that UK government officials had told him about preparations for war in Syria two years prior to the start of the 2011 protests and conflict. The reason given for this war is the Syrian government's anti-Israel stance that made Syria a target for Western-backed regime change.

The rebels were staging out of Turkey with US help from the very start - from at least May 2011.

Also, it has been claimed that the violence in Syria was instigated solely by the Assad Government. However, some, or perhaps most, of the initial violence, such as rioting and sniper attacks on protest groups, may have come from the rebels who were looking to create a pretext to have Assad removed from power.

Related Info:

US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt': Report

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George Galloway The G8 Members Are The Problem And Not The Solutions To The Problems

Luke Rudkowski interviews British politician George Galloway at an Anti-G8 event about whyhe is against the G8's policies and his thoughts on the recent Bilderberg meeting.

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House Votes to Allow Indefinite Military Detention of Americans

A flurry of votes on amendments to the 2014 Defense Authorization Bill have showed a trend of affirming the status quo and rejecting efforts to roll back the more controversial styles of open-ended detention.

The big vote surrounded trying to roll back the NDAA authorization for turning US citizens over to the military to be held without charges for as long as they see hit. The vote was close, but 200-226, the House decided not to revoke this authority.

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PRISM Barely Scratches the Surface... 50 Years of Global Surveillance (ECHELON)

RINF Alternative News ( looks at the reality of the global surveillance network and explains how PRISM is just a small part in a decades-long agenda to monitor citizens.

When you run a vast corrupt network, with lots of individuals involved, eventually some of them will realise the overall detrimental nature of this situation. Although people can be treated as pawns they are not actually pawns. Some will push back against injustice and our collective long term downfall (see video below).

Related News:

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Moscow Slams US Claims of Assad Chemical Weapon Use

The Syrian government has vehemently denied US claims its army has resorted to chemical weapons, describing American accusations as a 'caravan of lies'. While the US and its allies claim they have chemical clues against President Assad, news and reports on the ground suggest quite the opposite. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also stated that he felt there would be no point whatsoever for the Syrian army to resort to such tactics.

The only group using chemical weapons in Syria are the extremist rebels - and I'm sure those in US Government who claim Assad is responsible, are very well aware of this fact.

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US Military Thugs with Keyboards to Spread Propaganda Using Up to 10 Online Personas Each

Rumors have long floated around about government shills spreading disinformation on websites that are at odds with the governmental party line. Now it’s official: the US government has awarded a contract to a company in California to create software to manage “online personalities”. The software will allow one person to manage up to 10 personas, and will be used to counter “extremist ideology and propaganda”.

Those who visit forums and websites that tend to object to the actions of the current government won’t be surprised to hear that paid trolls are roaming the internet with the clear purpose of manipulating opinions via social media. Last year, an anonymous author confessed that he had worked as a paid shill targeting several popular alternative websites to spread disinformation.

The online personalities, known as “sock puppets”, will allow the military to “create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.”

US Centcom (Central Command) claims that the project will only target foreign sites.
The “controllers” will use different servers to make it look as though the comments are coming from a variety of locations. They will use “traffic mixing” techniques in order to blend in with other visitors to the sites.

Centcom vows that this operation is not directed towards American citizens, but with the recent revelations about PRISM, it would be difficult to believe that those who would spy on our every move online would have any qualms about manipulating us online.

There are already numerous paid shills infesting the net. This will add more to the mix. And although these shills might not care, they should understand that their job will be to make the world a worse place to live in for EVERYONE by backing a corrupt Government. The shills will be expendable pawns. So, when we end up facing a new false flag terror attack, possibly an uncontrollable biological attack, the shills be kicked to the curb with the rest of us.

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The Clinton Chronicles

Why does the media cover-up all of President/Governor Clinton's crimes? Most people think that the biggest felony made by Bill Clinton might be that he swore falsely under oath in the Lewinsky affair. But this is peanuts compared to the real crimes, yet undetected by most American people.

History of Bill Clinton's criminal antics while Governor of Arkansas - he was involved in what appears to be part of the Reagan era Iran Contra drug operations. Money laundering and murder also feature in this documentary.

