Friday, 31 May 2013

Syria Gets First Batch of Russian S-300 Missiles - Arms Embargo Lifted - Proxy War Mercenaries

Syria has received its first batch of Russian anti-aircraft missiles - that's what President Assad told a Hezbollah television network. The statement's adding fuel to the tensions over the S-300 air defence system, with the U.S. slamming Russia's actions and Israel signaling it would prevent it from becoming operational. RT's Paula Slier is following international escalation over Syria.

The West and Israel are sponsoring extremist fighters in the Syrian war who will only destabilise the region further if they win - giving the US and Israel an excuse to invade both Syria and Lebanon, with the aim of drawing Iran directly into the conflict.

Russia and other BRICS nations must see that this does not happen by supporting Assad's Government. Although outcome this may be relatively problematic it is better than seeing radicals take over.

Also, the S-300 missiles are defensive weapons. They will prevent large scale foreign airstrikes plunging the Syrian nation into a new dark ages as happened in Iraq and Libya.

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Reality Check Ben Swann: Sen. McCain visits Rebels In Syria, Congressman Questions Al Qaeda Ties

There isn't a war that McCain does not like!

The leading Syrian opposition groups are made up of extremists. If the US sends support to these groups then they are funding enemies of Israel and the US - which is probably the whole point. This is the perfect excuse for invading Syria from the outside (especially if they get hold of chemical weapons).

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The AP Spying Story: What You Aren't Being Told

In recent weeks we have been told to focus on a series of scandals which, we are told, are rocking the Obama Administration. Has the media finally found outrage over the Obama regime's use of drone strikes to kill scores of innocent women and children in countries that are not even at war with the United States? Or the DOJ's recent admission that the strikes had indeed killed American citizens? Or John Kerry's recent attempts to once again lead the American public into supporting military intervention in the Middle East based on provably false claims of WMD?

Of course not. No, the media's sudden discovery of outrage is directed at an entirely different scandal: the fact that reporters have now allegedly found themselves in the government's crosshairs.

Find out more about the real scandal behind the AP spying story in this weeks edition of The Eyeopener from

Echelon works.

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Friend of Boston Bombing Suspect Unarmed When Killed By FBI

Ibragim Todashev, who was killed during an FBI interview last week, was unarmed when he was fatally shot, fueling speculation that his association with Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was enough, in the eyes of police, to be fatal.

The death of Ibragim Todashev has been shrouded in mystery since he was mortally wounded during an interview with FBI agents on May 22. Before Wednesday’s admission that the 27-year-old was unarmed at the time of his death, investigators offered conflicting accounts of what happened in Todashev’s final minutes.

Todashev associated with Tamerlan Tsarnaev from mixed martial arts and boxing circles in the Boston area before he moved from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Orlando, Florida. FBI officials maintained he was never a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Tamerlan was involved with CIA operations in Chechnya and it's possible this witness knew of that fact and was assassinated. One thing is certain, the FBI cannot be trusted on anything they claim.

So far there has been no hard evidence tying the Tsarnaev brothers to the bombings apart from hearsay evidence. It has been claimed there is video of one of the brothers planting the bomb but the public is yet to see it. The bags they carried were white and grey while the bomb debris indicates black bags.

The answers to this case are not clear and the FBI is lying about things like the amount of times they had been informed about the overseas activities of Tamerlan - which they said was never, then once, and then it was shown to be on multiple occasions.

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Fake-Down: Friend of Boston bombing suspect unarmed when killed by FBI

Obama to Pick Former Bush Official to Lead F.B.I. --Obusha picks James Comey, a Republican and former hedge fund executive, to lead the F.B.I

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Did Holder Lie Under Oath?

The Justice Department is facing a firestorm of controversy for snooping on journalists. Now the media and members of Congress are demanding answers from Attorney General Eric Holder. Though Holder denied having any knowledge of the DOJ prosecuting press, it has been revealed that he personally signed off on a search warrant for a Fox News reporter. RT Correspondent Liz Wahl reports on the fallout after yet another government spying scandal.

Remember Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder, who has also yet to criminally prosecute any of the big Wall Street bankers for fraud, had a Law firm that represented the big Wall Street banks. He is playing the establishment game with this press spying/shake up scandal.

We still have seen no Bush Administration officials prosecuted for torture either. Eric Holder needs to face criminal prosecution himself.

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Should Eric Holder Be Impeached For His Refusal To Prosecute Wall Street?

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

US and Allies Step Up War Preparations against Syria, Lebanon, Iran

The United States and its allies continue to escalate their military aggression against Syria, behind the smokescreen of a proposed international peace conference scheduled for June in Geneva.

The Israeli media has been discussing the advisability of establishing a new buffer zone on the Syrian side of the 43-mile cease-fire line established in 1973, following an attack on an Israeli military vehicle that had crossed the line in the disputed Golan Heights. To do so would require a full-scale invasion. There are also reports of efforts to establish a proxy force, based upon the minority Druze population near the border.

On May 23, Major General Amir Eshel, commander of the air force, warned that unrest in the Middle East could result in Israel becoming involved in a “surprise war” with Syria. He cited the possibility of Islamist forces gaining control of chemical and other weapons as a casus beli for “having to act on a very broad scale.”

So the US, NATO (via Turkey), Israel and other corrupt nations in the Middle East, have sent arms to the extremists who may then, according to General Eshel, get control of chemical weapons which would be used as justification for an invasion.

This scenario may also drag Iran into the fighting along with Hezbollah who are allies of the Syrian Government. This is exactly what all the before mentioned nations would like see in order to destroy their respective rivals in the Middle East.

Russia, China and other BRICS nations should step in to prevent such an outcome by making sure the extremist forces in Syria (the proxy army of the West) are defeated.

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Qatar seeks to send Yemen’s military elite to fight alongside the Free Syrian Army

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Obama's Drone Hit List, Dishonoring Veterans, Prosecuting Hactivists

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Marjorie Cohn, professor of Human Rights at Thomas Jefferson School of Law about Obama's pre-conditions for drone use, his Orwellian counter-terrorism speech, and the most recent updates on Gitmo. Abby then goes over the importance of the Memorial Day holiday, and highlights how US military families are among the most affected by the federal budget cuts known as the 'sequester'. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Abi Hassen, mass defense coordinator for the National Lawyers Guild, about the case of Jeremy Hammond, his plea deal, and its larger implications on freedom of information and online activism.

In relation to the first segment, US foreign policy seems designed to encourage war and conflict. Must see first part to this episode.

Obama must be put on trial for committing War Crimes (and has criminally failed to prosecute those of the Bush Administration).

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[UPDATED] Patriots Being Led Into "Kill Zone" At D.C. "Armed Revolt" [MARCH CANCELLED]

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell takes the viewer to a real bridge and demonstrates how the Washington D.C. Police Department, the U.S. Park Police, and the Department of Homeland Security plan to arrest anyone who sets foot onto the Arlington Memorial Bridge with a loaded weapon; and fire upon those who resist.

Once you get past the introductory part of this clip listen to what the host is saying. He makes a very sensible argument against participating in the very unnecessary armed march on Washington DC.

UPDATE: Kokesh announced he is Cancelling the Washington March.

