Monday, 22 April 2013

Boston Bombing: Everyone Should Get a Trial/Accused Backpacks Do Not Match Debris?

EVERYONE should have a trial. If you don't have a trial then there is something to hide. Nazis had a trial. Other domestic terrorist had trials. Even the 20th 9/11 hijacker had a trial. The DC snipers had a trial. Timothy McVeigh had a trial. Even Saddam was taken to kangaroo court. So why do these guys in Gitmo involved in 9/11 and (possibly) the living Boston bomber not get a trial? Because the government can't allow its privateers and patsies a public place to spill the beans.

A real simple question I have is why doesn't the debris on the back pack used in the bombing match either of the back packs of the accused? It was black with a white square on the top. The backpack of the bombers is grey and black with the other white with black.

The debris bag at least one of them looks like one from the National Guard Civil Support Team and no it was not Craft International.

I had thought the military guys with backpacks were from Craft International. I'll have to find some confirmation on this point. However, if you go to the link and look at the pictures you can see that the suspects' packs do not match with the bomb debris material. Go and compare it.

Also, if the backpack debris is the same as the 'National Guard CST' packs then perhaps they were likewise set up in the bomb drill that went live. I do not think CST members would be staging false flags.

What we really need is film or pictures of the area revealing the placement of the bombs.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, April 22nd, 2013.]

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