The lesson here is that corruption in the USA extends to both sides of politics and it is likely that Presidential candidates are assisted into the White House precisely because they are corrupt.

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Keiser Report (E458): Up the Creek with No Paddle

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss price holograms in a simulated economy where we've rowed, rowed, rowed our boats merrily up the stream only to find ourselves up the creek with no paddle. In the second half, Max talks to comedian, Lee Camp of, about the billionaire hoarders, the corporate pillagers and the Wall Street Occupiers.

Great episode. Make sure you check out the second half interview.

Semi-Related Entertainment (Up the creek):

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Pigs Fed GM Grain Suffer Health Problems, Study Says

Pigs fed a combination of genetically modified soy and corn suffer more frequent severe stomach inflammation and enlargement of the uterus than those who eat a non-GM diet, according to a new peer-reviewed long-term feeding study published Tuesday in the Organic Systems Journal.

The five-month study combined “real on-farm conditions” with “strict scientific controls,” according to lead researcher Judy Carman of Flinders University in Australia.

Using pigs was important not only because “we eat them,” but because humans and pigs share similar digestive systems, Carman said in a statement.

"We need to investigate if people are also getting digestive problems from eating GM crops," the statement said.,0,2592361.story

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ron Paul on Obama's Syria WMD Claim [MUST SEE]

President Ron Paul (he would have been if not for vote fraud and the mainstream media) nails it with facts about what is going on in Syria including the nature of the WMD lies.

If you support the rebels you support regional destabilisation and the Al Qaeda extremists.

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Escobar: Obama Starts Syria War to Deviate From Snowden Scandal

CIA whistle blower Edward Snowden has reportedly been stopped from flying to the UK. The man who lifted the lid on America's secret surveillance activities is being pursued by Washington. For his latest revelation, he told a Hong Kong newspaper that the U.S. repeatedly hacks into Chinese computer networks. For more about the leaks and Snowden's future we're now joined live by Pepe Escobar, a roving correspondent for the Asia Times.

Excellent geopolitical analysis from Pepe Escobar.

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Sick Pigs from GMO Foods | Interview with Jeffery Smith

Abby Martin talks to Jeffery Smith, executive director for the institute for responsible technology, about all news GMO, lawsuits against Monsanto, cross-pollination, proven health-effects, revolving door, and the rising movement for GMO labeling.

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Shocking Truths about Wal-Mart | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin goes over how Wal Mart is swallowing up the world, citing examples of sexual discrimination, environmental pollution, disregard for workers' safety, and costing tax-payers millions of dollars.

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Keiser Report (E457): Ooops, My Bad Economics

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the economics of Ooops, My Bad. From owning the patent on the mutant, super pests your company 'accidentally' created, to driving poor people out of the city and into wigwams, to rising bonds and crashing markets, Max and Stacy find that Oops, the global financial system is a not quite accidental disaster. In the second half, Max talks to Mark O'Byrne of about the latest in the gold, silver and bond markets and about the Troika meat grinder and the RTE induced coma.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

'Red Line' Crossed: US To Give Military Support to Syrian Rebels

Washington has given the green light for arming the Syrian rebels to prop up the opposition. A plan for a limited no-fly zone over Syria has also been drawn up. It comes after the U.S. administration concluded Assad's forces had used chemical weapons ''on a small scale''

The US is claiming the Assad Government used chemical weapons but all independent reports indicate that it is the rebels who are using such weapons. The clip above covers a UN finding that rebels used chemical weapons. Another story out of Turkey reported that Syria rebels were caught, in Turkey, with cannister of Sarin gas.

Assad knows that if his army uses chemical weapons the US, France, the UK and other powers will immediately attack. He does not need to use such weapons to win the ground war. These recent claims are fabrications.

Related News:

Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports
  Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front who were previously detained, Turkish media reports. The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb.

The sarin gas was found in the homes of suspected Syrian Islamists detained in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersia following a search by Turkish police on Wednesday, reports say. The gas was allegedly going to be used to carry out an attack in the southern Turkish city of Adana.