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Keiser Report (E450): Debt Crack Banker Babies

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss crack babies and debt crack banker babies. In the second half, Max talks to James Howard Kunstler, author of the Long Emergency, about the US central bank pushing debt crack on an unemployed and under-educated population and a media high on frack crack - a high which makes the user see the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia in America.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Embargo End: EU Lifts Syria Arms Ban to Spur Peace Process? (Unlikely)

The EU has agreed to lift the Syrian arms embargo.The UK and France led the effort which has now opened the door to lethal aid flowing into the hands of the Syrian rebels. The UK aid agency Oxfam has warned of "devastating consequences" if more arms are sent into Syria. Anti-war activist Richard Becker says the arms embargo never stopped western supporters of the opposition. And Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, an independent researcher and writer, says Washington is not entirely sincere when it calls for peace talks.

There never was an arms embargo, except against shipping in heavy weapons which are harder to supply. Europe, the US and Israel plus Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been funding, training and arming the rebels since BEFORE the fighting broke out and never stopped doing so. The war in Syria is a fight by Western powers via proxy - with the FSA rebels being the dupes to get the heinous job done.
There would be no war in Syria without foreign intervention.

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Modern Terrorism and Privateers

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Hezbollah Pledges to Back Assad Against Rebels & Israel

Fears of an all-out sectarian spillover are increasing in Lebanon. The country's military says a rocket was fired towards Israel from its territory - after two shells blasted Hezbollah strongholds in Beirut on Sunday.

Hezbollah is correct about the extremists in Syria. If Syria falls Lebanon will be plunged into conflict again with Israel likely to re-invade.

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We've Moved On From the Iraq War – but Iraqis Don't Have That Choice (Pilger)

The dust in Iraq rolls down the long roads that are the desert's fingers. It gets in your eyes and nose and throat; it swirls in markets and school playgrounds, consuming children kicking a ball; and it carries, according to Dr Jawad Al-Ali, "the seeds of our death". An internationally respected cancer specialist at the Sadr teaching hospital in Basra, Dr Ali told me that in 1999, and today his warning is irrefutable. "Before the Gulf war," he said, "we had two or three cancer patients a month. Now we have 30 to 35 dying every month. Our studies indicate that 40 to 48% of the population in this area will get cancer: in five years' time to begin with, then long after. That's almost half the population. Most of my own family have it, and we have no history of the disease. It is like Chernobyl here; the genetic effects are new to us; the mushrooms grow huge; even the grapes in my garden have mutated and can't be eaten."

Along the corridor, Dr Ginan Ghalib Hassen, a paediatrician, kept a photo album of the children she was trying to save. Many had neuroblastoma. "Before the war, we saw only one case of this unusual tumour in two years," she said. "Now we have many cases, mostly with no family history. I have studied what happened in Hiroshima. The sudden increase of such congenital malformations is the same."

Among the doctors I interviewed, there was little doubt that depleted uranium shells used by the Americans and British in the Gulf war were the cause. A US military physicist assigned to clean up the Gulf war battlefield across the border in Kuwait said, "Each round fired by an A-10 Warhog attack aircraft carried over 4,500 grams of solid uranium. Well over 300 tons of DU was used. It was a form of nuclear warfare."

Using D.U. weapons is clearly a War Crime. Those responsible for its use, and the war itself, must be brought to trial. D.U. munitions must be banned.

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Canadian Judge Confirms: 2011 Election Fraudulent

The Canadian Federal Court has confirmed that the country's 2011 federal election, which led to the victory of Stephen Harper's government, was fraudulent.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lawsuit with the FBI (911 Cover-Up Shenanigans)

FBI is quaking in their boots over the release of the information of Dominik Suter the Israel Mossad agent in charge of the UMS operation on 911. The only thing that has been able to keep this from exploding is a lot of Jonestown and disinformation which turned investigating 911 into crazy-town. Well if AWC wins the law suit we will have even more information about the Israelis on 911.

FBI are establishment thugs and cover-up artists. This clip contains an awesome summary of Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks.

Remember the 911 false flag attack started the War on Terror. Only truth about this crime can stop the endless conflict.

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Obama on Drones: Too Little Too Late | Big Brother Watch

Abby Martin goes over the Orwellian rhetoric in Obama's latest foreign policy speech with political commentator, Sam Sacks.

Obama's words are a complete joke. His Administration pushed further unjust laws, such as the NDAA, and defended Bush era policies rather than revoke them. President Obama has acted as a criminal with his unconstitutional actions.

When it comes to human rights Obama is full of empty rhetoric. They sponsor war and conflict that will further US geopolitical goals in place of defending genuine humanitarian causes:

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Monsanto Protests In Over 36 Countries And More Than 250 U.S. Cities

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Keiser Report (E449): Drowning In Central Banking Abyss

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert in the second part of a two part currency war special focus on George Osborne hoping a rising stock market will convince voters his economic policies are working and the new front in the South Pacific as New Zealand launches defensive measures against global currency devaluations. In the second half, Max talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, for the second half of their interview focusing on currency wars and hot wars.

Features part 2 of the important Jim Rickards interview.

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Announcing: ReThink911 - The Ad that Will Be Seen Around the World

Yes… you read that right: $600,000. ReThink911* (a.k.a. Operation Tip the Planet) has raised $300,000 in pledges to match every dollar YOU raise by July 31 for this massive September advertising campaign.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The ReThink911 campaign will distribute the $300,000 that has already been pledged based on the fundraising you do for your city (team) on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once your city/team reaches its minimum fundraising target ($1,000, $2,000, $3,000, or $4,000, depending on the size of your city), funds raised by your team will be matched by ReThink911, doubling your team’s amount to pay for subway, bus or billboard ads in your community! **

Twelve specially designated U.S. and international cities will be given priority in matching based on the strategy we have formulated with our outdoor media experts. These cities will have larger ad buys of $20,000—half raised by local supporters, half matched by ReThink911. New York will have an ad buy of $60,000, part of which will pay for a massive billboard in the heart of Times Square that has already been approved. Close to 1 million people will pass it every day in the month of September! The goal: our ReThink911 ad will be seen in more than 50 cities across the world this September.

Many people are still unaware of the facts about the 911 false flag evidence - especially concerning WTC7. When EVERYONE KNOWS that September 11 could only have been an Inside Job we will find closure to the War on Terror.

The wars would not exist but for 911.

Go to the link and contribute to the campaign if you are able. 

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'Monsanto is All-in-One Horseman of GMO Apocalypse'

A wave of rallies is rolling across the globe in protest at biotech giant Monsanto. Thousands of campaigners and environmentalists in more than 40 countries accuse the multi-national corporation of aggressively expanding into the food market and spreading hazardous products.

Essential information on the GMO danger.

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Drones Here to Stay: Obama Outlines Official Killing Program

A new face to the War on Terror was unveiled by President Obama in a major speech on America's national defense policies. For the second time in 5 years - he again promised to try and shut Guantanamo Bay. But when it came to drone warfare, the President appeared less enthusiastic about change - promising only vague guidelines.

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Student Science Experiment Finds Plants Won’t Grow Near Wi-Fi Router

Five ninth-grade young women from Denmark recently created a science experiment that is causing a stir in the scientific community.

It started with an observation and a question. The girls noticed that if they slept with their mobile phones near their heads at night, they often had difficulty concentrating at school the next day. They wanted to test the effect of a cellphone’s radiation on humans, but their school, Hjallerup School in Denmark, did not have the equipment to handle such an experiment. So the girls designed an experiment that would test the effect of cellphone radiation on a plant instead.

The students placed six trays filled with Lepidium sativum, a type of garden cress into a room without radiation, and six trays of the seeds into another room next to two routers that according to the girls calculations, emitted about the same type of radiation as an ordinary cellphone.

