Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Obamas, I Knew They Had Both Lost Their Law License, But I Didn’t Know Why Until I Read This

President Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application. A “Voluntary Surrender” is not something where you decide “Gee, a license is not really something I need anymore, is it?” and forget to renew your license. No, a “Voluntary Surrender” is something you do when you’ve been accused of something, and you ‘voluntarily surrender” your license five seconds before the state suspends you.

Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993. after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud!

The problem with having a President with skeletons in his closet, and also in his wife's closet, is that such a person can be manipulated. So, when it comes to defending Liberty and the Law, and deciding on whether to fight wars, having such a background cannot be a good thing.

The fight against corruption, and corrupted people, is important -especially when they are positions of power.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 6th, 2013.]

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