Friday, 8 March 2013

Syria Events Have No Resemblance to Revolution: Ret. French Gen.

A French retired general, who is an expert in geopolitical strategy says Syrian events have no resemblance to revolution.

“What is happening in Syria is the result of intervention of the foreign powers in the internal affairs of a sovereign state,” added Gen. Alain Courvais during the congress of the Patriotic Union of Syrian Students (French branch).

He added that “Syria is facing a great conspiracy, from the plot of mercenaries of 29 countries with logistical support of Turkish government and financial support of Qatar and Saudi Arabia has been entering into Syria.

Members of the Syrian diplomatic core and Syrians living in France, some university professors in France, and a group of French independent journalists and reporters participated in the conference “Dialogue in Syria, From Resistance to International Relations,” held in the Syrian Cultural Center in Paris.

In an address to the conference, Gen. Courvais said “prior to the crisis, Syrian officials were trying seriouslyto turn Syria into a new and strong country, but the West has always been trying to prevent that.”

On the Zionist lobbying efforts to cover up the truth in Syria, Gen. Courvais said “many of French institutions asked for his analysis and comments about Syria, but the TV networks were against the idea, since they are all beholden to a “famous lobby” [Zionist].”

This French general pointed to the purchase of properties in France by Qatari Sheikhs and said “it is surprising that the French government has agreed to substantial investments to land purchase in metropolitan areas of French cities by some governments and officials of the Persian Gulf countries who are supporting terrorism.”

If it were not for outside intervention there would be no war in Syria.

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