Over the next 12 days, the girls observed, measured, weighed and photographed their results. Although by the end of the experiment the results were blatantly obvious — the cress seeds placed near the router had not grown. Many of them were completely dead. While the cress seeds planted in the other room, away from the routers, thrived.

Time to repeat the experiment. This initial test does not look good for cell phone safety.

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Behind Syria Peace Talks Proposal, US Prepares Regional War

While the State Department claims that Kerry’s role in this gathering is to prepare for Syrian peace talks—dubbed Geneva 2—which Washington and Moscow have publicly agreed to support, it is evident that the real agenda occupying the US and its allies is how to salvage the war for regime change, under conditions in which the Syrian government is inflicting strategic reverses on the Western-backed forces.

This has emerged most clearly in the Syrian army’s overrunning of the city of Qusayr in western Syria, just eight miles from the Lebanese border. The town, which had fallen under control of the Western-backed militias, has served as a key pipeline for arms and foreign fighters crossing the Lebanese border. “Rebel” control of the surrounding region also threatened to separate the Syrian capital of Damascus from the city of Aleppo as well as the Syrian coast.

Speaking at a news conference in Amman at the opening of the “Friends of Syria” meeting, Kerry warned that if the Assad regime failed to negotiate a political solution, Washington would consider “growing support for the opposition in order to continue to fight for the freedom of their country.” With US officials demanding Assad’s ouster as a condition for any settlement, it appears that the proposed talks will be turned into a pretext for escalating the US intervention.

Kerry’s remark came just one day after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved by a 15-to-3 vote a proposal for Washington to directly arm the opposition militias. The CIA is already coordinating the arms flows from the Gulf states and has reportedly organized large shipments from Eastern Europe through third parties.

The war in Syria has nothing to do with providing assistance in order to have a democracy, it's about geopolitical regime change. Most other countries in the Middle East are not democracies and have repressive Governments.

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Meet John Kerry, Skull and Bones Ambassador

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Islamist Frankenstein: 'UK Wars Radicalize Millions'

Through support for Israeli occupations and participation in American invasions of Muslim countries, Britain has ended up spawning tens or even hundreds of millions of "radicalized Muslims" across the world, British MP George Galloway told RT.

There is no excuse for this murder, but the issues of Western intervention in the Middle East are real problems that must be addressed.

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Portland Defeats Fluoride, London Murder, Robot Surgery - New World Next Week

The video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Good news summary worth checking out.

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Over 800 World Scientists Agree: GM Crops are Nothing Short of a Bio-War on Our Food

In a country whose government and media appear only too eager to conjure up fear of "bioterrorism" and "biological weapons," it's shocking (albeit obviously deliberate) to what extent the GMO issue remains omitted from mainstream discussion. Consider that the message from these scientists seems to be that the whole planet is already under attack by the persistent and largely unchecked, reckless behavior of greedy, unruly U.S. corporations - corporations whose activities appear to be sponsored by the federal government. And whether you know it yet or not, your body is the battleground.

The letter, as posted by the Institute of Science in Society (, is a collective call for the immediate suspension of any and all releases of GM crops and products into the environment for at least five years, in order to allow for more thorough testing. The scientists further demand that all patents on life-forms and living processes - including seeds, cell lines and genes - be revoked and banned "for a comprehensive public inquiry into the future of agriculture and food security for all."

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Keiser Report (E448): Narcissists' Rally

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert have a look at the narcissists' rally as we drown in central banking their currency wars and their quantitative easing without wealth creation. In the second half, Max talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about why we don't need to worry about a recession - because we're in a depression! They discuss US Federal Chairman, Ben Bernanke's, plan to not Beggar Thy Neighbor, but Enrich They Neighbor by jumping out of the printing plane together with simultaneous devaluations. And, in terms of gold, Keiser and Rickards suggest maybe it's the Chinese manipulating the price of gold . . . and not the US Federal Reserve.

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Boston to London Are These "Lone Wolf" Attacks?

We don't have enough information on London to come to a definite conclusion but presently it appears to be genuine blowback from UK foreign policy. Ry mentions the lack of blood, but further information indicates that a lot of the hacking was done near some bushes and the body subsequently moved. Did these guys decide to commit this crime themselves or, were they encouraged to do so by some extremist preacher, or pushed by an intelligence asset?

As for Boston we know the FBI has lied about the case and we know the alleged bombers had strong CIA ties. We don't really know if the Boston attack was a rogue bombing event or not. It might be as Ry says, with his justification based on motive, but there may also be a false flag reason that would see the US using Chechens (US allies) as the vilified patsies. Perhaps the Chechens are being used as bargaining chips in an after-the-fact deal with Russia to get them to back down in Syria?

Essential Related Info:

Stop Killing people

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Obama Heckler Speaks Out After Interrupting Speech

President Obama's speech Thursday on national security wasn't just a one-sided affair. The president paused multiple times when Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin shouted out, literally stopping Obama in his place and forcing him to respond. Benjamin was demanding answers for the drone strikes that killed four American citizens as well as the end to holding detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Benjamin is a well-known anti-war protester recognized around the world, and she joined us to talk about why she couldn't remain silent during the president's speech.

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Confirming Matt Taibbi: The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right

A few weeks ago Matt Taibbi said in a 14 page article in Rolling Stone said that the Conspiracy Theorists were right and that every market was rigged by the bankers. And that included interest rates. commodities, Credit Default Swaps and the gold and silver markets. This has been confirmed by the courts and the securities markets. BP and Shell are being investigated in Europe for rigging oil prices. If the CEO of a small company were arrested, the stock price would go down. But BP and Shell stock prices remain unchanged. JP Morgan, HSBC, Wells Fargo-Wachovia and Goldman Sachs have all had legal difficulties but walked away from the courts with no jail time and fines that were a miniscule fraction of the money involved.

This confirms that the courts, the regulatory system, the politicians and the media are fixed and it is not just the 2.2 trillion dollar petrochemical markets that are run by the banks. The oil company executives and the bankers know they are not going to jail.

Stacy Herbert made mention recently of 40 charts that used to correlate and give us an idea of what is happening in the real world. In the old days unemployment used to indicate economic activity and hence stock price levels. No more. Now stock prices and employment do not correlate. We are in the midst of the greatest recession in decades with record breaking low employment levels yet the DOW 30 and S&P indices could not go higher. That is without even more help from the Federal Reserve.

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This Is What A Tyranny Looks Like

The tyrants of our modern age are smart enough not to declare themselves to be tyrants. They simply don't follow the rules that have been set for the common citizens. The other smart move that they have made is that the real tyrants don't put themselves in the supposed positions of power. Does anyone really believe that the President is the top of the food chain in Washington? But if the political puppets aren't the tyrants, then who are? The ones who can't get prosecuted for their crimes, obviously.

A good question posed by Corbett is to ask WHO are the tyrants? The answer, he says, is they are the ones that cannot be prosecuted for their crimes - the people who are protected or shielded from the Law.

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Cold Fusion Reactor Independently Verified, Has 10,000 Times the Energy Density of Gas

Against all probability, a device that purports to use cold fusion to generate vast amounts of power has been verified by a panel of independent scientists. The research paper, which hasn’t yet undergone peer review, seems to confirm both the existence of cold fusion, and its potency: The cold fusion device being tested has roughly 10,000 times the energy density and 1,000 times the power density of gasoline. Even allowing for a massively conservative margin of error, the scientists say that the cold fusion device they tested is 10 times more powerful than gasoline — which is currently the best fuel readily available to mankind.

