Thursday, 7 March 2013

Chavez Revered & Reviled: President, TV Star, Thorn in US Side

Hugo Chavez was known for his bombastic speeches and harsh anti-American line - but what exactly led to his rise, and how did his politics change the face of the Latin American nation?

Note that the oppposition in Venezuela is closely tied to the US (see below). They have long sought to depose Chavez in order to make the country more vulnerable to foreign corporate entities that have a tradition of looting wealth from South American countries. The CIA and IMF were involved in a 2002 coup attempt.

Seeking Instructions? 'No surprise Venezuela opposition looks at US as Chavez dies'

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steven andresen said...


I am curious whether Chavez's doctors were able to determine the origin of his cancer. My understanding is that the intelligence services have ways of giving you cancer, involving injecting stuff.

Did Chavez have any suspicions about this? I do.

But, even if he had suspicions, I doubt that he would have proof. And, there might be little that his people could do about it.

Fidel had better luck in this regard.


SpookyOne said...


After what happened to Arafat I would be suspicious too.

Some sort of toxicology testing should have been performed.

At the moment we can only speculate in the absence of proof or detail about his treatment. I'm not even sure what type of cancer he suffered.

Spook !