Tuesday, 5 March 2013

False Flag Propaganda: New al-Qaida Terror Guidebook Urges Young Extremists to Think Small

A new al-Qaida “guidebook” for extremists aims to incite homegrown “lone wolves” into carrying out small-scale terrorist attacks inside the United States and other Western countries, using materials as easily obtainable as motor or cooking oil, sugar and matches to trigger massive traffic accidents, devastating fires and deadly explosions.

Titled the “Lone Mujahid Pocketbook” and published by in the spring edition of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s “Inspire” online propaganda magazine, the guidebook uses a breezy style that borrows from social media speak and rap lyrics to encourage Islamic extremists in the West to commit acts of violence.

Whatreallyhappened.com tagged this as a false flag front:
Ever notice that when the corporate media are reporting these "Islamist website" they never include the URL for you to check it out for yourself?

Thanks to a reader, we have the URL for this supposed "Al Qaeda" (Arabic slang for a toilet) magazine! http://azelin.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/inspire-magazine-issue-10.pdf  
This article features Adam Gadahn, who is a well-known faker. His real name is Adam Pearlman and his grandfather was on the board of directors of the ADL. If you trim the URL for the magazine back to its domain, http://azelin.files.wordpress.com, it redirects to http://jihadology.net/, meaning it isn't really a wordpress site. http://jihadology.net/ is registered through Domains by Proxy in Scottsdale Arizona. Domains by Proxy was set up to allow intelligence agencies to create bogus websites and conceal their identity by evading the ICANN rules which require identification of website owners for the whois lookup system, which had become a major embarrassment to previous bogus websites created for propaganda purposes!

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