The device being tested, which is called the Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat for short), was created by Andrea Rossi. Rossi has been claiming for the past two years that he had finally cracked cold fusion, but much to the chagrin of the scientific community he hasn’t allowed anyone to independently analyze the device — until now. While it sounds like the scientists had a fairly free rein while testing the E-Cat, we should stress that they still don’t know exactly what’s going on inside the sealed steel cylinder reactor. Still, the seven scientists, all from good European universities, obviously felt confident enough with their findings to publish the research paper.

As for what’s happening inside the cold fusion reactor, Andrea Rossi and his colleague Sergio Focardi have previously said their device works by infusing hydrogen into nickel, transmuting the nickel into copper and releasing a large amount of heat. While Rossi hasn’t provided much in the way of details — he’s a very secretive man, it seems — we can infer some knowledge from NASA’s own research into cold fusion.

Awesome, if proven to work. Please note that numerous scientific groups have been conducting Cold Fusion research over the last few decades. It's NOT actually hogwash science as assumed by many.

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Savage Rage: London Terror Attack Mirrors Syria Atrocities

The brutal killing has shaken the UK sparking fears of terrorism returning to the capital. RT's Polly Boiko looks at what could lie behind the attack and its broader implications for the country. RT contributor Afshin Rattansi echoes the view shared by Polly Boiko, linking the London attack to atrocities committed by rebel forces in Syria. And Brian Becker from the anti-war ANSWER coalition believes such violence could have been predicted, ever since the UK first embraced America's military actions abroad.

While there are extremists, these people are given fuel by Western foreign policy decisions. Without a strong grievance there is less reason for such people to exist.
And, it is these sort of radicals that OUR Governments are supporting in Syria with Western intervention.

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CIA Blocks Release of Bin Laden Photos Signifying Bin Laden Killing Likely Never Took Place

WASHINGTON — If you look back on the whole thing it does seem kind of odd. The whole Bin Laden raid thing.

The Bin Laden raid that was conducted by SEAL Team 6, one of the most elite special forces groups on the entire planet.

The one where some highly trained hero dog tagged along, garnering the hearts and minds of the American public.

The one that later left every member of SEAL Team 6 dead.

The one that has the US government now withholding photos, against FIOA requests, that likely don’t even exist.

Actually, if you actually think it through, the official story was a cover, as no photos or body will ever be revealed.

Related Info:

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2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die

Two members of the FBI’s elite counterterrorism unit died Friday while practicing how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship using a rope, the FBI announced Monday in a statement.

The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”

Last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Some sort of cover-up may be underway to limit knowledge about the arrest. Are other loose ends connected to the bombings being eliminated?:

FBI shoots dead Chechen linked to Boston terror suspects

Remember that both Tamerlan Tsarnaev and uncle Ruslan were connected to the CIA, while more generally we know that the Chechens were aided by the CIA in their war with Russia.

Related Info:

Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing: The US roots of "Chechen" terrorism

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How the Government Hijacks Populous Movements

Opposition quickly becomes controlled opposition, we see this in both foreign snf domestic movements, we see it in the antiwar movement, 911 truth, and groups opposing bailouts and web censorship. They saturate them with stupid and prevent their growth by painting them as crazy people on TV.

Always question what you see in any media whether it is mainstream or alternative. The trick to recognise deceptions is through checking of FACTS. If the claims cannot be supported then you have to put them in the unconfirmed basket. Do not overreach. There is a difference between speculation and what you can prove.

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Keiser Report (E447): Down is New Up, Up is New Down

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine whether the markets are soaring or crashing but find it impossible to determine as long standing data patterns have broken down. They discuss feeding the ducks while they're quacking and bitcoin vigilantes fighting the Fed. In the second half, Max talks to Sandeep Jaitly of about the imminent extinction of the price of gold as well as the permanent backwardation in both gold and silver markets.

Essential financial news. Although we don't know the timing, the fundamentals indicate we are headed for another huge crash. Can the manipulators keep the fraud going on indefinitely?

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Continuing Fukushima Cover-Up

The New York Academy of Medicine celebrated the second anniversary of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster with a two day Fukushima Symposium on March 11th and 12th. Sponsored by the Helen Caldicott Foundation and Physicians for Social Responsibility, the event consisted of presentations from a broad range of physician and non-physician researchers specialized in the effects of nuclear radiation on the environment and human health. It was videoed and can be viewed free on-line (see links below).

What the symposium makes crystal clear is that there has been a deliberate effort by Japanese government, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the Obama administration, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) to minimize the long term health consequences of nuclear fallout, especially to children. Instead of backtracking on the billions of dollars he approved to subsidize TEPCO to build more US nuclear power plants, Obama is participating in an international cover-up to conceal the serious long term dangers of this technology. See After 50 Years Nuclear Power Still not Viable Without Subsidies

I found the March 11th presentation by Dr Steven Starr of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri the most illuminating. The focus of Starr’s talk was the long term effects of Cesium-137, which is the main long term contaminant of soil and food following a nuclear accident.

The research Starr presents directly contradicts a study WHO published two months ago called The Health Risk Assessment From the Nuclear Accident after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The latter supports the Japanese government’s position that the radioactive contamination deposited immediately after meltdown has dissipated and there is no longer any risk of eating food produced there. Buoyed by the WHO study, the Japanese government has already declared Fukushima rice totally safe provided it emits less than 100 Becquerels (Bq) per kilogram (kg). (A Becquerel is one atomic disintegration per second.)

Research conducted after Chernobyl contradicts this directive. According to Starr, children in the Ukraine and Belarus routinely exposed to more than 50 Bq per kg of Cesium-137 (from the Chernobyl meltdown) Chernobyl suffered irreversible heart damage.
Research done by Dr. Yuri Bandazhevsky and his colleagues in Belarus between 1991 and 1999, found that children exposed to whole body radiation levels above 50 Bq per kg of body weight experienced irreversible damage to their heart and other vital organs.

Bandazhevsky summarized his nine years of research in s paper entitled “Radioactive Cesium and the Heart.” With the help of friends, Starr has just finished editing an English translation of this work. It has never been translated before because shortly after Bandazhevsky presented it to the Parliament and President of Belarus, he was arrested and imprisoned. Just as Soviet physicians were forbidden to diagnose radiation-related illness following Chernobyl, the Belarusian government vigorously suppressed the work of Bandazhevsky, who was protesting government efforts to resettle people back into land badly contaminated with Cesium-137.

Two million people in Belarus live on lands severely contaminated by cesium-137. Fourteen years following Chernobyl, most of the children there were in very poor health. 45 to 47% of high school graduates had physical disorders, including gastrointestinal anomalies, abnormal heart function and cataracts, and 40% were diagnosed with chronic “blood disorders” and malfunctioning thyroids.

We know that fallout from Fukushima fell into the Pacific Ocean and the West Coast of the USA. Food products from these areas will have Caesium 137 - this was confirmed in Tuna caught shortly after the meltdowns.

Avoid eating food grown from these regions.

The big problem is that the melted reactor cores have not been isolated with a sarcophagus, similar to what was done for Chernobyl, so that radioactive elements are still being released into the environment.

