Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stop Eating Tuna …. Unless You Like Flirting with Death

I think Fukushima is still a problem. Judge for yourself.

We often/usually buy in large quantities when items are on sale. So, a few months ago we bought 20+ cans of tuna for about a buck a can. I have since, even before this latest finding, thrown them all away. I won’t be eating tuna again in my lifetime. Seriously. Or, sushi. And I’ll be checking if the rice I buy comes from Japan, and if so, no sale.

You might consider likewise. That’s why I’m posting this.
1) — 38,000 children under the age of 18 in the Fukushima prefecture have been examined.

2) — An unheard of 36% have thyroid nodules, cysts and nodules ………. doctors say thyroid nodules in children are as rare as hen’s teeth … doctors there state they have never seen thyroid lesions such as they are seeing

3) — theta pollen in Fukushima was so full of cesium it was almost unbelievable ….. and it’s everywhere … a month ago some dust was found in a 10th floor apartment in Tokyo …. dangerous levels of cesium 137, 134, uranium 238, and 235 …….. did I mention 10th floor?

4) — the food is radioactive …. much of the rice grown in Japan is grown in the Fukushima prefectures ….. it is being harvested with cesium ………. It is being mixed with non-radioactive rice

6) — spinach and mushrooms are full of cesium and other isotopes ……… but they’re only just measuring cesium

7) — 63% of the fish caught within 60 miles from Fukushima have cesium in them

8) — tuna caught off the coast of California is carrying cesium from Fukushima

Fukushima is still a problem. The Japanese Government has not contained the fissioning reactors, so hazardous products are still escaping into the environment. Furthermore they are dumping radioactive debris all over the country. Slowly but surely we will see a large number of deaths in Japan - perhaps even a depopulation. Overseas, where the radiation fallout is less, we will see deaths at a diminished level, but still in the many millions if the revised Chernobyl death toll figures of around a million are accurate.

The lack of action in terms of containment and food safety is regrettable. Please watch what you eat.

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