Monday, 18 February 2013

US Drug Trafficking, Chris Dorner Cover-up, Waco Massacre

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin is joined by investigative journalists, Andrew Kennis, they discuss the upcoming Chicago trial of Sinaloa cartel kingpin Vicente Zambada, and evidence that could expose US federal agencies as being in collusion with the most dangerous drug cartel in the world. Abby then talks to journalist, Max Blumenthal about the media frenzy and cover-up surrounding the Chris Dorner case. BTS wraps up the show with a look back at the 1993 Waco massacre, the tactics used by federal agents and the subsequent cover up that remains to this day.

This is a dynamite episode centred on semi-official US involvement in the Mexican drug trade. Please remember that as a matter of history, the CIA used drug operations to provide off-the-books finance, and still do today in all likelihood.

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steven andresen said...


Martin leaves her audience with the question, "If this is how the FBI and the government deals with a marginalized religious cult, would they be any different in dealing with a revolt from the working class?"

There's several things to be said here. One is that it's likely these cases of the FBI, ATF, etc burning up suspects without a trial are object lessons directed at the working class and are themselves intended as messages. So, if there wasn't any fear that the 99% might try to "take back their country," then the government wouldn't be so ruthless in meeting out "revenge" justice in these cases.

Secondly, I don't think martin's story was complete. She did not try to get the story from the FBI's side. So, did the FBI believe all the stuff they said about the Branch Davidians, or Dorner, that they were dangerous to the public? If so, then the proceedure has been to arrest and try these people and show in a court of law their danger. The fact that it it has seemed that the FBI/ATF purposefully killed the Davidians, or Dorner, because of the evidence provided by skeptics, should make the FBI/ATF Cal police try to account for these discrepancies. Have they tried to do that. Would they try to do that interviewed by Martin?

The story should be brought to the FBI or someone responsible to ask them about these questions.

The problem isn't that we don't know what the FBI etc would do to the rest of us, but what they have been doing to undermine the rule of law. That's a much more real and present danger.


SpookyOne said...


They are running amok and there is little real accountability - or even the pretense of such- like a mock investigation into FBI actions. That, to me, shows an establishment putting itself above the Law.

It would have been good to juxtapose Martin's presentation with some FBI statements.

I agree that the ruthless FBI actions were designed to show that targeted individuals and groups will not be allowed any chance to continue a rebellion against the authorities. Once again this is another example of the corruption that runs through critical parts of our society.