On Monday, Turkish special anti-terror forces arrested 12 suspected members of the Al-Nusra Front, the Al-Qaeda affiliated group which has been dubbed "the most aggressive and successful arm” of the Syrian rebels. The group was designated a terrorist organization by the United States in December.

Police also reportedly found a cache of weapons, documents and digital data which will be reviewed by police.

Who is supporting the Syrian rebels? Pepe Escobar

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The Transformation of US Society

The US government has been violating the constituion and trampling on the bill of rights since virtually the inception of the country. The history of the US, like the history of every other country, is littered with the corpses of nice-sounding ideals, from false flag frame-ups to lead the nation into war to the persecution and even execution of political dissidents. But the point is that 50 years ago, America wanted to believe it was a nation of ideals, and many people did believe that. So what changed?...

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Ryan Dawson Fukushima, Syria, JFK, 911, NSA

Good information - play this in the background as radio noise while you surf the net.

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[SHOCKING] Confessions of NWO Jewish Zionists

Shocking video of New World Order Zionist Jews admitting they want to destroy every none jew, and even start world war 3 to achieve their goal.

These are all verifiable quotes talking about ethnic cleansing and land confiscation.

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Nestle: Water's Corporate Takeover | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin takes an in-depth look at the Nestlé corporation; its business practice of bloating the price of water, while pursuing the privatization of this common resource against the public good.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Russia Slams West’s ‘Double Standards’ in Treating Syrian Issue

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has condemned Western states’ opposition to the Syrian administration as a policy of ‘double standards’ in approaching the foreign governments they class as ‘dictatorial.’

“You either deny terrorists any acceptance in international life, or you make your double standard policy work the way it has been working - ‘I don't like that guy in this country, so we will be calling him a dictator and topple him. This guy in another country is also dictatorial, but he's our dictator,’” Lavrov said.

Related News:

White House Convenes Meetings on Syria Escalation

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Bilderberg 2013: What Did We Learn?

Abby Martin speaks with filmmaker and activist, Jason Bermas, about what was learned from the latest Bilderberg summit in the UK, the growing media presence outside of the event, and the rise in critical voices speaking out against the secret convention of world power-players.

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“Humanitarian Organization” Demands That Annie Machon Be Removed From Panel Because of Her 'Beliefs'

A former MI5 intelligence officer who has said that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were orchestrated by the U.S. government “as a pretext for war and… to erode our freedom” has been removed from a June 6 United Nations panel discussion in New York.

B’nai B’rith International, a Jewish humanitarian, human rights and advocacy group, had written to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and to the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations to request that the 9/11 conspiracy theorist, Annie Machon, be removed from the panel.

False flag terror is normal. It happens in many countries. The attacks of 911 happened to involve Mossad agents hence the censorship:

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NSA Spying: False Hope vs. Real Solutions (IMPORTANT - PLEASE SHARE)

In this special edition of The Boiling Frogs Post Eyeopener report, James introduces new members of the irate minority to the problem, as well as the false hopes (and real solutions) that are available to address that problem.

This is a highly recommended video dealing with the fact that the whole system and both parties are corrupt.

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Ron Paul Blasts NSA Defenders On Piers Morgan: 'You're Justifying Dictatorship!'

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Caught Lying About The NSA, James Clapper Tries To 'Clarify'

"Director of National Intelligence James Clapper sought to clarify his claim that the National Security Agency does not collect information on millions of Americans, telling NBC News' Andrea Mitchell that he gave the "least untruthful" answer possible on the agency's surveillance program...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

The lesson in this NSA scandal is that there are a lot of things going on behind closed doors that violate the US Laws and can be used against the population by an authoritarian government.
Rather than just violations of the ordinary person's privacy we should be mindful that the wire tapping can be used to blackmail people in positions of power - judges, politicians, electoral officials, police, journalists, activists and others.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Dictator - Democracy Speech

Sample scene from The Dictator movie. Brilliant speech criticizing American policies.

A joke that is not a joke. EVERYTHING he says applies to the US today.

