Sunday, 7 April 2013

Israel Denies Link With Arms Ship Seized by Egypt - But it Cannot Have Come From Anywhere Else but Eilat (Israel)

Israel's government on Friday strenuously denied it had any link to an arms-laden ship that Egypt said its navy seized as it sailed from the Israeli port of Eilat to Togo in West Africa.

Egyptian security officials said on Thursday that the navy intercepted the vessel and detained its crew who had set off from the Red Sea port of Eilat en route to Togo.

Officials said that the ship, "which was flying the flag of an African country," was intercepted after it strayed into Egyptian territorial waters.

The vessel with a crew of 14 and a cargo of 105 crates of unspecified weapons and ammunition, belonged to an African security company, the officials said.

An Egyptian military official told AFP on Friday that the cargo included several dozen US-made assault rifles and 27,000 rounds of ammunition and the crew included Ukranians and Americans.
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The war on terror is the replacement conflict for the Cold War. By arming extremist Islamist groups all over the world the Israelis and the US create tools to destroy various target countries via proxy and have their excuse to directly intervene where desired.

Initially many of the terrorist groups act as privateers for the warmongers (see video below). Later when the country becomes a dangerous 'failed state' direct military attacks by the West can then be undertaken.

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