Our culture of covering up high crimes must stop. This behaviour is leading us to ruin. We need insiders to blow the lid on data being concealed about Fukushima -and any other crimes like 911- so that there can be a shake up of our present leadership. In the end, if nothing is done, those involved in cover ups will also fall victim to future preventable disasters and various other shenanigans.

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Calling Syria A Civil War Is A Vast Deception

Syria: it's not a 'civil war', it's an imperialist war
'Civil war' is a totally inaccurate label for what's going on in Syria. I think we should start calling it what it is: an imperialist war of destabilisation, where the aggressors' fighting has been outsourced to sectarian religious terrorists. This outsourcing follows the same logic as any other type of outsourcing: it's cheaper. The political and economic cost of pushing thousands of Iraqi, Libyan and Saudi (etc) terrorists in Syria's direction is extremely low, at least in the short term.

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'Obama the Only Official Responsible for Gitmo's Existence'

Three and a half months into the Guantanamo hunger strike and the U.S. military running the facility's under fresh pressure to close the camp. The notorious international group of hacktivists, known as Anonymous, have threatened to disrupt prison activity - forcing the authorities to shut down wireless Internet access as a precaution. Most of the 166 detainees at Guantanamo are starving themselves in protest at indefinite detention without charge. RT's Marina Portnaya met one of the captives' lawyers.

If the Guantanamo Bay prison is a military facility, Obama acting as the Commander-in-Chief during a time of war can order the place closed immediately - unless, somehow, the man is a corrupt puppet like Bush!

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Sibel Edmonds: US Government Needs to Keep the Fear Factor Alive (RECAP)

The Obama administration has the worst track record when it comes to prosecuting whistleblowers. Obama once claimed he'd work hard to have a transparent government, but many have faced retaliation for revealing controversial government information. Sibel Edmonds, who is a whistleblower, waited 340 days for FBI clearance of her memoir but finally released it on her own. Edmonds, founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, joins us for more.


Edmonds reports that the CIA/State Department was working with Bin Laden before and AFTER the attacks of 911. The US was using terrorist groups in the Central Asia/Caucas region to serve geopolitical ends. Note that she mentions US support for the Chechen rebels - this interview coming from May 2012 - a year before the Boston Bombing with the the alleged perpetrator's links to the CIA via Graham Fuller:

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Bush Sr. and Monsanto

Bush sr. caught on film in Monsanto Inc, helping them push down the regulations that would test Monsanto's new products.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

'Syrian Soaring Sectarianism & Division Used to Target Iran'

Hezbollah militants have joined forces with pro-Assad troops in the fearce fight for control of a rebel stronghold on Syria's border with Lebanon. The town of Qusair is considered a key entry point for smuggling arms into Syria. Middle East expert Tariq Ali believes the recent escalation of sectarian violence in the region is being used by the West to target Iran.

There's geopolitics at play here. The two reasons for the conflict are to stop Syria becoming an energy hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and also to destroy support for Hezbollah that defeated an Israeli attempt to invade Lebanon in recent years. The war is a direct result of Western intervention. Without the West's support there would be no conflict.

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British MP Galloway: FSA Cannibalism is a Turning Point, Cameron Insane for Supporting Extremists

British MP George Galloway gave his opinion about the latest incident where Abu Saqqar, a commander in one of the earliest "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) brigades, the al-Farouq Brigade, ate the heart and liver of a dead Syrian soldier. He also questions PM David Cameron's mental condition by supporting those militants, whom Galloway refers to as "savages and barbarians".

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Iran Demands Clear Accusations Before IAEA Inspection

Iran's ambassador to Russia says his country would be ready to allow more inspections of one of its nuclear facilities, but only after a special protocol is signed. Tehran claims its notorious Parchin site is a conventional army base, but the UN's nuclear watchdog believes it has carried out covert atomic bomb research. Political analyst Seyed Mohammad Marandi takls to RT from the Iranian capital.

Related Info:


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Al Jazeera Management Orders Joseph Massad Article Pulled in Act of Pro-Israel Censorship

In an unprecedented act of political censorship Al Jazeera English has deleted an article by noted Columbia University Professor Joseph Massad after coming under intense criticism from Zionists in recent days.

Massad told The Electronic Intifada that he had “received confirmation” from his editor at Al Jazeera English that “management pulled the article.” The Electronic Intifada was able to independently confirm that the article was pulled.

The piece, “The Last of the Semites,” published on 14 May, was taken down from the main Al Jazeera English site this morning – the link now redirects to Al Jazeera’s main page. It has also disappeared from Massad’s personal page on the Al Jazeera website.

The article had been one of the most viewed and emailed articles on the site and had been tweeted hundreds of times.

Al Jazeera has yet to offer any public explanation for its action.

There is some history to Al Jazeera operating as an untrustworthy mainstream media source.

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Freedom of the Press a Threat to National Security?

Last week news broke that the Deparment of Justice secretly obtained phone records of journalists at the Associated Press, but new information has emerged that this wasn't the first case of the government spying on media outlets. The latest Justice Department scandal has gained much attention, but will the DOJ call it quits? Josh Gerstein, White House reporter for Poltico, gives us his take on the latest news.

Although much of the corporate media is already under control via owner and editorial direction it seems that further monitoring and intimidation is being pushed by the Government - especially in light of recent Obama scandals starting from the Fast and Furious gun running corruption to the recent Benghazi murders.  

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why Was a Sunday Times Report on US Government Ties to al-Qaeda Chief Spiked?

In a recent book Classified Woman, Sibel Edmonds, a former translator for the FBI, describes how the Pentagon, CIA and State Department maintained intimate ties to al-Qaeda militants as late as 2001. Her memoir, Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, published last year, charged senior government officials with negligence, corruption and collaboration with al Qaeda in illegal arms smuggling and drugs trafficking in Central Asia.

In interviews with this author in early March, Edmonds claimed that Ayman al-Zawahiri, current head of al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden’s deputy at the time, had innumerable, regular meetings at the U.S. embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, with U.S. military and intelligence officials between 1997 and 2001, as part of an operation known as ‘Gladio B’. Al-Zawahiri, she charged, as well as various members of the bin Laden family and other mujahideen, were transported on NATO planes to various parts of Central Asia and the Balkans to participate in Pentagon-backed destabilisation operations.

According to two Sunday Times journalists speaking on condition of anonymity, this and related revelations had been confirmed by senior Pentagon and MI6 officials as part of a four-part investigative series that were supposed to run in 2008. The Sunday Times journalists described how the story was inexplicably dropped under the pressure of undisclosed “interest groups”, which, they suggest, were associated with the U.S. State Department.

Shooting the Messenger

Described by the American Civil Liberties Union as the “most gagged person in the history of the United States of America,” Edmonds studied criminal justice, psychology and public policy at George Washington and George Mason universities. Two weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, her fluency in Turkish, Farsi and Azerbaijani earned her an FBI contract at the Washington DC field office. She was tasked with translating highly classified intelligence from operations against terrorism suspects in and outside the U.S..

In the course of her work, Edmonds became privy to evidence that U.S. military and intelligence agencies were collaborating with Islamist militants affiliated with al-Qaeda, the very forces blamed for the 9/11 attacks – and that officials in the FBI were covering up the evidence. When Edmonds complained to her superiors, her family was threatened by one of the subjects of her complaint, and she was fired. Her accusations of espionage against her FBI colleagues were eventually investigated by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General, which did not give details about the allegations as they remained classified.
Other intelligence experts agree that Edmonds had stumbled upon a criminal conspiracy at the heart of the American judicial system. In her memoirs, she recounts that FBI Special Agent Gilbert Graham, who also worked in the Washington field office on counter-intelligence operations, told her over a coffee how he “ran background checks on federal judges” in the “early nineties for the bureau… If we came up with shit – skeletons in their closets – the Justice Department kept it in their pantry to be used against them in the future or to get them to do what they want in certain cases – cases like yours.”A redacted version of Graham’s classified protected disclosure to the Justice Department regarding these allegations, released in 2007, refers to the FBI’s “abuse of authority” by conducting illegal wiretapping to obtain information on U.S. public officials.

