Tuesday, 19 March 2013

'N. Korea Useful Idiot for US to Increase Pacific Region Presence'

Washington has scrapped a key phase of its European missile defence shield, citing a lack of funds and development problems. The United States will deploy additional ground-based missile interceptors on its Pacific Coast instead, in what is said to be a response to Pyongyang's recent nuclear threats. Former MI5 agent Annie Machon, believes Washington is using the threats from North Korea as a pretext to gain more influence in the pacific region.

The threats being pushed by the USA do serve geopolitical interests but they also serve the corporate rent seekers. Failed programs and tons of useless weapons are still paid for by the Government and help the short term price of defence stocks. The longer the fear factor can be kept going the longer the money keeps being spent.
Of course if there is real conflict - fighting on the Korean peninsula that does not expand far outside the region - debt-money will be required to rebuild and re-arm after the war. This is an ideal situation for many corporate interests.

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