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Turkish Protesters Blasted By PM Erdogan

"In a series of increasingly belligerent speeches to cheering supporters Sunday, Turkey's prime minister demanded an end to the 10-day anti-government protests that have spread across the country, saying those who do not respect the government will pay. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his patience was running out with the protesters, who have occupied Istanbul's main Taksim Square for more than a week and have held hundreds of demonstrations in dozens of cities across the country...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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No Signal: Greek State TV & Radio Taken Off Air Due to Crisis

The main TV and radio channels in Greece have been taken off air, after the government decided to shut down all state-run broadcasters. All 2500 employees have lost their jobs, while the authorities slammed the company as 'a haven of waste'. Large crowds joined in a protest against the decision, which is the latest in a cost-cutting drive, as Athens' struggles to please international lenders. Panagiotis Sotiris, a social and political expert from the University of the Aegean, says it's not just about the economy any more.

The international lenders want assets - to privatise as much as they can - and they do not want dissenting voices to broadcast what is happening. This carve up of Greece was foreseen by commentators like Max Keiser years ago. It's big money looting of an entire country via a debt trap.

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WRH Flashback - ECHELON (posted from 1990s)

Rumors have abounded for several years of a massive system designed to intercept virtually all email and fax traffic in the world and subject it to automated analysis, despite laws in many nations (including this one) barring such activity. The laws were circumvented by a mutual pact among five nations. It's illegal for the United States to spy on it's citizens. Likewise the same for Great Britain. But under the terms of the UKUSA agreement, Britain spies on Americans and America spies on British citizens and the two groups trade data. Technically, it may be legal, but the intent to evade the spirit of the laws protecting the citizens of those two nations is clear.

The system is called ECHELON, and had been rumored to be in development since 1947, the result of the UKUSA treaty signed by the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The purpose of the UKUSA agreement was to create a single vast global intelligence organization sharing common goals and a common agenda, spying on the world and sharing the data. The uniformity of operation is such that NSA operatives from Fort Meade could work from Menwith Hill to intercept local communications without either nation having to formally approve or disclose the interception.

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Keiser Report (E456): PRISM, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, etc. Copyright Prostitutes!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask, "What is Boundless Informant, PRISM, Trans-Pacific Partnership, SOPA, PIPA and ACTA if not copyright prostitutes colluding and beating up the competition? Max also informs President Barack Obama that a food stamp is NOT a job. In the second half, Max talks to artist, Mark McGowan (aka The Artist Taxi Driver), about his pushing the pig to Downing Street as an artistic response to the privatisation of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. They also discuss McGowan's crowd-funded film currently in production, "This is Not a Recession, It's a Robbery!"

Excellent second half rant by the Artist Taxi Driver.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Drone Operators: Glorified Murderers, NSA Whistleblower, Julian Assange Hit Piece

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin goes over the testimony of one former drone operator, who is responsible for taking part in over 1,600 targeted assassinations, and examines why a majority of Americans continue to support the use of drones despite their low success rate. Abby then talks to Michael Ratner, attorney for Julian Assange, and president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, about a new documentary entitled 'We Steal Secrets' and how it offers an unfair portrayal of Assange & Wikileaks. BTS wraps up the show with a closer look at individual behind the NSA leak, Edward Snowden, and speaks with Firedoglake journalist, Kevin Gosztola, about the media coverage of the leak, Snowden's motivations, and the larger implications on privacy.

A very good episode covering current events.

Please consider that the whole point of the electronic wiretapping is to use it against critics of the Government - to bend politicians, judges, police, journalists/editors, filmmakers, activists, celebrities (those who have the ear of the public) plus others in positions of power to the will of the establishment.

The big issue is not so much the invasion of everyone's privacy, although that is not a good thing, but the ability to influence people who can make a difference to our world. Presently we face a corrupt Government and corrupted institutions in which some key players cannot be easily be held to account.

The NSA spy system is vital part of the equation because it can be used to blackmail 'uncooperative' people into covering-up State Crimes such as political murders, illegal warfare, Wall Steet fraud and (CIA) drug running.