Incubating Terror

Five years ago, Edmonds revealed to the Sunday Times that an unidentified senior U.S. State Department official was on the payroll of Turkish agents in Washington, passing on nuclear and military secrets. “He was aiding foreign operatives against U.S. interests by passing them highly classified information, not only from the State Department but also from the Pentagon, in exchange for money, position and political objectives”, Edmonds told the paper. She reported coming across this information when listening to suppressed phone calls recorded by FBI surveillance, marked by her colleague Melek Can Dickerson as “not pertinent”.

In the Sunday Times exposé, Edmonds described a parallel organisation in Israel cooperating with the Turks on illegal weapons sales and technology transfers. Between them, Israel and Turkey operated a range of front companies incorporated in the U.S. with active “moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions”, supported by U.S. officials, in order to sell secrets to the highest bidder. One of the buyers was Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) – which often used its Turkish allies, according to the Times, “as a conduit… because they were less likely to attract suspicion.”

The Pakistani operation was, the paper reported, “led by General Mahmoud Ahmad, then the ISI chief” from 1999 to 2001, when the agency helped train, supply and coordinate the Afghan Taliban and gave sanctuary to their Arab allies brought together in the coalition named al-Qaeda. Ahmad, as the Times noted, “was accused [by the FBI] of sanctioning a $100,000 wire payment to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers, immediately before the attacks.”

According to Indian intelligence officials, they had assisted the FBI in “tracing and establishing” the financial trail between the General and the chief hijacker. The discovery was, they allege, the real reason behind the General’s sudden retirement in October 2001. The Pakistani daily, The News, reported on 10th September 2001 that the ISI chief held several “mysterious meetings at the Pentagon and National Security Council” that week, including with CIA director George Tenet.

In an interview with this author in March, Edmonds raised the question of whether U.S. officials’ liaisons with an espionage network overseen by Ahmad, and the FBI’s suppression of related intelligence, played a role in facilitating the attacks.

“Following 9/11, a number of the foreign operatives were taken in for questioning by the FBI on suspicion that they knew about or somehow aided the attacks”, reported the Sunday Times. The paper related that according to Edmonds, the senior State Department official received a call from a foreign agent under FBI surveillance asking for help to “get them out of the U.S. because we can’t afford for them to spill the beans.” The official promised “he would ‘take care of it’.”

Edmonds told this author that high-level corruption compromised the ability of the U.S. intelligence community to pursue ongoing investigations of those planning the 9/11 attacks. “It was precisely those militants that were incubated by some of America’s key allies”, she said. Corruption helped guarantee Congressional silence when that incubation strategy backfired in the form of 9/11. “Both Republican and Democratic representatives in the House and Senate came up in FBI counterintelligence investigations for taking bribes from foreign agents”, she said.

In other interviews Edmonds states that US intelligence was working with Osama Bin Laden before and AFTER the attacks of 911. These attacks created a never ending 'War on Terror' that gave licence for US intervention overseas while providing a massive boost to the military-intelligence-police state-complex.

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'Neo-Ottomanism Driven Turkey Does NATO's Job, Adds Fuel to Syrian Fire'

Turkish police have fired gas at protesters in a town near the Syrian border - which was the scene of a deadly double car bombing a week ago. The unrest follows similar clashes in Istanbul and Ankara. Demonstrators are angry over Turkey's support for the Syrian rebels, which they say is putting Turks in the firing line. Journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter, who's covered the Syrian crisis extensively, says Ankara's aggravating the conflict.

As things stand support for the Syrian rebels is support for extremism. Without Western backing there would be no war in Syria.

The propagandists pushing this war must know that their game is up. Too many people can see through the charade. The BRICS countries should make demands upon the West to stop fuelling the fighting.

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The Psychology of Authority

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Germany Bans Monsanto's Maize

The German Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, said "I have come to the conclusion that there are legitimate grounds to accept that genetically modified corn from the MON810 strain constitutes a danger to the environment."

MON810 is mostly cultivated in the EU for animal feed - and is now due for re-authorisation under EU rules after the expiry of its ten-year license. Besides Germany, five countries have already banned the planting of it: France, Greece, Austria, Hungary and most recently, Luxembourg.

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Syria, Gas and China

The conflict in Syria has insistently been tied to the interests of Iran and, to a lesser degree, to Russia. Little, however, has been said about China. Beijing has a major stake in the entire Syrian venture, based on its thirst for energy. The Chinese, along with the Indians, have made investments in the Syrian energy sector. They will also be the main benefactors of Syria’s share of Eastern Mediterranean natural gas exports in the future.

In 2007, after the Turkmenbashi Agreement was signed, through a tripartite agreement between the republics of Turkmenistan, Russia, and Kazakhstan, and the Caspian Sea Summit was held in Tehran, between the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iran, and the former three, it became clear that “[a] Eurasian-based counter-alliance, built around the nucleus of a Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition [made a] war against Iran an unpalatable option that could turn the globe inside-out” (Nazemroaya 2007). What was not too clear was that “[a]cross Eurasia strategic energy corridors [were] being developed” (Ibid.). It should be noted that “the leaders of Turkmenistan, Russia, and Kazakhstan also planned the inclusion of an Iranian energy route, from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, as an extension of the Turkmenbashi Agreement” (Ibid.).

Iran began constructing an enormous liquid natural gas (LNG) plant, complete with storage facilities and loading terminals, in 2007. The location of the LGN processing plant has been in Port Tombak, off the coast of the Persian Gulf. The LGN plant was made with China in mind, and an agreement with the Chinese was made for future LGN exports.

In the same year, Syria was also a part of the broader Eurasian energy strategy that united Iran, Russia, and China (Ibid.). This is why both Iran and Russia were involved in natural gas projects and exploration in both Lebanon and Syria. The positions and interests of Tehran and Moscow and their relationship to Syria can be summarized in the following passage:

Russia and Iran are also the nations with the largest natural gas reserves in the world. This is in addition to the following facts; Iran also exerts influence over the Straits of Hormuz; both Russia and Iran control the export of Central Asian energy to global markets; and Syria is the lynchpin for an Eastern Mediterranean energy corridor. Iran, Russia, and Syria will now exercise a great deal of control and influence over these energy corridors and by extension the nations that are dependent on them in the European continent. This is another reason why Russia has built military facilities on the Mediterranean shores of Syria. The Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline will also further strengthen this position globally (Ibid.).

This is an excellent essay and helps explain why Saudi Arabia and Qatar might want to see Syria destroyed - because it is a serious future rival in the energy market (read further at the link to get an outline of the situation).

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If You Want to Go to Heaven, You Had Better Get Busy Overthrowing Syria — Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s eleven years of illegal aggression against Muslim countries–war crimes according to the Nuremberg trials of Nazis–have resulted in civilian deaths far in excess of military casualties and in a domestic American police state that has destroyed the rule of law and the constitutional protections of US citizens. Washington and its presstitutes have emphasized that these costs are necessary to save Americans from al-Qaeda terrorists, none of whom have ever been apprehended in the United States.

