Friday, 3 May 2013

Man photographs hundreds of UFOs in Australia

A man in Perth, Western Australia claims he has snapped hundreds of photos showing UFOs.

The photographer, Rob Hartland, discovers the UFOs when reviewing the thousands of photos he takes of the sky. According to Perth Now, Hartland has taken more than 20,000 photos of the day-time sky in the past six months. He reportedly began taking pictures of clouds in November 2012 to test out a new Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 camera. But when he reviewed the photos on his computer, he started noticing unidentified objects in some of the shots.

Hartland, who reportedly has a PhD in biochemistry, claims to have identified a dozen different UFOs of varying shapes, including round, square, and saucer-shaped UFOs. On his website, Hartland explains:

"These craft are fast-moving and fly at fairly high altitude as I usually focus the camera on the edges of mid- to high-altitude clouds. I usually take a series of 20 to 30 photos on continuous shooting mode with a fraction of a second between each photo. When captured, most of the time these craft are present in only one and occasionally two of the series of 20 images. I usually take about 300 images at a time, especially when there are wispy high-altitude clouds. On some days there may be craft present in more than 5% of the photos, although many are too small for enhancing. Now I only look for the really good ones."

In past instances where unusual aerial phenomena have been captured on camera the circumstances have pointed towards some being high speed objects that cannot easily be seen with the naked eye.

The reason for this post has to do with science. If what is being reported is true we should be able to REPEAT THE EXPERIMENT to confirm or deny the claim.

Anyone who is interested should go outside and copy this man's actions and see what results.

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