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Released Picture of a Pro-Erdogan Demonstration in Ankara Appears to be Photoshopped

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Mali Mine Misery: Foreign Firms Eye Gold, Local Workers Suffer

With France in the middle of a troop withdrawal from Mali and UN peacekeeping forces still deployed there - the country is facing growing uncertainty. And it's not just security that's on people's minds. Many fear that international involvement might not be limited to military operations - with one of the country's few thriving industries apparently being eyed by foreign corporations.

If the Government of Mali was not corrupt they could ask the miners if they wanted to become involved in an upscaling of their operations with almost all profits going to their community. Some profits could also go to pay off the costs for the upscaling, with some very minimal taxation to help the rest of the country.

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Alex Jones Blasts BBC One on Sunday Politics

Whether or not you think Alex Jones is COINTELPRO (an agent of misdirection) or if he is a self-censoring self promoter or if he is a completely genuine loose cannon, you can see the BBC intro clip is designed to downplay the serious nature of these Bilderberg meetings. It looks like the BBC is trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

The BBC actually has a track record of pushing propaganda. They've put out transparent 'debunking documentaries' on the attacks of 911, they've done similar things with the 7/7 Bombings, in 2009 they refused to air an appeal for the Gazan people who were being bombed by the Israelis, and there is the 'small matter' of a decades long cover-up of Jimmy Savile's paedophilia.

Anyway, this is the AJ clip for anyone interested in what happened.

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Another Horror Story of US Healthcare this has his story and the links to where you can donate to him. Also share the video, with luck it will go viral and I can give all the proceeds to him.

A reminder about the dire state of the US healthcare system, which is especially bad if you loose your job.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA

The newest information regarding the NSA domestic spying scandal raises an important question: If America's tech giants didn't 'participate knowingly' in the dragnet of electronic communication, how does the NSA get all of their data?

One theory: the NSA hired two secretive Israeli companies to wiretap the U.S. telecommunications network.

In April 2012 Wired's James Bamford — author of the book "The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America" — reported that two companies with extensive links to Israel's intelligence service provided hardware and software the U.S. telecommunications network for the National Security Agency (NSA).

By doing so, this would imply, companies like Facebook and Google don't have to explicitly provide the NSA with access to their servers because major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AT&T and Verizon already allows the U.S. signals intelligence agency to eavesdrop on all of their data anyway.

From Bamford (emphasis ours):

"According to a former Verizon employee briefed on the program, Verint, owned by Comverse Technology, taps the communication lines at Verizon...

At AT&T the wiretapping rooms are powered by software and hardware from Narus, now owned by Boeing, a discovery made by AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein in 2004."

Klein, an engineer, discovered the "secret room" at AT&T central office in San Francisco, through which the NSA actively "*vacuumed up Internet and phone-call data from ordinary Americans with the cooperation of AT&T" through the wiretapping rooms, emphasizing that "much of the data sent through AT&T to the NSA was purely domestic."

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake corroborated Klein's assertions, testifying that while the NSA is using Israeli-made NARUS hardware to "seize and save all personal electronic communications."

Both Verint and Narus were founded in Israel in the 1990s. Both provide monitoring and intercept capabilities to service providers and government organizations, promoting claims that their equipment can access and retain large amounts of information on a vast number of targets.

The NSA would claim that it is inaccurate to say they tap US electronic communications! If not directly then they do it indirectly. I wouldn't trust anything they say.

We know phone tapping of the sort mentioned above has been going on since before the attacks of 911 (see below).

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NSA: Everyone's a Terrorist | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin breaks down the latest surveillance scandal by the National Security Agency, in which the servers of firms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple are subject constant government surveillance.

The US Government has been tapping into electronic communicatios for many decades. Even in 1984 some level of capability was acknowledged:

Ron Paul talking about computer surveillance in 1984

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Occupy Turkey: Activists Arrested for Social Media Posts Amid Crackdown

13 activists have been arrested in Turkey for what authorities describe as social network posts that incited hatred and invited people to stage provocation.

Protests in Turkey continue. With luck this unrest will see the end of Turkish Government support for the extremists fighting in Syria - an action that is destabilising the region.

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