Having listened to the propaganda line pumped out by Washington and its Ministry of Propaganda for eleven years, imagine my astonishment when I saw two juxtaposed headlines: “Al-Nusra pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda” (BBC) and “Move to Widen Help for Syrian Rebels Gains Speed in West” (NY Times). Al-Nusra is the main military component of the “Syrian rebels,” and it has allied itself with our mortal enemy–Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda.

Wait a minute! Our government told us for eleven years that we blew trillions of dollars on wars to protect Americans from al-Qaeda, endangering Social Security, Medicare, the social safety net, the dollar’s exchange value, the credit rating of the US Treasury, and our civil liberties in order to save America from al-Qaeda terrorists. So why is Washington now supporting al-Qaeda’s overthrow of the secular, non-Islamist government in Syria which has never ever done anything whatsoever to Americans!?

The New York Times presstitutes, Michael R. Gordon and Mark Landler, elevated the terrorist al-Qaeda organization to the status of “the Syrian opposition.” At a lunch meeting hosted by Washington’s puppet, British Foreign Secretary William Hague, and US Secretary of State John Kerry, “the Syrian opposition,” aka al-Qaeda, requested antiaircraft and antitank weapons. A senior Washington official said: “Our assistance has been on an upward trajectory, and the president (Obama) has directed his national security team to identify additional measures so that we can increase assistance.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a $123 million “defense aid package” to “the Syrian opposition” that now includes al-Qaeda. Washington had already sent $117 million in “food and medical supplies” to “the Syrian opposition,” and ordered its Middle Eastern puppets to send arms. Note the Orwellian language: support for an outside terrorist force seeking to destroy a government and a people is called a “defense aid package.”
Be a Proud American. We are doing our duty to our rightful hegemony over the world and to Israel, which has purchased our government. It is our right to be the hegemonic power on the planet earth, and that includes the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore it is Washington’s right to overthrow Syria in order to get rid of the Russian naval base there. The Romans would never have put up with a foreign power having a naval base in the Mediterranean, and we can do no less, unless we are some kind of pansy state afraid of our own shadow. The Mediterranean was mare nostrum–our sea–for the Romans. Now it is our sea, and by god we are going to claim it by overthrowing Syria.

Israel, of course, was given the rights to “Greater Israel” by God himself–who am I to question the Christian Zionist preachers who are growing fat on Israeli money–and part of “Greater Israel” is the river in southern Lebanon that supplies precious water.

Hizbollah, provisioned by Syria and Iran has prevented Israel from confiscating southern Lebanon in order to acquire the water rights that God gave them. Therefore, to fulfill our obligations as Israel’s puppet, we are required to destroy both Syria and Iran so that Hizbollah is isolated and out of the way and “Greater Israel” can be created.

There are multiple reasons for various States to want Syria destroyed. One of them is to stop energy deals going through with Iraq and Iran, and the other is to eliminate all threats to Israel. Iraq was one such country that posed a 'threat' on both these points and it was destroyed thanks to the plotting of the neoconservatives that controlled the White house during the Bush Administration. Nothing has changed.

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Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Leading Into Disaster"

"Barack Obama's "American" values, The Associated Press reports that the Obama Administration seized phone records... "war time sex slaves were necessary" says Japanese mayor! NO OUTRAGE?!"

Celente is on fire in this one. He's right about being angry. The corrupt can only prosper when good people do and say nothing.

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Because it can Never be Repeated Enough: 9/11 Experiments: Collapse vs. Demolition

Any theory that does not match experiment is wrong. It doesn't matter what the computer models predict, how much funding is behind it, what the experts say, or what everyone "thinks". Nothing can fool the laws of physics.

Remember: Only the truth about 911 will stop the endless War on Terror.

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Meteor Causes Biggest Lunar Explosion Ever Recorded (We Need to Revisit Apollo!)

NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office witnessed the most powerful meteor strike on the moon ever recorded since the program began eight years ago.

On March 17, a meteor travelling at 90,000 kilometres per hour struck the Moon resulting in an explosion equal to five tons of TNT.

“It exploded in a flash nearly 10 times as bright as anything we’ve ever seen before”, said Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. ‘‘Anyone looking at the moon at the moment of impact could have seen the explosion, no telescope required. For about one second the impact site was glowing like a fourth-magnitude star.’’

The meteoroid weighed 88-pound (40 kg) and was 0.3 to 0.4 metres wide. Scientists estimated that the impact crater could be as wide as 66 feet (20 meters).

The lunar meteor strike might not have been an isolated event, as a large number of meteors were observed in Earth’s skies on the same night.

We need to revisit the Apollo sites with rovers to see the sort of damage caused to the equipment over the last 40 years. If humans are to travel in space for long durations away from the Earth's atmosphere, and potentially build bases, we need to see what has happened to Apollo rather than just create models of likely damage.

Not all the Apollo sites need be visited. Apollo 11 could be preserved intact while other locations could be monitored. NASA, the Russians or the Chinese should initiate a mission or two.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Jon Stewart Obama Should Have Used Prince Harry as a Shield

Stewart Slams Obama Again: You can't keep saying you found out about news at the same time as us! Jon Stewart is at it again, finally making the observation that Obama "claims" he doesn't know about a problem with his administration until he hears about it in the press. Either he is the most uninformed president or he is the most incompetent "leader", letting all of his underlings make all of the important decision while leaving him to party at the White House and play golf all on the tax payers' many, many, many dimes.

The sort of scandals we are seeing here, and definitely the cover-ups, point to a corrupt administration, not simply an incompetent one. Stewart even mentions the drone war that is killing dozens more civilians that 'terrorists' - with the consent of the the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Please recall that Obama has not prosecuted bankers or torturers when there is clear evidence to do so. The arrows all point towards corruption. This Administration is a heinous continuation of the George W. Bush stain.

Related News:

Obama White House Just Caught In HUGE Lie/Contradiction
So please now consider this reader – the Attorney General of the United States of America publicly informs the media that there was such a significant threat to American security that it required the Department of Justice to revoke the First Amendment rights of a significant media source.

And yet, despite that significant threat to American security, the White House then indicates Barack Obama HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF THAT THREAT or the attempt to remedy that threat. That he in fact just learned of his own Department of Justice’s potentially illegal actions against the Associated Press.


The Obama White House is placing lies atop lies now at such a pace they cannot even coordinate them on a daily basis.

Either Barack Obama did in fact know of his DOJ’s actions against the media, and then had his administration lie about it, or he has an administration that does not even bother to inform him of a significant threat to the United States.

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Abu Ghraib Torture House

Abby Martin goes over the horrors of the torture that occurred at the US run Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, from sexual humiliation to physical abuse, and highlights how the real criminals who implemented these policies are walking free.

War criminals like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are still on the loose ....

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'Turkey Brought War to Doorstep by Supporting Syrian Rebels'

Turkish police have fired tear gas at protesters in a town near the Syrian border - which was the scene of a deadly double car bombing a week ago. The unrest follows similar clashes in Istanbul and Ankara. Demonstrators are angry over Turkey's support for the Syrian rebels, which they say is putting Turks in the firing line.

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Keiser Report (E446): Whimsical Price Tyranny

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine stories about those who, using spoof trades, bogus securities and fictitious capital, steal real wealth and income. They discuss how it is that every benchmark index is rigged and introduce the concept of the 'bonus benchmark.' In the second half, Max talks to Dr. Michael Hudson, author of The Bubble and Beyond, about debt and wage deflation and about the intersection of interest rates and wages going back to David Ricardo when wages were measured against the price of bread to today when they are measured against the price of debt.

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Can You Speak Japanese? - Questions For Corbett #005

In this edition of the ongoing Questions For Corbett podcast series, James answers your questions on credit unions, radiation maps, OPPT-IN and more, including his Japanese abilities (or lack thereof).

Some really excellent thoughts from James Corbett.

I like where he says: "It's about the information, not the people". He's looking at specific information and analysis, not a dogmatic adherence to any person. It's all about spending a bit of time doing research and checking the facts.

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RECAP: Americans Chained by Illusion

Abby Martin takes a look back at philosopher Plato's the 'Allegory of the Cave' and its application to today's society.

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Keiser Report (E445): Sacred Dow

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert behold the Sacred Dow, worshipped by economists and analysts around the world and to which whole economies and jobs have been sacrificed to keep it rising. They compare the Japanese bond market to Fukushima. Markets have become so distorted by manipulation, they argue that like godzilla, one day the market will go where it needs to go and it will smash down buildings and economies with it. In the second half, Max talks to John Butler of Amphora about confusing price signals caused by market manipulating central bankers and the misallocation of capital this encourages. They also talk about Japan's economy, Krugman's bond allegations and Mrs. Watanabe's gold shopping spree.

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Monsanto and Other GM Firms are Winning in the US – and Globally

The US State Department has sadly joined the push to distribute GM crops around the world, whether people want them or not:

If you have a feeling that genetically modified (GM) foods are being forced upon the population by a handful of business interests and vociferously defended by the scientists that work in the agriculture industry or at the research institutions it funds, you might be onto something.

The zeal with which GM proponents evangelize transgenic seeds (and now, transgenic food animals) is so extreme that they are even pouring vast sums of money to defeat popular efforts to simply label GE foods – like the nearly $50m spent to defeat the popular 2012 ballot measure to label GE foods in California, Proposition 37. What's more, it's not just happening in the United States. I am the head of Food & Water Watch, and we have spent months looking at the extent to which the US State Department is working on behalf of the GM seed industry to make sure that biotech crops are served up abroad whether the world wants them or not.

Our report analyzes over 900 State Department diplomatic cables from 2005 to 2009 and reveals how far the US government will go to help serve the seed industry's agenda abroad, knowing that resistance to GMOs worldwide is high.

Protest Monsanto at every opportunity. Studies on GM corn have shown such food to be unsafe to eat. Without further independent testing we cannot take the word of the big money hungry corporations at face value.

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Friday, 17 May 2013

'Israel's Anti-Syrian Propaganda - Stop Being Suckers For it'

Assad didn't just give away the Golan Heights, they were taken by force before he was 1 and a half years old. Syria did re-take 30% of the Golan Heights in Yom Kippur and that was under the direction of Assad's father. And Again the UK France and America all backed Israel. The annexing was in 1981 many other things happening those years like the Iran Iraq War the post Iranian revolution, Reagan /Bush Sr in the White House etc Assad became president in 2000 WAY after these problems like Golan had been established.. more
Think fighting Assad can be anti-Israel too just cause you want it to be? You're a pawn you're following Israel policy papers which even stated that they could get a bunch of you pawns to act exactly how you're acting.

Ry was obviously responding directly to some misinformation on Assad.

The bottom line is this. If you support the rebels you are supporting the geopolitical goals of Israel and backing those that would impose draconian Sharia Law. The leading rebel fighters in the conflict are composed of extremist elements.

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Israel's Narrative of Control | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin calls out Washington DC's press museum the 'Newseum' for caving to pressure from Israeli groups, and recanting it's commemoration for two fallen Gazan journalists.

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'Wigs & Compass So Cold War' - Former CIA Officer on Moscow Agent Bust

Two wigs, a map, and a stash of money to lure Russian agents to defect. The Federal Security Service says it's caught a CIA spy on a recruitment mission. Former CIA officer Ray McGovern gives his perspective.

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Proposal for Independent Study of the WTC Dust - Using an Independent Lab that has No Idea that the Dust is From the WTC or From 9/11 (Donate)

Chemical Engineer Mark Basile proposes a blind study into the WTC dust:
A "blind" study is when the technicians performing the test have no idea what the purpose of the test is or where the testing samples came from, so that they will not unconsciously influence results.
In previous analyses of the dust by independent 911 investigators, iron microspheres were found - something that could not be created by jet fuel or office fire - plus there were also unreacted red/grey chips that ignited in a thermitic (incendiary) fashion to produce iron spheres.

This physical evidence shows that Thermitic materials, which are sometimes used by the military to demolish equipment - and have been used to dismantle steel structures in the past - were present in the buildings on 911.

Along with the collapse features of the Towers and WTC7, plus the evidence of eyewitnesses to explosions and melted steel, we can see that explosive and incendiary devices must have been used.

Please donate a few dollars to Mark Basile's blind study by following his green highlighted link on his webpage. Do not be concerned about Government interference since the tests will be monitored.

Related info:

The Great Thermite Debate

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Guantanamo Denying Detainees Lawyer Contact Without Invasive Body Search

Clive Stafford Smith, who currently represents several inmates at the US prison camp through the legal charity Reprieve, claims that guards at the facility are requiring invasive searches before detainees can conduct in-person interviews or even phone calls to lawyers.

A copy of the letter was obtained by The Guardian, and states that as a direct result of the new policy two of Smith’s clients were recently barred from speaking with their legal representatives after refusing the searches.

"The US military has started directly abusing prisoners who want to contact their lawyers to tell them what is happening. So anyone who wants to see a lawyer, or have a legal phone call, must have his fingers put up his anus and his genitals touched," Smith writes.

The only reason for such action is to intimidate and help cover-up what is going on over there.

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Benghazi: CIA Terrorist Hub

Abby Martin breaks through the corporate fixation over Obama's rhetoric on Benghazi whilst ignoring the real scandal of the CIA's role in supporting al-Qaeda terrorists.

The CIA is/was using arms from Libya to support the terrorist-rebels in Syria.

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'Russia Fights Back in US Shadow War Against it'

Promises of millions, a new face and detailed instructions on a double-agent conspiracy in Moscow. Bearing the hallmarks of a Cold War spy thriller, Russia's counterintelligence agency says it caught a CIA officer trying to flip a Russian operative. Brian Becker from the ANSWER coalition thinks the US is waging an undercover war against Moscow.

Putting the geopolitics aside for a moment, is it amateur hour at the CIA's Russian office or what? The guy that was caught was carrying written instructions(!) concerning the target.

Related News:

CIA 'offered Russian spies $1MILLION a year to change sides', extraordinary letter claims as U.S. diplomat in blond wig arrested on suspicion of spying.
The U.S. has been offering Russian spies $1million a year for defecting to the American side, it was claimed today.
The CIA apparently sends letters to key intelligence contacts attempting to bribe them to spy on their own country, with an initial payment of $100,000.
The astonishing claims were made after an American diplomat was arrested in Moscow on suspicion of spying.

'Spy' Sting: Russia Detains US Diplomat Suspected of CIA Recruitment A suspected CIA agent has been arrested in Moscow trying to recruit a Russian security officer. The man was reportedly posing as third secretary in the U.S. Embassy's Political Department.

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